Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/12/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/12/09


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At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady takes a stack of bills form the safe and hands them to Nicole. She cries and thanks him, hugging him. Just then, Victor walks in and asks what the hell is going on. Brady gulps and explains that he was just getting some money for Nicole. Victor huffs, saying he can see that, but he demands to know why.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ leaves Nicole a voicemail, railing on her for not only leaving the house so soon after Sydney returned from the hospital, but for also turning her phone off. EJ hears a door slam and hangs up, calling out for Nicole. Dr. Baker strolls in and EJ sighs, asking what he wants.

At the park (the set seems to have been merged with the pier set, so imagine the stairs of the pier with the shrubbery and benches in the park scenes), Lucas strolls and stares at Chloe’s engagement ring. He winds up and prepares to chuck it in the bushes, but changes his mind, saying that Chloe might change hers. Just then, Kate rushes over, saying she has been calling and looking for him everywhere. Lucas grumbles, telling her to go bother Phillip. He wants to be alone right now. She presses him for answers as to what happened between him and Chloe. Lucas explodes, saying she dumped him and the engagement is off. Kate groans, asking what the hell Lucas said to make Chloe do such a thing.

Chloe shows up at Daniel’s apartment and asks him to run away with her. He yanks her inside and asks what’s going on. She tells him she doesn’t feel like explaining She just needs to get out of here, and she want him to come with her. She asks if that isn’t what they both want.

At Titan, Melanie sits in the dark and signs onto the computer as an administrator. She finds the blueprints for the project and starts printing them, squealing about how happy EJ will be. Just then, Phillip walks in and grabs the papers coming out of the printer. He scowls, telling Melanie she has just made a huge mistake. She huffs as he shreds the documents, telling her it’s almost like watching her dreams of making money with the DiMeras go up in smoke. She claims the blueprints belong to her, but Phillip says the court injunction forbids her from showing them to another company. He chuckles at how predictable she is, and adds that he set her up. That’s why the admin login had no password. Melanie huffs, asking how he could do that to her. He laughs, saying that everything she has done tonight is caught on the security cameras. He tells her she’s going have to do the time now that she’s done the crime. He heads off chuckling.

Brady tells Victor that his reasons for giving money to Nicole are private. Victor says his safe is, too, and adds that he isn’t surprised to see Nicole with her hand out for money. He jokes, asking if she has run through the DiMera fortune already. She quips that it must be dawn, since he is home. Victor angrily says that he doesn’t care about the DiMeras, although he is sure Nicole is up to some nefarious scheme that she doesn’t want them to know about. All he cares about is Brady and he doesn’t want her involving his family members in her plans. He demands to know why Nicole needs money. Brady says she doesn’t have to tell Victor that--he will.

Lucas angrily tells Kate that he can’t believe she is blaming this on him. Kate says this isn’t the time for pride. He just needs to find Chloe and apologize to her. Lucas says he can’t. He doesn’t know where she is, or even what happened, really. Kate can’t believe Chloe didn’t say anything to him. Lucas thinks she might have gotten cold feet, or maybe she just doesn’t want to marry him. Kate can’t believe that. She says that she and Lucas are going to find Chloe and make things right, no matter what.

Daniel tells Chloe she needs to calm down and tell him what happened. Chloe explains that she broke off her engagement with Lucas, and now she is ready to be with Daniel. She begs him to run away with her to a new town. Daniel doesn’t understand why they need to leave and Chloe admits she didn’t tell Lucas about their affair. She knows that when Maggie find out they broke up, she’ll spill the beans, and she doesn’t want to be around when Lucas find out what kind of a person she really is. She begs Daniel to leave with her, but he says he can’t and he won’t.

Brady explains to Victor that Nicole loaned him some money and that he is just paying her back. Nicole jokes that they made a bet that Victor wasn’t an arrogant jerk and Brady lost. Victor tells her to keep her mouth shut. Brady explains that he was down and out when he returned to Salem and he wasn’t comfortable asking Victor for a loan after all that had happened. So he went to Nicole instead. Victor is suspicious, saying you usually can’t pry a dollar out of her hand with a crowbar. He finds it hard to believe she floated Brady so much money. Brady promises to pay Victor back, but he says it isn’t necessary, as Nicole isn’t leaving the house with the money. Brady says that’s fine, but he’s leaving with Nicole, and he isn’t coming back. Victor can’t believe Brady is defying him for Nicole. Brady insists this had nothing to do with Nicole and has everything to do with the two of them. He tells Nicole to leave. She protests, but he insists and Nicole heads off. Victor can’t believe Brady ignored the talk they had earlier. Brady thinks it was more like a lecture punctuated with insults, and reminds Victor he never would have trusted him if he had been honest and asked for the money upfront. Victor admits that’s true, but reminds Brady he just caught him with his hand in his safe. What’s trustworthy about that? Brady explodes, asking if this all has to do with his previous drug use.

Baker tells EJ that he heard about the scare with the baby, and wanted to come by to see if everything is alright. EJ says it is, and Baker is glad. He asks to see Nicole, saying he just wants to make sure she is ok, but EJ says she isn’t here. Baker agrees to catch her another time and starts to head off. EJ stops him, saying he shouldn’t expect to catch Nicole another time. In fact, he wants Dr. Baker to leave Nicole alone.

Melanie can’t believe how much of an SOB Phillip can be, considering he’s had everything in life handed to him on a silver platter. She tells him his little scheme wont work, and that he can’t touch her. Phillip laughs, saying he can’t, but her cell mate might. All he has to do is call the police and she’ll be arrested. He suggests they go look at the security footage, but Melanie stops him in his tracks, icily asking how the stocks opened this morning. Phillip glares. She says she knows the company isn’t doing well, and she thinks it will do even worse when she tells the world about how Phillip is railroading a poor innocent orphan. She swears that however badly she looks in this, he’ll look worse. Philip heads to the phone, wondering how her old buddies at the police station will take the news of what she’s done. She puts her hand over his, telling him there’s two reasons he won’t call. First, he doesn’t want the bad publicity, and second, he doesn’t really want her to go.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Max looks at the envelope he received in the mail a few weeks ago and tells Nick that he got it and that everything is fine. He makes small talk about Stephanie and Kayla, and then tells Nick that Melanie is alright. He adds that she asks about Nick a lot.

Dr. Baker asks EJ if there is a problem. EJ tells him that now that Nicole has given birth, she’ll be seeing her primary physician and will no longer need his services. Baker says he will go and smiles, saying it’s normal for first time fathers to be possessive of the mothers. Baboons do it as well as humans. EJ follows him to the foyer angrily, asking him what the hell he’s doing and what he wants with Nicole.

Brady tells Victor that he struggles with sobriety every day. What it makes it more difficult is that he lives in a household where disagreement is discouraged. He has to love who Victor loves and hate who he hates. Brady says he’s been forced to lie, and he refuses to do that anymore. Victor smirks, saying he can’t believe Brady feels oppressed because Victor disagrees with him on certain things. He asks Brady if he is blaming all this on him. Brady says he is glad this happened. Now that Victor caught him, they can really have it out. Brady just hopes Victor is ready.

Lucas tells Kate that they aren’t going to do anything about this and asks her to please just butt out of his life for once. Kate ignores him, wondering if setting the date is what freaked Chloe out. Lucas suggests that she might not want to marry him at all, but Kate is sure that isn’t it. Lucas sighs and shakes his head, saying she was unhappy this whole time and he didn’t even know it. Kate sighs, saying this isn’t his fault. She thinks maybe her bone marrow transplant and having to take care of Allie became too much for Chloe. She urges Lucas not to give up on their love, reminding him that he was a rock for Chloe through all that happened. Lucas doesn’t think she heard what he said. Chloe was unhappy, and he had no clue. She said she didn’t deserve him, but he feels more like it was the other way round.

Daniel brings Chloe a drink and tells her the breakup must have been hard. She says it was worse for Lucas, but Daniel thinks this is best for Lucas above everything else. Now he can be free and happy in the long run. Chloe says she just wants to get out of town, but Daniel says he won’t go with her. This is a mistake, and he can’t let her do it.

Melanie asks Phillip if there is another way to solve their differences. He calls for Ernie, a security guard, and tells him that Melanie is no longer an employee. Her security badge is to be confiscated, and if she’s caught on the grounds again, the police are to be called. Melanie wails that the project is hers, not Phillip’s, but he replies that possession is nine tenths of the law. She tells her to get out of here while he is in a forgiving mood. She vows to wipe that smug smile off of his face one of these days and heads out with Ernie. Phillip chuckles.

Nicole heads into the mansion with a shopping bag. EJ confronts her in the foyer, asking her angrily where the hell she has been.

Daniel tells Chloe that she should go away if she needs to, but he can’t go with her. He doesn’t want her associating her leaving Lucas with being with him. Chloe huffs, saying she left Lucas for him. Daniel thinks they just need to take things one step at a time. He wants her in his life, but she has to stop feeling like that have done something wrong. Chloe insists they have, but Daniel reminds her she ended that today. He assures her that Lucas’ world isn’t going to end, and neither is anyone else’s. He starts to kiss her, but his phone interrupts. Chloe groans, guessing it’s an emergency. Daniel looks at his phone and tells Chloe he hopes not, because it’s Kate calling.

Brady tells Victor that nothing is more important to him than his sobriety, but if Victor doesn’t trust him, then he shouldn’t be working for him. Victor accuses him of blackmail, but Brady shakes his head. He will still love Victor and be his grandson, but he doesn’t want to work for a person that tries to tell him who to be friends with. Victor says Nicole is no one’s friend, but breaks off, seeing that Brady is serious about this. Brady nods, saying that Victor has to level with him. Does he trust him or not?

EJ lays into Nicole, asking where she has been and why her phone was off. He angrily demands to know what was so important that she left her newborn daughter at home. Nicole tells him to prepare to feel like a jerk and thrusts the shopping bag in his arms. She explains that she went out and bought an apnea monitor, so they’d know if Sydney ever stopped breathing again. EJ softens and immediately apologizes. Nicole huffs, saying he should be sorry.

Chloe tells Daniel that it was stupid of her to ask him to run away with her. People actually depend on him, unlike her. Daniel says he depends on her and asks her to stay the night. He says she can’t. Daniel starts to kiss her, but his phone rings again. He sighs and heads off, telling Chloe she did the right thing. He shuts the door behind him. Chloe flops on the couch and sighs, telling herself she really burned her bridges tonight. She wonders where they go from here.

Victor asks Brady again why he was giving Nicole money and Brady sticks to his story that he was paying her back for a loan she made to him when he returned to town. Victor asks if anything is going on between the two of them besides friendship. After all, her baby almost died tonight, and she’s out trolling for cash. Brady insists Nicole loves her baby. Victor scoffs, saying she probably gave birth and then slithered away. Brady grabs his coat, saying he’s leaving. Victor asks where he is going, but he says it’s private, and that Victor will just have to trust him. He huffs off. Victor sighs.

Melanie storms into the Cheatin’ Heart, complaining about Phillip and his court injunction to Max. Max says Phillip has to run a business. Since he went to his lawyers, Max suggest Melanie do the same and show the injunction to Mickey. Melanie refuses. Max thinks something else must be going on that she doesn’t want people to know about. She admits that she hacked into Titan’s computer, trying to steal back the blueprints. Phillip caught the whole thing on tape, and she’s furious. Max thinks she’s lucky he didn’t have her thrown in jail. Melanie fumes, saying what’s going on between her and Phillip has become personal.

Phillip heads into the mansion, saying he thought Victor would be at the meeting hours longer. Victor grumbles that there isn’t much to meet about when no one has any money. Phillip pours a drink, saying Victor still has a lot, and he’s going to have even more. He tells him about catching Melanie hacking into the computers at Titan. Victor is thrilled, saying he wants their lawyers at the arraignment. Phillip says there won’t be one, since he didn’t have Melanie arrested. Victor is aghast and furious. Phillip assures him that they have the whole thing caught on tape and that they can use it whenever they want. Victor shakes his head angrily, saying he thinks he and Phillip disagree on the definition of ‘nailing’ Melanie.

Nicole comes back downstairs from checking on the baby and explains to EJ how the monitor works. He apologizes for yelling at her earlier. He doesn’t want to be the kind of person she feels she has to ask permission of before she leaves. Nicole says she understand why he was worried and reminds him of how difficult she was during her pregnancy. She sits on his lap, reminding him that she promised things would get better. She thinks this is the ‘better’ she was talking about. The two begin to kiss, but Nicole’s phone rings. EJ threatens to break it, but Nicole yells at him to stop.

Daniel meets Kate at the hospital, asking if she is ok. She apologizes for leaving him so many messages, saying she isn’t having a medical emergency. Daniel is confused and ask what is going on then. She admits that she shouldn’t have called, but old habits die hard. She confides in Daniel that she is very worried about Lucas.

Brady runs into Lucas at the park and apologizes for being late to Chez Rouge. He heard Chloe sang wonderfully. Lucas grumbles and heads off. Brady yells that it was nice talking to him. Just then, Chloe comes down the stars and asks Brady if he was talking to Lucas. He asks her what is going on with him, and Chloe begs him to tell her what Lucas said.

Nicole snatches her purse from EJ, claiming she has a surprise for him she doesn’t want him to know about. She turns her back and checks her phone as it buzzes. She struggles to hide the stack of cash back in her purse. EJ jokes about how she managed to fit the surprise in her purse, but she tells him the surprise isn’t inside, exactly. She asks him to go check on Sydney while she goes and puts something in the trunk if her car. She promises to be up soon and EJ heads off. Nicole opens the door to find Dr. Baker outside. She lays into him for texting her like that, but he says he had to let her know he was there. He asks if she has something for him.

Kate tells Daniel that one of the things that gave her solace during her recovery was knowing that Lucas was happy and in love. Daniel says that if the two had to break up, it’s best that it happened now, and not after the marriage. Kate sighs, wondering what happened to break the two up. She knows they were in love--you can’t fake that--so something must have come between them. Daniel sweats.

Brady tells Chloe that she should have asked Lucas how he was doing herself, but she says she can’t talk to him. She just wants to make sure she is alright. Brady asks if she wants to talk about it, but she says she doesn’t. She asks what he is doing here, and he explains he is catching a late AA meeting. It doesn’t start for another half an hour, and he encourages her to talk if she wants to. If not, he would still like her to stay. Chloe agrees and sits on the bench, sighing and reminding Brady of their high school days. She was so happy back then, but now she thinks she was just naïve. Brady tells her she can only take it one day at a at a time. It’s a stupid cliché, but it’s true. Chloe just wishes this day was over. Brady says it almost is. All she has to do now is figure out what to do with tomorrow.

Phillip doesn’t like the insinuation that he can’t handle his urges or his business. Victor wonders why he let Melanie go when he should have had her arrested. Phillip explains that he doesn’t want the bad publicity, and that he has no attraction for Melanie. She’s a money-grubbing thief. Victor reminds him that men often fall for less-than-virtuous women. He married Nicole, after all. Phillip sighs and tells Victor he isn’t interested in Melanie. He swears that she doesn’t have a thing on them and that this will all work out.

Max shows Melanie the envelope, telling her Nick sent him a copy of the blueprints. Melanie grins, saying Phillip isn’t going to know what hit him.

Nicole hands Baker the money and tells him it’s time to go their separate ways. He agrees, saying she finally got it all. She has a beautiful baby, a brutish husband and tons of servants. It’d be a shame if she lose all of it. He winks and heads off. Nicole slams the door, vowing not to lose anything she has--ever. She head upstairs.


Phillip tells Stephanie, “You thought you fell in love with someone else but you didn’t. That was me, and I don’t think you want me to change.”

Max asks Melanie, “Did you come back for the blueprints?” She replies, “I really need them, Max. You have to help me.” He grins, “Not on your life.”

Sami looks at the newspaper in confusion, “Nicole had a daughter--on the same day that I had Grace?”

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