Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/26/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/26/09


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In the park, Daniel tells Chloe that not everyone gets a chance to find happiness. This is that chance for them. Chloe says she is sorry, but she has to make it up to Lucas and spend the rest of her life doing so. Daniel tells her it’s suicide for her and he refuses to accept it. She says she is sorry she hurt him, but it’s over--forever. Daniel says he won’t let this end. Chloe says it already has. She gives him a peck on the cheek and starts to head off, but Daniel pulls her into a passionate kiss. Chloe responds. Kate comes up just then and watches the two, gaping. She storms off without either of them noticing her presence. Chloe tries to pull away from Daniel, but ends up kissing him again.

In Lucas’ hospital room, Phillip asks Lucas where Chloe is, saying she should be here nursing him back to health. Lucas says she will be back soon, and he’s going to let her know the two of them are back on. Phillip wishes him luck. Lucas says he doesn’t need luck since he has a woman like Chloe in his life.

At the convent, Rafe holds Grace and talks to her about Sami. He reminisces about the good times they shared while Sami was in witness protection, and chuckles, remembering the time he hid Sami’s clothes so she couldn’t leave. He tells Grace that her mother may drive him a little crazy, but she has a heart of gold. He sighs, telling Grace that he bets Sami misses her like mad.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami practically bursts into tears as EJ holds Sydney out to her. He asks if she wants to hold her, but Nicole flips her lid and refuses to allow it. Sami tells Nicole to calm down, as she isn’t going to steal the baby. Nicole defends herself, saying that she is just overprotective and doesn’t like strangers holding her. EJ reminds Nicole that Sami is the mother of Sydney’s big brother, so she isn’t a stranger. Nicole finally relents and lets Sami hold the baby for a few moments. After a little while, she tells Sami that she needs to put Sydney to bed. She asks EJ to come up and say goodnight to the baby soon, takes Sydney from Sami and heads upstairs. Sami sniffles and tell EJ she should leave. EJ wants to know what the matter is first.

Lucas chats with Allie on the phone as Kate comes in. He hangs up and asks her how things went with Daniel. Kate fidgets and tells him she has something important to say to him. He says he has something important to say, too, and it’s about Chloe.

Daniel and Chloe continue to kiss passionately. She begs him to stop, and he agrees. He says he realizes that she thinks Lucas being alive is a miracle, and he will try to accept that, but he knows one day she will no longer believe that. Daniel agrees to stop fighting for her. She thanks him for that, and asks him to let her go, but he says he won’t until she realizes that she is deluding herself. One say she’ll get that, and when that day comes, he will be here waiting for her.

Nicole cuddles Grace and says she may be freaking out, but she wonders what Sami’s problem is. She also wonders if it’s possible that Sami knows the truth about Sydney. Nicole shakes her head, deciding that it’s not possible. Nicole tells Sydney that she is her baby now, and nothing is going to change that.

EJ asks Sami to tell him why she is so upset. She admits that seeing Sydney reminds her of how much she misses Will, Allie and Johnny. She whines about missing the whole winter, Christmas, and the twins’ first day of preschool. She says being away from them in witness protection was the hardest thing that she has ever done, and admits that she tortured herself with the thought that Nicole was taking her place in Johnny’s heart. EJ sighs, saying that he doesn’t want her paranoia filling the house, but Sami says that Nicole is a gold-digger and a fraud, and EJ knows it as well as her.

Kate tries to tell Lucas that she also needs to tell him something about Chloe, but Lucas interrupts, thanking Kate for being so supportive of him and his decision. He tells her that she was right about Chloe, and that she’s the most generous and caring woman he knows. He has decided that he is gong to fight for his and Chloe’s relationship. Kate gasps, saying she absolutely forbids it. Lucas looks at her questioningly.

Chloe says she is confused. One moment Daniel says that he respects her decision, and the next he tells her that she is deluded. Which one is it? Daniel says that he just wants her to be happy. Just then, Phillip walks over and greets the two. He asks if he is interrupting something.

Rafe plays with Grace. Sister Teresa comes into her office and commends him on his parenting skills, saying he’s good with Grace, and it’s very sweet of him to come by and visit the baby. She knows Sami will be pleased that he came by. Rafe begs her not to tell Sami that he was here.

EJ warns Sami not to bad mouth Nicole in his house. Sami can’t believe it, but Nicole has really done a number on him. EJ insists that he is just in love with Nicole. Sami admits that is none of her business, but Nicole is her business as long as her son is being raised in the same house. EJ chuckles, saying it isn’t as if Nicole is a threat to Johnny. Sami sighs, saying she doesn’t think Nicole is a threat to Johnny physically, just ethically. After all, she’s a money-grubbing whore and not a good role model for her son. EJ warns Sami again no to mention Nicole. Just then, Johnny rushes in and Sami hugs him tightly. Later, Johnny plays with the penguin Sami got him for Christmas and tells her that his name is Nigel. Sami flashes back to what Rafe had to go through to get it for her. EJ interrupts her reverie by telling Sami that the penguin is Johnny’s favorite toy, and he won’t go to bed without it. Sami smiles and thanks EJ.

Sister Teresa asks Rafe if he wants her to lie, but he just doesn’t want her to volunteer the information. She agrees to keep his secret, but wonders why he doesn’t want Sami to know he was around. He has clearly grown attached to grace and that’s a lovely thing. He shouldn’t want to hide that from Sami. Rafe explains that he thinks it’s for the best that she doesn’t know.

Chloe tells Phillip that she and Daniel were just talking about Lucas and his speedy recovery. Phillip thanks Daniel for all he has done for Kate, and says he has his sincere gratitude. Daniel tells him he’s just glad she is in remission and gives Chloe a pointed goodbye. He heads off. Phillip tells Chloe that he also saw Lucas and that they were talking about her. Chloe asks what Lucas said. Phillip tells her that Lucas had a lot to say about her, actually.

Kate tells Lucas that being with Chloe would be a huge mistake. Lucas reminds her that earlier, she wanted him to think twice about letting Chloe go. Why did she change her mind? Kate starts to explain that she saw Chloe, but Lucas interrupts, saying he can’t believe she confronted Chloe about the breakup. He goes off on Kate, yelling at her to mind her own business for once and let him handle his own life. Kate is shocked. Just then, Lucas moans and his monitoring machines go wild. A nurse rushes in and asks Kate to leave. She heads out. A little later, the doctor comes out and tells Kate that Lucas is fine, but he can’t handle being agitated right now because of his high blood pressure. Kate agrees to just make small talk with him. Kate heads back in, but Lucas says he doesn’t want to fight anymore. She agrees and apologizes, saying she just wanted to protect Lucas. He wants to know what is really going on, and why she changed her mind about Chloe.

Chloe asks Phillip if Lucas regained his memory. Phillip says no, but admits that Lucas told him that Chloe asked him to get back together with her. Chloe says she did ask Lucas that, and she just hopes he can find it in his heart to forgive her. Phillip says he has it on good authority that Lucas will, but he advises Chloe not to screw it up this time. Chloe vows not to.

EJ sends Johnny off to pack and assures Sami that he loves her. EJ showed him her picture every night before he went to sleep, and he cried until he could see a picture of his mommy. Nicole comes downstairs and listens as EJ assures Sami again that Johnny loves her with all his heart. He could never forget about her. Sami thanks him gratefully for talking to Johnny about her. Nicole walks in just as EJ gets a phone call. He heads off to take it. Sami notes snidely that it took a long time for Nicole to get Sydney to sleep and suggests it’s because Nicole doesn’t have a nurturing bone in her body.. Sydney wails. EJ hears her on the baby monitor and rushes upstairs to check on her. Sami offers Nicole some advice on how to get her to sleep next time, but Nicole doesn’t want to hear it. She yells at Sami, asking how she dares to come here and insult her mothering skills. She vows that if Sami insinuates such a thing ever again, she’ll scratch her beady little eyes out. Nicole backs her into a corner menacingly as EJ comes back downstairs. He tells Nicole that her daughter needs her and she rushes upstairs. Sami calls Nicole a nut-job. EJ asks her to stop saying things like that.

Victor comes into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Phillip sipping a scotch. He lays into him for not being available at all earlier in the day. Phillip sighs, saying he can’t believe all Victor can think of is business when Lucas nearly died. Victor shrugs, saying he knew Lucas was fine. He isn’t going to sit around all night, wringing his hands. He demands an update on Melanie Layton and why she was meeting with EJ. Phillip scoffs, guessing Victor’s little spy was out and about town. Victor sighs, asking Phillip if Brady is going to have to clean up the mess Phillip made with Melanie this time. He wonders where Philip’s head is right now. Phillip vows that he has everything under control, but Victor wants proof, not just half-assed assurances. Phillip tells him soberly that this project messed up his relationship with the best woman he has ever known. How is that for proof?

Lucas wants to know why Kate changed her opinion of Chloe and the two of them getting back together so suddenly. Kate says that isn’t important right now. What is important is him getting better. Lucas groans, saying he cannot believe that Kate is doing another 180. Kate sighs, reminding him that she almost lost him tonight. She doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize their relationship or strong-arm him into doing what she wants. She says she just wants them to get along and claims she has learned her lesson about butting into his life.

EJ again asks Sami to put the brakes on her obsessive hatred of Nicole. Sami refuses to do so as long as her little boy is in the same house. Mary brings Johnny in, ready to leave with Sami. Sami explains to EJ that she will be staying at Marlena’s townhouse. EJ and Mary take Johnny out to the car. Sami stays behind and calls Sister Teresa. Nicole comes downstairs and listens in as Sami talks to Teresa about Grace. Sami promises to come see her baby soon and hangs up. Nicole sneaks back upstairs. EJ comes back from the car and Sami mentions that she will be picking Allie up the next day. EJ tells her that Allie is at Maggie’s and tells her there was some sort of accident at the old apartment building. Lucas was involved, but he will be fine. Sami agrees to go visit him right away and heads off. Nicole rushes downstairs angrily. EJ asks what her problem is and Nicole says she overheard him talking to Sami about how he worked to keep her memory alive with Johnny while she was gone. Nicole wonders why he would say those things unless he was in love with Sami.

Teresa tells Rafe that he and Sami both have their share of secrets. She says she has one about the two of them, and tells Rafe that she thinks the two care for each other more than they’re willing to admit. She thinks they’d make a great match and leaves Rafe with a picture of Sami and Grace. Rafe looks at it fondly and tells Grace that Teresa thinks he and her mother should be together.

Victor hopes Phillip isn’t referring to Melanie. Phillip tells Victor that he was referring to Stephanie, actually. Victor asks if she was threatened by his career or working hours, but Phillip doesn’t want to get into details. He asks Victor nastily to stop pretending to care about him. He knew what he was getting into and what he was sacrificing by taking over the reins at Titan. He sold his soul, essentially. Victor thinks he is being a little dramatic, but Phillip claims he is ok with it now. Victor shakes his head, saying Phillip is worse off than he thought.

Lucas tells Kate that Chloe will be back any minute and that he plans on working things out with her. Kate agrees to stay out of it.

Daniel and Chloe run into one another at the hospital. She says they are done talking, but he says he knew she’d be here and that eh had to see her again. He tells her that he loves her and that he will always love her. Nothing will ever change that. He storms off. Chloe sighs.

Victor apologizes, but Phillip says he doesn’t need Victor’s phony concern. He’s in tip-top shape. Victor says that Phillip will always be his son first and that he will always be there if he needs him. Phillip sarcastically notes that he will jot that down in his PDA and Victor heads off. Phillip calls Stephanie, saying they need to talk. He doesn’t think it’s over between them--not by a long shot.

Daniel heads into the hospital chapel. He sits down, stares at the altar and sighs, saying “You win.” Daniel bursts into tears.

Kate greets Chloe in the hallway, telling her they have to have a little chat.

EJ lays into Nicole, saying that she is dismissing everything he has told her for months, like how much he loves her. but Nicole is inconsolable, telling him she isn’t stupid. She saw him with Sami. EJ rolls his eyes, telling Nicole that he was just being cordial and that she isn’t in her right mind right now. She tells him to feel free to go be with Sami, but she is leaving and Sydney is coming with her.

Sami heads into Lucas’ room, saying EJ told her about the accident and that she is glad that he is ok. He asks Sami if she is back for good. She says she is. Lucas asks her flatly where her baby is.


Stephanie asks Phillip, "Do you still think that we can overcome our differences?" He replies, "Actually, no."

Kate asks Chloe, "Why were you at Daniel's apartment?"

Sami tells Lucas, "Please make sure that no one ever finds out that I was pregnant – especially EJ."

Bo tells Hope, "You don't want me near you so why don't you get out of my sight?"

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