Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/20/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/20/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the park, Chloe prays for God to send her a sign as to which man she should choose--Lucas or Daniel.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Maggie tells Lucas that he isn’t in his right mind. Lucas claims he is, more so than he has been for months, even years. He takes out his phone. Maggie tries to take it, but Lucas yells at her to get off of him. He makes a call.

At the hospital, Daniel dials, too.

Chloe’s phone rings and she checks the caller ID, saying this must be her sign. She answers and Daniel is on the other end. He tells Chloe that he needs to see her. She smiles.

Lucas slams his phone down, complaining that he dialed the wrong number. Maggie suggests that if he is too drunk to dial Chloe’s number, then he is probably too drunk to talk to her. Lucas snorts, asking if she has heard the saying ‘in vino veritas’(in wine there is truth). Maggie says it’s garbage, but Lucas disagrees. He is finally able to tell Chloe what he really thinks of her--and what a lying slut she really is.

At the pub, Brady comes in to find Nicole perusing bridal magazines. He greets Sydney, who’s in a stroller next to her and asks how things are going. Nicole tells him that she’s glad he stopped by, because she wanted to talk to him about something Dr. Baker said. Brady groans, saying that he told him to stay away from Nicole. She says that isn’t the problem--it’s that he seems to think that Brady is in love with her.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano comes into the living room and comments that EJ seems to be in a good mood. EJ says he is. There is nothing he loves better than to make a little money all while sticking it to someone else. Stefano chuckles, asking if he is still planning to take the fuel project from Titan. EJ says he has, and has had the papers drawn up for Melanie to sign. He adds that for a young woman, she is pretty shrewd when it comes to business. Stefano retorts that he wishes he would say the same for EJ. EJ gapes in astonishment.

At Maggie’s place, Melanie and Phillip kiss. Stephanie watches them through the window in horror. Melanie looks up and sees her. She grins and goes back to kissing Phillip.

Chloe asks Daniel if anything is wrong. He says no, but he has news he doesn’t want to give her over the phone. He asks her to meet him at his place, and she agrees to do so.

Brady flies into a rage, telling Nicole sarcastically that of course a baby-stealing blackmailer like Baker would be in tune with other people’s feelings. Brady curses, saying he should have slammed Baker’s face into a wall. Nicole sighs, saying that when he gets upset like that, she feels like Baker might have been right about him being in love with her.

Melanie grins at Stephanie. She turns away and starts to head off, but changes her mind and bursts through the door. Phillip backs off of Melanie as Stephanie screams that he’s a complete SOB. Phillip stammers.

Lucas grumbles that he doesn’t need a phone. He is going to confront Chloe face-to-face. Maggie tells him he isn’t capable of driving anywhere and suggests she take him home so he can sleep on it. Lucas refuses and tells her to go yell at Chloe. Maggie says she already did, then breaks off. Lucas glares and accuses her of only following him around and being so worried because she knows this is all her fault.

Chloe shows up at Daniel’s place and he lets her in. He tells her he has great news. Suddenly, an alarm whoops. Chloe, frightened, jumps into Daniel’s arms.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he didn’t expect to see her here. Stephanie glares, saying that is obvious. She can’t believe she was actually on her way over here to tell that slut Melanie that she planned on fighting for Phillip. Melanie smirks, saying she’ll let that comment go since Stephanie obviously feels like a huge loser right now. Stephanie rolls her eyes and turns on Phillip, saying she knew he’d do a lot for Titan, but she didn’t know he’d go this far. Phillip tells her to stop, but Melanie wants to know what Stephanie means. She sighs, telling Melanie that if she wasn’t such a self-obsessed moron, she’d realize that Phillip’s kiss had nothing to do with passion--it’s just how a Kiriakis does business.

Brady chuckles, telling Nicole that she is just like her old self. He sarcastically adds that he only reason he would take on a scumbag like Baker is because he’s in love with her. Nicole chuckles and tells Brady she isn’t exactly like her old self, but this isn’t about vanity, either. She wonders why he did so many things for her--like take on Victor--unless he really had feelings for her. Brady smiles and conjures up some fake tears, saying that now she is engaged, he’ll just have to admire her from afar. Nicole laughs, but reminds Brady that he only starts making jokes when he’s uncomfortable. Brady sighs and admits that Nicole is right. He does love her. She says she is glad to have it all out on the table, but she tells Brady that she loves EJ. It’s not a con, and it isn’t about money. She truly loves him. Brady says he knows that. After her miscarriage, he saw how strongly she felt about EJ, and he truly feels she did what she did out of love, whether or not he disagrees with her methods. She thanks him for saying so and Brady adds that he may love her, but he’s not in love with her. Nicole says she is glad, as she wants him to be happy, but Brady doesn’t buy it. He thinks that Nicole is still in love with him.

EJ can’t believe that Stefano doesn’t think he can handle Melanie. She’s just a little girl with dollar signs in her yes. Stefano agrees that he has always advised EJ to do business with the greedy, because they can be manipulated, but he thinks Melanie is just needy. EJ doesn’t understand, saying she came to him because the DiMeras could make her more money. Stefano shakes his head. He says it’s like the American cliché--the cheerleader dates the valedictorian to make the football captain jealous. Stefano adds that Phillip will go after Melanie once he learns she is about to sign a deal with EJ, and Melanie will listen to him, because in the end, she’s after more than just money.

Melanie begs Phillip to tell her that Stephanie is lying. Stephanie chuckles, saying Melanie knows she isn’t. Phillip tries to cover, telling Melanie that she knows what happened between them. She can make the judgment for herself. Melanie agrees that some things can’t be faked and tells Stephanie to get out of here, as three is a crowd. Stephanie agrees, but first, she wants Phillip to choose between them. He doesn’t get any do-overs, so he had better make this one count.

A maintenance man works on the alarm outside Daniel’s apartment, apologizing and saying there was a short. Daniel thanks him, and jokes that he won’t have to worry about sleeping through a fire. The man smiles and gets down from his ladder, but accidentally steps on a gas pipe in the way down. It breaks, but neither him or Daniel notice. The man tells Daniel he won’t have to worry about fires. He runs the safest building in town. Daniel thanks him again and heads back inside. The man heads off. The pipe hisses as gas rushes out into the hallway. Daniel tells Chloe that he has good news about Kate, and that she’s in remission. So now Chloe has saved someone’s life. She sighs, saying she has destroyed another. Daniel asks her not to talk like that. She sighs, saying she knows he is excited because Kate’s illness was the last obstacle to them telling everyone the truth about their relationship. Chloe admits, however, that she is a coward, and that she doesn’t want to have to tell Lucas she cheated on him. Daniel wonders if that’s it--or if she is having second thought about being with him after all.

Maggie tells Lucas that she does feel guilty for telling him about Chloe and Daniel while he was drunk. She should have waited. Lucas says that isn’t it. She always said Chloe wasn’t good enough for him, and he accuses Maggie of putting Chloe and Daniel together herself. Maggie asks him if he realizes how dumb that sounds. She cares about him. Lucas rolls his eyes and asks the bartender to make him a double. He tells Maggie to leave because he is tired of her superiority complex. Besides, he is having a good time. Maggie says she doesn’t feel superior to Lucas. He knows she has been in the same place. But since he is having fun, so will she. She asks the bartender to pour her a double of scotch and make it neat. Lucas gapes.

EJ assures Stefano that high-school cliché or no, Melanie will sign this contract. He assumes that Stefano thinks that Melanie is besotted with Phillip, and that may be, but it makes little difference to him. Stefano asks how he can be sure Melanie will sign, and EJ says that he made it clear to her that if she crossed him, there would be no happy ending for her.

Phillip begs Stephanie not to do this. She stomps her foot, saying she wants to hear Phillip say he chooses Melanie over her. Phillip sighs, saying he does, actually. Stephanie says she can’t believe business trumps all for him. Phillip shrugs, saying he’s sorry, but you can’t help who you fall in love with. Stephanie tells him not to be sorry for her, because she isn’t. She’s just glad to know what kind of a man he really is. She storms out, sobbing.

Lucas begs Maggie not to drink as she takes her scotch to a table. She wonders why he even cares, and he says she knows she is just doing this to make a point. Maggie agrees and tells Lucas that she hates seeing him like this. She has been where he is, so she can’t look down on him, but he has to get a handle on himself before he does something stupid. Lucas doesn’t care what happens to him, but Maggie reminds him of Allie and Will. His children need him. Lucas swigs his drink and tells Maggie they’d be better off without him. Maggie knocks the drink out of his hand and it crashes to the floor. She angrily tells Lucas never to say that again.

Daniel tells Chloe that he doesn’t want her to feel like she has to be with him. Chloe reminds him that she left Lucas for him, but Daniel doesn’t want their relationship to feel like a duty Chloe has to abide by. She says that isn’t it, and tells him about running into Lucas, then the priest, and finally her prayer for a sign. She tells him that he called right after that with the news of Kate’s remission, so she thinks that was her sign to be with Daniel. He hugs her.

Nicole asks Brady why he would think that she carried a torch for him. He jokes, saying it’s because he’s smart and good-looking, and also because Baker said so. She chuckles, asking if he is poking fun at her. He says he is. She tells him that believe it or not, she is starting to have a conscience, and she feels badly about running out on him during his big fight with Victor over the money he lent her. She tells him that she wants him to be happy, and she knows his family means more to him than she ever could. She doesn’t want to screw things up between him and his grandfather. Brady assures her that he said some things to Victor that he has wanted to say for a long time. She doesn’t need to worry about him because he is doing alright, and he plans to keep it that way.

Melanie tells Phillip that she won’t hold him to the promise he made. After all, Stephanie showing up and demanding he choose was sudden, and she doesn’t want to end up as anyone’s consolation prize. Phillip tells her he meant what he said about falling in love with her. He fought it for a long time, but he can’t anymore. Melanie can’t believe they are already using that word. Phillip moves in for a kiss, saying he thinks its appropriate.

Lucas grumbles, saying that Daniel always gets whatever he wants. He can’t believe that guy and how he thinks he’s so cool. He threatens to leave, but Maggie stops him, saying she doesn’t want him confronting Daniel. She wants to take him home. Lucas says that sounds like a good idea, since he doesn’t feel so well. He puts his head in his hands. Maggie goes over to the bartender and asks him if he will help her get Lucas into the car once she brings it around. The bartender agrees and Maggie heads off. Lucas sits up and chuckles.

Daniel and Chloe kiss. He gets a page from the hospital, and says he has to go, but asks Chloe to wait for him here until he gets back. She agrees and he tells her how happy she has made him. They kiss and he tells her that he loves her. He heads off, whistling. Gas streams from the pipe outside the door.

Brady asks Nicole to change the subject from him and his troubles, and she agrees to do so. She asks him if he thinks she’s seen the last of Dr. Baker. Brady isn’t sure, saying the funny thing about blackmail is that it’s hard to get rid of. Nicole nods, saying she has been thinking of just killing Baker, but every time she tries that she gets caught. Brady suggests she tell EJ the truth instead. She asks him if he is out of his freaking mind.

Chelsea runs into a sobbing Stephanie at the pier. She asks if she has talked to Phillip. Stephanie bawls, saying she did. He got up off of Melanie and told her they were through. Chelsea gapes as Stephanie adds that the two were going at it on Maggie’s kitchen table. She doesn’t think she’ll ever feel the same about Maggie’s New Year’s buffet. Chelsea asks Stephanie if she wants her to find Phillip and kill him. Stephanie says she would like that very much, actually.

Melanie kisses Phillip, telling him that hearing him choose her over Stephanie was like music to her ears. Phillip smiles and suggests they go somewhere private. Melanie says she can’t, because it’s all a big fat lie. Stephanie may be an idiot, but she isn’t.

EJ admits that he did threaten an orphan, but he figured Stefano would be happy about it. Stefano agrees, saying it might do Melanie some good to be treated like a grownup. EJ vows to get the papers signed so Stefano can have his money. Stefan thanks him and says he has another big project for him--he needs him to draw up an airtight prenuptial agreement between himself and Nicole.

Phillip tells Melanie that Stephanie only said all of those things because she was angry. Melanie says she was right. Phillip’s ‘passion’ for her only popped up when he feared he might lose the fuel project to EJ. Philip insists he really cares for he, but Melanie doesn’t buy it and tell him to get out, saying she is going to enjoy taking this project to the DiMeras and signing with them. Phillip rages, vowing not to let EJ get his hands on the project, no matter what.

Stephanie explains that Phillip doesn’t really care about Melanie but what he did was still awful. She grumbles, saying that Melanie is disgusting. She has been after Phillip for months, and is only using Nick and his project as weapons to get what she wants. Chelsea still cant believe they were on the kitchen table. Stephanie says she’s angry and she’s not going to be stupid, sweet Stephanie anymore. She is going to do something about this. She storms off. Chelsea is in total confusion and still can’t believe she caught the two on the table.

Maggie comes back into the bar, looking for Lucas, but the bartender says he went out the back to be sick. Maggie curses and rushes off.

Lucas shows up at Daniel’s and bangs on the door, yelling for Daniel and saying he won’t get away with what he did. Inside, Chloe sweats.

Melanie makes herself a sandwich, grumbling about how Phillip thought he could use her for her fuel project. She sighs and admits that he is really hot and rich, so she almost fell for it. Just then, someone knocks. Melanie assumes it’s Phillip and opens up. Instead, it’s Stephanie, and she slaps Melanie, calling her a bitch.

Stefano tries to talk EJ into signing a pre-nuptial agreement at the pub. EJ refuses, saying he has nothing to worry about, but Stefano disagrees. Nicole has threatened numerous times to leave the mansion. EJ reminds him she only did so because Stefano was threatening her and trying to ruin her life. He refuses to make her sign such an agreement. Stefano is glad he is so sure of Nicole, but warns EJ that he may live to regret it.

Brady walks Nicole home and she thanks him for everything. Phillip approaches and listens in through the nearby trees as Nicole tells Brady he is the only one she can really talk to and be honest with. Brady assures her that everything will be fine and that EJ will never learn the truth. Phillip raises an eyebrow.

Maggie rushes into the hospital and asks Daniel if he has seen Lucas.

Lucas pounds on Daniel’s door, telling him to come out and face him like a man. He yells, wondering if Daniel and Chloe were laughing at him while he sat in the hospital with his dying mother. Chloe approaches the door. Suddenly, there’s a huge explosion. Chloe is thrown to the floor and lies there, unconscious.


EJ tells Melanie, “You don’t play games with me. Not unless you wish to lose--I believe the expression is--big-time.”

Phillip tells Nicole, “EJ has been a bit of a problem.” She chuckles, “Did he out-fox you already?” He retorts, “And you, Nicole, are going to help make it go away.”

Daniel tells Maggie, “Well if he’s not here--OMG! Chloe!”

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