Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/16/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole reads a paper at the DiMera mansion as her phone rings. She answers and it’s Mia. She knows she isn’t supposed to call anymore, but she needs to talk to Nicole about her baby.

At the courthouse, Bo runs into Hope and asks why she isn’t returning his calls. She says it’s for the same reason she moved out--she can’t deal with what she did, and with what he didn’t do. She gives him a pointed look and Bo sighs, saying that they have to talk about this sometime. Hope shakes her head, saying that might not happen for a long time. It might never happen.

In her hospital room, Kayla struggles to get out of bed. Steve rushes in, asking what she is dong. Kayla says she has to get to the courthouse to testify at Hope’s hearing. Steve says she can’t leave her bed, but Kayla insists, saying that she has to make things right.

Melanie starts to leave the pub, but Phillip gets up from his table and stops her, asking her what is going on. Melanie sighs and says she is just bummed since she lost her job. He reminds her that she got caught stealing, but she insists the patents belong to her. At any rate, she now realizes she has lost the war, so she would appreciate it if Phillip stopped rubbing her face in it. Phillip narrows his eyes, saying that he knows she has done something. Melanie puts on an innocent look.

In Nicole’s room, EJ watches Sydney and speaks angrily to someone named Harold over the phone. He hangs up in a huff as Mary’s pops her head in, congratulating EJ on his wedding plans. He thanks her and asks her if she can have his things move back in to Nicole’s room. Mary agrees and heads off. EJ smiles at Sydney, telling her that if the three of them are going to be a family, then they should start acting like it.

Mia tells Nicole that she is backstage at the theater, and doesn’t have long to talk, but she just wanted to know how her baby was doing. Nicole sighs and flashes back to asking Dr. Baker to switch Mia’s baby for Sami’s. Mia interrupts her reverie, asking Nicole if she can tell her how her baby is. Nicole says she can’t, actually.

At the pier, Brady shoves Baker up against a wall and threatens to break his neck if he continues to threaten or blackmail Nicole. Baker wheezes and agrees to lay off. He starts to head off, telling Brady that he is surprised that he is on Nicole’s side since he knows what she has done. Brady says he knows what they’ve both done, and that Baker is in this up to his eyeballs. Baker shakes his head, saying he was forced to do things he wanted no part of. Brady asks what those things might be. Baker tries to explain, but Brady interrupts, saying he doesn’t want to hear it after all. He knows Baker helped convince Mia to give her baby up, and then there are all those other girls whose babies he sold. Baker says he understands his position, and agrees to leave Nicole alone, but he wonders why Brady cares so much about her.

Mia says she doesn’t understand why Nicole can’t tell her anything about her baby, and Nicole explains that she isn’t Mia’s baby anymore. Mia says she just can’t stop thinking about her and crying, but Nicole doesn’t think that’s healthy. She says that Mia has to be brave and strong for the baby and realize that she did the right thing. She then adds that Mia is never to call the house again. Just then, EJ walks up behind Nicole, asking who she is talking to.

Steve explains to Kayla that she is still too weak to get out of bed, but she says she must go testify and explain why Hope fired her weapon. If she does so, the maybe Hope won’t get in trouble and she can keep her job and stay together with Bo. Steve thinks that sounds like too many maybes, but Kayla tells him this is important to her. She asks if Steve will help her get there or not.

Bo and Hope continue to argue about him not telling her about his vision of her shooting Kayla. He tries to explain, but Hope says there’s no excuse. She loves being a cop, and now she might lose her job. Bo vows that they will think of something but Hope doesn’t want to hear it. He tries to apologize as Abe and Roman come over. They sense the tension and ask if they are interrupting. Hope glares at Bo, saying they’re finished, actually. She storms off. Bo sighs.

Brady tells Baker that he and Nicole are friends and go back a long way, not that it is any of his business. He tells Baker that he just needs to stay away from Nicole. Baker thinks Brady should do the same, but he insists Nicole is a good person and has a good heart. Baker snorts, asking if he is sure about that. He really can’t believe that Brady believes all of her lies and then calls Brady a fool. Baker storms off.

Nicole complains to EJ about a telemarketer getting her cell phone number. He says he’s pretty sure the person won’t call back after what Nicole said, and adds that he has to go out to do some work. She says it’s ok, as she wanted to spend time with Sydney anyway. They kiss and EJ thanks her for making him so happy. He heads off. Mia calls back and Nicole tells her she can’t talk. EJ is here, and she doesn’t want him overhearing. Mia tells Nicole that sometimes she seems nice and other times she doesn’t. Mia gets the feeling Nicole is faking it. Nicole starts to protest, but Mia interrupts, saying that she is thinking of coming home and taking back her baby.

Phillip demands to know what Melanie is up to, but she claims she hasn’t done anything. Phillip has taken advantage of her twice, and when she decided to fight back, she lost everything. Phillip lunges for her, saying he knows she has done something. Stephanie steps in at this point and asks Phillip to calm down. He accuses Melanie of being a liar as her phone rings. She walks away to take it. It’s EJ, and he says that the fuel plans she drew up checked out. She pretends to talk to Max and EJ gets that she can’t talk. He wants to meet her down by the pier. Melanie agrees and hangs up. She starts to head off. Phillip demands to know where she is going, but she reminds him he fired her and they don’t do business together anymore. She huffs off. Phillip calls her a bitch. Stephanie reminds him that Melanie is just trying to provoke him and is doing a good job. Phillip thinks something else is going on. Just then, Max and Chelsea walk in. Phillip asks if Max was just on the phone with Melanie. He gives Phillip a confused look and Phillip dashes out the door after Melanie. Stephanie sighs.

Chelsea and Max ask Stephanie what is going on between Melanie and Phillip. Stephanie sighs and says it’s just stuff. Max takes a hint and excuses himself to get the girls a couple of sodas. Stephanie confides in Chelsea that Phillip has been really cruel lately. He’s really trying to destroy Melanie’s life and is getting a kick out of it. Chelsea suggests the two talk through it, but Stephanie says they’ve tried and it hasn’t helped. Chelsea asks if Phillip is only mean towards Melanie and Stephanie nods. All of their problems go back to her.

Melanie meets EJ at the pier and he congratulates her on her photographic memory. She says it came in handy counting cards for her father at casinos. EJ hands her an envelope filled with cash and tells her that he and his father are interested in the rest of the plans. Melanie says she will hand them over as soon as they have a deal in writing, and EJ says he will have the lawyer draw them up and send them over in the morning. He ask Melanie why she left Titan. She says it isn’t important and that it doesn’t mean that she will bail on the DiMeras. She guesses loyalty doesn’t factor into everything, but EJ says sternly that it is important for him--especially when it comes to people being loyal to him.

Nicole tells Mia that she needs to think about her baby and herself. What she did is for the best. The baby is in a loving environment, and Mia is working on her career. Mia sighs, saying her career isn’t going that well. All she could get was a backup spot at a nightclub. Nicole tells her to give herself time to get a better job. She again reminds Mia that what she did was for the best, and that her baby will thank her for it someday. She tells Mia she has to go and hangs up. She groans, and says she really doesn’t need this. Just then, the doorbell rings. Nicole sighs, saying she doesn’t need that either. She opens the door to find Brady. He demands to know what she and Dr,. Baker did that he doesn’t know about. He asks what the two of them are up to. Nicole sweats.

Roman, Abe, Bo, and Hope, sit at a conference table with two other men and a woman. Roman explains to them that Hope discharged her weapon in order to save a hostage. Abe adds that the hostage is recovering nicely, which works in Hope’s favor. The committee asks Bo what happened and he explains that Hope did what she had to do by attempting to shoot the mayor’s assassin. He adds that the man could have taken Kayla’s life at any time. The committee members want to know if Hope lawfully discharged her weapon. Bo uncomfortably states that in a hostage situation, detectives are only supposed to fire under their superior’s direct order. One of the men asks Bo if he commanded Hope to fire. Bo hesitates, then admits that he did not. The other man asks Bo if he is sure he is willing to admit this, considering the detective is his wife. Hope stares at Bo. He sighs, saying that he is.

Melanie asks EJ if he will be able to handle the court injunction, and he says his lawyers will take care of it discreetly. She thanks him, adding that no one should know he has a head start in acquiring this project. EJ agrees and asks if there are any leaks on her end She admits she got help from someone, but the person doesn’t realize he helped her. EJ asks how she managed that and she just cryptically tells him that she’s smart. EJ agrees and starts to head off, saying he will be in touch. Phillip walks up just then and scowls, saying he isn’t surprised to see the two of them meeting. Melanie gapes.

Bo asks the committee to hear him out, saying that Hope has an impeccable record and that she is a wonderful detective. The committee isn’t interested in hearing any more testimony and thanks the three men for speaking. Roman can’t believe they won’t hear any more witnesses. One of the men tells him that they need to deliberate on the case and let them know their decision. Just then, Steve wheels Kayla in in a chair. She tells the committee that she is here to testify on Hope’s behalf and that she will be heard. Hope smiles.

Max comes back with the sodas as Chelsea and Stephanie end their conversation. Max wonders what the big secret is and Stephanie excuses herself to make a phone call. Max sits down with Chelsea and guesses that Stephanie thinks Phillip was some great guy, but Melanie has turned him into an SOB. Chelsea doesn’t want to go there, but Max fumes, saying she and Stephanie can blame Melanie all they want, but the only thing screwing up Stephanie’s life is Phillip.

Phillip says he can guess what kind of nefarious schemes EJ and Melanie are up to, but EJ scoffs, saying that his meeting Melanie isn’t a crime. Phillip reminds him that stealing proprietary information from a corporation is a crime. EJ rolls his eyes, telling Phillip to call the police, then. Phillip scowls. EJ says he will be on his way and asks Melanie if she will be alright. She says she will and EJ heads off. Philip snatches Melanie’s purse and takes out the envelope and cash. He waves it in Melanie’s face, saying that he knew something was up and asks her what is going on.

Nicole lets EJ in and tells him that nothing is going on. Brady explains that he spoke to baker about letting up on Nicole, and he made it sound like something more was going on. Nicole tells him to keep it down, but Brady wants answers. Nicole can’t believe he saw Baker, and chides Brady for confronting him. Now he knows about Baker and his baby brokering, and Baker knows e knows. She didn’t want to get him involved this way. Besides, she can handle Baker herself. Brady says it is too late now and asks Nicole what is going on between the two of them. Baker implied that Nicole did something more than just adopt Ma’s baby. Brady demands to know the whole truth.

Outside the conference room, Bo frets. Roman tries to calm Bo down, telling him that Kayla will convince them to do the right thing. Bo wishes it could have been him. Inside, Kayla tells the committee that the only person to blame for what happened that night is the mayor’s assassin. She adds will make a full recovery and she asks the committee to be lenient with Hope. One of the men reminds the other two that Kayla is related to Hope by marriage. Frustrated, Kayla tries to explain that that isn’t the reason she came. They thank her for her time. She sighs and looks at Hope, who mouths a ‘thank you.’

Max tells Chelsea that he is sorry, but Phillip is a heartless bastard. Stephanie walks over just then and asks Max to stop badmouthing Phillip in her presence. Max says that deep down, Stephanie must know how scummy her boyfriend really is.

Phillip tells Melanie that he knows that EJ didn’t give her this kind of advance based on one of her empty promises. She grins, saying she can be pretty persuasive when it comes to getting guys to give her what she wants. Phillip demands to know if she talked to EJ about the fuel project. She grins and pretends to try to remember. Phillip scowls, saying he knows she somehow got information about it and got it to EJ, but he isn’t sure how. Melanie laughs in his face, saying it’s funny to see him so clueless for once.

Nicole tells Brady he isn’t making any sense, but Brady says that Baker told him he had to do something for Nicole that he didn’t want to do. Nicole says Baker is a liar. He’s addicted to gambling and has outrageous debts, so he’ll say anything to get more money. Brady isn’t so sure, saying that Baker made it sound like Nicole was lying to him. She says she isn’t and scoffs, asking if he is going to believe a baby-selling gambling addict or a person he knows and cares about--namely, her?

Bo kisses Kayla on the cheek and thanks her for her testimony. Steve wheels her off. Roman tries to soothe Bo, but he frets, saying that this whole hearing is a fiasco, and shouldn’t even be happening. Just then, Hope comes out. She and Bo stare at one another.

Stephanie angrily asks Max to tell her how he really feels and heads off to go see her mom. Chelsea whirls on Max angrily. He gets defensive, saying he know what he did was wrong and he doesn’t need a scolding. Chelsea just wants to make an observation, but Max knows she is going to accuse him of still having feelings for Stephanie and it isn’t true. He just looks at her as a friend. Chelsea doesn’t believe him.

Melanie says she can tell that it makes Phillip angry to be laughed at. She knows he likes being in control, but he really has no proof she did anything wrong. Phillip throws her money on the ground and tells her to take it. She bends down, saying she isn’t too proud to pick up her money, and Philip tells her to get out of there. She agrees, saying he’s the boss, and heads off, laughing. Phillip scowls. Melanie turns back, telling Phillip that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Brady tells Nicole that of course he believes her over Baker. He just cares for her and worries about her. He hopes they can always be friends. Nicole says she hopes so, too, and tells him not to worry about her. She can handle things herself, and she wouldn’t keep anything from him. She asks him to leave before EJ comes back and Brady agrees, asking her to take care of herself. He heads off. Nicole sighs and picks up her phone. She calls Baker and asks him what the hell he is thinking, talking to Brady. Baker says Brady tracked him down and he’s lucky to be in one piece. He adds that he is surprised that Nicole is sleeping with another man, considering how much she seems to love EJ. Nicole scoffs, saying that she and Brady are just friends. Baker wonders when she is going to tell him about switching Mia’s baby for Sami’s and Nicole says she never is. She wonders why he would even bring that up. Baker tells her that Brady would have given up on her long ago if he weren’t so obviously in love with her. Nicole tell him not to be an idiot and says that she will call him tomorrow. She hangs up and heads upstairs.

Abe and Roman excuse themselves and promise to call Bo later. Bo shakily asks Hop how it went. She chokes back tears and hands him her badge. She walks off, sobbing. Bo sighs and shakes his head.

Chelsea tells Max that all he ever talks about is Melanie, Stephanie and Phillip and it’s boring. Max wonders why she even cares, and Chelsea says he would listen to what she has to say if he really cared about her. Max huffs, saying he feels like he is on trial. He only defends his sister because Stephanie and Phillip constantly attack her. He isn’t pining away for Stephanie and he wishes Chelsea wouldn’t look at him like that. She starts to storm off, agreeing not to look at him at all. He wants to know what’s going on and she asks him if he really considers Stephanie to be a friend--like he does with Chelsea. Max says he does but admits it’s a little different since the two are different people. He asks why she wants to know and if she has problem with it. Chelsea say she does. Max is confused and asks Chelsea what she means She explodes, telling him that he should just know. He says he is sorry, but he doesn’t. Does she want to be something more than friends? Chelsea admits that she does, and that she’s just a normal person with normal needs. So of course she wants something more.

Melanie tells Phillip that they can do business together, but he has to make a gesture of good faith first. He asks what she means, but she thinks he knows the answer to that. She asks him what it will be.

Nicole sits in her bedroom and tells Sydney that she just wanted to love her and her daddy, but then things got complicated. She is sorry Brady got in the middle of all of this. Just then, EJ comes in. Nicole greets him and kisses him, asking him to make love to her. EJ asks what she is talking about. They can’t be intimate because she just had a baby.


Phillip tells Melanie, “As if I’d give up Stephanie for you.” She replies, “Then your loss is EJ Dimera’s gain.”

Chelsea tells Max, “I have feelings for you and why wouldn’t I? I’m a normal person with normal needs.”

Nicole tells EJ hysterically, “I can’t wait for Samantha to come back to Salem and ruin my life. Hey! I’ll throw her a freaking party!”

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