Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/13/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/13/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Brady stops Stephanie as she heads into Titan, asking if she has seen Melanie. She says she hasn’t and Brady sighs, saying her office has been cleared out. Stephanie wonders what’s going on as Phillip walks over, telling the two that he fired Melanie.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Max sweeps up as Melanie comes inside. He asks if she has come back for the blueprints. She explains that she really needs them and begs Max to let her have them. She really needs his help. Max smiles, “Not on your life.”

At the convent, Grace shrieks. Rafe calls for Sami, but gets no answer. He awkwardly picks the baby up and tries to soothe her as Sami rushes in. She smiles, asking Rafe what he is doing. The baby wails and Rafe sighs, saying he doesn’t have a clue.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole feeds Sydney, saying she’s glad she’s ok and asking her not to scare her like that again. She sighs, saying that if one day Sydney learns the truth about her birth, she’ll understand that Nicole only did all of this because she loves her and her daddy so much. She miles, telling the baby that nothing matters to her besides them. EJ comes in just then and agrees, saying he’s done something and he hopes Nicole won’t be cross with him.

Sami takes Grace from Rafe and soothes her, joking that the big bad FBI agent isn’t as horrible as he seems. Rafe smiles and Sami sighs. She tells him that she loves Grace, but she misses her other kids. She says she wants to see Will, Johnny, and Allie.

EJ tells Nicole that he probably should have consulted her, but he wanted it to be a surprise. He hands her the newspaper, which is turned to the society pages. Nicole finds a half page article on her and EJ’s wedding. Apparently, the date is set for mid-march. Nicole asks EJ what is going on and he says he hopes she likes the surprise. Nicole sighs, saying that everyone in town is going to see this. EJ asks if that is a problem and Nicole says it is. She is upset that EJ would make this kind of decision without consulting her, and adds that it will be difficult to plan a wedding in just four weeks. EJ agrees that they can push the date back a bit and Nicole thanks him. He tells her that he wants her to go buy a wedding dress while he takes Sydney out for a walk. EJ writes her a check for ten thousand dollars and tells her to let him know if she needs more. He heads upstairs with the baby. Nicole looks at the check and thinks.

Brady lays into Phillip for letting a million dollar deal slip past him. He asks if Phillip is insane. Phillip glares, saying he caught Melanie at Titan the night before trying to hack into the computers to steal the blueprints. Brady and Stephanie wonder why she would do that and Phillip explains that he had her served with a court injunction keeping her from taking the project to the DiMeras. Brady flatly tells Phillip that he’s pissed Melanie off and now he’s totally blown it.

Melanie tells Max that the blueprints belong to her, but Max disagrees. The project belongs to Titan since Melanie made a deal with them. Nick sent Max these blueprints to keep them out of the wrong hands. Melanie huffs, saying she has a plan to bring Phillip and the DiMeras down, but Max asks her to really listen to herself. She’s an eighteen-year-old with no business experience, talking of bringing down two of the most powerful companies on the planet. She says he just has to trust her, but Max says he doesn’t. She is using a project that was intended for the good of the world to get back at Phillip, and Max isn’t exactly inspired with confidence. Melanie tells Max she’ll agree to cut him in if he helps her and then they can both be rich. Max pauses and Melanie smiles, asking if she has his attention now. Max shakes his head, saying Nick sent the blueprints to him in confidence, and he won’t betray his trust. Melanie sighs as a delivery person knocks. Max heads off to answer it and Melanie grumbles that she ought to just steal the plans. She decides to at least take a look at them and takes the papers out of the envelope Nick sent. Max comes back and shouts at her, but Melanie says she can’t understand the project anyway. She heads off, wishing Max a good day. Outside, she smiles, telling herself that Phillip is going down.

Phillip sighs, telling Brady that he caught Melanie stealing. Brady doesn’t think he should have forced a court order on Melanie. Instead, he should have tried to talk to her. Phillip says he did, but Melanie wouldn’t hear it. She just gets her kicks out of making his life a living hell. Just then, Brady gets a call from Nicole, asking him to meet her at the pier. Brady heads off, but warns Phillip they’ll be talking later. Phillip asks Stephanie if she agrees with Brady, but she says she has to get to work. He stops her, telling her that he tried to call her several times then night before. She says she knows, but didn’t answer on purpose. Phillip asks if it’s time for him to take her off of his speed dial. Stephanie sighs, saying she is just confused. It’s like the guy she fell in love with disappeared. Phillip says that guy might not have been him.

Nicole starts to head out the door but runs into Melanie, who is looking for EJ. EJ comes downstairs just then and explains that he and Melanie have business to discuss. He shoos Nicole off and lets Melanie inside. She smiles, telling EJ that she has a way for him to bring down Phillip, Victor and all of Titan. She asks if EJ is interested. He says he is.

Nicole meets Brady at the pier and hands him the check EJ gave her, thanking him for loaning her the money. Brady is surprised, saying he wasn’t expecting her to pay him back this quickly. He asks if she took care of Baker, and Nicole says she did. Brady thinks she must be thrilled this is all over, but Nicole fears it isn’t over with Baker or Mia. He asks if something happened, but she says sit hasn’t--yet. She thinks Brady is right and the other shoe will eventually drop. It’s just a matter of time.

Sami tells Rafe that she misses her kids and he reminds her that she can go home soon. She frowns, saying that that means leaving Grace behind. Rafe says she will be in good hands, and Sami now that’s true, but she still wishes he could take Grace with her. Rafe says she should, but Sami refuses. She has too keep her safe from the DiMeras, and now that EJ is with Nicole, she has to keep Grace safe from her, too. She shudders to think how Nicole acts with Johnny when she isn’t around. Rafe doubts anyone could be mean to a baby, but Sami says Nicole is capable of anything, especially since she hates Sami so much. She sometimes wishes she could call EJ and tell him about their daughter. He would drop Nicole in a minute. Rafe holds out his phone, telling her to go ahead and do it. EJ is just a phone call away.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he is no Max Brady. She angrily wonders why he would bring Max up and adds that she doesn’t want to turn him into Max or anyone else. She wants to love Phillip for who he is. She accuses him of tricking her. He pretended to be someone else so she would fall for him, and then he showed his true colors just as she did. Now it’s going to be hard for her to end this and he timed that perfectly. Phillip shakes his head, saying they were both wrong. Stephanie did fall for the person he really is. She likes the bad, scary side of him, and he knows she doesn’t want him to change.

EJ asks Melanie about the blueprints. She says she doesn’t have them, but she’ll produce them when the time is right. EJ chuckles, saying he knows all about the injunction and how she doesn’t have access to the documents. He also heard about her being escorted out of Titan last night. Melanie gasps, surprised that he knew that, but recovers quickly, saying she left the building with her smarts. EJ tells her to produce the blueprints or get out of his house. Melanie asks for a piece of paper and a pencil and EJ nods towards the desk. Melanie concentrates and starts writing.

Rafe asks Sami if she really thinks EJ would abandon Nicole and their baby when Sami has been the one lying to him. Sami scoffs, saying she has a good reason, and that EJ knows how she feels about his family. Rafe doubts he will be sympathetic to Sami and reminds her this whole ting could blow up in her face. Sami asks him not to be negative, but he says he is just trying to be real with her. EJ could end up taking Grace, and he and Nicole would be raising two of her children as DiMeras instead of just one.

Brady asks if Baker is still threatening Nicole, and she says she fears he might. She isn’t sure if he is going to be satisfied with the payment and leave her alone for good. She’s worried that he will tell EJ, and if he finds out she didn’t really give birth to their baby, she’ll lose him for sure. She tells Brady that she can’t let that happen.

Sami tells Rafe that she would never allow a court to give Grace to EJ and Nicole, but Rafe says she might not have a choice. A judge will take the fact that she kept this baby from EJ into consideration. Sami fumes, asking whose side he is on. Rafe smiles at Grace, saying he is on her side.

Brady tells Nicole she should be happy, since she got her baby and EJ. Besides, Baker has more to lose here than anyone. He was in the baby brokering business, and he could go to jail for a long time. Nicole says he isn’t the only one, but Brady assures her she has nothing to worry about. Mia gave her baby to Nicole willingly, so she wasn’t involved in Baker’s schemes. Nicole says she has to go, but Brady stops her, asking her why she is acting weird. She shut down on him when he mentioned Mia giving her the baby. He asks if there is something he doesn’t know. Nicole says there is, but says she doesn’t want him to know. She doesn’t want him involved in this in case it falls through. She doesn’t want EJ coming after him. Brady reminds her that he is already involved and says he is her friend, but Nicole says she really doesn’t want to burden him with this. She’s on her own now. He gives him a kiss on the cheek and heads off. Brady calls Nico, asking him to track down Dr. Baker from the clinic. He needs to know where he is right now.

Melanie finishes writing and hands EJ the paper. He asks what it is, and she says it’s half of the formula for the fuel project. She didn’t give him all of it, but she wants him to know she’s legitimate. EJ asks if he is expected to believe she memorized the formula. Melanie loftily tells him she has a photographic memory. She doesn’t know what those symbols mean, but she does know it’s an exact replica of what Titan has. EJ is skeptical and Melanie tells him she’ll take her project elsewhere, then. EJ stops her, telling her not to be so hasty.

Stephanie chides Phillip on his ego, telling him he’s wrong and that he’s being arrogant. Women like her and her friends want men to be kind and sensitive. Phillip says that may be true but Stephanie is different. She’s not such a good girl herself. He says he knows the real her. Stephanie backs off angrily, telling him not to presume to know her better than she knows herself. She says that she is angry and disgusted with him. He asks her out to lunch so they can discuss who she thinks she is, but Stephanie says she isn’t interested in the least and huffs off.

Later, they run into one another at the pub. Stephanie demands to know if he is following her, but he says he just came here to eat alone. She starts to leave, but Phillip stops her, telling her was wrong for trying to tell her who she was earlier. He knows she is a nice girl, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She says she is feeling pretty mean right now, but Phillip asks her for another chance. He just wants to start over. Stephanie says it isn’t that simple, but Phillip disagrees. He introduces himself and holds out his hand. Stephanie plays along and does the same Phillip kisses her hand, telling her it’s nice to meet her. Stephanie grins.

EJ tells Melanie that he may have underestimated her and agrees to make a deal with her, provided she hands over the rest of the formula. Melanie says she will, but she needs a monetary advance first. EJ agrees to have someone look over what she’s given him today and then he’ll get in touch. Melanie thanks him and heads off, running into Nicole on her way out. EJ asks if she found a dress, but she says she hasn’t yet. She came home because she missed the baby. EJ says she is still sleeping and hopes that Nicole isn’t angry with him about the wedding announcement. Nicole says she isn’t. It just made her realize she needed to get her ducks in a row. EJ asks if she has and Nicole says she hopes so.

Sami says that Rafe is right, and that this is about Grace. She just wants to do what is best for her. Rafe says she will. Grace will be able to come home with Sami soon, and she’ll make a great mom. He offers to go get lunch and Sami thanks him. He heads off and she tidies the room. She picks up the paper Rafe scattered and sees the article about Nicole and EJ’s impending wedding. She reads it and gasps, saying Nicole gave birth to a daughter the same day she did.

Phillip says that Stephanie isn’t talking much and she says she’s guarded when she first meets someone. She isn’t an extrovert like him. He says he isn’t one really. In fact, when he really cares about someone, he can be very shy and insecure. Stephanie doesn’t think he seems shy, but Phillip says he is. He really cares for her, and the last thing he wants to do is blow it. He leans over and kisses her. Just then, Melanie walks in and tells Phillip that she wants to let bygones be bygones between them. She heads over to the bar with a smile on her face. Stephanie wonders what that was about. Phillip isn’t sure, but says it can’t be good.

Sami thinks it’s weird that she and Nicole gave birth to EJ’s babies on the same day. She sighs and sees herself in the picture with EJ. She snaps out of it and throws the paper across the room, saying that she ought to show up at the church on Nicole’s wedding day and tell EJ everything. She tells Grace that she won’t do that and picks her up, saying that Nicole will self-destruct all on her own. Rafe walks in behind her as she tells Grace that she loves her and that she is her first priority. She will always make sure she is safe.

Brady meets Dr. Baker at the pier and asks if he remembers him. Baker does and wants to know how and why Brady tracked him down. Brady sassy he heard Baker had a lot of debt. He also knows Baker has been using his friend Nicole as his personal ATM. He grabs Baker by the lapels of his coat and warns him to stay away from Nicole. If he goes near her one more time, Brady will break his neck.

EJ and Nicole snuggle on the couch. He excuses himself to do a little work and Nicole sighs as he heads off. Her phone rings and she answers. It’s Mia. She knows she isn’t supposed to call anymore, but this is about her baby, and it’s important.


Bo tells Hope, “We’re going to have to talk about this at some point.” She replies, “Maybe not for a long time. Maybe never.”

Chelsea says, “Max, I shouldn’t have to spell this out for you. You should just know.”

Phillip tells Melanie, “You’ve done something.” She asks innocently, “Me?”

Nicole tells Brady, “Drop it.” He replies, “No, tell me what happened--now.”

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