Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/13/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/13/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Horton cabin, Lucas and Chloe pack as Chloe asks him if he has arranged their flight to Las Vegas. Lucas says he has, and Chloe admits she is surprised that he is so gung-ho about eloping. Lucas apologizes, saying he was a jerk earlier, and that he should have been on board the whole time. He explains that when you love someone like he does Chloe, and when someone does as much for your family as Chloe has done for his, you should agree to whatever they want. Chloe asks him why he had the sudden change of heart and Lucas explains that he spoke with someone who gave him really good advice. Chloe pops open a can of soda, asking who it was. Lucas says it was Daniel. Chloe is startled, but quickly recovers and smiles uncomfortably.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Kate asks Daniel if he is in or has ever had a relationship with Chloe. Daniel says goodnight and starts to head off, but Kate gets up and grabs his arm, threatening to make a scene if he tries to walk out the door. She guesses that that isn’t what he wants. Cowed, Daniel doesn’t move. Kate invites him to sit down and tell her all about his newest lady love. She wants to hear abut all the passion and sorrow, and tells him he can pour his heart out.

Max runs into Chelsea at the pier and says that he has been calling her. He assumes she got his messages and asks why she never called back. Chelsea reminds him that she told him it’s over, and she doesn’t want to talk. Max sighs, saying he doesn’t understand what she meant when she said she didn’t want to deprive him of what he needs. He asks how she even knows what he needs and demands to know why she really ended things. Chelsea flashes back to overhearing Max telling Will how much he is looking forward to being a father some day. She comes back to the present and sighs, but doesn’t answer his question. Max pleads with her to talk to him and tell him what’s wrong.

At the pub, Melanie types on her laptop and fumes. She groans, saying that this can’t be happening as Brady comes up behind her. He asks if anything is wrong and she says Brady should know, asking him if her fuel project is D.O.A.

In bed at the DiMera mansion, Nicole rubs EJ’s back as he sleeps. She smiles and rolls over as her phone begins to vibrate. She picks it up and asks Phillip what he wants. Phillip is at Titan, and he reminds Nicole that she is supposed to be keeping an eye on her fiancé. Nicole tells him they’ll talk about it later, but Phillip wants to talk now. He tells Nicole that EJ screwed him over, and now it’s payback time.

Melanie tells Brady that she thought he was going to Titan as he takes a seat at her table. He says that he did and she asks if the computers are up and running and if her project has been salvaged. Brady says no to both queries and adds that it’s a total disaster down there. Melanie huffs, “Great.”

Nicole asks Phillip if he is referring to the fuel project and Phillip says all the files were erased from the computers at Titan. Nicole says that isn’t her fault and wonders why Phillip even thinks EJ had anything to do with it. Phillip snorts, saying that this wasn’t some two-bit hacker. This has taken on the proportions of industrial espionage and it has ‘DiMera’ written all over it. Nicole is sure EJ had nothing to do with this, but Phillip tells her he doesn’t want to hear it. He advises she say goodbye to EJ, because he is going to tell him all about her sleazy affair with Brady. Nicole tries to say that it isn’t true, but Phillip hangs up. Nicole glances at EJ worriedly.

Daniel thinks Kate is unfairly accusing him, but Kate says she has a good source. Daniel says he thinks it’s just gossip, otherwise the person would have gone to Chloe or Lucas. He reminds Kate that she is spreading it by speaking to him. Kate says she trusts him and besides, she thinks what the person heard might have been taken out of context. Daniel asks what would happen if it wasn’t. Kate gasps, asking if he is admitting to having an affair with Chloe. Daniel says he isn’t admitting to anything. He is Chloe’s doctor, so someone probably just saw them talking at the hospital and misconstrued the situation. Kate says that could be true, except that her source saw the two somewhere else. She flashes back to catching Daniel and Chloe kissing in the park. She goes on to explain that her son nearly drunk himself to death and he just thought Chloe ended things. If he knew she was having sex with another man, there is no telling what he would do. Kate tells Daniel that she fears for Lucas’ life, not just his happiness.

Chloe asks Lucas when he talked to Daniel and he explains that he saw him at the Cheatin’ Heart. Lucas admits that he confided in him about Chloe and the proposed elopement. Chloe asks what he said and Lucas tells her that Daniel said it doesn’t matter where they get married, as long as they love each other. Chloe, clearly surprised, asks if he really said that. Lucas says he did and asks what is going on with her. Does she think it’s weird that Daniel is happy for the two of them?

Chelsea tells Max that he didn’t do anything wrong, but she isn’t ready to talk about this. Max stops her, saying she would never let him walk out on her like this without an explanation. He says that if she is tired of seeing him, or wants someone else, that’s fine, but he wants to know the truth. Chelsea says she doesn’t want anyone else, but she knows she cant give Max what he needs. She admits she overhead him speaking with Will about wanting to be a dad. She knows Max will want children some day, and she can’t give him that. Max says she shouldn’t presume to know what he wants or needs--now or in the future. This is his decision, and he is going to tell Chelsea what he wants--and she is going to listen.

Stephanie brings coffee to Phillip in his office, asking if there isn’t a hard copy of the project anywhere. Phillip snaps, saying he isn’t an idiot. He wouldn’t be sitting at his computer if he had a hard copy. He still can’t believe someone burned the only copy they had. Stephanie suggests he call Bo for help figuring out who did this, but Phillip says he can’t. Bo would tell his father what was going on, and Victor would throw him out on his butt.

Nicole dresses quietly in the dark. EJ wakes up just as she starts to head off and asks where she is going. Nicole explains that Sydney is out of formula and that she wants to get to the store before she wakes up. EJ tells her she should let Mary get it, but Nicole refuses. EJ urges her to come back to bed, saying the baby doesn’t need the formula right now and besides, there’s something he needs more urgently. He pulls Nicole in for a kiss.

Brady asks Melanie why she is so concerned. He knows it can’t be her undying loyalty to Titan. She asks why he is giving her attitude, and adds that she thought they were friends. Brady says they were until the fuels project was sabotaged and stolen. Shocked, she asks if he thinks she had something to do with this. Brady sarcastically replies that she is the most trust worthy woman in the world, so why should he ever suspect her? Melanie huffs angrily.

EJ grabs his robe, saying he is going to get Mary to get the formula. Nicole refuses, saying she always gets the wrong kind. Suddenly, Sydney wails. Nicole heads over to the crib, saying she knows a hunger cry when she hears one. EJ offers to go, but Nicole insists on going herself. She heads off, promising to be back soon.

Chloe tells Lucas that she is surprised that Daniel is taking such an interest in their wedding. Lucas shrugs, saying Daniel seems to think Chloe is the bee’s knees. Chloe doubts that, but Lucas says he thinks it’s true. Daniel told him to do whatever he had to to hold on to Chloe. He asks her if he thinks Daniel was talking about himself and Kate. Perhaps he has his own regrets. Chloe isn’t sure, but doesn’t want to talk about Daniel anymore. She asks Lucas if she should pack her dress or not and he tells her to do so. Just because they are getting married in Vegas doesn’t mean they have to be tacky. He smiles and kisses Chloe, telling her they’re going o be committed to one another for the rest of their lives. He hugs her. Chloe stares off into space unhappily.

Daniel tells Kate that she shouldn’t worry about Lucas, since he and Chloe seem so happy together. Kate isn’t so sure. Lucas may love Chloe, but Chloe appears to only be tolerating him at this point. Daniel doesn’t wan to discuss it and Kate smiles slyly, saying she believes that Daniel wasn’t involved with Chloe. She can’t really picture the two together since Chloe is so common. She chuckles, asking Daniel if he has ever met her mother. If that’s any indication of what she will look like, then she feels sorry for Lucas. Daniel sighs and Kate adds that now that Chloe is getting married, she definitely won’t mind if the two of them get back together. Daniel eyes her warily, asking what she is saying, exactly. Kate tells him that ever since she has been in remission, she has wanted to really appreciate the time she has left. She wants him back in her life, and reminds him how good they were together. She asks what he has to say to that.

Max tells Chelsea that her not being able to have her own kids means very little to him. Sure, he wants kids someday, but he would be perfectly fine with adopting, especially since both he and Chelsea were adopted themselves, and know the importance of a loving home. Chelsea smiles, saying she hadn’t thought of it that way. Max says he isn’t sure the two of them will ever get to that point in their relationship, but he knows exactly what he wants and needs right now, and that is her.

Stephanie asks Phillip if he really thinks he can keep this from his father forever. Phillip starts to say that he will try, but sighs, wondering who he is cladding. He thinks he ought to just clean out his desk now. Stephanie suggests that Victor might understand, since this wasn’t Phillip’s fault, but Phillip says Victor has threatened to fire him over his tie being crooked. Besides, he deserves to be canned after what happened under his watch. He adds that he has let both Victor and Stephanie down. He tells Stephanie that she thought he was a confident, can-do guy, but she was wrong and he’s sorry. Stephanie says she isn’t.

Nicole heads downstairs and makes a call. She grumbles as she gets voicemail and asks the person if they ever pick up. She explains that she is in major trouble with Phillip and that she needs help right away.

Daniel asks Kate if she has really thought about this. She says he has and grins, telling him she thinks about him all the time. She tells him that she has fantasies of him lying in bed next to her. She boldly asks if he has fantasies about her. Daniel says that he isn’t sure what she is trying to do here, but he knows one thing--that the two of them aren’t ever going to happen.

Lucas looks through a travel guide and asks Chloe if she thinks it will be hot enough in Vegas to go swimming. Chloe suggests they go on a real honeymoon after they get married, like to New York or Paris. Lucas says the two cities are right there in Vegas, but Chloe wants to go somewhere exotic without slot machines. Lucas isn’t so sure leaving the kids for so long is a good idea, especially since Will just got back to town. He assures her they can go to New York or Paris anytime, and that they don’t need a vacation to prove their love for one another. Chloe agrees and the two kiss just as Will walks in.

Melanie asks Brady why she would destroy her own files and he suggests that she in in bed with the DiMeras. Melanie starts to object, but Brady tells her to save it as Travis, one of Brady’s colleagues, comes in. Brady heads over to chat and Travis says he can’t believe they lost the files for the fuels project. Brady adds that it’s obvious someone doesn’t want them developing that project. Melanie listens in and frets.

Phillip can’t believe that Stephanie isn’t sorry that he probably destroyed his career. She says that isn’t what she meant. While she hates to see him so unhappy, is also nice to see him stumble and know that he isn’t perfect. This is the Phillip she is comfortable with. Phillip says that they have a problem then, and that they should probably end this.

Will says that seeing the two kiss is weird, and Lucas asks him if he has heard of knocking. Will angrily replies that this is his house, too and Lucas apologizes, saying Will can stay here anytime. He knows the twins can be a handful. Will says he just came for his phone and notices the travel guide on the table and the suitcases. Lucas admits that he and Chloe are flying to Vegas to get married. Will sighs. Lucas says he would like for Will to congratulate him, but Will just coldly asks Chloe if she got what she wanted. Lucas says he wants this, too, and Chloe adds that she is sorry Will’s parents didn’t get back together, but she and Lucas love each other. Lucas asks if this is about him moving on from Sami, but Will doesn’t want to talk about it. He starts to head off, but Lucas stops him, asking him to go to Vegas with them and be his best man. Will shakes his head.

Stephanie chuckles and Phillip asks what’s so funny. She says the way he can go from sad and vulnerable to ‘robo-Phillip’ is hilarious. He says this is serious and that they are going to have problems if she prefers the side of him he detests. Stephanie says that weakness isn’t a fault; it just makes him human. She guesses his father told him that being scared and admitting you don’t have all the answers is weakness. Phillip says that is so and Stephanie says Victor was wrong for saying that. She tells Phillip not to worry and promises they will figure this out together. Phillip asks if that means she wants to give it another shot and Stephanie admits she does. Phillip grins, but warns her he doesn’t want anyone knowing he’s fallible. She swears not to say a word. He sighs and heads over to his computer, but Stephanie turns it off, saying he needs to relax. She leans in and kisses him.

EJ opens the door of the DiMera mansion and Melanie storms in, asking EJ what kind of a game he is playing. EJ tells her to leave if she came here looking for money. He and his company have decided not to go through with her project, and it’s mostly because she is such a pain in the ass. Melanie tells him to cut the bull. She accuses him of never intending to develop the project in the first place.

Lucas tells Will that the two of them can spend some quality time together, but Will says he just started school and shouldn’t be cutting class already. Lucas cant believe he is passing up Vegas for school, but is proud of Will. Just then, Lucas gets a call. He exclaims in surprise, asking if anything can be done. He listens, and disappointed, thanks the person for calling. He hangs up and sighs, telling Chloe that he wishes things could have gone right just once. She asks what the problem is and he tells her that the plane is having mechanical difficulties, and that they can’t leave until tomorrow. Chloe groans.

Kate tells Daniel she is surprised to hear him say that since they were so good together before. Daniel says they aren’t the same people they were six months ago. Kate admits that that is true, and Daniel adds that he doesn’t like the way he handled things with Kate. She abruptly asks him if he believes in true love, like what Lucas and Chloe have, and Daniel says he just wants to two to be happy. He tells Kate to take care, and heads off, throwing some cash on the table for the drinks. Kate mutters that he is a phony creep and says to herself that she has to stop this wedding herself, since Daniel doesn’t seem to want to do so.

Stephanie and Phillip kiss and Stephanie says that this is better than looking at a computer screen. Phillip grins and agrees, saying he forgot there was even a computer in the room. He suggests they get out of there and Stephanie goes to get her purse. Phillip hangs back and sighs.

Melanie tells EJ that she made some calls and most of the big oil companies have never even heard of him. She flies off the handle, saying he played her. Tony stands in the living room and pours a drink. He smiles and listens in as EJ asks Melanie if she has forgotten the formula. She glares. He chuckles and tells her to go talk to Nick. He is sure he would be happy to give Melanie a copy of the blueprints. He laughs and reminds her that Nick is in jail and can’t give it to her. Melanie glares, vowing that this isn’t over by a long shot. Tony grins.

Brady meets Nicole at the pier and she says she is in way over her head. He asks if she is just now figuring this out, but she says she is talking about the fuels project. Phillip is threatening to tell EJ about their supposed affair. Brady tells her to let Phillip spill his guts. She knows it isn’t true. Nicole fears that it won’t matter if it isn’t true. EJ will dig and discover the truth about the baby and her miscarriage. Brady vows not to let that happen.

Stephanie and Phillip sit by the firelight at the Kiriakis mansion and sip drinks. She tells Phillip that she talked to Chelsea about how she sometimes thinks of what would it would be like to be with Phillip for a really long time. Phillip admits that he thinks about that, too, but he knows she deserves better. She disagrees, saying she thinks he is a good person, but he says most people don’t see that side of him. She laughs, saying she knows he can come across as arrogant and narcissistic, but he’s not like that deep down. Phillip isn’t so sure, but she only thinks he is so hard on himself because Victor is so hard on him. She knows Victor wants Phillip to be like him, but that is impossible since Phillip is sensitive and sweet and has a good heart. She promises never to doubt that again. They kiss.

Max puts the blueprints for the fuel project in the safe at the Cheatin’ Heart. Chelsea walks over and asks what they are. He explains and tells her he is glad he has them, since he heard a rumor Titan lost all of their computer files. He sees a piece of paper in Chelsea’s hand and she explains she signed for a delivery. The guy gave her his phone number, and she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Maxi grumps. She grins, accusing him of being jealous and crumbles up the phone number, throwing it over her shoulder. She kisses him, asking if that is better.

Brady promises Nicole that he will take care of this and tells her to go home to her daughter. She thanks him for being such a great friend and heads off. Brady sighs.

EJ grabs Melanie by her collar and shoves her out the door. He heads upstairs as Melanie shrieks and curses outside. Tony rushes out, asking Melanie if she is ok. She starts to head off, but Tony stops her, telling her that they can be beneficial to one another. Melanie is all ears.

Kate heads into the Horton cabin, looking for Chloe and Lucas. Will is there alone, eating, and he tells Kate that they’re probably on the plane by now. She asks what he is talking about, and Will can’t believe Lucas didn’t tell her. He explains that Chloe and Lucas are flying to Vegas to get married tonight. Kate groans.


Tony tells Melanie, “Nothing would make me happier than to watch my father and my pompous-ass brother EJ eat crow.”

Chloe asks, “Lucas, what are we doing?”

Kate tells Victor, “Lucas and Chloe have decided to elope and I’m going to stop them.”

Rafe asks Sami, “Everything ok?” She replies, “No, it’s not, and I’m really glad you’re here because I need to ask you a favor.”

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