Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/18/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/18/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Melanie meets EJ at the pier, and he sternly tells her that she’s late. She says she isn’t a morning person and asks if he is ready for her to sign the papers. EJ guesses so, even though he wonders if he should trust her. Melanie doesn’t understand and EJ tells her he knows that she has consorted with Phillip, and even let it slip that she was taking the project to the DiMeras. Melanie says she did no such thing, and even if she did, Phillip can’t prove anything. EJ snatches her coffee from her, saying she might want to think about what it was she told Phillip.

Phillip rushes downstairs at the Kiriakis mansion and grabs his coat. Victor and Brady are in the living room, and Victor asks him to stay and have a proper breakfast. Phillip says he really has to get down to the office, but Victor says he thought he had Melanie and the fuel project under control Phillip assures Victor he does, but he needs to work on the Kaiser account. Victor chuckles, telling him that’s a done deal. Brady was able to get the company to sign. Phillip scowls.

Daniel calls Chloe from the hospital as she strolls in the park. She explains that she feels like she is in limbo now. She broke up with Lucas, but he still doesn’t know the real reason why. Daniel explains that Kate is coming for her final checkup. If she gets good news, then he and Chloe can leave town tonight. Chloe hesitates, then says that sounds like great news. Daniel says he loves her and hangs up. Kate is standing right behind him. Meanwhile, Chloe runs into Lucas and Allie. She tells Allie that she has missed her and Allie giggles and rushes into her arms. Lucas tells her they have to go but Allie pulls away from him and hugs Chloe.

Melanie tells EJ that she didn’t say a word to Phillip, but she knows he suspects something, since he caught her and EJ together and found the money in her purse. She assures EJ that everything is fine and that she handled it like a pro. EJ chuckles, telling her she’s nothing of the sort, and is in fact, a child. He tells her that he already has his R&D team working on completing the other half of the formula. Melanie is crestfallen, saying it’s impossible. EJ smiles, saying it’s practically already finished. It turns out that Melanie is rather expendable, after all.

Phillip reminds Victor that that was his deal. Victor scoffs, saying it still would be if he could have completed it in a timely fashion. Brady apologizes, saying he didn’t intend to close the deal. Victor asked him to call the investors, so he did. Victor nods and says they needed a new viewpoint. Brady has lived in Europe and speaks their language, so they were more favorable to him. Phillip angrily tells Victor to go ahead and give Brady his office, but Victor tells him to get control of himself. Phillip says he has to go and starts to head off, but Victor wants to hear about the fuel project. Phillip claims to have it under control, but Victor isn’t so sure, and says he has asked Brady to do some PR with Melanie. Phillip wonders if he is kidding. Brady doesn’t know her, and only Philip understands what makes her tick. Victor says that is what worries him.

Kate asks Daniel who he was talking to, and he says it was just a former patient. Kate tells him she just finished her blood work, and Daniel and she both hope for good results. He starts to head off to work, but Kate stops him, telling him that if she does get good news, she wants to say that she’s sure it wouldn’t have happened without his help. Kate hugs him. Maggie comes in behind her just then and glares at Daniel.

Lucas tells Allie she can stay for a few moments and Chloe notices her fiend Sarah playing on the slide. Lucas points her out and Allie rushes over to play off screen while Chloe and Lucas watch. She apologizes to him for holding Allie, saying she didn’t know what to do. Lucas angrily tells her that he doesn’t want her anywhere near Allie anymore, and he is sick of hearing her clichés about how she doesn’t deserve him and she didn’t want it to end this way. Lucas demands answers, wanting to know what or who caused Chloe to dump him.

Melanie tells EJ that his team could probably figure things out, but that would take months, and he doesn’t want to wait that long. EJ says it will actually only take days, and anyway, he is a very patient man with a competent team. He adds that he isn’t stupid, and that he can tell Melanie is head over heels for Phillip and using this project as leverage to win his affections. Melanie swears that that isn’t true anymore. She’s over Phillip. EJ rolls his eyes and starts to head of, but Melanie stops him, saying she gets that she needs to prove her loyalty to EJ. She agrees to do anything to prove it.

Phillip tells Victor that the fuel project is his and he refuses to let it go like he did with the Kaiser project. Victor scoffs, saying he refuses to let Phillip drive this project into a ditch. He let the DiMeras slip in the back door, so he obviously doesn’t have a handle on things. Phillip flies into a rage, saying that he didn’t let anything happen. Melanie is a backstabbing bitch who went to the DiMeras herself. Victor counters that he needs someone on the project whose sole interest isn’t sleeping with the client. Phillip swears that nothing will ever happen between him and Melanie and asks for one more chance to prove himself. Brady agrees that that seems fair and Victor acquiesces, warning Phillip, who interrupts, saying that he knows that Victor will call Brady in if he screws up one more time. Victor says he was going to say that if Phillip makes one more mistake, Melanie won’t be the only one looking for a new job.

Maggie greets Daniel and Kate and asks how Lucas is doing. Daniel listens uncomfortably as Kate explains that Lucas is devastated. Chloe gave him some nonsensical excuse for breaking things off by saying it was for his own good. Maggie says that does sound like nonsense and tells Kate to have Lucas call her if he needs anything. Kate says she still has hopes the weeding will be back on and excuses herself. Daniel tries to do so as well, but Maggie stops him, saying that he isn’t going anywhere.

Chloe sobs and tells Lucas how sorry she is and he adds that he deserves someone that won’t lie to him. She agrees and says that she is a horrible person, asking him to tell her how much he hates her. Lucas says he can’t do that because he loves her. Chloe sobs hysterically, saying that she still loves him, too.

EJ laughs and stroke Melanie’s face, telling her there are always casualties during a war. He heads off. Melanie squeaks, telling him he already won the war. She’s ready to sign the papers. EJ says they’ll see and walks off. Melanie sweats.

Now alone in the living room, Brady apologizes to Phillip, saying that he doesn’t even want to work with Melanie. In fact, he thinks Victor only let him have the Kaiser account because they got into an argument a few nights before. Phillip scoffs, saying that doesn’t make him feel any better as Kate comes in. Brady excuses himself as Phillip asks about her test results. Kate says she doesn’t have them yet, but is feeling optimistic. Pretty soon, she will be back on top.

Maggie tells Daniel that he’s a fool if he thinks Chloe is going to be with him. She doesn’t love him, she just loves the excitement and danger of the affair they had. Daniel says he doesn’t want to hear it, but Maggie warns him to rethink his plans if he is thinking of running off with Chloe somewhere. She barely knows him and if she thinks being with him is her happily ever after, then she is in for a rude awakening.

Lucas sarcastically tells Chloe that hearing her say that she loves him really makes him feel better about things. She sobs, saying she would take it all back if she could, but he must know that this had nothing to do with him. Lucas says he is tired of hearing her lies and her clichés. He tells her to go feed them to someone else and storms off. Chloe sits on a bench and sobs hysterically. A kindly, older man stops by the bench, asking Chloe if everything is alright.

EJ runs into Brady coming out of the pub. Brady asks him how Nicole is, and EJ makes a crack about how Brady sees her more often than he does. Brady says that’s a bit of an exaggeration and adds that he saw their wedding announcement in the paper. EJ tells him not to worried about it, since he isn’t invited. Brady retorts that he wasn’t looking forward to seeing Nicole make the biggest mistake of her life by marrying into his twisted family anyway. EJ cocks an eyebrow, saying a DNA test might show that he’s Brady’s family, too. Brady scowls as EJ explain that his father doesn’t look highly on disloyalty. If Brady persists on keeping his ties to the Kiriakis family, he might be fair game after all.

Kate tells Phillip that she wants him, her and Lucas to all go on a trip when it gets warmer. Phillip agrees as Victor walks in, and Kate asks if he can spare Phillip for a few days. Victor pointedly says they can manage and Phillip huffily excuses himself and heads off to the office, asking Kate to call him with her test results. Kate asks what is going on between the two and Victor explains that Phillip screwed up, and he called him on it. Kate asks Victor to go easier on Phillip. She explains that there are more important things in life than work, like family, friends and your health. Victor assures Kate that she will be fine and probably outlive all of them. Kate isn’t so sure about that, but she does have her priorities in order. From now on, she is going to devote herself to making sure that her boys are happy.

Lucas sits at the bar at the pub and looks through the menu. He tosses it aside and the bottles behind the bar catch his attention. Lucas stares at the liquor longingly.

Chloe starts to tell the man to mind his own business, but notices that he is a priest as he unties his scarf. He sits down besides her, saying that he can tell that she is troubled, and asks if she wants to speak with him. Chloe sobs, telling him that she has done a terrible thing.

The bartender comes up to Lucas, asking what he’ll have, and Lucas orders a bloody mary. Melanie walks over just then, asking if Lucas is Phillip’s brother. Lucas looks at her guiltily.

Phillip approaches the pub as EJ tells Brady not to take what he said lightly. Brady rolls his eyes, saying sarcastically that he’ll take it to heart. EJ heads off and Phillip storms over, asking Brady what the hell he thinks he is doing.

Victor tells Kate that her sons don’t need their mother hovering around and wiping their noses. Kate reminds him that he has his son and his grandson living with him. They both know that sometimes their kids need a little guidance. Victor asks if this has anything to do with Lucas’ inability to select a suitable mate. Kate sighs and says she just wishes she knew what went wrong with Chloe. Victor calls her a two-bit tramp who goes through men like a tornado. Kate defends Chloe, telling Victor that she feels that she loves Lucas, and was probably just scared of taking such a big step. Victor can’t believe she is defending Chloe, to him of all people. Kate sighs and says that she knows Lucas and Chloe are right for each other. It’s her job to get the two back together, and she vows to do so.

Daniel tells Maggie that he and Chloe never intended to hurt anyone, and he wishes she could understand that, Maggie says he can’t, and Daniel asks her to leave him alone, then. She refuses, saying Lucas is in pain right now, and he’s family. Daniel asks what she wants him to do. Does Maggie really think telling Lucas the truth is going to make things better? She says that Lucas will find out the truth sooner or later and feel likes a fool. She asks Daniel if he really thinks it’s better to let him find out later on.

Chloe sighs, saying she isn’t Catholic, but she if she were, she’d head straight to the confessional. Either way, she feels her soul is beyond saving. The priest tells her that is never the case. Chloe then spills her guts to the priest, telling him all about her difficult childhood, being adopted, having leukemia, and then having a wonderful marriage collapse right before he eyes. She stops, saying she can’t believe she is divulging all of this. The priest says she doesn’t have to say anything she doesn’t want to, but she says she needs to get this off her chest. She tells the priest that she is a slut.

Victor tells Kate that she is too forgiving of Chloe, but Kate counters that he is a curmudgeonly old bastard who never forgives anyone. He chuckles, asking if that is why she is so devoted to him. She says it’s because deep down, she knows he is a good person. Victor smiles, saying he is glad to see Kate in such good spirits and asks if it has anything to do with Daniel. She smiles and admits that she only broke it off because didn’t want to burden him with her illness after what happened with his wife. Victor asks if that means she still has feelings for Daniel, and she says she does. Victor thinks she should tell him so, and Kate grins, saying she plans on it.

Daniel tells Maggie that he and Chloe won’t be made to feel ashamed of being together. Maggie accuses him of being even more despicable than she thought. He should feel badly about how he has hurt Lucas and Kate, yet he doesn’t. She adds that he will have to tell Kate and starts to head off, telling him to watch out, as hell hath no fury like Kate Roberts scorned.

Chloe tells the priest that there are two men in her life, one of whom was her fiancé. She then goes on to tell the priest about sleeping with another man, and not being able to stop. She broke off her engagement, but she feels horrible and guilty. The priest asks if she is having second thoughts. Chloe isn’t sure, but admits she isn’t sure she made the right decision. She isn’t even sure if it’s her decision to make anymore. All she knows is that if anyone deserves to end up alone, it’s her.

Melanie introduces herself to Lucas, and he recognizes her as the girl living with Maggie. Lucas asks what he can do for her, and she says she needs his advice Lucas shakes his head, saying he’s the last person that can offer her any advice. She offers to buy him a drink, but Lucas snaps, asking her to leave him the hell alone. Melanie scoots off and calls him a jerk.

Phillip asks Brady how dare he talk to EJ about the fuel project. Brady says that wasn’t what they were speaking about, but Phillip doesn’t buy it. He demands that Brady stop stepping in on his projects. Brady sighs, saying that isn’t what he is trying to do. He adds that Victor is always going to be harder on Phillip since he is his son. Phillip tells Brady not to try to tell him the way things are and threatens to make sure Brady loses his job if he doesn’t quit usurping him.

Lucas stares at his bloody mary. He decides to call Maggie, telling himself he doesn’t want to drink this. As he is looking for his phone, he finds Chloe’s engagement ring. Lucas stares at it and flashes back to Chloe breaking up with him. Lucas grabs the drink and gulps.

At Maggie’s place, Melanie comes in to find Maggie taking some aspirin. She says she is trying to fend off a headache and Melanie says she knows what she means after her run-in with Lucas. Maggie asks what happened and Melanie explains that he was rude to her. Then he ordered a cocktail at like 8:30 in the morning, so that was weird too. Maggie gasps and asks if she is sure. Melanie says she is and Maggie rushes for her phone. She dials in a panic.

Kate finds Daniel at the hospital and tells him that she wants to get a drink and head to his place when his shift is over. Shocked, Daniel asks why she would want to do that. She says she has to tell him something, but notices something is wrong. He says that he needs to tell her something first, actually. She gasps, guessing that he got back her test results and has bad news.

Chloe thanks the priest for listening and says she feels better, even though she still has no idea what to do. The priest thinks he can give her some advice, if she is interested. Chloe says she is and the priest says that he knows exactly what she needs to do.

Phillip shows up at the DiMera mansion and pounds on the door, looking for EJ. He answers and tells Phillip to keep it down as he shouts that the jig is up between him and Melanie. EJ smirks and Phillip glares, vowing that the two of them are going to end this --right here and now.


Chelsea tells Stephanie, “I just don’t want you to give up on him yet because I know he really, really likes you.”

Stephanie catches Melanie and Phillip kissing.

Tony tells EJ, “You’re about to set up war with the Kiriakis family. You regard that as nothing.”

Lucas tells Maggie, “Tell me, I can handle it.” She replies, “Chloe is having an affair.”

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