Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/23/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells Brady that she’s scared, but she’s glad she has him to talk to. Brady assures her that everything is going to work out and that EJ will never know the truth. Nicole is glad that Brady is back in her life, and he assures her he isn’t going anywhere, and that he will be here for her. He says he has to go and heads off. Nicole heads inside the mansion. In the bushes nearby, Phillip smirks and says that it’s going to be a good day.

Stephanie shows up at Maggie’s place and Melanie opens the door. Stephanie slaps her and calls her a bitch. Melanie wonders why she did that, and Stephanie says she just felt like some non-verbal communication. Melanie sneers and advises her not to pick fights with someone that could tear her limb from limb. Stephanie smirks, saying she’d like to see her try.

Maggie rushes into the hospital and over to Daniel, asking if he has seen Lucas. Daniel says he hasn’t, and wonders why Lucas would be here. Maggie admits that she told Lucas about Chloe and Daniel, and he’s drunk to boot. Daniel groans, telling her that that wasn’t her call. He starts to lay into her, but Maggie tells him to yell at her later. Right now, they need to focus on finding Lucas. She fears that he might try to hurt Daniel. Daniel pauses, saying that if he isn’t here--He gasps, “OMG! Chloe!”

At Daniel’s apartment, Lucas pounds on the door a Chloe sits inside, quivering. Lucas screams, wondering if Daniel and Chloe were laughing at him while he sat by his dying mother’s bedside. Chloe approaches the door just as a loud explosion comes from outside. Chloe is thrown to the floor. She gets up and moans, stumbling for the door. Outside, she finds Lucas lying on the ground, unconscious. Chloe shrieks and shakes him, calling his name.

Stephanie asks Melanie nastily if she is going to tear her limb from limb. She notices that Melanie made a sandwich and makes a face, asking if she hosed the table off first. Melanie tells her to leave, but Stephanie isn’t finished. She notes that Phillip isn’t here anymore, and tells Melanie that he treated her no better than a common tramp. Melanie grabs Stephanie’s arm and twists it behind her, hissing that she isn’t any more special than Melanie is, and she’s a lot weaker, too. Just then, EJ comes in and yells at Melanie to let Stephanie go. Melanie growls that Stephanie was the one that wasn’t able to hold on to Phillip. EJ sternly shouts Melanie’s name.

Nicole soothes Sydney and tells her she has nothing to worry about now that they have Brady on their side. The doorbell rings and Nicole heads off to answer it. It’s Phillip, looking for EJ. Nicole says he isn’t here, and Phillip figured as much since she was just outside cavorting with Brady. Nicole says she doesn’t know what he is talking about, but will tell EJ he was here. Philip accuses her of being the same old Nicole with secrets and lies. Nicole asks him to leave, but Phillip says he is just getting to the good part.

EJ orders Melanie to let Stephanie go and asks her to leave so they can conduct business. Stephanie wonders cattily if it will be anything like her negotiations with Phillip and storms off. Melanie grumps, thanking EJ for showing up before she really hurt Stephanie. EJ tells her that would be a bad idea. She is about to become a very wealthy young woman, and the last thing she needs is lawsuit on her hands. EJ brandishes some papers, telling Melanie that he has contracts for her to sign. She says now isn’t a good time. She needs to think this over first. EJ smirks, saying that the time for thinking is over. She may be able to play games with Phillip and Stephanie, but not with him--unless she plans on losing big-time.

Phillip asks Nicole what she and Brady are hiding. Nicole says that he and Brady are just friends, and that EJ know all about it. Phillip smiles slyly, asking if they are friends with benefits. Nicole sighs, asking if he can count to nine. She got pregnant way before Brady returned to Salem. Phillip suggests she went over to Austria to ‘help’ with his rehab. Nicole rolls her eyes and says she didn’t lay eyes on him until he returned. Phillip agrees that they might not be friends with benefits, but they certainly have secrets. He asks Nicole what Brady was talking about when he swore EJ would never find out.

Daniel takes out his phone and tries to call Chloe, explaining to Maggie that she is at his apartment. Maggie groans, saying this is a disaster.

Chloe grab Lucas’ phone and tries to make a call, but it’s dead. She begins to administer CPR to Lucas and sobs, begging him not to die.

Melanie tells EJ that he is freaking her out. He’s glad, hoping that she’ll be scared enough not to do anything stupid. He reminds her that she has a verbal agreement with the DiMera family, and they don’t take such things lightly. He puts the contracts on the table and instructs her to sign by the yellow flags. Melanie signs and tells EJ that she is scared of the Kiriakis family, too. EJ tells her that they will watch over her as long as she cooperates. If she fails to do so, they’ll have to forcefully remind her of their agreement. Melanie sighs and gives him the other half of the formula. EJ starts to leave, but Melanie says they aren’t done here. She wants her money.

Phillip reminds Nicole that she has always been out for money, and she has a nice little set-up here. Nicole groans, reminding Philip that she hasn’t even married EJ yet. Why would she risk everything by having an affair with Brady? Besides, she just had EJ’s baby, so it isn’t as if having an affair is at the top of her list of priorities. Phillip demands to know what Brady promised to make sure EJ never found out. Nicole explains that she asked Brady not to tell EJ what she did to Chloe so long ago. Phillip shakes his head, saying EJ already knows how much of a bitch she can be. He thinks this is much more life-altering that that. Nicole tells him he has nothing on her, but Phillip disagrees. All he has to do is tell EJ something is going on and that Brady knows about it. EJ won’t stop until he figures out what is going on. Nicole says that EJ loves and trusts her. Phillip takes out his phone and starts to call EJ. Nicole begs him not to call EJ and tries to snatch his phone from him.

Chloe finds her phone and dials 911. She gives the address, asks them to hurry, and hangs up. She begs Lucas not to die and tells God that this isn’t the sign she meant. She says that He can’t do this to Lucas or his kids. She pleads with God and begs Lucas to wake up.

Brady runs into a sobbing Stephanie at the park. He asks if she wants to talk, and assumes she is upset about Phillip. He tells her that he has been under a lot of pressure lately and to cut him some slack if they’ve had a fight. He knows that Phillip cares for her. Stephanie sobs, saying she guesses that is why he chose Melanie over her earlier. He apologized, so she sarcastically guesses she shouldn’t hold a grudge. Brady gapes and calls Phillip a jerk. Stephanie says she is an idiot. She knew about Phillips’ reputation before they started dating, but she didn’t care. She excuses herself and heads off in tears. Brady sighs, saying that Phillip screwed up big-time.

Nicole tells Phillip to cut to the chase, asking if he wants money. She reminds him that she won’t have any until she’s married, so it’s best if Phillip keeps his mouth shut. Phillip says that isn’t it and explains that EJ has been a problem in regards to Titan. Nicole asks Phillip nastily if EJ has out-foxed him already. Phillip chuckles and says he hasn’t, but there is a small situation. Nicole is going to help him make it go away.

Chloe stumbles back into Daniel’s apartment and cries hysterically. She begs God to bring Lucas back to life, and vows to give up Daniel and be a mother to Lucas’ children if God will only bring him back. She cries as footsteps approach. She looks up and sees Lucas standing in the doorway.

Daniel tells Maggie that Chloe isn’t answering and that he needs to get home. Maggie offers to go with him, but he says he can handle Lucas. Maggie suggests that it never would have come to this if he and Chloe had been honest. Daniel sighs, telling Maggie that he and Chloe were just waiting for Kate’s test results to tell everyone the truth. He sighs, saying God only know what he will find when he gets home. He rushes off.

EJ hands Melanie her money and admits that he knows Phillip will cause trouble. He promises Melanie that he and his father will protect her. Melanie shakes her head and chuckles, saying she loves that about men--that they threaten you, but when you do what they want, they become all protective. She says it’s like a guy leaving an extra twenty on the nightstand. EJ accuses her of being cynical, and she counters that she knows it’s man’s world out there. That doesn’t mean she has to like it. She shows EJ the door and fans out her money, wondering if safe deposit boxes come in pink. EJ heads outside and sighs, saying he isn’t letting Sydney out of the house until she’s forty. He runs into Brady, who asks him what the hell he is doing here. EJ smirks, saying he usually asks Brady that question.

Nicole says that she doesn’t know what Phillip is talking about and that she never interferes in EJ’s business. Phillip snorts, guessing that she sits around here all day, knitting by the fire. He reminds her that she was plenty interested in Titan when she was married to his father. Nicole says she never loved or trusted Victor the way she does EJ. Phillip wonders what will happen to that love and trust when EJ finds out she is hiding something. Nicole vows never to betray EJ, but Phillip says she already has.

Lucas stumbles into Daniel’s apartment and Chloe crows, saying she’s so glad he’s alright. She leads him to the couch to sit down and Lucas apologizes for getting drunk. He says that this is all his fault. Chloe assures him that nothing is his fault as Daniel rushes in, asking what happened. Chloe explains that there was an explosion and asks Daniel to make sure Lucas is ok. Sirens wail in the distance as Daniel promises Chloe that Lucas will be alright. Chloe smiles, saying that she knows he will be --now.

Brady asks EJ if he is jealous, but EJ says he isn’t. He just thinks Nicole is going through enough right now without a reminder of her troubled past. Brady asks what he is doing here and EJ huffs off, telling him it’s none of his business. Brady knocks on Maggie’s door and Melanie answers. He wants to talk about the fuel project, but she declines. Brady sighs, saying he knows what happened with Phillip. He wants to know why it happened. Melanie grumps, telling him to ask Phillip. He is the one messing with people’s heads, and he is going to pay for it.

The paramedics wheel Lucas off as Daniel gives them instructions. Chloe assures Lucas he will be alright. Lucas groans that his head hurts. Daniel says it will hurt a lot more once he sobers up. The paramedics wheel Lucas away and Daniel agrees to meet them at the hospital. He tells Chloe that it isn’t a good idea that she come, since Lucas knows about the two of them. Chloe sighs, saying she knows. Lucas was banging on the door and screaming about it earlier. Daniel hugs her and soothes her, promising to deal with all of the fallout. Chloe cries, saying she didn’t mean to hurt him so badly that he started drinking again. Daniel assures her that none of this is her fault. He says he has to go, but he wants her to know that he loves her, and he can’t wait to start their life together. He heads off. Chloe sighs, vowing not to hide anymore.

Phillip tells Nicole that EJ has been working on poaching a project from Titan and has been using a former employee to do it. Nicole assumes he means Melanie and asks what she has to do with all of this. Phillip says that EJ has convinced her to compromise the project, and he wants Nicole to convince EJ to back off. If she doesn’t, Phillip will tell EJ everything he heard earlier. Nicole sighs, agreeing do her best, but Phillip says that isn’t good enough. If she doesn’t succeed, her dreams will go up in smoke. He hurries off. Nicole sighs again.

At the pub, Stephanie calls Chelsea and leaves her a voicemail. Melanie comes in just then and tells Stephanie that nothing really happened between her and Phillip. She was just trying to make Stephanie mad. Stephanie wonders why she is telling her this, and Melanie says it’s because she looks so sad. Stephanie rolls her eyes, asking if she and Melanie are going to be best friends now. Melanie sighs, saying it’s fine if Stephanie wants to hate her. Stephanie smirks, saying she’s glad to have her permission.

Daniel rushes into the hospital and barks instructions as Lucas is wheeled off. Maggie rushes over and accuses Daniel of beating Lucas up. Daniel explains that it was an explosion as Chloe rushes over. Daniel thought they agreed she would stay behind, but she says she is here to check on Lucas, and she isn’t leaving. Daniel heads off to check on Lucas himself as Maggie asks Chloe what happened. Chloe sighs, saying that there a heater exploded. She was ok, but Lucas wasn’t breathing, so she started praying. Chloe breaks off, telling herself that He can’t hold her to her promise. Maggie asks her who ‘he’ is.

Nicole promises Sydney that everything will be alright as EJ comes in. She explains that he was just telling Sydney how awful men are--except for her daddy. EJ chuckles, saying he was meeting with a girl today that made him fear for Sydney and her future. He jokes that he’s going to lock her in a tower away from all the boys. Nicole guesses he means Melanie and EJ agrees, kissing her and telling her he really bested the Kiriakis family today. Nicole hopes he didn’t make them angry, but EJ says that’s a crude understatement. Nicole turns pale, telling EJ he has to take it back--whatever he did. She doesn’t want him crossing them.

Phillip heads into the Kiriakis mansion and leaves Stephanie a voicemail. He sees her sitting on the sofa in the living room and tells her they have to talk about what happened earlier. He explains that Melanie is a liar, but Stephanie says Melanie already told her that what happened between her and Phillip meant nothing, and that he just wanted to get the formula back from her. Phillip is surprised she told the truth and tells Stephanie that he loves her. He would never really choose Melanie over her. Stephanie tells him it isn’t so straightforward. That’s why she came here--to tell him goodbye.

Before Maggie can get an explanation, a nurse tells her that her nephew wants to see her. Maggie hurries off as Daniel comes out with news about Lucas. He tells Chloe that once he sobers up, he’ll be fine. It’s as if the explosion never happened. Daniel shakes his head, saying it’s as close to a miracle as he has ever seen. Daniel heads off as Chloe sighs, saying she now knows what she has to do.

Stephanie reminds Phillip that he sold his soul to close a business deal, and she can’t handle that. In fact, it’s deal breaker. Phillip tells Stephanie that he loves her. She cries, saying she knows and that’s what makes this so sad.

Nicole begs EJ to let Titan win this one. He wonders what is going on with her and how this is any of her business. Nicole says she knows Victor, and that he will retaliate. Now that she has EJ’s baby, they might make this personal. EJ says he isn’t scared of Phillip but Nicole thinks he should be. EJ demands to know why she is so scared. What is going on? Nicole sweats.


Sami tells Rafe, “You don't seem too thrilled about getting out of here, either. What's your problem?” He replies, “You.”

Daniel tells Kate, “Well, there was a gas explosion outside of my apartment.” She replies, “What the hell was he doing at your apartment?”

Nicole tells EJ, “If you do not stop this fight with the Kiriakis family, there won't be any wedding!”

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