Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/5/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/5/09


Written By Danielle
Pictures by Juanita and Chit-Chat Haven

Brady house

Hope and Bo wake up in bed and resume talking about Bo’s latest vision. Hope insists that she can’t go on.

Chelsea and Max have spent the night together in bed but did not sleep together. This morning, Chelsea is now willing to sleep with Max.


Brady runs into Daniel while they both are out for a jog. Daniel had too much to drink the night before and is having a hard time even getting up off the bench. Brady assumes Daniel drank in the company of a date and asks the woman’s name.

Bridal Shop

Nicole is trying on wedding dresses while Chloe tries on a bridesmaid dress. Chloe doesn’t like her dress but Nicole jokes that no one would be looking at her anyway. Nicole and Chloe laugh as Nicole lists her good points and how they trump Sami’s good points.

Police station

EJ confronts Roman with the claim that Rafe was an unsuitable choice for Sami’s sole guardian. EJ starts to explain that Rafe crossed a professional and a personal line just as Sami walks in. Sami insists that EJ is the one to have crossed a line just now.

Bridal Shop

Chloe can’t understand why Nicole still feels threatened by Sami since Sami lost her baby. Nicole flashes back to switching the babies at the clinic and to overhearing Sami talking with Sister Theresa about keeping Grace. Nicole tells Chloe that the link Sami and EJ share because of Johnny is enough to keep Sami in the picture. Nicole doesn’t thinhk that EJ’s love for her and Sydney is enough to withstand Sami’s desires.


EJ didn’t mean for Sami to know about the complaint and tries to make a quick exit. Sami stops him, insisting that Rafe did a great job. EJ, though hesitant to say so, confronts Sami about how close she and Rafe were at Sami’s house that night. Sami points out that Rafe is no longer her guard so they could do as they pleased. Roman interrupts the argument to ask why Sami has stopped by. Sami asks Roman to put in a good word for Rafe. The phone rings and Roman is called away before he can answer Sami. EJ still insists that Rafe shouldn’t have gotten personally involved with his client. Sami realizes that EJ must have seen her and Rafe kiss.

Brady house

Chelsea and Max continue making love.

Bo insists that he can’t control his visions but Hope insists that Bo’s only seeing a vision like this because he feels guilty over their recent separation. Bo has a hard time believing that excuse and begins to worry that he can’t protect Hope. Hope finds it amaxing that Bo truly believes in such a vision despite her insistence that she would never sleep with another man.

Chelsea wants assurance that their relationship will work this time. Chelsea recalls how Max used to be so sure of himself. Max points out that Chelsea is different and more mature than she used to be and Chelsea agrees. Chelsea admits to being obsessed with Max before but gives him a playful push when Max teasingly calls her a stalker. Chelsea wants to know why Max chose her. Max describes Chelsea as a fun challenge. Chelsea asks about regrets but Max insists that he has none. They begin to make love again.


EJ complains that Sami should have waited until he left if the kiss was supposedly such a private moment. Sami points out that EJ can’t judge Rafe when he doesn’t know Rafe but EJ points out that Sami doesn’t know much about Rafe either. Sami doesn’t have a rebuttal realizing that EJ is right but tries to save face by telling EJ to mind his own business. Sami scoffs at EJ mocking her, acting like she’s suddenly madly in love with Rafe.

Brady house

Bo can’t understand why Hope has changed her mind about believing in his visions. Hope feels that Bo’s vision is only a subconscious reaction to her moving out and making him doubt her loyalty. Bo doesn’t want to hear any “shrink” talk. Hope declares that Bo no longer refer to what he sees as visions but as thoughts instead because thoughts can be controlled. Hope inissts that no one will ever come between them and gives Bo a reassuring hug.

Chelsea and Max finish making love again but Chelsea is put off by Max’s comment about the time. Max is apologetic for having to leave but Chelsea playfully tells him to leave rather than gush about their time together. Max gets dressed and kisses Chelsea goodbye.

Bo walks out of the kitchen just in time to see Max come down the stairs. They exchange uncomfortable looks as Chelsea comes running downstairs in her robe to return Max’s wallet. Max has to point out that Bo is watching them. Bo does not look pleased.


Brady apologizes for being intrusive but Daniel admits that there is someone else. As Daniel stretches, he flashes back to making love with Chloe. Brady asks how the relationship is going. Daniel heaves a heavy sigh and Brady can tell that means the relationship is over. Daniel insists that the relationship will never be over.

Bridal shop

Chloe steps out in a wedding gown next and Nicole gawks at how beautiful she looks. The saleswoman admires the dress on Chloe but Chloe isn’t sure it’s the right dress for her. The saleswoman steps away to look for other dresses. Nicole gives Chloe a hard time about being so picky and is taken aback when Chloe gets defensive about having the perfect wedding day. Nicole asks whether Chloe is trying to convince Lucas or herself.


Daniel decides that his relationship is too complicated to discuss with Brady. Brady asks if the woman is married and is surprised by Daniel’s “not yet” response. Daniel insists that the woman doesn’t love her fiance the way she should. Daniel starts to rethink talking to Brady about this but Brady insists that he understands what it’s like to be in love with a woman he can’t have.

Bridal shop

Chloe insists she is 100% committed to Lucas but Nicole claims that love and commitment is really guilt. Chloe swears she is marrying Lucas because it is the right thing to do. Nicole doesn’t look convinced.


Sami gets defensive at EJ’s accusation. EJ claims he only cares who she dates because of Johnny. EJ promises not to ask about Rafe again and goes to leave. Sami calls him back claiming that she’s changed her mind. Sami now agrees with EJ’s claim about Johnny and admits to having feelings for Rafe.


Nicole has decided to treat Chloe to a meal at the pub. Nicole apologizes for doubting Chloe’s love for Lucas. Chloe orders only coffee but Nicole orders a healthy salad. Chloe mocks the choice claiming that Nicole doesn’t even look like she had a baby much less need to get in shape for a wedding dress. Nicole is momentarily taken aback but guickly sends the waitress away. Nicole changes the subject by asking about Chloe’s plans to eat later with Kate. Chloe mentions showing off the wedding gown pictures to Kate but Nicole thinks that Kate would be offended that Chloe went shopping without her. Nicole advises Chloe to be sure about her decision to marry Lucas before it gets too late.


Brady and Daniel finish their jog. Daniel is laggin a few steps behind and blames it on the drinking. Brady brings up his addictive past but Daniel wants to change the subject. Brady insists that they jog another lap.

Brady house:

Max starts to explain as Hope comes downstairs. Bo explains that Max spent the night. Chelsea questions why Bo and Hope are even home and she and Max cheer when Hope tells them about her moving back home. Hope tries to diffuse the situation by getting Bo into the kitchen for breakfast but Bo insists on hearing Max’s explanation. Max explains in vague detail that he and Chelsea went out last night and ended up back here. Bo insists on knowing whether Max was in Chelsea’s bed and Chelsea objects. Bo insists on hearing Max’s answer so Max admits that he did sleep with Chelsea.

Max starts to apologize for disrespecting Bo’s house but Bo demands that Max leave. Chelsea insists that Max stay but Max doesn’t want to remain where he isn’t wanted. Max leaves and Chelsea ignores Bo’s atttempts to explain as she runs upstairs. Hope gets Bo to see that he was wrong by pointing out that Chelsea could have brought home someone like he used to be. Bo offers to go after Max but Hope offers to do that while Bo talks to Chelsea.

Chelsea is packing her things and doesn’t want to talk to Bo. Chelsea agrees to let Bo in when he asks to apologize. Chelsea insists that it’s her life and while Bo may feel the need to protect her, he doesn’t get a say in who she sees and who she doesn’t.


EJ tells Sami that she has questionable taste in men so Sami fires back with the same accusation of EJ’s relationship with Nicole. EJ tries to leave but Sami won’t stop spouting Rafe’s praises. EJ doesn’t want to hear it but asks Sami if she’d like a relationship with Rafe.

Cheatin’ Heart

Max has gone to work where Hope finds him. Hope delivers Bo’s apology, blaming it on Bo being distracted with personal issues lately. Max complains that Bo didn’t come in person but Hope explains that she made Bo deal with Chelsea instead. Max begrudginly agress to forgive Bo and Hope is hopeful that Chelsea is so forgiving.

Brady house

Bo agrees with all of Chelsea’s points as she tells him about feeling mortified and how the man he was so mad at was only Max. Bo agrees to apologize to Max as well. Bo and Chelsea hug. Chelsea tells Bo that she can’t live her own life if she’s still living in his house and resumes packing.


Hope runs into Daniel while he’s out jogging. Hope can tell that Daniel is bothered by something.


EJ refers to Sami’s love live pursuits as a dog on a bone and Sami takes offense, claiming she doesn’t pursue men anymore. Sami complains that Roman isn’t back yet. EJ takes the opportunity to finally leave, telling Sami to tell Roman that his complaint is not so urgent anymore.


Sydney wakes up and Nicole pulls her into her lap to soothe her. The bridal shop calls to alert Chloe that she left her credit card at the store. Chloe promises to rush right over and pick it up. Nicole promises to tell Kate that Chloe will be right back. The waitress returns and asks to hold Sydney. The waitress agrees to continue holding Sydney while Nicole steps outside to call EJ. Sami walks in to see the waitress doting on Sydney.

Brady house

Bo sits downstairs until he hears Chelsea coming downstairs. He helps with her suitcase and asks about her plans. Chelsea tells him about going to stay with Stephanie for a little while. They exchange goodbyes and Chelsea leaves. Bo has a vision of Hope in bed with another man, this time including the image of wedding bands and a watch. Bo is anxious to figure out who else is in vision.


Daniel insists that he wasn’t lying. Hope can tell he’s still lying but apologizes for being so intrusive. Daniel finds it shocking when Hope brings up a magazine spread naming him one of the top eligible bachelors. Daniel claims he isn’t eligible. Hope apologizes again for being nosy and leaves. Daniel has his back turned when Chloe walks up. Chloe tries to leave before Daniel can see her but instead she runs into Brady. Brady asks where Chloe was headed in such a rush and Chloe looks over at Daniel.

Dimera mansion/police station

EJ returns home as Roman calls. Roman refuses to talk about Sami’s relationship with Rafe. EJ asks if Rafe is going back to Washington and Roman will say that he plans to be pulling some strings on Rafe’s behalf. EJ is happy with this news which surprises Roman. EJ hangs up the phone and flashes back to seeing Rafe and Sami kiss.


Nicole is still outside waiting for her call to be answered. Sami takes Sydney from the waitress and dotes on her. Nicole spots them through the window and fumes.

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