Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/25/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/25/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Lucas’ hospital room, Kate sits by his bedside as Lucas grumbles about being sore. She offers to call nurse, but Lucas says he deserves the pain after what he did. Kate says the explosion wasn’t his fault, but he meant the fact that started drinking. He curses the booze and sighs, saying he was willing to throw his whole life away for Chloe.

Outside, Daniel begs Chloe not to do this again. She huffs, saying he will just have to accept the fact that they never had relationship and will never have one in the future, either. Daniel wants an explanation, saying it makes no sense, but Chloe says it makes perfect sense. She tells him to leave her alone for good, and starts to walk away, but he grabs her saying the hell he will.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady asks Phillip what he is talking about. If he is trying to insinuate that he is having an affair with Nicole, then he’s out of his damn mind. Phillip tells Brady to let it go, but Brady demands to know where he heard this from. Phillip shrugs, saying he must have had bad information. Brady glares.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole accuses EJ of being jealous. EJ says that isn’t it at all. He admits that he doesn’t like Brady, but he doesn’t want him hanging around all the time because of business. Nicole sighs, saying he is a friend. EJ reminds Nicole that he is also an executive at Titan. Not only that, but he threatened her and the baby. She explodes, claiming that Brady wasn’t the one that made her scared. EJ demands to know who it was, then. Nicole sighs and caves, agreeing not to see Brady anymore. EJ strokes her cheek, promising to love and cherish her for the rest of their lives. He is sorry if she thinks he is being a tyrant right now. He kisses her softly as Sydney fusses. EJ guesses it is time for her bottle and picks her up, apologizing for making so much noise and promising that it’s all over. He heads upstairs with the baby. Nicole sobs, wondering what she is going to do.

Chloe tells Daniel that she can’t discuss this here with him, since it’s too public. Daniel suggests that they go to the park, and Chloe agrees to meet him there in an hour. Daniel shakes his head, saying he isn’t letting her out of his sight until she realizes that he is never going to let her go.

Nicole calls Phillip and tells him that she tried to talk EJ out of going after the fuels project, but he refused. Phillip, now alone in the living room, shrugs, saying he guesses he will just have to have a talk with EJ. Nicole insists that nothing is going on between her and Brady, but Phillip doesn’t really care. He is going to do what he has to to make sure EJ backs off of this project. Nicole begs him to work anther angle, saying she has done all she can do, but Phillip refuses. He is a man of his word, and he always follows through with his threats. She didn’t do her part, and now she has to pay the price. He hangs up. Nicole frets as Phillip calls EJ. EJ is strolling near the pier and answers, wondering what Phillip wants. He adds that they have nothing to say to each other. Phillip disagrees, saying that EJ will be very interested to hear what he has to say. Meanwhile, Nicole says she has to see Phillip before he can talk to EJ. She grabs her coat, yelling to Mary that Sydney should sleep for another hour and that she’ll be back soon. Nicole groans, wondering if things could get any worse. She flings the door open and finds Sami outside.

EJ tells Phillip that he isn’t interested in anything he has to say, unless of course he is calling to concede his right to the fuel project. Phillip says EJ’s funny, but he actually called about something very personal to EJ. EJ sighs and tells him to hurry it up. Phillip agrees to talk, but tells EJ to listen carefully, because he is only going to say this once.

Lucas apologizes to Kate for doing this to her. With all she has going on with her own health, the last thing she needs is to worry about him. Kate tells him about getting her test results back and learning that she is in full remission. Lucas beams and tells her how happy he is She tells him that right now, the most important thing is that they are both ok. She tells Lucas that she plans on getting his life in order, and tells him that she will get Chloe back for him if that is what he wants.

Chloe and Daniel stroll in the park. He asks what happened to change her mind about them, and she says it was the explosion. Seeing Lucas lying there and thinking he was dead had a big impact on her. Daniel reminds her that Lucas is going to be fine. Chloe says she knows that, and that is why they can never be together.

Phillip tells EJ that this has to do with Brady. EJ is suddenly interested, as Phillip thought he would be. Just as he begins to explain, Henderson rushes in, telling Phillip there’s been an accident and he must get to the hospital. Phillip drops the phone, asking if it is his mom, but Henderson says it’s Lucas, and that there’s been some kind of explosion. Phillip grabs his coat and rushes off. EJ calls out for Phillip, but the line has gone dead.

Sami can’t believe that Nicole is so self-consumed that she hasn’t picked up a paper. Sami pushes her way past Nicole and heads into the living room, saying that the guy who shot the mayor was caught. Nicole fumes, saying she hoped that Sami would sill be gone for good. Sami says that on the contrary, she is back and here to stay. Nicole asks her what the hell she wants and Sami says she is here to get her baby, of course. Nicole gapes and asks her what the hell she means. Sami tells her she wants to see Johnny and Nicole breaths a sigh of relief, telling her to speak English. Johnny is a little boy, not a baby. She explains that he is with Caroline at the petting zoo, and will be back in about an hour. Nicole asks Sami if anything interesting happened to her while she was in witness protection. Sami gives her a suspicious glance. Nicole grins, asking if she had any big changes in her life.

Phillip runs into Stephanie at the hospital. He asks if she is here to see her mom, and Stephanie says she is coming home today. She’ll still need some time to heal, but she’ll be ok. Phillip is glad, saying that he knows her mom has been through a lot and he wishes her the best. Stephanie thanks him and starts to head off, but Phillip stops her.

Kate asks Lucas why he was at Daniel’s apartment. She talked to Daniel, and he doesn’t have a clue. Kate also wonders why Chloe was there and questions Lucas about it.

Chloe explains to Daniel that Lucas died, and her prayer brought him back to life. Daniel says that is impossible, but Chloe claims she didn’t feel a pulse. Daniel explains that a certain enzyme shows up when the heart stops and starts again. Lucas tested negative. Chloe tells Daniel that she knows what happened. She prayed to God to bring Lucas back to life, and he did She also swore she would stay with him if he survived. Daniel asks her if she knows how stupid that sounds. She says she is sorry, but she can’t go back on her promise to be with Lucas.

Sami tells Nicole that she wasn’t on vacation. She was in witness protection, so thing happened. It was boring. Nicole tells her that Caroline is taking Johnny back to her place, so she suggests she wait there. Sami starts to leave, but asks Nicole about her baby. She says it doesn’t even look like she was pregnant. Nicole says she has a fast metabolism. She adds that it looks like Sami has packed on a few pounds herself. Sami retorts that there isn’t a gym around in witness protection. Nicole chuckles, asking if she was trying to save herself by making herself a bigger target. Sami glares, saying she thought Nicole had somewhere to go. Nicole says she does and tells Sami to leave. She adds that she will miss Johnny, but she supposes a child needs its mother. She gives Sami a pointed glance. Sami fidgets. Nicole asks if she said anything to upset her.

Daniel tells Chloe that people make all sorts of promises to God in times of crisis, and she should feel the need to keep this one. Chloe says she has to because God brought Lucas back to life, but Daniel shakes his head. He explains that Chloe just didn’t hear a heartbeat because the poison in the air depressed Lucas’ vital functions. He didn’t come back to life, he just woke up. Chloe say she isn’t going to brush off what happened with scientific theories. Daniel says she isn’t being logical, but Chloe doesn’t care about that. She wants Daniel more than anything, but she swore not to give him up. All she knows is that God gave her and Lucas a second chance after all she has done to hurt him, and she can’t turn her back on that. Daniel sighs, saying he finally gets it.

Lucas tells Kate that he can’t remember why he was at Daniel’s himself, so of course he has no idea why Chloe was there. Kate thinks he must have been pretty upset to have begun drinking in the first place. Lucas nods, saying he was thinking of how Chloe broke things off and he just forgot everything he leaned in AA. All he wanted was to go numb and forget about everything. It didn’t work though, and now it’s worse because he loves Chloe more than ever.

Stephanie says she has to go meet her dad, but Phillip says he needs to say something he should have said a long time ago. He takes her by the hands and tells her how sorry he is.

Sami says she isn’t upset at all. Nicole thinks her life is pretty bad right now. She didn’t have her kids, and she’s all alone. Meanwhile, Nicole had a baby and is being showered with affection by EJ. Sami smirks, saying it won’t last. There is no way EJ is going to walk Nicole down the aisle. Nicole says she bets a million dollars that he will. She glares, saying if Sami doesn’t understand anything, she’d better understand that EJ is a hundred percent committed to her, their baby, and their marriage. Just then, EJ walks in and says hi to Sami. She blushes and says hello.

Stephanie asks Phillip what exactly he is sorry for. For lying to Melanie unpretending to love her? For breaking her heart and treating her like crap? Phillip says that what happened between him and Melanie was strictly business, but he is sorry for it. He thought he could run his business however he wanted and play hardball with everyone. Now he realizes Stephanie was more important than all of that. He ask Stephanie for another chance She can’t believe he is doing this again.

Kate tells Lucas that there are other women in the world besides Chloe. Lucas says he knows, and is actually surprised Kate hasn’t gone all ‘mother tiger’ and blamed Chloe for him relapsing. Kate says she realizes Lucas was the one that chose to drink. Still, Chloe broke his heart for a reason, and Kate isn’t sure what that reason is. Lucas says he doesn’t know either. He confides in Kate tat Chloe visited him a little while ago and apologized for breaking off the engagement. He adds that she wants to get back together.

Daniel tells Chloe that he has seen her behavior in other patients over the years and knows she feels guilty about what happened to Lucas. What she has to realize is that this isn’t her fault, and that Lucas is a big boy. He can handle the truth, and besides, guilt is the worst reason in the world to stay in a relationship. She also isn’t responsible for Lucas’ happiness. Only Lucas can be responsible for that. Chloe insists that it’s her fault he is unhappy. Daniel groans, saying guilt will ruin her life. He wants Chloe to ask herself if that is what she really wants.

Nicole tells EJ that she was just telling Sami that Johnny is with Caroline, but she won’t leave. EJ tells Sami she really should have called first. Sami says she likes surprises. Nicole glares, saying they’ll arrange to have Johnny brought to her from now on. So no more surprise visits. Sami tells EJ she just got the surprise of her life when she heard he had set a date with Nicole. She can’t believe he is really going to marry the bitch.

Chloe tells Daniel that she loves him, but she has no choice in the matter. Daniel disagrees. He says that he is going to fix all of this by telling Lucas the truth. Then he will know everything, and Chloe will be off the hook.

Lucas says he was pretty groggy at the time, but he is sure Chloe asked him to get back together with her. Kate asks if h is going to, but he thinks he is too messed up right now to make a decision. He asks Kate what she thinks. She agrees that Chloe is a special woman and she will always be grateful to her for saving her life. She thinks that sacrifice proves that Chloe is a caring person. As for advice as to what Lucas should do, she says that she has learned not to let love walk away when it is staring you in the face.

Phillip tells Stephanie that if she gave him another chance, he would do things differently this time. Stephanie says that she is glad to hear him admit that she means more to him than business, and she has waited a long time to hear him say it. She did love him, but he has to understand that her love for him died the day he lied to her and betrayed her. She says that an apology just won’t suffice and huffs off. Phillip sighs.

Nicole lays into Sami, asking how dare she speak to her that way in front of her fiancé. They two argue and EJ intervenes, telling them both not to say another word. He wants Sami’s coming home to mark a new beginning without all of the name-calling and bickering. He asks the two to try to get along for his sake and Johnny’s sake. Just then, Sydney wails and the sound drifts into the room from the baby monitor. Sami asks Nicole if that is her baby.

Lucas asks Kate if she was thinking about Daniel. She admits she was and tells Lucas that she only broke things off because she didn’t want him to be burdened with her after what happened to his first wife. Just then, Phillip comes in, overhearing her talk about being in remission and congratulates her. He lays into Lucas for getting drunk and blowing himself up. Kate excuses herself, telling Phillip not to be too hard on Lucas, and reminding Lucas that it wasn’t just Daniel that saved her life, Chloe did, too.

Chloe begs Daniel not to tell Lucas the truth. He thinks Lucas can handle it, but Chloe doesn’t want him to know. She tells Daniel that him telling Lucas won’t make her want to come back to him. He wants to take the chance, but Chloe says he has to accept that it’s over between them. She hates to say it, but she knows this is the right thing to do. Daniel cant believe it’s really over.

EJ heads off to tend to Sydney and Sami makes a crack about Nicole giving her a boy’s name. Nicole says huffily that she is named after a city in Australia, but Sami suggests she rename her Siberia so Nicole can go there someday instead. Nicole says she would never leave EJ alone to raise their baby. Unlike Sami, she is interested in being around to raise her child. Sami tells her to keep a careful eye on Sydney with the DiMeras around, but Nicole says she will be a DiMera herself soon. She and her daughter are loved and protected, so she sees no need to watch out for Stefano or EJ. Just then, EJ comes downstairs with the baby. Sami takes one looks at her and practically bursts into tears.

Phillip and Lucas talk about Lucas not remembering why he was at Daniel’s and how Chloe wants to get back together. Phillip asks if he will take her back. Lucas isn’t sure, but thinks he will. After all, he loves Chloe and has planned his whole life around her. Stephanie comes up outside the door just then and listens in as Phillip tells Lucas that you can have all the money and power in the world, but nothing is as important as love. Without it, life is meaningless. Stephanie smiles hopefully.

Daniel tells Chloe that he can’t accept that it has to end, but she says it already has. He warns her that his is suicide, but she is firm in her resolve. She apologizes and kisses him softly. She starts to head off, but Daniel pulls her in for a longer kiss. Kate walks over and sees them just then. She gasps.

Sami wipes away her tears and asks EJ if she can hold Sydney. He starts to hand her over, but Nicole intervenes, shrinking, “NO!”


Kate tells Lucas, “There’s something that I need to tell you.” He replies, “There’s something I have to tell you--about Chloe.”

Phillip tells Chloe, “Lucas had a lot to say--specifically about you.”

Sami tells EJ, “I guess I should go.” He replies, “Not until you tell me what’s wrong.”

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