Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/27/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Sami rushes into Lucas’ hospital room, saying she heard what happened to him. He asks if she is back for good, and when she nods, Lucas asks Sami where her baby is. She refuses to answer any questions until he tells her what happened to him and how the hell he got like this.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor listens in as Phillip leaves Stephanie a message telling her he doesn’t think their relationship is over. Victor walks in huffily as Phillip hangs up, saying that he thought Phillip was ok with the breakup. Phillip retorts that he doesn’t need romantic advice from Victor. Victor accuses him of begging and says that it isn’t attractive for a man to do so. He says that if a woman can’t accept who you are, then you have to get rid of her--throw her out on her ass.

Outside Lucas’ room, Chloe runs into Kate. Kate wants to have a little chat with her. Chloe asks if it can wait, since she was just on her way to see Lucas. Kate forces a smile, saying that Lucas can wait and that this is important. Chloe asks her what she wants to talk about, and Kate says it’s about her and Daniel.

Hope shows up at the police station and greets another officer. He asks if she is back to work, but she says that she is still under suspension. The officer thinks that is too bad, since she’s really been missed around here. Bo comes over just then, saying that they all miss her.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole lays into EJ, saying that he can be with Sami if he wants, but she is leaving and taking Sydney with her. EJ coldly asks her if she is threatening him. Nicole pouts, saying his actions prove that he doesn’t love her enough for her to want to stay. EJ yells, saying that if she feels that unloved, then she can go. EJ opens the door and tells her to go ahead and leave.

Lucas tells Sami that there was a gas explosion, but he just got knocked out. Sami is thrilled that he is ok, and says she didn’t know he was living at their old apartment. Lucas says he isn’t, Daniel is. Sami asks if he was visiting, and wonders what he was doing there. Lucas is forced to admit that he doesn’t remember because he was drunk.

Nicole sobs, accusing EJ of not caring for her. EJ asks her if she really thinks he is fickle enough to stop loving her just because Sami is back in town. He tells her that he only asked her to leave because she keeps threatening him. Nicole apologizes, admitting that she has a real problem when it comes to her insecurities. She is having a hard time controlling them. EJ sighs, saying that there is nothing he can do about that. She can’t really mistreat every woman that comes across his path. She admits that she needs to work on her jealousies and finally realize that she is worthy of EJ’s love. EJ wonders why she doesn’t already know that. What is it about Sami that is making her doubt him?

Phillip reminds Victor that he shouldn’t be doling out advice about women, considering he has been married four or five times now. Victor asks Phillip if he would rather run a successful business or chase after another woman that doesn’t want him. Phillip tells Victor that he doesn’t want to talk about it, but vows never to let anything come between him and his career. Victor says that men do strange things for love, and cites Lucas as an example, reminding Phillip that he gave up years of sobriety over some air-headed bitch whose only claim to fame is being able to carry a tune. Phillip rolls his eyes, asking Victor to lay off of Chloe. After all, she saved Kate’s life. Victor grumps, saying everyone has bone marrow. Phillip remembers the similar statement he made about Chloe at Christmas. Phillip scoffs, saying that Victor probably even thought it made sense. Victor says everything he says and does makes sense--it’s Phillip who has his head up his ass. He warns Phillip that if he wants to keep a woman, he always has to maintain a position of power over her and always maintain the upper hand.

Chloe asks Kate what she has to say about Daniel and Kate flashes back to catching Chloe and Daniel kissing. She smiles sweetly and thanks Chloe for everything she and Daniel have done for her, now that she is in remission. Chloe says that Kate has thanked her enough and it’s not necessary to do so again. Kate beams even wider, saying that she’ll never forget what Chloe and Daniel did, because it’s practically seared in her memory.

Nicole tells EJ that it’s hard to forget that EJ didn’t love her until she got pregnant. Besides, he was with Sami almost all the way up until that point. EJ explains that he thinks them conceiving a child happened for a reason. In fact, because of it, he thinks that they were meant to be together. He adds that what he and Sami had never lasted, so it isn’t the same.

Sami lays into Lucas, asking why he fell off the wagon. She says it’s depressing and wonder how and why it happened. Lucas says he doesn’t want to discuss it. She assumes it was that ‘ghoul girl’ Chloe and asks if she dumped him, calling her a bitch. Lucas says it wasn’t Chloe’s fault, and that he was the one that decided to start drinking again. Sami doesn’t buy it, reminding Lucas that Brady had to numb himself with drugs to be able to live with Chloe. Lucas tells Sami that enough is enough and asks her to lay off of Chloe. Besides, he wants to talk about her life. He notes that she isn’t pregnant and Sami quietly tells him that she had the baby, a little girl. Lucas asks where she is.

Hope heads into Bo’s office and tells him that she came by to drop off a report she thought he might need. Bo says that’s a pretty lame excuse for coming down to the police station. He accuses her of showing up because she misses him.

Kate tells Chloe that she heard that she and Lucas were getting back together. Chloe says that Phillip told her that Lucas had decided to take her back, but she hasn’t talked to him yet. Chloe adds that she wants to be with Lucas more than anything. Kate asks her why she wants to be with Lucas so badly. Isn’t she worried about them getting back together since his setback regarding his sobriety? Chloe says she isn’t worried about that at all, actually. She knows why it happened, and she is going to make sure that it never happens again.

Nicole reminds EJ that he and Sami share a child together. EJ grumbles, saying that he doesn’t see hw that’s relevant. He sighs, saying he doesn’t understand what more she wants out of him. He was completely tolerant of her and her wild decisions regarding her doctor during her pregnancy. He weathered her tantrums and was always supportive of her. Nicole cries, saying he probably only did those things so she wouldn’t complain later when he wanted his space. She thinks he wants that space so that he can reconnect with Sami.

Lucas reminds Sami that the baby isn’t with her and asks if she has told EJ, assuming that she hasn’t. Sami sadly says that she is glad she didn’t tell him, because it turned out for the best. She cries, saying that her baby was stillborn. She never had the chance to hold her little girl.

Phillip and Stephanie run into one another at the pub. She says she got his message, and he notes that she ignored it. She explains huffily that it’s her mom’s first night at home and she is picking up dinner. She adds that but isn’t sure what he meant by the message. Does he really think they can overcome their difference? Phillip says he doesn’t think that, actually.

Chloe tells Kate that she now realizes she wants to be with Lucas more than ever. Kate thinks it’s kind of sudden and asks if it is because Lucas almost died. Chloe says that is part of it. She knows now because of it how much she really loves him. Kate scoffs, asking if she broke off the engagement because she loves Lucas so much. Chloe explains that sometimes bad things happen. Kate asks what those bad things might be. Chloe evades the question, saying all she wants is a future with Lucas. Kate says she is sure that Lucas wants the same thing and that she is happy to hear Chloe does, too. Kate says she wants to put the whole mess behind them, but she does have one question-why was Chloe at Daniel’s apartment the night of the explosion?

Lucas apologizes, saying he had no idea. Sami sighs, saying she just wishes she could hold her little girl. Lucas again says he is sorry, and Sami thanks him, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Lucas promises to give her extra time with Allie and asks her to let him know if she needs anything. Sami says she only needs one favor and Lucas tells her to name it. She asks him to make sure no one ever finds out she was pregnant--especially EJ.

EJ says that he is just happy that Sami is alive for the sake of their child. Is she really going to begrudge him that? She says no and he adds that he thought they were past this kind of paranoia. Nicole switches tactics and tells EJ that these feelings resurfaced because she is scared of the Kiriakis family and EJ going up against them. EJ groans, asking if she really wants to discuss this. He thought he made himself clear before. Nicole says he did. She knows that she isn’t allowed to weigh in when it comes to his business, but she can’t help being scared since he refuses to protect her and their baby. EJ claims that he has nothing to fear but says she is even having nightmares about it. EJ explodes, saying that not only does she think he is fickle, but she also doesn’t trust him to protect their family. Nicole sobs, saying she knows he loves Sami and Johnny enough to do anything for them, but she isn’t sure that he feels the same way about her and Sydney.

Lucas agrees not to say anything to anyone, but warns Sami that secrets have a way of coming out. If EJ finds out-- Sami assures him no one will ever find out about this as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Besides, he has no room to talk since his life is a train wreck right now. She launches into a tirade about Chloe, advising Lucas that he is engaged to a slut who drove him to fall off the wagon. Lucas insists that his drinking was his own fault, but Sami says he has to stop blaming himself. All Chloe is doing is bringing him down and he had better wise up and get rid of her.

Chloe tells Kate that she was in the neighborhood and saw Lucas going into Daniel’s apartment building. She decided to follow him, but she wasn’t sure why he was there. Kate says she wishes she knew what he was doing, but Lucas doesn’t remember. She slyly asks Chloe is she has any idea why he was there. Chloe says no. Kate apologizes for interrogating her, she says she just doesn’t want Lucas to get hurt. Chloe vows not to let that happen.

Hope tells Bo that she does miss him and that he was right in saying that her bringing the case files in was an excuse. Bo reminds her that their being apart was her decision. She adds that she needed to be on her own for a while, but she still loves him and never stopped. Nothing can change that. Bo flies into a rage, saying that Hope says she loves him and misses him, but she pushed him out of her life herself. He feels sorry for her and also guilt-ridden and lonely for her. Again, this was her decision. She doesn’t want him in her life, so why doesn’t she show him some sympathy and just get out of his sight? Hope gasps. She tells Bo that he has never spoken to her like that before. He agrees and chases her out the door, saying that he is sorry for speaking that way. Hope says she is the one that is sorry. She hurt him and hasn’t been compassionate; she has been selfish instead.. Bo insists that he wants to be there for her and help her through this. She asks him to hold her and he hugs her. Hope tells him that she wants to come home.

Stephanie snorts, reminding Phillip that in his message he says it wasn’t over by a long shot, and now he is saying it won’t work. Phillip tells Stephanie that he wasn’t thinking when he left her that message. He says that it’s normal for couples to fight and get past it. Stephanie asks if he has been reading Cosmopolitan and he shrugs, saying that he is just willing to fight for them. Apparently, she isn’t. She reminds him angrily that she caught him with Melanie practically on top of Maggie’s table. Phillip grins, telling Stephanie that she knew what she was like when she met him. She admits that that is true and says she was a fool to think she could change him. Phillip says that if anyone can reform him, it’s her. He asks her if she wants to give it a shot.

Chloe tells Kate that she is hopeful for the future, but she wants to go see Lucas to make sure he really wants to get back together. Kate says it isn’t a good time. She tells her about Lucas’ high blood pressure earlier, and adds that the doctor wants him to rest. Chloe agrees to let him and just go pick up Allie. Kate smiles, saying she heard that Allie was very attached to her. Chloe says she is, and that she has missed the little girl too. Chloe thanks Kate sincerely for putting aside their differences and welcoming her into the family. Kate says that it was her who put aside their differences first and saved her life. Kate asks Chloe why she did that for her. What was in it for her?

EJ can’t believe Nicole thinks that he would protect Sami and their child over her and Sydney. Nicole pouts, saying that she is terrified and EJ doest seem to care. EJ says it is all in her head and brushes her off, but Nicole doesn’t think so. She reminds EJ of how much Victor hates her and how he’ll do anything to get revenge on her. EJ isn’t so sure, but Nicole tells EJ that when he dismisses her feelings, it makes her feel like he doesn’t love her. EJ heads off, saying he wants to prove how much he loves her.

Bo asks Hope why she suddenly changed her mind, and she says sometimes you just wake up and see things clearly. She finally understands what’s best. The suddenness of it surprised her too, but she’s pleased about it. She adds that she still needs to work some things out, but she now realizes that she wants Bo by her side while she does it. Bo is thrilled. Hope says she is going to get Ciara so they can come back home, but she wants Bo to promise her something first.

EJ comes in the living room with formula folder and tells Nicole that this is how much he loves her. She looks at him questioningly and he says it’s the alternative fuel project and rips it up into little pieces. He promises her that Victor won’t come after her. She says she is happier about this than he’ll ever know and hugs him tightly.

Sami guesses that Chloe dumped Lucas and that is why he started drinking again. She groans, saying that Chloe is like a one-woman WMD. Lucas huffs, saying that anything bad in his life has happened because of Sami. If his problems are because of anyone, they’re because of her. Sami gapes.

Chloe reminds Kate that a donor once saved her life, and besides, Kate is Lucas’ mom. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Lucas. Kate grins slyly, telling Chloe that she can’t wait to pay her back for all she has done-- on her behalf and Lucas’. The two hug. Chloe gushes, thanking her for her support.

Stephanie tells Phillip sarcastically that it has always been her dream to reform a bad boy. She adds that she can tell when he is playing her and starts to head off. Phillip stops her, says he thinks she is playing him, too. She can’t seem to make up her mind if she wants him or not. Besides, he knows she wouldn’t have him any other way. When she figures out why that is, he wants her to call him. He kisses her and heads off.

Hope tells Bo that she wants him to promise to tell him about any more visions he has, no matter how frightening they are. Bo agrees and Hope heads off. Just then, Bo has a vision of Hope in bed with someone. Bo comes back to the present, confused.

Victor and Kate run into one another at the pub, and Victor congratulates her on her remission. He can tell something is the matter, and asks what’s going on. She glumly tells him about Lucas and Chloe getting back together. Victor wonders why she is concerned. She was the one that was kidnapped by aliens and brainwashed into thinking Chloe was a saint in the first place. Kate huffily replies that she isn’t at liberty to discuss it, but Chloe isn’t everything she thought she was--not at all. She adds that she hasn’t told Lucas what she found out about her, but she is going to figure out some way to make him see the light without him knowing that she is involved. Victor grins, replying that he wants to help. Kate smiles and says that she will let him know when the time is right. As they both know, revenge is a dish best served cold. She says that this has to be done at just the right time.

Phillip meets Nicole at the park and says he got her message just in time. He was about to spill the beans to EJ. She asks him to hold out his hands. He obliges and she scatters the pieces of the formula into them, saying that EJ is letting the project go. Phillip congratulates her and promises not to say anything to EJ about her and Brady, saying they can do whatever they want together. Nicole says he doesn’t know what he is talking about, and warns him that she will make him sorry he was ever born if he crosses her.

Sami wonders how it is her fault that Lucas is an alcoholic and he reminds her that he started drinking when she lied to him about Will’s paternity. She thinks that he was drinking before that time, but doesn’t want to bring up old history. Lucas says that he is only bringing it up because she is blaming Chloe when she knows she was the start of his drinking problem. Lucas accuses her of betraying Will, saying he wouldn’t be halfway around the world right now if it weren’t for her. Sami starts to protest. Just then, Will(played by Dylan Patton) walks in, asking the two if they are still fighting over him.


Nicole tells Brady, "You have to keep your distance." He replies, "Does that mean that you cut me out of your life?" Nicole says, "That's exactly what I have to do."

Phillip asks EJ, "Why would I hurt your damn family? Nicole happens to be a friend of mine." He replies, "Not anymore, she’s not."

Will asks Lucas, "What was it that Mom didn't want me to know so bad? Why are you really in the hospital?"

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