Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/24/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/24/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells EJ that she isn’t trying to interfere with his business. She is just trying to protect their family. She reminds EJ that the Kiriakis family is powerful, and that they could destroy them at will. EJ asks her what she is really afraid of and she flashes back to Phillip threatening to tell EJ what he overheard her and Brady saying--unless Nicole can get EJ to back off the fuel project. Nicole tells EJ it’s nothing specific, but she knows Victor well enough to know not to underestimate him. EJ accuses her of lying.

Brady comes into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Phillip sipping a scotch in the dark. Brady flicks the lights on and accuses Phillip of costing Titan billions of dollars.

Bo meets Hope and Ciara in the park. Bo hugs Ciara and tells her she is getting to be as beautiful as her mother. Hope apologizes for being late. Bo says it’s no big deal. He is just thrilled that both of his girls are here. He tells Hope how much he has missed both of them. Ciara asks when she can come back home.

At the convent, Sami cuddles Grace as Rafe explains that he has good news. They caught and arrested the leak in the department that was giving the killer information about Sami. Apparently, the man was working alone, so she is safe now. Sami asks what happens now and Rafe says that this means she can pack up and go home.

Chloe watches Lucas through the window in his hospital room as Daniel stands nearby. He assures her that Lucas will be fine. A nurse calls him and he excuses himself. Chloe says to herself that now that she is sure Lucas will live, she has no choice but to honor her promise. Maggie comes over, thrilled that Lucas is going to be alright. Chloe says she knows Maggie blames her, and that this is all her fault. She apologizes to Maggie. Maggie says soberly that it was partly her fault, too. She acted irresponsibly. She never should have told Lucas the truth while he was drunk. Right now, she just wants to forget about pointing fingers. They all have a chance to make things right. She gives Chloe a pointed glance. Chloe nods, agreeing that she plans on doing so.

Kate rushes over to Daniel, asking if Lucas is alright. She heard he was in an accident and wants to know what happened. Daniel explains that there was a gas explosion outside his door. Lucas was hurt, but only slightly, and he is going to be fine. Kate is taken aback by the news, wondering what the hell Lucas was doing at Daniel’s apartment.

Nicole says that EJ hurt her feelings by accusing her of lying. EJ says flatly that he knows that she is hiding something. Nicole sighs, then breaks down and tells EJ that she ran into Brady and he told her all about the alternative fuel project and the war between the families. She knows the games that have been going on regarding Melanie. EJ tells her it’s too late, as the deal is already done. There won’t be any more games played, at least as far as he is concerned. Nicole says she knows that girl Melanie. There’s no way this is over. EJ retaliates that she really doesn’t need to be getting involved in his business affairs. Nicole insists she is just scared. She explains that Brady also said that Victor said he would do anything make sure the project stayed at Titan. EJ chucks his drink across the room, cursing and calling Brady an SOB. Thinking he means Victor, Nicole agrees. EJ scowls that he meant Brady. He’s furious that Brady had the nerve to threaten her and their baby. Nicole tries to stick up for him, saying that Brady was just giving her a fair warning. EJ says he doesn’t give a fig for Victor and isn’t scared of him either. Nicole insists that this is about her and the baby, and she pleads with EJ to let the project go, but he refuses.

Phillip tells Brady that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Brady tells him that since he and Victor are both concerned about Phillips’ tactics, he went over to Maggie’s to see Melanie. Phillip claims that he has everything under control, but Brady isn’t so sure. He ran into EJ coming out of Melanie’s place. He explains that Melanie was very upset and said that Phillip had played her, and EJ was acting cocky to boot. Brady wants to know what is going on, and how deep the hole is they’re currently in.

Maggie asks Chloe how she can make things right, and Chloe tells Maggie that all the pain and suffering going on right now has been caused by her. She thinks its time for everything to be out in the open. She has to sit back and Lucas be the one to decide--about everything.

Hope tells Ciara that she can go home and visit her daddy any time she wants. She hugs her and starts to leave, but Bo asks her if they can talk. Hope isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. Bo sends Ciara off to the playground nearby where they can see her. He scolds her over Ciara being so upset. He wonders if she even cares. Hope starts to protest, but Bo interrupts, reminding her that he apologized. When can they finally get past this so she and their daughter can come home? Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t think she can ever get over what happened.

Rafe doesn’t think that Sami seems that excited about getting to go home. She replies that she is thrilled to go home and see her kids, of course, but she’s also hesitant about leaving Grace behind. She hates that she will have to say goodbye to her baby girl. She adds that Rafe doesn’t seem too thrilled about leaving either, and asks what his problem is. Rafe admits that it is her.

Maggie and Kate hug and they both say how glad they are that Lucas will be alright. Maggie tells Kate breathlessly that she was stricken with worry when Lucas disappeared from the Cheatin’ Heart and she feared something bad would happen. Kate asks her what she means and Maggie moans ,saying she hates to even say this aloud, but Lucas fell off the wagon. He got drunk. Kate gasps, “OMG!”

Chloe and Daniel stand by Lucas’ bedside. Chloe asks Daniel for a moment alone with Lucas. He heads off and she sits by his side and takes his hand, saying she wishes she could put all she has to say in words. For one thing, she wishes it were her in the hospital, not him. Chloe is sorry for hurting him so much when all he did was love her. She explains that she is ready to finally make things right and live up to the promise she made. She kisses his hand fervently. Lucas wakes up just then and asks her what is going on. Chloe starts to get a nurse, but Lucas stops her, asking her why he is in the hospital.

Kate says that this doesn’t make any sense to her. After years of AA, why would Lucas relapse all of a sudden? She wonders what sent Lucas over the edge and Maggie suggests she talk to Daniel. Just then, Daniel comes over. Kate stares at him in astonishment.

Chloe asks Lucas if he remembers why he is here, but Lucas tells Chloe that the last thing he remembers was drinking at the pub. He groans and wonders why he is so sore. She tells him about the gas explosion outside Daniel’s apartment, but assures him that he is going to be fine. Lucas wonders why he was at Daniel’s place.

Nicole whines, saying she can’t believe EJ doesn’t care about her and the baby’s safety. EJ sternly tells Nicole that neither her or the baby’s safety is in jeopardy. He starts to heads off to make some calls., but Nicole sinks to her knees and shrieks in frustration. EJ comes back and tells her that Brady obviously isn’t much of a friend if he has brought her to this state. Nicole says she is worried about Victor and what he is capable of, but EJ tells her that Brady is just manipulating her. Nicole frets about Phillip, saying he is the problem, not Brady. He’s a clone of the old man and the one Victor will send to do his dirty work. EJ groans, saying she can’t be reasoned with. Nicole sobs, saying she thought he loved her. EJ warns her not to blackmail him with tears and adds that she needs to stay out of his business affairs. Nicole glares, saying she will, and she’ll make sure Sydney stays out of them, too. She can’t raise her child with a man that doesn’t care about their safety. She says that if EJ doesn’t stop the war with the Kiriakis family, then there won’t be any wedding.

Bo cannot believe that Hope is talking like their marriage is over. Hope sighs, telling him the core issue of all their fights is that Bo doesn’t trust her. Every time they make up, they promise never to lie to each other again, but they end up fighting about the same thing later. She wonders how many times they are going to do this. Bo sighs, saying he just made some stupid mistakes, but Hope thinks it’s more than that. Bo says he loves her, but she retorts that this isn’t about love. If they are going to get through this, she needs to see change. Right now, she sees none whatsoever.

Rafe admits to Sami that there are many things about her that he will miss, like her whining about coffee and the TV he likes to watch. He says it doesn’t even bother him anymore, and pretty soon, he’ll wake up without it. She grumps, saying she isn’t whiny. She grins and makes a crack about him making her watch football. He smiles, reminding her that she’s a Bears fan now. She asks when he has to go, and he says he has to leave now. Rafe says good bye and starts to leave, but Sami asks him to wait.

Lucas says it’s strange, but he doesn’t remember a thing after taking his first drink. He wonders why he was at Daniel’s place, though. Chloe starts to explain to Lucas why he was there, but a nurse interrupts, saying that she needs to run some tests. Chloe heads outside and sighs, wondering what God is trying to tell her now.

Daniel asks Kate and Maggie what’s going on, and Kate tells Daniel that she needs to make sense of something. Maggie excuses herself to speak with Chloe. Kate asks Daniel why Lucas was at his apartment. Daniel sweats and lamely says that people do strange things when they’re drunk. Kate shakes her head, wondering why in the world Lucas started drinking again. She is sure there is more to it than just the breakup with Chloe. She admits she may be making too much out of it, however. Daniel guiltily nods and excuses himself to get some coffee.

Chloe tells Maggie that Lucas doesn’t remember what happened, but he doesn’t have total amnesia, either. He basically remembers nothing after his first drink at the pub. Maggie thinks that Lucas needs to know the truth. Chloe nods, saying that God has given her a second chance, and she promises to do the right thing. Chloe heads back into Lucas’ room, saying he needs to hear the truth. She was wrong for breaking off their engagement. Can he ever forgive her and take her back?

Brady tells Phillip that he needs to keep business out of the bedroom. Phillip snorts, saying that he has everything under control. Brady isn’t so sure. He thinks that EJ is working an angle. Phillip claims that he is, too. Brady asks Phillip to tell him exactly what went down, but Phillip refuses. He tells Brady that he needs to worry about whatever he has going on with Nicole.

EJ glares, telling Nicole that the wedding will go on as planned. He warns her to never again threaten to take his child. He loves her, and she loves him, and they’re raising their baby together, end of story. EJ then screams, asking if she understands him. Sydney wails. Nicole whispers that she does. EJ says that a reaction like hers doesn’t just come out of nowhere, and he demands to know what Brady said to make Nicole feel so threatened. Nicole swears he just warned her of the bad blood between the two families, but EJ doesn’t buy it. Just then, he gets a call. He listens, then hangs up, telling Nicole that the FBI got the leak that was sullying information to the mayor’s killer. He adds that Sami doesn’t need witness protection anymore and is coming home.

Rafe asks Sami if she has something to say. Flustered, Sami reminds him that he didn’t say goodbye to Grace. Rafe tells Sami that he doesn’t care for long goodbyes and tears. Sami wonders if she will ever seem him again. Rafe says that it’s doubtful and that this is probably it for them, then suddenly remembers something. He heads into the other room and comes back with a Bears hat for Sami. Sami puts it on and tearfully vows to be a fan forever. Rafe reminds her to be careful and the two hug and say goodbye.

Lucas can’t believe that Chloe wants to get back together. He wants to make sure that she isn’t saying all of this just because she feels guilty over him getting drunk. She smiles and says she now realizes that what she did was wrong. She is just so glad that God gave her a second chance. Now she can finally do what’s right. Lucas says that he is exhausted and Chloe agrees that he needs his rest. She starts to head out. She bumps into Kate on the way, who wants to know what Chloe is doing in Lucas’s room.

Bo tells Hope that he loves her and needs her. He refuses to lose her, and begs her to come home so they can figure things out. He swears he will do whatever he has to to make things right. Hope says she needs space. The to start arguing over top of one another as Ciara rushes over. She begs the two to stop fighting.

Nicole says dejectedly that Johnny and Sami will be thrilled to be reunited. She asks EJ if Sami can come home any time now. EJ isn’t interested in talking about Sami, and is more concerned with Nicole’s threat not marry him. He reminds her that she must never threaten to take his child away from him. Nicole promises. EJ lectures her about the fuel project, and she agrees to stay out of his business affairs from now on. EJ adds that she is to stay away from Brady for good. He is out of her life from now on.

Bo and Hope apologize to Ciara for fighting and promise to stop. She accepts this and tells Hope she is ready to leave. Hope nods, saying it is nearly her bedtime and they still have to stop by the pub. Bo hugs Ciara and the two head off. Hope looks back sadly at Bo.

Chloe says she is sorry, but she had to see Lucas. Kate just hopes she didn’t upset him. Chloe leaves Kate alone with Lucas and runs into Daniel outside. He tells her it’s time to get their relationship out into the open. Kate is starting to put two and two together and it won’t be long before she figures it out. Chloe shakes her head, telling Daniel that they have no relationship. It’s over.


Phillip says, "I just want to do right by you, Stephanie. You got to know that." She replies, “So you're asking me for another chance--again."

Daniel says, "Chloe, I'm not going to let you out of my sight-- not until you understand I will never let you go."

Nicole asks Sami, "What the hell are you doing here?" She replies, "I came to take my baby."

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