Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/11/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/11/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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Near the pier, EJ wonders if he heard Melanie correctly, asking if she wants Phillip to die. Melanie says she didn’t mean it literally. What she means is that she’ll do anything it takes to get what’s rightfully hers. EJ says he is glad to hear that and takes out his phone.

At Chez Rouge, Phillip comes over to Stephanie, saying he wasn’t sure if he would see her tonight. He asks if she has come to a decision about their relationship, and Stephanie say she has.

Nearby, Maggie heads over to Daniel at the bar. She says she isn’t sure what is going on between him an Chloe, or why she ran out of here after singing, but she is going to make sure that Daniel doesn’t chase after her. Maggie thinks Chloe needs this time alone with Lucas. Daniel tells her it’s none of he business and stomps off.

Outside, Lucas asks Chloe why she doesn’t want to marry him. She sobs and tells him there are a lot of reasons, but she can’t explain them. Lucas reminds her they just set a wedding date tonight, and he demands to know why Chloe has suddenly changed her mind.

Inside at the bar, Stefano comes over to talk to Victor about Phillip, Melanie, and the court injunction. Victor would rather not discuss it, but Stefano barrels on, reminding Victor that he has never been one to use the law before. He just wants Victor to know that he has no compunction about breaking the law if he finds it necessary. Victor expresses mock surprise and Stefano chuckles, saying that now that they both know where they stand, he hopes the best man wins. He heads off as Brady comes in. He sees that he missed the auction and Victor grumbles about him being two hours late. Brady apologizes, explaining that there was a scare with Nicole’s baby and he was at the hospital with her, since they are friends. Victor snaps, telling Brady angrily that he doesn’t want to hear that girl’s name cross his lips again.

At the DiMera mansion, Baker tells Nicole that he just wanted to see how the baby was doing. Nicole says that Sydney is fine. Baker pushes his way inside and wonders what Sami would think of the name. Nicole doesn’t care since the baby belongs to her and EJ. Baker tells her that she had better do exactly as he says if she wants to keep it that way. Nicole tells him that their deal is off and has been ever since she learned about him being a baby broker. She threatens to send him to jail if he talks. Baker says he only committed crimes because she asked him to, and the more he thinks about it, the less bad jail seems. He claims he has nothing to lose. Nicole suggests nastily that he could lose his life. Baker grins, saying speaking of lives, if she continues to cross the DiMeras, she’ll have hell to pay.

Daniel shows up at the hospital to check on Kayla. She asks him about the silent auction, and he says it went well. Kayla presses him for information, asking slyly if he met any nice women. Daniel says he did, and that he met some nice men, too. Kayla apologizes for being nosy, but says she likes Daniel and she doesn’t want to see him so lonely. Daniel says that he isn’t and Kayla is glad, saying that must mean he does have someone in his life. Daniel stammers.

Chloe flashes back to making love to Daniel. Lucas interrupts, asking her why she wants to break things off. Chloe tells him she loves him. Lucas doesn’t understand why she would want to break off their engagement if that were true. Chloe sobs, telling him she really cares for him and Allie, so the best thing she can do for the both of them is to walk away.

Phillip and Stephanie sit at a table and she tells Phillip that after their fight, she went and talked with her mom. Kayla reminded her that her own father was working for Victor when they met, and she wasn’t sure he was right for her. Phillip nods, asking if that means her mom thinks they should get back together. Stephanie shakes her head, saying that Kayla advised her to break it off with Phillip for good.

Brady tells Victor that Nicole’s daughter was seriously ill and Victor again reminds Brady that it’s none of his concern. Nicole is engaged to EJ, so he is the one that should be dealing with her histrionics. Brady huffs, saying he can choose his own friends without Victor’s help, but Victor isn’t so sure he is doing a good job. Brady says he isn’t like Victor, and doesn’t hate just about every member of the human race. Victor scoffs, saying Nicole is more animal than human. Brady rolls his eyes and Victor reminds him that Nicole tried to kill him. He wonders where Brady’s family loyalty is, and more importantly, where his brain is.

Nicole tells Baker angrily that her daughter could have died today, and would have if she were still in Sami’s care. Luckily, Nicole got her to the hospital. Baker asks what was wrong and Nicole says it was just some reflux and nothing more serious. Baker asks her what she would have done if it had been more serious and if the hospital had needed her medical history. Nicole tells him not to lecture her. Baker throws his hands up, saying sarcastically that Nicole is doing a noble and selfless thing here. Nicole demands that he get out. Baker says she isn’t getting rid of him that easily.

EJ gets off of the phone and Melanie asks jokingly if he just went Tony Soprano on her. EJ says he did; she wanted Philip eliminated, so he took care of it. Melanie freaks out, saying that isn’t what she meant. EJ apologizes, saying he misconstrued how she defines the word ‘eliminate.’ He’ll try to read between the lines next time. Melanie asks suspiciously if he making a joke at her expense and he admits he is. She asks why he would scare her like that and EJ says he did because he can. She would do well to remember that in the future. He adds that he has a solution to her problem-- one that doesn’t involve homicide. Melanie thanks him profusely, but EJ stops her, saying she shouldn’t be thanking him just yet.

Phillip guesses this means goodbye and stars to head off. Stephanie stops him, saying she came here meaning to say so, but then she looked into his eyes and realized she isn’t ready to end this yet. Phillip asks why and she shyly tells him he knows why. He wants to hear her say it. Stephanie admits that she loves him, and he kisses her.

Lucas sarcastically tells Chloe that people often break off relationships when they’re in love with the other person. Chloe tells him not to make jokes and tells Lucas that she isn’t good enough for him. He doesn’t want to hear her ‘it’s me, not you’ excuses, but Chloe claims it’s true. After all, things got so bad between her and Brady that he turned to drugs. Lucas angrily tells her not to compare him to Brady. She says she did it to Phillip, too. She breaks the heart of every guy she comes into contact with. Lucas sighs, saying he doesn’t want to hear about her past relationships, because they don’t matter. What the two of them have is special and perfect, and she isn’t going to hurt him. He knows that. Chloe cries, saying she already has.

Victor tells Brady that his concern for Nicole is inappropriate. Brady retorts that she is his friend, and he refuses to shut the door in her face when she needs him. Victor replies angrily that Brady can expect to have some doors shut in his own face, then. Brady bristles, asking if Victor is threatening him. Victor scowls, saying he has a meeting to get to. He stalks off. Brady takes out his phone and checks it, quietly telling Nicole to call him.

Nicole demands that Baker get off her property. He refuses, wondering if she even loves this baby. Nicole swears she does, but Baker thinks he would have never taken her from Sami if that were the case. He tells her that she’s going to ruin this kid’s life--just like he will ruin hers, unless she comes up with ten thousand dollars in cash. Baker says he wants it tonight. He promises to be back later to collect it and heads off. Nicole shuts the door after him and frets. She grabs her cell phone and makes a call, telling someone she really needs their help.

Lucas asks Chloe how she could have already broken his heart. She starts to answer, but her cell phone interrupts. It’s Daniel calling. Chloe looks at Lucas guiltily as he asks who is calling her.

Phillip tells Stephanie he is glad to hear those words out loud and pulls her into another kiss. She thinks they should probably leave, as the restaurant is deserted. Just then, Maggie comes in and winks. She heads off as a slow song starts playing. Stephanie and Phillip kiss and dance.

Melanie asks EJ what his plan is, but he says it won’t work without blueprints for the project. She doesn’t understand and EJ tells her that his company can’t get behind her a hundred percent until they’ve seen the plans for the project. Melanie says she doesn’t have them. EJ tells her they have a problem if Phillip has them. He hopes she hasn’t planned to start spending the money she’ll make, because it could be awhile before she get her hands on it. He starts to head off , but Melanie tells him she doesn’t think the missing blueprints will be as big of an issue as he thinks . He says he is glad and heads off. Melanie sighs worriedly.

Nicole shows up at the Kiriakis mansion and Brady lets her in. He explains Victor is at a meeting, and she’s glad, because she needs his help. He asks if anything is wrong with the baby, but Nicole says she is fine and is at home with Mary. She tells Brady that Baker came by, demanding more money. She doesn’t have a dime, and if she doesn’t pay up, he’ll expose her and she’ll go to jail. She adds that she’ll never see EJ or Sydney again. Brady sighs and Nicole begs for his help. She lays it on thick, saying this isn’t about her anymore; it’s about an innocent child’s life. She begs Brady to help Sydney.

Stephanie and Phillip dance and she smiles, saying that having an entire place to themselves has become a trend lately. He laughs, thinking of their pool game at the Cheatin’ Heart, and asks Stephanie if she wants some lessons. He thinks she might really be able to beat him if he helps her. She tells him to name the time and place and he suggests they had over now. Stephanie agrees but says she has to freshen up first, heading off for the bathroom. Maggie comes over, telling Phillip the two make a cute couple and he thanks her for letting them stay past closing. Maggie says it’s no big deal and asks if he has heard from Lucas since he and Chloe rushed out. Phillip says he hasn’t and Maggie frets, hoping everything is alright.

Lucas asks Chloe who called, but she says no one did. Lucas sighs, telling her he doesn’t understand what went wrong. They love each other and she really brigs out the best in him. Chloe tells him he doesn’t know what he is talking about. She’s a horrible person. Lucas disagrees, reminding her of all she did for his mom. He thinks Chloe is the sweetest, most wonderful person he knows. Chloe explodes, yelling that he doesn’t know her at all.

Daniel puts his phone away and heads back in Kayla’s room. She laughs, guessing that he just called the woman in his life for a date. Daniel sighs and admits she’s right, albeit uncomfortably. Kayla apologizes for being nosy, but says she now sees why Daniel wouldn’t let them auction him off. He’s no longer an eligible bachelor. Daniel sighs.

Nicole thanks Brady for helping her, and he asks her how much she needs. She says she needs ten grand, but figures that would be small change for a trust fund baby such as himself. Brady sighs, saying there’s a reason it’s called a trust fund. Since his drug addiction, his access to the funds has been locked. Nicole sighs, saying there must be some kind of loophole, but Brady says there isn’t. She asks him about Titan’s funds and Brady balks, refusing to embezzle money for her. She promises to pay him back but Brady wonders how she will do it--with unemployment checks? Brady says he is sorry, but he can’t do it. He advises that she tell EJ the truth before she gets too attached to Sydney. Nicole freaks out, saying that Sydney is her life. How could he say that to her? She adds angrily that the baby might not be alive right now if not for her. Does he really think that Sami-- She breaks off guiltily. Brady asks her suspiciously what Sami has to do with any of this.

EJ heads into the mansion and finds Stefano waiting for him. He asks where EJ has been and he tells him that he’s been taking care of DiMera business. Stefano chuckles, assuming he has met with Melanie and asks EJ if she took the bait. EJ sips a cocktail and smiles, saying she took it hook, line and sinker.

Melanie sneaks into Titan with a flashlight and heads for a computer. She uses Phillip’s name to login, but it asks for a password. Melanie frets and bites her nails, wondering what Phillip’s password could be.

Nicole covers quickly, saying that she was thinking of the fact that Sami has a child with EJ already and wondered what she would have done in her place. Brady thinks it’s irrelevant. Nicole sulks, saying Sami always gets what she wants. She has three kids and Nicole just wanted one. She asks Brady what he thinks might have happened to Sydney if she had been with Mia when she stopped breathing. Brady admits he isn’t sure. Nicole reminds him that he already saved the baby’s life by keeping Sydney a secret. Brady thinks her justifications are pretty lame. Nicole sighs, saying that Mai is in Japan. If her secret comes out, the baby will have nowhere to go. She begs Brady to help her, reminding him again that she could go to jail and lose everything if Baker spills the beans. She realizes that Brady is trying to be upright and moral, but she wonders how helping Sydney could turn out to be the wrong decision. Brady wavers.

The man that served Melanie with her court injunction heads into Chez Rouge. Phillip thanks him for his hard work earlier. Stephanie comes out of the bathroom and listens angrily as the man tells he hated seeing Melanie squirm like that. Phillip gives him some cash, saying he didn’t mind it a bit. Stephanie scowls.

Kayla asks if Daniel is going to tell her about his mystery woman, but he says he has to get back to work. Kayla apologizes for making him so uncomfortable, but says she has noticed he hasten been himself since he and Kate broke up. She just wants to say that she is glad he is moving on with his life, and hopes to see a smile on his face again sometime soon. Daniel sighs.

Chloe tells Lucas that this is best for both of them. She isn’t good enough for him, and he just has to trust her on that. Lucas refuses, saying he doesn’t think she knows what is best for him. What’s best for him is them getting married and spending the rest of their lives together. Chloe sobs and takes off her engagement ring. She hands it to Lucas. He reminds her of when she lost the ring and he dove in the river after it. She swore never to take it off again. Chloe sobs hysterically, telling Lucas how sorry she is. She adds he’ll never know how much and rushes off in tears. Lucas sighs.

Stefano asks EJ if he was discreet, and EJ jokes that he was reckless and the whole thing will probably blow up in their faces. He chuckles, saying that Stefano needs to trust him. Stefano says he does, but it’s Melanie he doesn’t trust. He heard how out of control she can be and that worries him.

Melanie tries sports teams as Phillip’s password but none of them work. She sighs and tries ‘password.’ Suddenly, the system locks her out and the computer beeps wildly. Melanie curses.

Nicole promises to pay Brady back ,but he says this isn’t about money. She sighs, saying she knows he is sick of bailing her out, especially since he doesn’t care for the DiMeras. Brady says she is right, and he already had to listen to a lecture about her and the DiMeras from Victor. He adds that the only place he could get the money is from Victor himself, and he wouldn’t even dare ask him, as he is sure Victor would disown him if he knew what he has already done for Nicole. Victor is disgusted and angry at the fact that they are even friends. Nicole apologizes, saying she should never have asked him for help and starts to head off. Brady stops her, saying she did ask him though, and he hates to see her unhappy. He has decided to help her. Nicole throws her arms around Brady and sobs, thanking him.

Stephanie asks Phillip what’s going on, and he says he was just discussing business. She asks him angrily if he is still planning to ambush Melanie. He says he isn’t, and that he is just doing what is best for Titan. He already explained that he wouldn’t apologize for that. He suggests they forget about all of this and just go have a good time, but Stephanie refuses, saying she now knows what she has to do. She tells Phillip goodbye and stomps off.

Lucas stares at Chloe’s engagement ring and cries.

Daniel answers his door to find Chloe there. She asks him to run away with her-- tonight.

Melanie makes a call to security and pretends to be Stephanie. She claims she just hit the wrong button on the computer and they don’t need to send anyone up. She thanks the person and hangs up. Melanie retries figuring out Phillip’s password, and guesses that it’s ‘Stephanie’ but she’s wrong. She sighs, then remembers she can log in as an administrator. She does so and squeals when it works, saying EJ is going to be thrilled.

Stefano tells EJ he will be up to read Sydney a story soon. EJ heads upstairs and runs into Mary, who asks if he’d like to feed the baby. He asks where Nicole is, but Mary isn’t sure. She just said she had to go out.

Brady tells Nicole that this will be the last time he helps her and she vows not to ask again, saying she’ll write a promise in blood if need be. Brady heads to a safe behind a mirror. She asks if Victor is going to be home soon but Brady says hospital meetings take hours. He starts to dial the combination but he gives Nicole a pointed look and she turns her back. He takes out a stack of bills and hands them to Nicole. She thanks him and sobs, hugging him. Just then, Victor walks in, asking what the hell is going on.


Melanie tells Max, “At first it was about the money but now--Phillip and me? It’s personal.”

Lucas cries, “Chloe dumped me. Are you happy?” Kate demands, “What the hell did you say to her?”

Victor tells Nicole, “You’re going to tell me right now what you need that money for.” Brady replies, “She doesn’t have to. I will.”

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