Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/2/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Brady and Nicole run into one another at the park. Brady attempts to exchange pleasantries, but Nicole says she can’t talk. He asks her what’s wrong, and she says that he has to leave her alone. Brady asks why and Nicole explains that EJ said she couldn’t see him ever again.

Phillip shows up at the DiMera mansion and meets EJ, who says he got there quickly. Phillip shrugs, admitting that EJ’s message intrigued him. EJ explains that he called because the DiMeras are no longer interested in the alternative fuels project. it’s just not going anywhere. Phillip asks if that is it, and the game is over, and EJ says it is. He starts to shut the door, but Phillip stops him, asking what the catch is.

Will walks into Lucas’ hospital room and greets Lucas and Sami, saying that since they are still fighting, it appears that nothing has changed. Sami hugs him joyfully, saying it‘s almost too good to believe it’s true that the two of them came home at the same time. She sobs, telling Will how much she missed him. Will says that he missed her, too.

At the pub, Kate and Victor agree that they finally see eye-to-eye in regards to Chloe. Kate asks if Victor is satisfied, and he admits that he feels pretty vindicated. He asks what kind of revenge Kate has in mind, and she says she wants to cause Chloe deep psychological pain with a lasting impact. Victor asks eagerly if Kate will make her suffer, and she nods, saying Chloe will suffer like she never has before.

Chloe shows up at Maggie’s place to pick up Allie. She offers to help gather Allie’s things, but Maggie coldly asks her to wait in the kitchen. Chloe begs Maggie to try to get along for Lucas’ sake. She explains that she didn’t mean to hurt Lucas. Maggie sarcastically asks her if she meant to sleep with Daniel. Chloe sighs, saying that all she wants now is to make Lucas happy. To ensure that that happens,. Maggie has to swear not to say anything to anyone. Otherwise, she will just break Lucas’ heart again.

Lucas asks Will if he is sick of skiing already and Will tells Sami and Lucas that he heard Sami was being released from witness protection. Sam apologizes for not calling him, but he explains that his grandfather told him what was going on. He adds that Roman also told him about the gas explosion and asks Lucas what happened, but Sami would rather not discuss it. She wants to talk about happy times. Will turns on her, angrily asking if he doesn’t have the right to know why his father almost died.

Maggie lays into Chloe, saying she didn’t break Lucas’ heart--Chloe did. Chloe claims that she just wants to love Lucas and make him happy, but Maggie wonders how a woman that cheats and lies so often could ever make him happy. She says that Lucas deserves better than Chloe.

Kate asks Victor if he will help her to bring down Chloe and he agrees to clear his schedule. Kate tells Victor that she needs to find a way to distract Lucas before the big reveal--that way he won’t be too upset when he learns the truth about Chloe. She adds that she has to work on finding a suitable match for Lucas. Victor jokingly suggests an inflatable sex doll. Kate chuckles, saying how bad he is. Victor grins, saying he is just glad the old Kate is back. She smiles and says that the woman that would do anything for her children has never left. Just then, Stefano walks over. He says it is his lucky night, running into the beautiful Kate. Victor icily tells him to get out of his sight and that he isn’t welcome.

EJ tells Phillip that there isn’t a catch. He just wants to focus on his family--meaning his fiancée and his children. He isn’t interested in getting involved in the middle of a blood feud. Phillip asks EJ why he thinks he would hurt his family. Nicole happens to be a friend of his. EJ says they aren’t friends any longer. Phillip scoffs, asking if he is choosing Nicole’s friends for her now. EJ says no, but explains that Nicole is too trusting and soft-hearted, so EJ has advised her to stay away from people that suck the life out of her. EJ gives Phillip a pointed look, asking if he know the type. Phillip glares, saying he is looking right at the type. EJ warns Phillip again to stay away from Nicole, saying he doesn’t want to have to say it again.

In shock, Brady asks Nicole if she is kidding. She says she isn’t and he angrily tells Nicole that she can’t let EJ decide who her friends are. She reminds him that EJ is the man she loves. All she wants is for him to be happy. Brady demands to know what happened to the tough, brainy woman that used to stand up to EJ? Brady demands to know what EJ has done to make her act so callow. Nicole explains that Phillip overheard them talking and knows they are keeping a secret from EJ. He thinks that they’re having an affair, so he blackmailed her into making EJ drop the alternative fuels project. She persuaded EJ to give it up, so now it belongs wholly to Titan. Nicole explains that Brady must keep his distance, because she can’t take any more risks. He asks her incredulously if this means that she is cutting him out of her life. She sighs, saying that that is exactly what she has to do.

Phillip snorts, asking what kind of bargain EJ is driving. Is he saying that Phillip can only have the project back if he agrees not to be friends with Nicole? EJ says that’s pretty much it. Phillip tells EJ angrily that no one chooses his friends or orders him around and that he isn’t scared of the DiMeras--not him or his father. EJ shuts the door in his face, telling Phillip that he is a bigger fool than he though.

Will tells Lucas and Sami that he visited John and Marlena before he left and says that John is making progress. The two are glad to hear it and Sami asks Will if he plans on sticking around. He says he is, and Lucas offers him some space at the Horton cabin. Lucas adds that Sami is staying at Marlena’s townhouse, and that Will could stay there. Sami says it is up to him and Will says it’s a tough decision. Lucas tells him to go ahead and stay with Sami, since she really needs all of her children around right now. She sobs, then apologizes when Will asks her what is wrong, saying that having him back in town is making her really crazy and emotional. She wipes away her tears, and Lucas reminds her that she needs to pick up Johnny. She asks if Will wants to come, but Lucas wants to talk to him privately. Lucas adds that Chloe should be here soon and wonders what is taking her so long.

Chloe tells Maggie that she isn’t religious, but she has been praying a lot and she received a sign from God. Maggie sarcastically retorts that God might be a little too busy to dole out relationship advice to her. Chloe says that she firmly believes that she and Lucas are destined to be together. She begs Maggie not to tell him about her and Daniel. Maggie reluctantly agrees not to say anything to anyone, but adds that she is only doing this for Lucas, because she doesn’t want him to start drinking again..

Brady sighs, wondering why Nicole would let Phillip blackmail her over an affair that isn’t happening. Nicole sighs and says she had no choice. She couldn’t let EJ get suspicious. She knows that he wouldn’t stop poking around until he learned the truth. She adds that she is really happy right now and is very close to getting everything she’s dreamed of. Brady reminds her she can’t just think of herself anymore--she has to think of Sydney. Nicole insists she is doing this all for her. Brady reminds her that before Phillip came along, she was being blackmailed by Dr. Baker. How many times is she going to let someone put the screws to her in order to keep all of this a secret?

Chloe brings Allie to the townhouse and meets Sami. She hugs Allie and tells her that her brother is here, but he’s sleeping. Chloe hands Sami Allie’s bag, telling her to call when she wants Allie picked up. Sami explains that Lucas told her she could keep her for as long as she wanted. She puts Allie down and Chloe gasps, noticing that Sami had her baby. Sami grabs Allie and glares at Chloe, hurrying off to put her Allie in the bedroom. Sami comes back and hisses, asking Chloe what is the matter with her. She tells her to get out and Chloe leaves. Sami flashes back to leaving Grace at the convent. Just then, someone else knocks at the door. Sami angrily flings it open, asking what Chloe wants now. Instead, EJ is at the door.

Lucas and Will talk about Will’s love-life and he chuckles, running through a list of several girl’s names. Lucas smiles, saying he is just like his old man and he can’t believe how much Will has grown up. Will says if that is true, then why do his mom and dad treat him like a two year old? Will asks Lucas what it was his mom didn’t want him to know. Why is he really at the hospital?

Stefano offers to leave if Victor continues to act like an ill-mannered lout. Kate tries to smooth things over, asking Stefano to join them. He and Victor argue, and Victor accuses EJ of corporate espionage. Stefano says that he doesn’t want to go over petty disputes. While they may disagree about business ethics, there’s one thing they can both agree on--how important family is. Victor rolls his eyes, saying he is going to throw up. Stefano says more important things need to be discussed-like Kate’s health. She tells him about her cancer being in remission. Stefano is thrilled and calls for a round of drinks, saying he’s buying. Victor grumbles that he’d rather put a nail in his eye.

Nicole tells Brady that she has waited for this kind of happiness her whole life. Brady asks her if she has waited to be terrorized and fearful her whole life. He saw the look in her eyes when she told him she couldn’t see him anymore, and he could tell that she was panicking. Nicole tears up, telling Brady that she only agreed not to see him anymore for his own sake. She says that she wants him to be happy. Brady says that he is happy right here and now, but he isn’t so sure that Nicole can say the same.

EJ tells Sami that she forgot Johnny’s penguin, again reminding her that he can’t sleep without it. He wonders how she managed to get them to the twins and she grins, saying it took a little magic. She asks if EJ wants something to drink, but he says no. EJ tells her she can keep Johnny as long as she likes and she thanks him for being such a good father. It’s obvious that Johnny was loved while she was away. She adds that this will also be good for her and Johnny, and it will give EJ time to spend with his daughter. EJ says that he can spend time with Sydney and Johnny equally. He assures Sami that Johnny will never be pushed aside or ignored for anyone. Sami says she knows that and admits that it isn’t EJ she is worried about. EJ sighs, saying he knows she doesn’t approve of his father or Nicole and Sami agrees. EJ tells Sami that Johnny missed her while she was gone. There was a certain sadness in his eyes while she was away. Sami says he knows EJ did his best to make Johnny happy and she thanks him for that. Sami reaches out and strokes his arm.

Lucas admits to Will that he made a bad decision. Chloe and he were going through a rough patch, and she called off the wedding. The next thing he knew, he was at the pub. Will gapes, asking if he was drinking. Lucas admits he was. Will sighs, reminding Lucas how hard he has worked for his sobriety. Lucas says he knows, and that there is no excuse for what he did. He just thought he had lost Chloe, and he was so upset he gave himself alcohol poisoning. Will asks if the gas explosion story was a front, but Lucas says that really happened. He apologizes for letting Will down and says he is sorry that he let himself down, too. He hopes Will doesn’t regret returning home.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip gives Victor an envelope containing the pieces of the plans for the fuel project. Phillip explains that he got Nicole to work on EJ and they got the project back. Victor asks why Nicole agreed to help him and why the formula is in pieces, but Phillip says that doesn’t matter. Now the ball is back in their court. Victor congratulates Phillip on a job well-done, but wants to know how EJ got his hands on the plans in the first place. Phillip says it was Melanie, of course, and Victor says he knows that. He wants to know how she managed to pull it off. Phillip shrugs, saying it could have been blackmail or manipulation--Victor’s guess is as good as his. Victor explodes, saying that he doesn’t want to guess. Phillip needs to find out how Melanie did this, or he can find a new job.

Sami grumps about all of the unpacking she has to do and EJ offers to help. She say no thanks, but adds that she really needs to go check on Allie. EJ asks her to wait a moment, saying that he knows that her homecoming has made her emotional, but he thinks she seems particularly sad. Just then, Johnny cries and she heads off with his penguin. EJ calls Stefano and tells him that Phillip took the bait. EJ chuckles, saying that Phillip thinks the war is over, but little does he know, it’s just begin. Just then, Sami comes back with Allie and Johnny. EJ hangs up and grins.

Brady encourages Nicole to leave EJ if she has doubts about him. Nicole refuses, saying that she loves him and that her life is perfect. Brady sighs, saying that she is the strongest woman he knows and that she can’t let EJ run her life or make her decisions. He warns her that when the DiMeras find out what she did, her whole perfect life will go up in smoke.

Phillip can’t believe that after he worked his ass off for Victor and Titan, his job is still threatened. He says he will work on finding out what went down between Melanie and Phillip tomorrow. Victor groans, accusing Phillip of being in a mood because of Stephanie. He assumes things didn’t go well with her earlier. Phillip scowls and pours a drink, saying that he and Stephanie are done, thanks to the sacrifices he made for his career. Since he did all of that, he can hardly believe that Victor dares to threaten his job.

Stefano tells Kate that she looks especially beautiful tonight and has a certain aura around her that he loves. He asks how things are going between her and her doctor, but Kate explains that she and Daniel are no longer seeing each other. Stefano jokes, asking how things are going with the guy with the nail in his eye. Kate chuckles, saying she and Victor aren’t seeing each other, either. They’re just friends. Stefano is glad to hear the news and asks Kate out to dinner--tonight.

Nicole grumps that she would stop seeing Brady even if EJ didn’t ask her to, because Brady is frightening her and depressing her all at once. Brady says she wouldn’t feel that way if she didn’t know he was right. She insists EJ loves her, and tells Brady that EJ told her he has never felt this way about anyone else. Brady pleads with her, saying that this weird and submissive person that EJ loves isn’t the real Nicole. She is worthy of being loved for who she is, and one day she will realize that. He adds that deep down, he knows that she is a good person. Nicole thanks him for saying so and says for the first time in her life, she is trying to allow herself a little happiness. She sighs, admitting it’s hard to do when people want her to fail--like Sami for instance. Nicole explains that she is back in town.

Sami and EJ bond with the twins and EJ takes them both off to brush their teeth when Sami notices how late it is. Sami uses the opportunity to call the convent so she can say goodnight to Grace. She tells Teresa that she wants her to tell Grace that she will be with her soon, and Teresa asks her if she has a plan. Sami grins, saying she is starting to figure one out.

Stefano assures Kate that he isn’t proposing marriage this time. He just wants to spend a quiet evening with her. She promises to think about it.

Will tells Lucas that he isn’t sorry he came back home and that he wants to be here. Lucas is relieved, telling Will that he is only being so honest with him because he doesn’t want him to end up in the same place. Chloe shows up just then and is excited to see Will. She tries to hug him but Will backs away. Chloe wonders why he is so upset. Will yells that his dad almost died and it’s all Chloe’s fault. He stomps off.

Nicole tells Brady about seeing Sami and how horrible and awkward it was. She admits that she thinks Sami wants EJ back. Brady asks why she thinks that Sami or any other woman could take her fiancé away and Nicole sadly admits that she doesn’t think she is worthy of EJ’s love or anyone else’s for that matter. Brady asks her to look in the mirror and see how beautiful she is. He adds that she is also smart and funny. Nicole jokes that she is also a huge screw-up, but Brady just thinks she has been unlucky. She says she has been, except in having him as a friend. She kisses him on the cheek, thanking him for being the best friend she doesn’t deserve. She heads off.

Sami and EJ come back from putting the twins down and she asks EJ why he is really here. He claims he just came by to deliver the penguin. Sami doesn’t buy it and accuses him of being unhappy at home, since he is here right now. He chuckles, saying he and Nicole aren’t joined at the hip or anything. Sami thinks that marriage is a big step and wonders if he is reconsidering getting married. EJ smiles, saying maybe he shouldn’t marry Nicole after all. He smirks, saying he has an idea--he can make Nicole’s worst nightmare come true and marry Sami instead. Sami smiles.


Chloe tells Nicole, “I don't think that you have to worry about Sami or that baby ever again.”

Will asks Lucas, “So let's talk about what you don't want to talk about--Mom and EJ. Is something going on between Mom and that jerk?”

Sami asks EJ, “Why would I possibly be jealous?” He replies, “Because Nicole has me, you don't.”

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