Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/4/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/4/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Chelsea and Max kiss. She notices that they are all alone and suggests they crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate her grandmother’s recovery. Max agrees and starts to head off, but Chelsea tells him to just get her some ginger ale. She asks him if he really would have opened the champagne, even though he can’t afford it. Max says he would have, of course. He grins, saying he’s crazy about her.

At Bo and Hope’s place, Bo heads into the living room. He gasps as he gets another disturbing vision of Hope in bed with another(unknown) man. Hope comes in and interrupts, asking Bo what the matter is. She looks concerned, saying that he should see the look on his face right now. Bo fidgets.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole watches Sydney in her bassinet and tells her how perfect and wonderful she is. Nicole grumps, wondering why Sydney’s daddy is still with the nasty woman that gave birth to her. Just then, Stefano walks in, asking what it was she just said. Nicole sweats.

At Marlena’s townhouse, Rafe and Sami hug as EJ watches. Rafe says it is good to see her smiling and Sami says she is glad to be out of witness protection, and she’s also glad to see him again. She says it’s the best welcome home present she could receive. EJ narrows his eyes.

Stefano demands that Nicole tell him what she just said. Nicole explains that EJ left hours ago to deliver a toy of Johnny’s to Sami. Nicole admits she was angry, slammed the door, and startled Sydney, and now she feels awful. She flops in a chair as Stefano sighs, saying it doesn’t appear that she is having a very good evening. He asks if he can do anything to help.

Sami ask Rafe if he has seen a doctor. He says he has and that he is fine. Sami says she is glad and tells him that she wrote a letter to Hilda’s kids. EJ tries to excuse himself and Sami apologizes, introducing the two. EJ thanks Rafe for taking such good care of Sami and Rafe assumes he must be Johnny’s father. EJ nods and Rafe chuckles, telling Sami that her imitation of EJ was pretty good. EJ laughs uncomfortably, saying they must be close. Rafe says you can’t help it when you spend all your time with one other person. Sami agrees, saying they are close, but she gives Rafe a pointed look, saying she also knows he can keep a secret.

Max and Chelsea toast with ginger ale. Max hopes Kate wouldn’t be upset that they aren’t using real champagne, but Chelsea thinks Kate is just happy to be around to be toasted at all. Max compliments Chelsea on being so strong through all of this. Since she found out the good news, her smile has gotten a lot brighter. He smiles, adding that her eyes look really pretty, too. Chelsea blushes.

Bo tells Hope that he was just day-dreaming but she says she knows what’s going on. She reminds him that they had a pretty big fight, and they can’t just pretend it never happened. Bo sighs, saying that when they fought in the past, it hurt--like a rip-your-heart-out-and-stomp-on-it kind of hurt. Bo says he felt the same way when she moved out recently. He says that she can’t do that to him ever again. Hope promises not to and ask him what is going on. One minute he wants to forget it ever happened, and the next he is brooding. Bo says he isn’t upset about what happened before. Hope urges him to tell her what the matter is.

Sami apologizes to EJ, saying Rafe doesn’t make a good first impression. EJ stiffly replies that he is used to people judging him at first sight and Rafe suggests that he go. Sami asks him to stay to meet the twins. She explains that EJ is here because Johnny needs his laughing penguin. She tells EJ that Rafe was the one that got them for her. He shrugs, saying they’re a full-service agency. EJ scowls, saying it’s too late to visit with the twins. Sami insists they will go right back to sleep and heads off to get them. Rafe tells EJ that Sami would do anything for her kids. EJ replies that most parents will. Rafe retorts most won’t wage a nasty custody battle. He adds that he heard a lot of stories from Sami. EJ shakes his head, saying he heard only one half of a lot of stories. Rafe asks him about moving on and starting a family. EJ ignores him and says that Sami is home now and no longer needs his protection. Rafe asks EJ if he is telling to stay away from Sami. EJ says he isn’t. Rafe says he is glad, since that would be a ridiculous request considering EJ has a new baby and fiancée. Rafe slyly asks where the two are right now. EJ tells him that his family is none of Rafe’s business.

Stefano asks Nicole why Sami being back in town is making her so upset. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but Stefano insists, saying there’s going to be a problem if she’s reduced to a shrieking, nagging shrew every time Sami is around. Nicole say it’s none of his business, but he says this is his house. He solves problems in his own home. Nicole retorts that perhaps she and Sydney should move out. Stefano shakes his head, saying he can’t believe that Sami has enough allure to put Nicole totally out of the picture in EJ’s eyes. Nicole snorts, saying that cow has all the appeal of Freddy Krueger. Stefano chuckles, but still wants to know why Nicole is so afraid of Sami.

Max and Chelsea stroll through the park and sit on a bench. Chelsea points out a crocus coming up through the snow nearby. She explains that they always come back in March and Max simpers, saying he knows someone’s just as tough and sweet as those flowers. Chelsea sighs, saying that winter seemed like it lasted forever, but spring is finally on the way. She says it’s the same feeling she got when an old friend started to look at her in a new way. Max grins and says it’s like pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. Chelsea rolls her eyes at the baseball analogy, but Max says they just love different things. He pauses, then says he doesn’t love baseball as much as he loves her eyes. Chelsea grins and Max moves in for a kiss.

Sami and Rafe sit on the couch with the twins. EJ suggests that he put them back to bed, since they look sleepy, and Sami agrees. EJ takes them back into the bedroom as Sami tells Rafe that EJ is really a good father. Rafe says he is so good at it that Sami won’t even tell him they have another child together. She huffs, saying this isn’t about EJ, it’s about Stefano. Rafe tells Sami that if he were EJ, and had a child with Sami, he wouldn’t be concerned with pleasing his father. Sami jokes that only she is allowed to bring that up. Rafe gives her a picture of Grace and Sami thanks him, asking if he went to se her. Rafe says he did, and Teresa told him that Grace misses her mom. Sami sighs, saying she misses her, too. Rafe says that it isn’t right that her baby isn’t with her and Sami agrees. She adds that this is for the best, however, and that she can never let Stefano know she has another one of his grandchildren.

Nicole tells Stefano that she is just emotional since she just had a baby. Stefano reminds her she wasn’t that emotional before Sami showed up in town. Nicole sighs, saying life was blissful when it was just her, EJ, and the baby. Stefano pats her on the shoulder, saying he will have Mary make her some herbal tea. She really needs to calm down. He heads off. Nicole grumps, saying that what she needs is to get the goods on Sami. She has to find out why she told Lucas that Mia’s baby died.

Bo admits to Hope that he had another vision. She asks if it was about her, and Bo admits that it was. Hope says that he has to tell her what it was and Bo agrees. He explains that in the vision, she was in bed making love--to another man. Hope gapes.

Nicole puts on her coat as Stefano comes back in. He urges her to stay, saying that EJ is probably already on his way home. Nicole says that she is just upset, and needs some privacy. Stefano asks if she is going to Sami’s. Nicole insists she doesn’t know where she is going; she just needs to get away from here. She stalks off. Stefano says to himself that he doesn’t believe Nicole.

Sami tells Rafe sadly that the best part about having a newborn is the moment they focus in on you and smile, like they really know who you are. She is sorry she will miss a lot of those ‘firsts’ with Grace. Rafe asks her if she will be able to give that up, but Sami says he has to, if not only for the sake for her other kids. She tells Rafe that she wants to focus on Johnny right now, explaining that she tried to talk to EJ about him, but he just refuses to see Nicole for what she really is. Rafe sighs, saying he wishes he could help Sami through this. She says he already did his job and kept her safe. Besides, there was a time not too long ago when he couldn’t wait to be rid of her. Rafe smiles and puts an arm around her, saying he wishes he could do something for her. Just then, EJ comes into the living room and stares at the two.

Chelsea backs off from Max, asking if a part of him doesn’t think this is a mistake. Max says this is a date. They should be kissing, not talking. Chelsea just thinks they are in denial. She’s seen a hundred movies where two friends start dating, then break up and never speak to each other again. She is worried the same might happen to them, especially considering her track record. Max assures her that he will make sure nothing bad happens, and Chelsea wonders if he is asking her to trust him. He says he is, and she grins, saying she thinks she already does.

Hope groans, wondering why Bo’s visions always have to be so awful. Can’t he have one about world peace or something for once? Bo sighs, saying he is sorry, but he can’t help it. He had to tell her about this so they can work on making sure it never happens. Hope is taken aback.

Sami tells Rafe that she is glad that he is back, but he says he has to go to DC right away on another assignment. Just then, EJ comes out and tells Sami that she twins won’t have the lights out until she comes in and kisses them goodnight. Sami asks Rafe to stay and heads off. EJ tells Rafe that a kiss could take a long time, so he should probably go. Rafe says he will stick around to say goodnight to Sami, but since the twins are taken care of, maybe EJ is the one that should go. After all, what could his fiancée be thinking right about now? EJ tells him again not to concern himself with his family, but Rafe says he is just worried about EJ’s fiancée.

Nicole shows up at the convent and meets Teresa in her office, saying she had to come see her. Teresa asks about her baby, and Nicole says she gave it up for adoption. It was hard, but it was the right thing to do for her baby. Teresa says that must give her some comfort. Just then, Grace cries from her bassinet. Nicole turns around and sees her, crowing over her. She asks Teresa if he can hold her.

Bo reminds Hope of what happened the last time he didn’t tell her about a vision. Her argument was that she could have helped prevent it had she known about it, and Bo happens to agree with her. He says he has a question and asks her if she came back home because wanted to, or because it was best for Ciara. Hope says that she can tell what he really wants to know is if there could be any truth to this vision. Bo admits that that is so.

Teresa thinks that seeing a baby might upset “Mary” even more, but Nicole says she thinks it may help. Teresa acquiesces and heads off to heat up a bottle. Nicole picks Grace up and cuddles her, wondering why Sami told Lucas she had died.

EJ thinks Rafe must lead a lonely life and he shrugs, saying he doesn’t have families everywhere like EJ. Rafe asks why EJ is so concerned with Sami. He was there the night EJ called to tell her about his newest romantic conquest and wonders why he bothered. EJ huffs, saying he and Sami share a child, so he feels she has the right to know these things, and he’ll always feel protective over her. Rafe asks if he really means ‘possessive’ instead of ‘protective.’ EJ tells him he thinks he should leave just as Sami comes back. She tells EJ that he can’t order people out of her house. Rafe gets a call just then and heads off to take it. EJ complains about Rafe attacking his personal life. Sami says he can leave if it bothers him so much. Just then, Rafe comes back and tells Sami that he has to leave for DC tonight. Sami gasps. EJ grins.

Max asks Chelsea if they can go back to kissing, but she is still concerned they’re making a mistake. Max sighs and suggests they go get some pizza, but Chelsea takes that to mean that he agrees with her. He says he doesn’t and she asks if the can pause the date long enough for her to talk to her friend. Max agrees and she asks him what he would say about this date as a friend. Max says that he would tell her this guy obviously cares for her and wants to see her happy. He just thinks she is scared. Chelsea tears up and says the date is back on. She tells Max that she loves his eyes, too. They kiss.

Bo apologizes to Hope, but she says he has a right to know the answer to his question. She explains that she left home because she was angry with the only man she loves. She wants to prove that to him, but Bo says she doesn’t have to. Hope hugs him, saying she wants to.

Sami asks if Rafe can postpone his trip a little while longer, but he says he can’t. Sami curses his bosses and offers to walk him to the door. Rafe snidely tells EJ that it was nice to meet him and follows Sam into the hallway. She sighs, saying she doesn’t want Rafe to go. She wants him to promise to come back. Rafe says he will if she wants him to. Sami says she does.

Nicole holds Grace and tells her that’s even more beautiful than the day she was born. She says she loves her and is sorry she had to leave her with that horrible woman. Nicole sighs, saying she sorry Grace has to be all alone. Suddenly she gets an idea, saying it might not have to be that way.

Hope and Bo decide to take the party upstairs. Afterwards, Max and Chelsea come in and try to end their date. Max says it is hard to say goodnight when he doesn’t want it to end Chelsea agrees. The two kiss.

Stefano greets a man named Peter, whom he had tail Nicole. The man says it was unsettling. Most people you follow end up doing something unsavory, but not the blonde. She went to a convent on the south side, called the convent of the holy cross. Stefano ponders this information.

Sami tells Rafe she doesn’t want him to go, and he promises to be back soon. She asks if what he is doing is dangerous, but he says it isn’t. She accuses him of lying. He kisses her on the forehead and she whispers to him to be careful. The two kiss as EJ comes outside and watches angrily.


Chelsea tells Max, “Last night, I was unsure.” They kiss.

Hope tells Bo, “No one is ever going to come between us. That is never going to happen.”

Nicole says, “I'm everything Sami Brady is not.”

EJ says, “You crossed a line.” Sami interrupts, “No, actually, EJ, that would be you.”

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