Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/19/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/19/09


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At the DiMera mansion, EJ claims not to know what Phillip is talking about. Phillip says he does, and warns him that he is making a big mistake. EJ tells him to go home, but Phillip pushes his way inside, telling EJ that if he thinks he’ll allow that twit Melanie to hand over the project, then he has another thing coming.

At Maggie’s place, she asks Melanie if she is sure she saw Lucas at the pub ordering a bloody mary. Melanie says she is sure and Maggie dashes off for the phone.

At the pub, Lucas stares at Chloe’s engagement ring and sips his drink. He gets a call from Maggie, but ignores it, saying she is too late. He gulps the bloody mary.

At the park, the priest tells Chloe that he counsels a lot of young couples, and he finds that their expectations of each other can be too high. Cleo nods and says she knows not to expect to find her own happiness in another person. She also knows that no matter how much you love someone, they will end up disappointing you. The priest says it doesn’t sound like she needs his advice, but Chloe says she does. She confides that she has been selfish and spoiled. She wants family and security, but now that she has those things, she’s gotten bored. She explains that she shouldn’t love Daniel but she can’t stop thinking about him and waiting for his phone calls. She pleads with the priest to tell her what wrong with her and why she feels this way.

At the hospital, Kate freaks out, assuming that Daniel received her test results and has bad news. Daniel sighs, saying that he didn’t get them. Kate asks him what’s wrong, then. Daniel sweats.

Lucas chugs another drink and has apparently had several, because his speech is slurred when he addresses the bartender. Lucas asks if he has ever been married. The bartender says he has, but is divorced. Lucas drunkenly wonders why things have to be so hard, but then tells the bartender he’s sorry for interfering. He asks him to keep the drinks coming and swigs back his bloody mary.

Chloe apologizes for ruining the priest’s stroll in the park, but he says he wants to help her, and asks her to start from the beginning. She explains that she was a bone marrow donor for her fiancé’s mother, and that she was in relationship with a doctor named Daniel. He and Chloe had a strong connection. She tried to ignore it, but ended up sleeping with him later anyway. She says it was everything she expected, but she also felt horrible and guilty about it afterwards. The priest asks if her fiancé knows, but Chloe says he can never know. The truth would destroy him.

Abe brings Theo by the hospital for his therapy session. Lexie meets them and Theo gives her a drawing he made of a boat. Lexie says its beautiful and Abe says goodbye to Theo, saying he has to get to work. Theo shrieks and throws his arms around Abe, saying that he wants his mommy and daddy both to stay.

Stephanie meets Chelsea at the pier, wondering why they couldn’t speak over the phone. Chelsea says she has to tell her something important and admits that she and Max kissed. They kissed on New Year’s, but it didn’t mean anything, so she kept quiet. This time, though, she thinks it did mean something, and she wanted Stephanie to hear it from her first.

EJ asks Phillip if this is his half-assed attempt at intimidation. Phillip warns EJ again to stop sniffing around Melanie and the fuel project or this will be an all-out war. EJ chuckles, telling Phillip he’s ready to break out the flak jackets. Tony walks into the foyer just then, saying he is going to break out the strait jackets instead. He asks Phillip and EJ if they are out of their minds.

Lucas stares at Chloe’s engagement ring and wonders what happened to the fairy tale. He sighs, saying that he gave Chloe everything, and that he was a better man when he was with her, but that wasn’t good enough for her. The bartender serves Lucas another drink and asks him to be careful. Lucas says he will be and grins, saying he believes there’s someone more powerful than himself that will help him restore his sanity. He grins and gulps his drink.

Melanie asks Maggie if Lucas is an alcoholic as Maggie searches for her keys. She says Lucas is and Melanie apologizes, saying she would have done something had she known. Maggie says it isn’t her fault and finally finds her keys. Melanie asks if she knows why Lucas fell off the wagon, and Maggie says she has a pretty good idea. She says it’s her job as his aunt and his sponsor to track him down and get him back on it.

The priest tells Chloe that she isn’t a horrible person; she just fell in love. Chloe claims she was already in love, but the priest reminds her that if her relationship with Lucas was satisfying, then she wouldn’t have felt the need to connect with Daniel. Chloe supposes he is right, and he tells her that her situation is analogous to his own life. He can’t remember when he decided to become a priest--it just happened because it was inevitable. He thinks the same thing happened to Chloe with Daniel, and he doesn’t think she should fight it anymore. In fact, he doesn’t see how she can.

Daniel tells Kate that he meant he wanted to talk about the two of them. Just then, a nurse interrupts, handing him an envelope that just came for him. Daniel opens it and grins, saying that this offers him some perspective. Kate asks what he means and he tells her that she’s in remission. Kate bursts into tears and throws her arms around his neck.

Tony asks EJ and Phillip if they are fools. He can tell they’re trying to start a war between their two families. EJ chuckles, telling Tony that this conversation is over apart from the shouting. He thinks he is the victor, since Phillip has trouble separating his personal life from his professional life. Phillip vows not to let EJ get his hands on the fuel project, but EJ counters that Phillip let it slip away all on his own. He insulted Melanie and then fired her, but yet still expects her to do business with him. EJ clucks his tongue at Phillip’s arrogance. Phillip flies into a rage and grabs EJ’s lapel, threatening to run him out of town if he doesn’t lay off the project. EJ tells him the conversation is over and shows him the door. Phillip heads off angrily. Tony shakes his head and smiles, telling EJ that he has a lot to learn.

Kate tells Daniel that she is elated, but she also knows that life is uncertain. She promised herself that if she got a second chance, she would live life to the fullest, and let the people she loves know how much she cares about them. Daniel smiles and agrees that she should. She pulls Daniel into a passionate kiss.

The priest tells Chloe that is as infallible as every other human, so he can’t presume to tell Chloe what will make her happy. She guesses only God knows that, and the priest agrees that He probably has a pretty good idea. Chloe sighs, saying she knows God is supposed to answer prayers, but she isn’t sure He has time to worry about her screwed up love life. The priest advises the she put Him to the test and try it out. After all, what does she have to lose?

Lucas stumbles into the Cheatin’ Heart and greets the bartender by name. He asks Lucas how things are going, and Lucas slurs that birth, school, work and death are going fine. Isn’t that what’s life is all about? The bartender give Lucas suspicious glance, asking if he is alright. Lucas says he is, and adds that he wants a vodka, straight-up. The bartender thought he was on the wagon, but Lucas says that’s none of his business. He just needs to make the drinks and Lucas will drink them. The bartender reluctantly pours and hands the glass over to Lucas. Maggie snatches it out of Lucas’ hand just then, asking him what the hell he is doing.

Abe offers to take Theo to his appointment, but Lexie refuses, saying that they can’t always give Theo what he wants. He has to learn to deal with frustration. Abe asks her what is really going on, and she admits that he feels like she is failing as a mother. Abe asks if it’s because Theo doesn’t run in to her arms or cry out for her in the middle of the night. Abe reminds her that Theo shows his love in different ways, and that he may never act like a normal kid. Either way though, he assures Lexie that she is a wonderful mother to Theo, and he couldn’t do better than her.

Stephanie tells Chelsea that she is happy for her and Max but Chelsea has a hard time believing it, since she told her a few months ago that she didn’t want them dating. Stephanie apologizes, saying she sounded creepy and possessive. She felt that it was too soon when Chelsea asked her the last time, but now she doesn’t care and is happy for the two. Chelsea isn’t sure there is anything to be happy about yet and asks Stephanie about her and Phillip. Stephanie says it’s over. She fears that if she gives Phillip another chance, he will just continue chasing after Melanie. Chelsea assures her it’s just business, but Stephanie isn’t so sure. She is tired of taking a backseat to Melanie and being the girl in the middle. Chelsea urges her not to give up on Phillip, because she can tell he really likes Stephanie. Chelsea suggests that she give Phillip an ultimatum in regards to Melanie.

Phillip shows up at Maggie’s place, looking for Melanie. She answers the door and groans, asking if he is here to threaten her again. Phillip says no and kisses her, saying he is here for this.

Kate breaks off the kiss, apologizing to Daniel for being so elated. She admits that this was what she wanted to talk to him about, and expressed herself by kissing him instead of talking it out. Daniel reminds her of the way they left things and Kate apologizes for that, saying that she honestly thought she wasn’t going to get better. After everything with Daniel’s first wife, she didn’t want to put him through that. Daniel stops her, saying this can wait. He thinks she needs to go tell her kids and the rest of her family the good news. Kate agrees and smiles, thanking him. She heads off. Daniel sighs.

Chloe says she hasn’t prayed in a while, and asks if she can do so in front of the priest. He tells her to go ahead and Chloe explains to God that she is in love with two men. She loves one for being sweet and generous, offering her security, and letting her into his family. However, she has a strong connection with another man that she can’t explain. She asks God what she should do. Chloe sighs, asking the priest if God is going to leave her a voicemail or send her a text message. He chuckles, promising Chloe that God will find a way to get back to her.

Maggie can’t believe that Lucas is doing this to himself after six years of sobriety. She huffs and calls Chloe a bitch, saying she has done this to Lucas. Lucas assumes she is talking about Chloe and asks Maggie what it is she has done. Maggie tells Lucas that she won’t lie to him. He says he doesn’t want her to and demands to know what Chloe has done. He can handle the truth. Maggie admits that Chloe is having an affair.

EJ tells Tony that he doesn’t have time to discuss this. Tony tells him to make time. He isn’t even giving the company’s best interests a second thought. What is he thinking by starting a war with the Kiriakis family? EJ reminds Tony that he doesn’t have anything to do with the company any longer and adds that he is the one that won the fuel contract. He lays into Tony for daring to undermine him in front of Phillip. Tony chuckles, wondering if he thinks Phillip is just going to lie down and take this. EJ doesn’t care what Phillip does, because he has the upper hand. He asks Tony what he thinks Stefano would say if he knew Tony had had such a childish tantrum in front of a competitor. Tony thinks that Stefano would fire EJ if he knew what he were up to, actually.

Stephanie agrees with Chelsea that she needs to have a talk with Melanie. Chelsea chuckles, saying she was in a similar situation with Melanie and it ended up with the two of them fighting at the pub. Stephanie promises it won’t come to that and asks Chelsea to wish her luck. Chelsea says she won’t need it, because she is the one Phillip loves. Stephanie smiles, and says she’ll talk to Chelsea later, adding again that she is happy for her and Max.

Melanie backs off of Phillip, asking him what is going on. He couldn’t stand her before and now he wants her? Phillip admits that he has been fighting his feelings for her, but he can’t do that anymore. He and Melanie are perfect for each other, and he realizes that now. She still isn’t sure, but Phillip kisses her neck, saying that he wants her. Melanie gives in and kisses him back.

Chelsea heads into the hospital and greets Theo, who hugs her. She offers to take him to his therapy session, as she is on her way upstairs. Theo points to Abe and Lexie and yells, ‘family.’ Chelsea praises him and says he is right and that Lexie and Abe are his mommy and daddy. The two smile.

Tony refuses to sit quietly while EJ twirls his guns like some corporate cowboy. EJ reminds Tony that he is the chosen one. Their father trusts his judgment, and will agree that he is doing the right thing in regards to the fuel project. Tony disagrees, saying that Stefano will be displeased that EJ is planning a war with Phillip and Victor, consequences be damned. EJ smiles, saying that he is the golden child. Stefano won’t get rid of him. He heads off. Tony chuckles, calling EJ a damned fool and saying that he is playing with fire.

Phillip breaks off the kiss, worrying that he and Melanie might be moving too fast. After all, he knows that she is angry with him. He adds that she is really hot when she is angry. Melanie grins, asking him if he likes girls to be feisty. Phillip says he likes her, and he hopes she feels the same way about him. He can’t stop thinking about her. Melanie says she has wanted this since the first day they met. Phillip kisses her again. Just then, Stephanie comes up outside and sees them through the kitchen window.

Daniel smiles to himself, saying that since Kate is in remission, he and Chloe can finally tell her and Lucas the truth.

Lucas chuckles drunkenly, telling Maggie that he doesn’t believe her. She says he will when he is sober. He decides to entertain her suggestion, and asks who Chloe is seeing. Maggie is reluctant to say, but Lucas insists, and she admits that Chloe and Daniel have been seeing each other behind Lucas and Kate’s backs. Lucas stands up and sways, vowing to kill Daniel. He tells Maggie that he’s a dead man.

The priest wishes Chloe luck and tells her to contact him if she needs anything. She thanks him and tries praying for real, asking God to send her a sign as to what she should do.

Maggie tries to calm Lucas down, but he won’t have it. He rages, saying he gave Chloe everything, and this is how she repays him. Maggie tells him he isn’t in his right mind, but Lucas claims he is. He is finally seeing clearly for the first time in years. He takes out his phone and starts dialing.

Daniel also makes a call on his phone.

Chloe’s phone rings and she checks the caller ID, saying that this is her sign.


Stephanie tells Melanie, “That wasn’t passion just now--that’s just how a Kiriakis does business.”

Nicole tells Brady, “He seems to think that you’re in love with me.”

EJ tells Stefano, “Melanie is going to sign that contract.” He replies, “How can you be so sure?” EJ says, “If she crosses us, there’s no happy ending for her.”

Lucas bangs on Daniel’s door, “I know what’s going on! Come out here and face me--” Suddenly, there’s an explosion.

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