Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/10/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/10/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Nicole tells EJ that she can’t keep him in the dark any longer. He asks what she means and she explains that this is all her fault. She brought this on them. She flashes back to switching Mia’s baby for Sami’s. Just then, Lexie walks in. EJ and Nicole rush over, asking if Sydney is ok. Nicole asks hysterically if she will live.

In Kayla’s hospital room, Daniel checks her temperature and asks how she is feeling. Kayla says she is better, but not well enough to go the fundraiser, so Daniel will have to take her place. She says she was thinking of auctioning off a date with him, since he is one of Salem’s most eligible bachelors. Daniel says he would rather not participate. Kayla asks if he is seeing someone else, but he says no, and that he just doesn’t feel comfortable doing it. Just then, Stephanie comes in an Daniel heads off. She asks how Kayla is. She says she is fine, but she can tell something is wrong with Stephanie.

Chloe heads into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Phillip putting his coat on. He tells her Lucas and Kate are in the living room and asks if Chloe is alright, adding that it looks like she has been crying. She says she is fine and asks if he is going to Chez Rouge alone. Phillip isn’t sure. Chloe asks about him and Stephanie but he just smiles sadly and walks off. Chloe heads into the living room and Lucas and Kate greet her. Chloe apologizes for being late and Kate smiles, saying they can’t set a date without the bride. Lucas ask where she has been. Chloe flashes back to romping with Daniel. She looks at the two guiltily.

Lexie tells Nicole and EJ that Sydney is fine and off of the ventilator. She assures them there wont be any long-term affects and Nicole asks if they can take her home. Lexie says she needs to run some tests first to get to the bottom of the baby’s apnea. She says she already knows about the DiMera’s medical histories, so she just needs some information on the mother’s. Nicole sweats. She asks Lexie what kind of information she needs and Lexie says she wanted to know about a history of asthma. Nicole is pretty sure no one in her family had that and Lexie asks them if Sydney was born prematurely. EJ says she wasn’t. Lexie shrugs, saying she still needs to rule out some metabolic disorders, like seizures and tumors, but Nicole and EJ are sure they don’t have a family history of either. Lexie asks if they have had had any SIDS-related deaths in their families. EJ groans, saying it’s every parent’s worst nightmare. He remembers that Sami was terrified of it happening to Johnny, so she may have had a history of it in her family. Nicole turns pale and says she doesn’t feel well. She collapses as EJ rushes to support her.

Phillip shows up at Maggie’s place and Melanie asks what he is doing there. She assumes he came to change her mind about taking the fuel project. Phillip again accuses her of leaving Titan over jealousy of Stephanie but she chuckles, asking Phillip how hot he thinks he is. She would never jeopardize a million-dollar deal over a cute guy. He tells her he thinks she’s being self-destructive and asks her if the fact that he and Stephanie broke up would change anything. Melanie doesn’t buy it, but Phillip says it’s true. Melanie asks why they split up and Phillip says it’s because of Melanie.

Stephanie says she came to cheer Kayla up, not the other way around, but Kayla says it will do her good to be able to help Stephanie. She urges her to spill her guts, asking if something has happened with Phillip. Stephanie nods, confiding in Kayla that she thinks it’s over.

Lucas jokes that he and Kate were getting ready to send out a search party. Kate chuckles and tells Chloe they were thinking of setting the wedding date on Valentine’s day, if that is ok with her. Lucas hopes she doesn’t find it too cheesy. Victor walks in and laughs, saying St. Valentine was never one of Chloe’s patrons. He advises Lucas to put the wedding off a little longer and suggests setting the date for the week after never. Chloe rolls her eyes angrily.

EJ sits Nicole down on a chair and asks if she needs to lie down. She thinks she is ok. EJ asks what Nicole wanted to tell him earlier and she explains that she doesn’t want to hurt Sydney. That’s why EJ has to hear the truth. Just then, Stefano rushes over and interrupts, asking how Sydney is. He glares at Nicole and asks her what she has done, calling her an irresponsible idiot. She and EJ gape.

Melanie chuckles, saying she hates to hear a story of true love fizzling out. She asks Phillip what his fight with Stephanie was about, and Phillip explains that Stephanie didn’t like the way he was treating Melanie. She questioned his character over it. Melanie wonders why Stephanie cares and Phillip says he isn’t sure. The bottom line is that she was right. He didn’t mean to make her experience at Titan negative, but he wanted to make sure they knew where they stood. Melanie says she does know. He only cares about her patent, not her. Phillip explains that she will be making a mistake if she leaves the company. She’ll lose the thing she wants most--him.

Stephanie tells Kayla that Phillip isn’t the man she thought he was. She knew he was a Kiriakis, but she thought he was more like Bo, not Victor. He’s ruthless and willing to do anything to get ahead, and she isn’t sure she can be with someone like that. Kayla chuckles, saying that said the same thing once--about Stephanie’s father.

Chloe says that a Valentine’s day wedding sounds perfect and Lucas hugs her, telling her how lucky he is. Kate heads over to Victor and lays into him for being so cruel to Chloe. Victor shakes his head, saying of all people, he figured Kate could see right through that phony bitch. Kate sighs, saying she was thinking of asking him to have the wedding here, but that was a mistake. Victor tell her it won’t come to that. The whole thing is going to go up in smoke before the wedding day. Kate watches as Chloe and Lucas kiss and giggle.

EJ lays into Stefano, asking how dare he come in here and blame Nicole over something that isn’t her fault. He adds that this is something that happens all the time, and what Stefano did was cruel. It’s obvious that Nicole is in pain. He goes over to comfort her as Stefano grumbles. Lexie comes out and tells EJ ad Nicole that it’s the best-case scenario and that the baby just had some minor reflux. Lexie has some special formula for them and tips on how to keep it from recurring in the future. Nicole thanks her tearily and asks if she can see Sydney. Lexie says they both can and EJ and Nicole head off. Stefano tells Lexie that there’s something off about Nicole. She scoffs, but he says he is serious. She is a schemer born and bred, and he is sure Nicole is up to something nefarious. Stefano vows to find out what it is. EJ and Nicole hold Sydney in a hospital room and kiss joyfully.

Kate comes into Chez Rouge and greets Maggie. She tells her about Lucas and Chloe setting a wedding date, but Maggie seems more surprised than excited. Kate wants her to cater, but Maggie flatly refuses. Valentine’s day is her own anniversary, so she is taking the day off. Kate is upset, but says she understands. Lucas and Chloe come over and Maggie rather coldly congratulates Chloe on the wedding. Kate ad Lucas head off so that Kate can practice her speech on him. Maggie tells Chloe that Valentine’s day is soon and asks if Daniel knows about her setting the date. Chloe wonders why he would know, and says it doesn’t matter if he does. She is marrying Lucas, and she and Daniel are over--forever.

Melanie jokes with Phillip, putting on a fake southern accent and saying she’s doing all this just to get his attention. Phillip laughs, but tells her to knock it off. He wants to know why she isn’t meeting with the DiMeras if they are so anxious to get her project. Melanie slyly asks him what he would say if she told him the deal with the DiMeras is done. What would he do to get her back at Titan?

Lexie lays into Stefano, reminding him that EJ is happy for once, and Stefano is trying to screw that up. He says that he just wants to protect EJ ,but Lexie says he doesn’t need protecting from the woman he loves. She reminds Stefano that what happened to the baby was not only minor and non-life-threatening, it also wasn’t Nicole’s fault at all. It’s ridiculous that he came in here hurling insults and making it out to be a catastrophe. Stefan abashedly admits that he may have overreacted. He agrees to apologize and Lexie heads off. Stefano shakes his head and mutters.

Chloe and Lucas dance. Just then, Victor and Daniel walk in, and Chloe stiffens, looking at Daniel uncomfortably. Luca backs off and asks what the matter is, but Chloe says she is fine. She looks at Daniel guiltily.

Nicole talks to Sydney alone, telling her she nearly told her daddy the truth about the woman who gave birth to her. Nicole vows she would have done it in a heartbeat if it meant saving her life, but luckily, it didn’t come to that. Now her secret will be safe forever. The camera pans in on the doorway where EJ is listening.

Phillip doesn’t believe that the deal with the DiMeras is done. He thinks Melanie would be out buying cars right now, not eating cookies in Maggie’s kitchen. Melanie admits that the deal isn’t done quite yet, but it will be soon. She reminds Phillip that he didn’t really care about her or the project until he lost them both. She accuses him of only wanting what he can’t have.

Stephanie isn’t so sure her mom should be comparing her dad to Phillip. Kayla thinks so. She reminds Stephanie that her dad was a genuine bad guy when she met him. Stephanie says he gives her the credit for turning him around, but Kayla says he did it all himself. Deep down, he was a good person and had a big heart. Stephanie says she would like to think the same of Phillip, but she is having trouble doing so after what she overheard earlier. Kayla says she understands Stephanie just wants a guy she can respect. Stephanie agrees and Kayla tells her she deserves that. She shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Kate gives a speech for the people attending the hospital fundraiser. She tells them all about how the hospital helped save her life, and also saved her donor’s life before that, making it possible for them both to live. Throughout, Chloe and Daniel stare at one another. Kate asks everyone to pull out their checkbooks and donate. Maggie gets up to the podium next and says the silent auction will begin shortly. Daniel and Chloe stare some more. Daniel walks toward her, but Chloe rushes off, clearly upset. Daniel sighs.

Later, Stefano comes over to Kate, joking about how he wishes she would have put herself up on the auction block. Kate smiles, saying she’s not for sale tonight. He asks her if he can do this the regular way--meaning he wants to call her and take her out one night-- but Kate isn’t so sure. Stefano understands that she is probably seeing someone else and asks her to call him when she is free. Kate agrees.

Later, we pan in on Maggie, telling the group that an anonymous donor gave a hundred thousand dollars. Everyone gasps and applauds. Maggie adds that there’s a note saying that the donation is given in Kate’s name, because of her courageousness. The camera pans in on a smiling Stefano. Kate applauds tearfully. Maggie says another donor has asked that Chloe Lane sing--it’s her fiancé, and he’s donated a thousand dollars. Chloe smiles, telling Lucas she would have sung for free for him. He smiles and tells her he knows how much she has missed singing for an audience, and then he heads off. Chloe stares at Daniel, then sees Maggie and rushes off.

Victor grumbles to Daniel that he would have paid ten times that not to have Chloe sing. Daniel wonders where Victor’s dignity is and tells him to lay off with the cheap shots. Victor wonders what is going on with him, knowing Daniel to usually be very respectful. Daniel says he is just going to talk with someone else but Victor stops him, accusing him of caring for Chloe. He thinks something must be going on between the two of them.

EJ comes into the room, asking what his two girls were talking about. He adds that he got the discharge papers and Nicole smiles sadly, saying it should have been like this when Sydney was born--just the three of them. EJ tells her he isn’t upset about missing the birth anymore--he just feels blessed to have both of them in his life. Nicole promises they will both be around forever. EJ smiles and the two head off with the baby.

Melanie tells Phillip to leave, but he checks his watch, saying he wants to wait a few more minutes. Just then, someone knocks at the door. Phillip opens it and a man comes in, asking for Melanie Layton. She identifies herself and he hands her an envelope, telling her she’s been served. She gasps as the man heads out. Phillip smiles, telling her it’s a court injunction forcing her to stay with Titan. She can’t believe he was just stalling so she would receive the papers and Phillip grins, saying he won. She tells him he hasn’t won by a long shot. She is never going to do business with him after this little stunt. Phillip says that she has no choice but to and adds that she is stuck with him. He wishes her a good night and heads off grinning. Melanie groans.

Stephanie asks if Kayla is saying love an change a person. Kayla says it can sometimes. The bottom line is that she wants Stephanie to be with someone that treats her well and puts her first, and she isn’t sure that that guy is Phillip, even if he happens to change a lot. Stephanie thanks her tearfully for her honesty and Kayla apologizes, saying that probably wasn’t what Stephanie wanted to hear.

Daniel says he sees another colleague of his and starts to head off. Victor guesses he has his answer but Daniel says he doesn’t. He is sick of the insinuations about him and Chloe. They’re just friends and he isn’t a threat Lucas. Victor says he is worried about Daniel, not Lucas. Daniel says Lucas is the one marrying her, not him. Victor grumbles that he plans to be out of the house that day. It’s bound to be a disaster. Just then, Chloe starts signing a love song to Lucas. We pan in on Nicole and EJ bringing Sydney home. Daniel watches Chloe singing and smiles. She gazes at Lucas, and then glances at Daniel guilty.

Nicole puts Sydney in her bassinet as EJ encourages her to come sit with him on the couch. She hates to leave the baby, but EJ reminds her she’s fine. Just then, he gets a call and walks over near the foyer to take it. It’s Melanie, angrily demanding to know why he stood her up. EJ says his daughter was in the hospital, but Melanie is sick of hearing his excuses. She wants to meet with him now, or their deal is off. EJ hangs up. Nicole whispers to Sydney that they’re home free.

Chloe continues to sing to Lucas and dart guilty glances at Daniel. Phillip and Victor watch. We pan to Stephanie sadly holding the tickets to the silent auction. Chloe finishes singing and Daniel applauds loudly. Phillip tells Victor everything with Melanie has been taken care of. Lucas congratulates Chloe as Daniel comes over. Chloe takes one look at him and rushes off. Lucas heads off after her to see what’s wrong. Maggie and Daniel stare after the two.

Nicole hears a knock at the door and answers to find Dr. Baker. She didn’t think she would ever see him again, but he reminds her he gave her her baby girl. He expected a thank you note and a bottle of wine at the least. Nicole glares, asking him what he really wants.

EJ meets Melanie at the pier and she lays into him for not returning her phone calls. He sternly tells her she won’t be calling the shots in this relationship and she retorts there won’t be one unless he takes care of her little problem. EJ asks what he can do for her and she tells him to eliminate Phillip.

Phillip pulls Victor over to the bar and asks if Lucas and Chloe are ok. Victor hopes not. He congratulates Phillip on getting Melanie under control, but Phillip says he won’t feel confident until the project is in production. He asks Victor if he has seen Stephanie and Victor says he hasn’t. Phillip admits that he was expecting her just as she walks in. Phillip takes one look and gives her an appreciative wink.

Daniel leaves Chloe a voicemail, asking her to call him and telling her that he loves her.

Chloe sobs and tries to pull off her engagement ring as Lucas approaches. He asks her what is wrong and she sobs, saying she is sorry, but she can’t marry him.


Melanie says, “Thank you, EJ, I knew I could count on you.” He replies, “I wouldn’t be thanking me just yet if I were you.”

Baker tells Nicole, “I got nothing to lose Nicole.” She replies, “How about your life?”

Maggie tells Daniel, “You’re not going after her.” He replies, “It’s none of your business.”

Lucas says, “You’re the sweetest--“ Chloe interrupts with a shriek, “I’m not who you think I am!”

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