Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/3/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/3/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Daniel strolls in the park and flashes back to telling Chloe that he won’t let this end. She tells him that it is already over, apologizes for hurting him, and tells him goodbye. They kiss. Daniel comes back to the present and sighs, “The hell with it.”

In Lucas’ hospital room, Chloe tells Will that she is sorry, but Lucas tells her not to apologize, saying that Will was totally out of line. Chloe tries to excuse herself, but Will agrees, and shamefaced, he apologizes to Chloe. Chloe says that he was right, and that she is to blame for a lot of what is going on right now. She hopes that Lucas can forgive her for what happened.

Daniel heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and orders a drink. Chelsea comes in just then and asks the bartender where Max is. When he explains that he is in back, doing inventory, she heads over to greet Daniel. She asks if he is drinking alone, but he says he isn’t now that she had shown up. He goes on to explain that he is bad company right now, and he suggests that she pretend that she didn’t see him. Chelsea sits down with a shrug, saying she already did see him, and she asks him what is going on. Daniel claims nothing is as Max walks over. Chelsea vows not to leave him alone until he tells her the truth.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole heads into the living room with Sydney and asks Mary where EJ is. She explains that he went to Marlena’s townhouse. Nicole laughs lightly, saying that EJ told her, but she just forgot. Mary heads off. Nicole fumes, saying that Marlena is out of town, so EJ must have gone over there to see Sami.

At Marlena’s townhouse, EJ asks Sami if he should make Nicole’s worst nightmare come true and marry her instead. Sami smirks, reminding him sarcastically how well their last marriage went. He accuses her of being jealous, and she wonders what reason she would have to feel that way. EJ says it’s because Nicole has him and she doesn’t. Sami huffs, calling him arrogant. He reminds her that his engagement to Nicole is none of her business, but she says it is because EJ is the father of her children. EJ asks if he missed something, since ‘children’ is plural. Sami covers quickly, saying that she thinks of EJ and Lucas as ‘co-fathers’ to the twins. EJ warns Sami not to try to go to war with Nicole because she will only do damage to his friendly relationship with her and consequently, Johnny as well. Just then, Nicole calls and he answers, saying they were just talking about her. Nicole wants to know who he is with.

Will heads off to get some dinner as Lucas explains to Chloe that she isn’t to blame for his drinking. He admits that he acted like a complete idiot. He didn’t listen to her reasoning for breaking off the engagement, but he thinks he now knows why she did it. He admits that he took Chloe for granted and vows never to do so again. He asks Chloe for another chance and she beams, saying she wants another chance with him, too. He says she is too perfect to even need another chance, but Chloe cuts him off with a hug. She swears to God to make sure he is happy for the rest of their lives.

Daniel tells Chelsea that she really doesn’t want to hear about his life as Max heads over to where Chelsea is sitting with Daniel and crows about a funny text message he just received. He asks Chelsea to look at it and hands her his phone. The screen reads, “Ditch him.” Chelsea rolls her eyes, saying that it’s juvenile. Some of her friends need to grow up. Daniel gives the two an odd look and heads off to make a call. Max warns Chelsea to stay away from Daniel, saying that the way customers drink is his expertise, and he knows something is bothering Daniel by the way he’s knocking them back. Max calls him a ticking time bomb. Meanwhile, Daniel starts to leave Chloe a voicemail, but stutters and hangs up, saying, “Screw it.”

EJ tells Nicole that he is at Sami’s. Sami mocks him a few feet away, saying she can’t believe he got brave and is telling the truth. Nicole demands to know what EJ is doing there and asks why he couldn’t just call Sami. EJ explains that she forgot Johnny’s penguin, and he needs it to sleep. Sami chuckles, asking if he forgot to ask Nicole’s permission first. EJ tells Sami to stuff it and apologetically explains to Nicole that Sami is as annoying as she ever was. Nicole lays into EJ for not telling her where he was going and hangs up. Sami asks EJ if Nicole will be waiting at home for him with a rolling pin in hand. EJ hopes not, but asks Sami to cut Nicole a break, since she just had a baby. He wonders if Sami has forgotten how hard it is to raise a newborn. Sami turns her back as tears well in her eyes. EJ asks her what the matter is.

Nicole asks Mary to bathe Sydney and the maid heads off with the baby. Nicole narrows her eyes, saying that EJ was right and that Sami hasn’t changed a bit. She vows that Sami isn’t going to take EJ and Sydney away from her, no matter what.

Chelsea tells Max that Daniel refuses to tell her what is wrong, so she is just going to push harder. Max sighs and heads back to work as Daniel returns to the table and asks Chelsea to leave him alone. She refuses to do so until he tells her what is bothering him. He says nothing is, and Chelsea counters with one simple question. She asks him who he was just on the phone with.

Chloe tells Lucas that she wants things to go back to the way they were--like last month never even happened. Lucas doesn’t know if he can. He says he wants to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes and says they have to be honest with each other. She has to tell him how she feels, even if she thinks it might hurt his feelings. She promises to do so. Lucas adds that part of the reason he started drinking is that he was upset at himself for not noticing how unhappy Chloe was. He promises that he will be there for Chloe and says that she can tell him anything. She says this is all her fault, not his. It’s because of her that he almost died.

EJ asks Sami if she is crying. She practically sobs, but says no. EJ asks her if something happened while she was in witness protection. Sami claims nothing did. EJ sighs, saying she just seems to fall apart every time he mentions Nicole and the baby. He suggests that Sami is jealous. Sami claims that if she is upset, it is only because his daughter is being raised in the DiMera mansion. Besides, she has Nicole for a mother. EJ shouts that that is enough. She and Nicole must find a way to get along, and Sami cannot keep continuing to attack her. It’s for the good of the children. She sighs, guessing that they all have to do what they think is best for the children.

Daniel tells Chelsea that spending the evening with Max will be more fun for her than spending the evening with him. Chelsea ignores him, asking him if he is worried about Kate, and Daniel looks at her incredulously, remembering that he forgot to call her with the news. He explains that Kate is in remission. Chelsea squeals joyfully and hugs him. Max and another bartender watch, and the man tells Max that it looks like his girlfriend is trading up.

Lucas promises to work on being sober if Chloe works on not being crazy. She chuckles as he explains that her feelings of guilt are ridiculous and unfounded. He chose to drink and she had nothing to do with that explosion. Nome of this was her fault. He groans, saying he can’t believe how much he drank. He wonders why he was at Daniel’s apartment and asks himself if he was so drunk that he thought he still lived there. Just then, a nurse interrupts to run tests. Chloe gets a call from Nicole and she excuses herself. Nicole asks her to come over, saying she needs to talk because EJ is with Sami. She threatens to start screaming if she can’t vent. Chloe agrees to be there soon and comes into Lucas’ room, telling him she has to meet Nicole, who is freaking out about Sami. She wonders why Nicole didn’t say anything about Sami’s baby since EJ knows Sami is back in town, and Lucas informs her that Sami lost it. Chloe gasps, saying how awful that is. Lucas warns her that no one must ever found out about EJ and Sami--Just then Will walks in and interrupts. He wonders what Lucas doesn’t want anyone to know about his mom and EJ.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn’t want to fight, but Sami says he is marrying evil incarnate. EJ groans, saying he would never let Nicole hurt Johnny. Sami says she knows that, but what Nicole or Stefano might do when EJ isn’t around is what worries her. Sami lays into EJ, telling him that she is sure Stefano is grooming Johnny to be the next DiMera heir, and it doesn’t help that Nicole is playing the role of DiMera wife to the hilt. EJ tells her that Nicole had the same fear in regards to Stefano, and she talked to him about it. Sami scoffs, saying Nicole is just playing him. EJ counters that she shouldn’t be judgmental, since she has no idea what she would do in Nicole’s situation. Sami says she does, actually.

Chelsea lets Max know the good news about Kate as he comes over to make a snarky remark. He stops cold and says that he is really happy for her. Chelsea gushes that they all really owe Chloe for what she has done. Max apologizes and heads off. Daniel sighs and asks Chelsea if you ever have one of those nights when you question who you really are. Chelsea asks why he would do that, and he says that it is because of her.

Will presses Lucas for answers as Chloe excuses herself, saying that she is really happy that Will is back. Will still wants to know if anything is going on between his mom and that jerk EJ. Lucas flashes back to Sami learning she was pregnant with EJ’s child and tells Will that the two are just spending more time together because of Johnny. Will asks Lucas if he is scared he might shoot EJ in the back now that he is back home.

Chloe tells Nicole that she dumped Daniel. Nicole wonders if it was because he wasn’t doing it for her anymore. Chloe says that isn’t it and Nicole advises her that she can’t just flip a switch and make her feelings for Daniel disappear. Chloe tries to storm off, saying she thought Nicole needed to talk, but Nicole stops her. She says that she just wants Chloe to be happy, and Chloe admits to Nicole that she chose Lucas because of a sign from God. Nicole jokes, asking if God called her, but Chloe tells her not to joke. Nicole reminds her that this is about her long-tem happiness, not a fleeting promise. Chloe says it is. She tells Nicole all about the gas explosion and God bringing Lucas back to life. She adds that Lucas doesn’t remember a thing about learning of her affair with Daniel, and Chloe think that’s the sign. Nicole wonders where the Chloe she knows has gone, but Chloe threatens to leave unless Nicole really wants to talk about her own problems. Nicole tells her about EJ making up a lame excuse to see Sami and says that she worries that Sami might tell EJ about their baby. Chloe tells her that she doesn’t think Nicole has to worry about that baby or Sami ever again.

EJ accuses Sami of keeping something from him. She says that being in witness protection changed her. Someone that guarded her died, then another guard of hers was stabbed, and all of that made her think about the big picture and her kids if something should happen to her. EJ thinks she has changed and Sami says she has. She knows Nicole has EJ’s heart and his child, but she knows Nicole hurts people and she doesn’t want to see that happen to him. EJ tells her not to worry about him, but Sami says she can’t help it because a part of her will always love him.

Lucas tells Will not to joke about such things, but Will claims he wasn’t joking. He thinks Lucas might be worried that he inherited some of his homicidal tendencies. Lucas sighs, apologizing for Will having to come back home to such a mess. Will chuckles, saying that it wouldn’t be like home if his dad and mom weren’t arguing. He adds that he knows Lucas is trying to clean up the mess he made, and he wants to stick around and help. Lucas is glad he is staying, adding that he wants Will to do something for him. Will asks what it is.

Nicole asks Chloe why she shouldn’t worry about Sami and Chloe divulges that Sami lost her baby. Nicole is taken aback, and Chloe says it’s sad, no matter how the two of them feel about Sami. Nicole agrees and flashes back to overhearing Sami asking Sister Teresa to take care of her baby. She says it’s hard to believe that happened, and Chloe assures her that she doesn’t think EJ will ever find out the truth. Nicole says she was sure Sami was telling EJ about the baby and wonders what EJ and Sami are talking about.

EJ can’t believe Sami just said she loved him, but she tells him not to get too excited. He is a DiMera and always will be in her eyes. She adds that he can never put his guard down around his family. She also promises to stop saying nasty things about Nicole as long as EJ swears to protect Johnny. EJ says he is sorry, but when it comes to their son, he is on his own.

Daniel apologizes to Chelsea for screwing up her life. He has hurt a lot of people and that just isn’t like him. Chelsea smiles and tells him he’s alright, he’s just having a bad night. Daniel encourages her to be with Max, celebrate Kate’s recovery, and forget all about him. She refuses. He asks if she really likes Max and she admits that she does. Daniel smiles, saying he is one lucky guy.

Nicole decides to call EJ, but Chloe stops her, reminding her to pretend like this doesn’t bother her. EJ loves her and she has his ring and his baby. If she smothers him and stops being the self-confident woman he fell in love with, then she will ruin everything on her own. Nicole isn’t so sure Sami will give up that easily, but Chloe reminds Nicole that she won, and EJ isn’t going to change his mind about her. Nicole agree and vows not to let Sami get to her.

Sami lays into EJ, demanding to know why he won’t protect their son from his father. EJ says he refuses to try to mold Johnny into anything he doesn’t want to be. It’s not their jobs as parents to dictate their children’s future, and the fact that Johnny is a DiMera is inescapable. If his son and daughter want to be part of the family, that’s their business, just like it would be if they wanted to join the circus. Sami guesses that he has thought about this a lot and EJ admits he has. She’s shocked, saying that the small part of EJ she always liked is back. He tells her sadly that she never really let her show her that side.

Daniel again counsels Chelsea to go have fun with Max. She makes sure that he isn’t driving, and he heads off for home. Chelsea heads over to talk to Max, saying that she and Daniel never really talked like that, even when they were together. She adds that Daniel told her to have fun with Max, and she sees that he is nearly finished for the night. He asks what she has in mind. She grins, saying she was thinking of starting out like this. She kisses him on the cheek. Daniels watches the two kiss through the window outside and suddenly sees Lucas and Chloe kissing in their place. He sighs, saying that Chloe made the right decision.

Lucas asks Will how long he plans on sticking around, and Will tells Lucas that he will finish school in Salem. He asks why that matters, and Lucas asks him to be his best man at his upcoming wedding to Chloe. Will glares and huffs off, telling Lucas to have a good night. Lucas calls after him not to act that way.

Chloe tells Nicole that the best thing for her to do right now is nothing. She encourages her to try to get some sleep and calm down, and Nicole thanks her for coming over. She leaves. Nicole smiles, saying doing nothing isn’t exactly her style.

EJ assures Sami that she has nothing to worry about when it comes to Johnny. She says that she is glad they talked and that she feels better. She heads off to check on the twins. Just then, someone knocks at the door. EJ opens it to find Rafe and asks what he wants. Sami heads back to the living room and squeals, rushing Rafe. The two hug as EJ watches.


Bo tells Hope, "You were in bed making love to another man."

Chelsea asks Max, "You're asking me to trust you?" He nods.

Nicole says, "Wait a minute, maybe it doesn't have to be this way."

Sami tells Rafe, "Just be careful, OK?"

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