Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/17/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/17/09


Written By Jenni
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At the pier, Melanie tells Phillip that there’s a way to get her back at Titan, and all he has to do is make a gesture of good faith. Phillip doesn’t understand what he needs to do and Melanie says he needs to get rid of a certain someone that doesn’t believe in him. Phillip scoffs, saying he would never give up Stephanie for her. Melanie glares, telling him that his loss is EJ’s gain.

EJ heads into Nicole’s room at the DiMera mansion and finds her in her robe. He thinks its too early for bed and she agrees, begging him to make love to her. EJ reminds her they can’t, as she just had a baby, but Nicole says she didn’t mean sex. EJ wasn’t aware the definition included anything else, but agrees to lie on the bed and be frustrated. Nicole giggles and pushes him on the bed, saying she has something else in mind.

At the courthouse, Hope comes out of the conference room and tearfully hands Bo her badge. She starts to walk off, but he stops her, saying how he sorry he is. She angrily says that she is, too.

At the pub, Chelsea tells Max that she’s a normal person with normal feelings, so of course she wants more from him than just friendship. Max gapes. Chelsea backtracks, telling him to ignore her and tat she just in a weird mood. Max asks if that means she didn’t mean what she said. Chelsea sighs and shakes her head, saying that isn’t it. Max smiles, asking if the words just slipped out. Chelsea says they’ll go with that and takes a seat to peruse the dessert menu. She tries to change the subject back to Stephanie, but Max isn’t interest, saying he doesn’t have feelings for Stephanie anymore. He admits he does have feelings--out of control ones--for Chelsea.

Stephanie heads into Kayla’s hospital room as she frets about her testimony on Hope’s behalf. Stephanie doesn’t understand the problem since Hope saved Kayla’s life. Steve explains that Internal Affairs investigates any time an officer discharges their weapon. Stephanie asks them if they really think that Hope might lose her badge, but Kayla says they aren’t worried about her badge. She might lose something much more important.

Phillip warns Melanie that she is playing a dangerous game. Melanie huffs, saying that he is about to blow everything over Stephanie, and that’s sad. Phillip shakes his head, wondering why Melanie has to constantly make trouble. Isn’t it enough that practically everyone in town despises her? Melanie says that not everyone hates her. She can tell Phillip appreciates her attributes. Besides, she accepts him for who he is, and she isn’t judgmental. Stephanie only likes the nice Phillip and that isn’t the real him. She says they make a great team and could be perfect together. Phillip scoffs, saying she sounds crazy. Melanie tells him to think it over. If he drops Stephanie he could have lot of moony, his father’s approval, and a woman that likes him just the way he is.

EJ lies on the bed smiling and thanks Nicole for being so creative. He hugs her, saying it feels really nice to hold her and touch her. Just then, Sydney fusses and Nicole heads off to get a bottle from the fridge in her closet. EJ’s phone rings and he answers. It’s Roman, who is returning his call. EJ says that he told Johnny Samantha was coming home, and the boy burst into tears. He misses his mother terribly and EJ wants to know where she is. Nicole comes out from the closet in time to overhear the last.

Phillip accuses Melanie of being incredibly audacious, but she thinks that he likes it. It’s certainly better than nice and boring Stephanie, and she can tell Phillip is already tiring of her. Pretty soon, he’s going to be saying ‘Stephanie who?’

Stephanie can’t believe Hope and Bo might break up. She wonders why things have to be so hard. Kayla asks if she broke up with Phillip and Steve asks what he missed. Did he do anything to hurt her? Stephanie says no and adds that Phillip can be very sweet, but she saw a ruthless side of him in business that she doesn’t like. She says she knows the two of them don’t like him, but she really thought she saw something good in him. She sighs, telling them to forget it anyway, because it’s over between her and Phillip.

Hope reminds Bo that she believed in all of his previous premonitions. And because he didn’t share this one with her, she shot Kayla. Bo reminds her that she saved her life, but Hope counters that nearly killed her instead. She says she’ll never be able to forgive herself for it. Bo doesn’t think she will be able to forgive him either.

Max tells Chelsea that he has had feelings for her for a while now, but she just wanted to be friends, so he respected that. She smiles and says she doesn’t feel that way, but she felt pressured to say it because of Stephanie. She knows she wouldn’t want them dating. Max says she will have to get over it, and Chelsea will have to get over caring what other people think. This is between them. Chelsea blushes and agrees, and Max tell her that he has often thought better of breaking up with her so long ago. He has thought to himself that if he got her back, he would never let her go again. Chelsea beams and kisses him.

Phillip says Melanie is insane to think he would ever date a lying bitch like her. Besides, he and Stephanie are growing closer all the time. Melanie says that frankly, Stephanie looks nauseous whenever he is in the room, so maybe he should do them both a favor and set her free. Phillip reminds her that he doesn’t have to make any deals with her. The alternative fuel project belongs to Titan, and if she is making a deal with EJ, then she is the one in the wrong. Melanie thinks it is killing him that he doesn’t have proof. Phillip scowls and tell her that if she screws over Titan, he will personally be sure to destroy her life. He storms off. Melanie giggles and says she hopes he does so.

Roman tells EJ that they’re just being cautious. After all, the killer could have been working with other people. He promises to call EJ when he knows more, and EJ thanks him and hangs up. Nicole ask who he was talking to, and EJ explains that he was trying to find out when Sami was coming home. He explains that the killer was caught a few days ago, but he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to upset her. Nicole says she isn’t upset at all, and sarcastically says that Sami coming home to take up all of EJ’s time is good news. In fact, she’s glad she’ll just be an afterthought. Nicole grows hysterical, saying she might even throw Sami a party for coming home to destroy her life. EJ sighs.

Philip arrives at Titan and suddenly remembers he left Stephanie at the pub. He gasps and calls her, but gets her voicemail. He apologizes for dashing out on her like that and vows to make it up to her. He asks her to call him.

Steve tells Stephanie that she needs to go ahead and dump Phillip now. It’s only going to get worse with guys like him--Steve knows that from experience. Stephanie insists that Phillip has never been mean to her, but Steve urges her to end it. She bursts into tears and he backs off, apologizing for trying to run her life. She says it’s ok, and that it’s basically over between her and Phillip, so he doesn’t have to worry. She hugs Kayla, saying she has to run, but will come to se her tomorrow. Se heads off. Steve tells Kayla that he just worries about Stephanie, but Kayla assures him she will be alright. It’s Hope she’s worried about. Just then, Roman comes in, saying he has news on Hope, but it isn’t what they want to hear.

Bo vows to make this right, but Hope tells him that IA has already rendered their decision. She adds that is also about more than just her losing her badge. Bo wishes there was something he could do to make this right. He wonders why he can’t just ask for her forgiveness so they can make up. Hope asks if he is making light of things, but he swears he isn’t. He can’t believe that after all they have been through, they’re going to let this come between them. Hope sadly replies that she wishes she could make it stop coming between them, but she can’t.

Melanie comes into the pub and catches Max and Chelsea kissing. She says she’s happy for them, but Chelsea doesn’t buy it. She says she has to go and promises to call Max later. She heads off. Melanie chuckles at Max, reminding him that she knew this would happen.

Stephanie meets Phillip at Titan and asks sarcastically where Melanie is. Phillip explains that she and EJ are up to something with the fuel project, and he has to stop her. Stephanie accuses him of it being about more than just the fuel project, and thinks that he will find a way to obsess over Melanie even without it. Phillip says he doesn’t have feelings for Melanie--in fact, he can’t stand her. He doesn’t want to be with her, but he’ll be damned if he lets Melanie and EJ take what’s rightfully his.

EJ tries to assure Nicole that Sami won’t come between them. He loves her, and they have a child together. Sami has absolutely nothing to do with that. Nicole sighs and flashes back to begging Dr. Baker to switch Sami’s baby for Mia’s. She reminds EJ that Sami likes to stir up trouble, but he vows not to let her come between them. Besides, she is still in witness protection, and EJ isn’t sure when she will be getting out. Nicole calms down and gives EJ the bottle to feed Sydney. Just as he begins, Stefano calls his phone. He doesn’t want to answer, but figures he will keep calling back, so EJ heads off to take it. Nicole feeds Sydney and sighs, telling her she has to figure out a way to make sure Sami doesn’t ruin everything.

Stephanie tells Phillip that he is finding excuses to keep Melanie in his life, but Phillip disagrees. She wonders why he can’t just be satisfied with what he has. He has a lot of money and runs a successful company. Isn’t that enough for him? Phillip says that satisfied people have no drive. He supposed he could quit this job and become a bartender to make Stephanie happy, but then he would be poor and depressed. Stephanie is in shock, wondering how he could be so mean to her. He apologizes, but says she has to understand that this fuel project is important to his career. He can’t just let it go. He moves in closer, adding that the only reason he is getting so upset is that he hates that he disappointed her. He says that he cares for her, and he really wants to start over. Stephanie isn’t sure they can, especially after she has seen this ruthless side of him. Phillip moves in for a kiss, asking her if she likes this side.

Roman tells Kayla and Steve that Hope has been suspended pending a further investigation. He vows to do all he can to help Hope and heads off. Kayla grabs her cell phone. Steve asks what she is doing. She says she is going to call Abe, and then the governor, and then whoever else she has to to get Hope’s badge back. She refuses to let Bo and Hope lose everything because of her.

Hope tells Bo that she will never get the image of Kayla lying on the floor bleeding out of her head. Bo begs her to let him do something. He thinks hey should be working this out together, not apart. He pleads with her to come home with him.

Nicole wakes up and finds EJ and Sydney gone. She starts to panic just as EJ comes in with the baby. She asks if Sydney is ok, and EJ coldly tells her the baby is fine. Nicole asks if something is wrong and EJ replies that something is very wrong--in fact it’s a nightmare of monumental proportions. Nicole quivers.

Steve takes the phone from Kayla and tells her that she has to let this go. She needs to try to recover, and Bo and Hope need to work this out on their own. After all, they have been through worse and come out fine on the other side. He is sure they will this time, too. Kayla sighs, saying she hopes that he is right.

Bo begs Hope to come home with him, asking her to do it for Ciara, if not for him. She says that she knows what is at stake here, but she can’t bring herself do it. She isn’t sure when she will be able to, either. She heads off. Bo tries to stop her but she ignores him. Bo frets.

Melanie continues to tease Max about Chelsea, saying Stephanie will never approve, but she does. Max starts to head off, saying he doesn’t want to talk about it, but Melanie stops him, wondering if he is going to ask her about Phillip, and how she finally has him right where she wants him. Max groans, saying he though he warned Melanie about her crazy plan to pit Phillip against EJ. Melanie smiles, saying she know it’s dangerous and reckless--that is why she is doing it. She giggles, saying she loves the adrenaline rush.

Nicole tells EJ that he is scaring her. He grabs her arm and angrily tells her that she must be fearless, considering how she has crossed the DiMeras. He vows that he and his father will exact a terrible vengeance upon her and starts to head off. Nicole cries, asking where he is taking her baby, and EJ says he is taking her to her mother--her real mother. He advises her to save her breath and start packing. He slams the door as Nicole shrieks. She wakes up in bed just then and sees that Sydney and EJ are sleeping. Nicole thinks to herself that it was just a dream, but she still has to make sure Sami doesn’t ruin her happy family. She vows not to let that happen while there is still breath in her body.


Victor tells Phillip, “I asked Brady to step in and see if he can do some PR with Melanie Layton.” He chuckles, “Are you kidding me?”

Melanie tells EJ, “I have to prove my loyalty to you, so I’ll do anything. Really--anything.”

Chloe begs, “Just tell me how much you hate me.” Lucas replies, “I can’t, because I still love you.” Chloe sobs, “I still love you, too.”

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