Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/9/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/9/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the convent, Sami lies on a bed, sleeping. Rafe sneaks in and heads into another room. Sami wakes up and calls for him, but he doesn’t answer. She goes back to sleep.

Abe and Bo head into Bo and Hope’s house. Abe says he wants to hear what happened between Hope and Kayla and Bo says that he blew it. It’s all his fault.

Hope heads into Kayla’s hospital room, asking if she can ever forgive her.

At Titan, Phillip tries to greet Stephanie with a kiss but she backs off. She tells him she overheard him and his father talking about Melanie. He asks how much she heard, and she replies that she heard enough to know he isn’t the man she thought he was.

In the park, Melanie leaves EJ a voicemail, wondering why he hasn’t returned any of her calls. She nastily tells him that she’d be more than happy to take her project somewhere else, since he doesn’t seem to be interested. She hangs up just as Max walks over, asking her what she has gotten herself into now.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tries to soothe EJ. He demands she go check on Sydney and she heads off reluctantly. EJ turns on Brady, saying he doesn’t know why he always shows up here to fight with Nicole, but he is going to find out. Just then, Nicole shrieks that there is something wrong with the baby. EJ and Brady rush in. Nicole hysterically tells EJ that Sydney isn’t breathing. She begs one of them to do something.

Phillip asks Stephanie what kind of a man she thinks he is, and she says not a very good one. She heard him and Victor threatening to bury Melanie if she walked with the fuel project. Phillip says he didn’t mean it literally, and was just angry. Stephanie says she has been angry before, too, but she has never threatened someone that way. Phillip wonders why she is protecting someone she can’t stand and Stephanie loftily declares that she would protect any woman against the awful things Victor and Phillip were saying. Phillip says he is sorry, but he refuses to be a nice guy and let Melanie walk away without a fight. He’ll do whatever it takes to get this project back for Titan. Stephanie asks if that includes destroying Melanie. Phillip repeats that he’ll do whatever it takes.

Melanie tells Max that she isn’t up to anything. She has just decided to move her fuel project from Titan over to the DiMeras. Max groans, asking her why she always has to ruin everything. He doesn’t think she can happy unless she is screwing things up.

EJ thinks the baby needs CPR but no one knows how to perform it on a baby. Brady suggests they call an ambulance, but Nicole says there’s no time. She yells that they have to get to the hospital now and rushes out the door. EJ runs after her.

Abe doesn’t understand how Bo blew it, reminding him that he shot the mayor’s killer and made it so that Sami could come home. Bo says he betrayed the woman he loved. He had a vision of Hope shooting Kayla, but he never told Hope, as he thought he was just going crazy. After all, why would Hope ever shoot Kayla? Now Hope is being investigated and she won’t speak to him. Abe asks what kind of vision Bo is talking about. Bo says it’s the kind that may have saved his son’s life.

Kayla tells Hope that she forgives her, of course, and they hug. Kayla adds that she knows Hope was just trying to save her life. Hope sighs, saying she isn’t sure she will ever get that moment out of her head. She just wishes she would have known. Kayla asks what she means and Hope explains that she never shouldn’t have been at the hospital or anywhere near Kayla that day.

Sami paces her room as Teresa comes in, asking if anything is wrong with the baby. Sami says no and asks if Teresa knows where Rafe is. She has looked everywhere for him, but he’s gone. Teresa explains that he had a meeting with his boss, but will be back soon. Sami sighs, saying she just has this awful feeling that she is never going to se Rafe again.

Brady, EJ, and Nicole rush into the hospital with Sydney, who’s shrieking. Nicole runs over to Lexie and explains that the baby stopped breathing, and is now gasping for air. Lexie takes her and promises to find out what’s wrong. EJ and Nicole hug and she cries, saying she can’t lose her baby. She flashes back to telling Sydney that Sami can have that other baby, and that Sydney was meant to live with her and her daddy. Nicole comes back to the present and tells EJ she can’t lose her--not after everything she did to bring her home to them.

Stephanie can’t believe that Phillip would be willing to destroy someone over money. Phillip chuckles, saying money is important, unless she wants to live in a lean-to and live off the land. Stephanie isn’t in the mood for jokes. She can’t believe that money is all he can think about when he is already disgustingly rich. Phillip asks if she resents him for that, but Stephanie says she resents him for being heartless. Phillip groans, saying that manipulative bitch Melanie broke a deal they had and wants to see their company destroyed. He isn’t going to have a heart when it comes to her, and he also can’t understand why Stephanie has taken up her cause. Stephanie reminds Phillip that Melanie is a human being. He screams that they had a deal with Melanie, and he won’t let her break it. He says he is just trying to show Stephanie that he isn’t a bad guy, but she says she cant believe that after all she heard him and Victor say. Phillip chuckles, telling her this is business and this is how the corporate world works. It’s not about being a nice guy. Stephanie thinks that sounds like something his dad would say and Phillip admits that they are a lot alike. He tells Stephanie that now that she is starting to find out what kind of person he really is, she’s free to walk away at any time.

Melanie assures Max that the DiMeras will take care of her. He asks her what Phillip has done this time, and she says he just didn’t show interest in her project. Max asks if that really means he wasn’t interested in her and she huffs, saying she and the project are a package deal. She grumbles that Phillip is too busy sleeping with Max’s ex to care about her. Max groans and Melanie immediately apologizes, saying she just needs Max to leave her alone. Max refuses. He wants to know what she is getting out of starting this bidding war. He knows she’ll get money and power, but he is also pretty sure something else is going on.

Bo reminds Abe of what happened on Christmas Eve, and how he fell off the ladder and hit his head. Abe remembers that Bo was worried about Theo and asking about him shortly before he went missing. Bo nods. Abe gasps, asking him if he saw Theo go missing in a vision. Bo says he did, and then later saw him falling down the stars at the mansion. That’s why he called the paramedics. This time, though, he didn’t warn Hope; he just asked her to stay away from Kayla. Abe reminds Bo that he didn’t want to alarm Hope, and didn’t keep this secret from her cavalierly. He thinks Bo should just try to explain himself to her, but Bo says it is too late.

Hope tells Kayla that Bo had a vision of the shooting before happened, but didn’t tell her, claiming that he thought she wouldn’t believe him. Kayla asks if Bo has been keeping these vision to himself, but Hope explains he told one other person. Just then, Steve walks in.

Teresa is sure Rafe will come back and asks Sami what’s wrong with her. Sami sighs, saying she isn’t sure. She and Rafe didn’t get along at first, and they still have their moments, but she considers them to be good friends. He’s sweet and funny, and she liked the way Rafe took care of her and was protective over her. She sighs, saying she has just gotten used to that.

Lexie tells EJ and Nicole that Sydney is fine, but they have her on a ventilator until they can figure out what’s wrong. Lexie heads off as Nicole begs for answers. EJ assures her the doctors are doing their best, but Nicole doesn’t think that’s good enough. She sobs, telling EJ that her baby can’t die. Her life would be over without her. EJ tries to comfort her as Brady looks on, shaking his head.

Kayla gasps, asking Steve if he knew about Bo’s vision. Steve asks Hope for a few moments alone with Kayla. Hope nods and pecks Kayla on the cheek, heading off. Kayla asks Steve again why he didn’t tell her about the vision. Steve stammers and tries to explain but Kayla doesn’t want to hear it. She asks him angrily what’s the matter with him.

Stephanie thanks Phillip sarcastically, saying she knows she has the right to walk away. He shrugs, saying what you see is what you get with him and she obviously doesn’t like what she sees, so she’s free to pack it in. Stephanie practically cries, asking Phillip if that is what he wants. He says she is the one angry and calling him a ruthless bastard. Stephanie sighs, saying she doesn’t want to end this. She meant what she said about falling in love with him. Phillip thinks she just loves an idealized version of him that don’t exist. Stephanie disagrees, saying she loves the person she knows he can be. She knows he is capable of making good decisions that don’t hurt other people. Phillip asks what happens if he isn’t capable of doing so. Stephanie says that it will mean it won’t work and she will end their relationship.

Max asks Melanie why she refuses to let go of Phillip and accuses her of being in love with him and wanting to marry him. Melanie says that isn’t so, but it isn’t out of the question. After all, Phillip is rich and attractive. Max tells her to forget it, since Phillip doesn’t return her feelings. Melanie flashes back to kissing him and says she wouldn’t be so sure. Max scoffs, asking her if Phillip is secretly in love with her even though he is seeing Stephanie. Melanie says those two are just temporary. Stephanie is too serious for him, while Melanie has everything he wants--beauty and brains. She also has the fuel project, so she is going to continue playing EJ against Phillip. She is sure it will be successful. Max shakes his head, saying it won’t be for her, anyway.

EJ hugs Nicole and heads off to get her some tea. Brady comes over and puts his hands on her shoulders, trying to comfort her. Nicole sobs, telling Brady that what happened to Sydney is all her fault. She did this. Brady gapes.

Steve explains to Kayla that Bo wasn’t sure about the vision. Since he was so skeptical about the validity of it, he and Bo decided to just try their best to keep Hope and Kayla apart. Kayla sighs, wondering what the harm was in just telling her and Hope the truth. She practically cries, reminding him of the harm he could have caused and did cause by keeping it from her. Steve says he is sorry and acted stupidly. He vows to do anything he can to make it up to her.

Hope comes back home and Bo asks how she is feeling. She says this is about Kayla, not about her. Bo sighs, telling her he got her a surprise to make up for what happened. He pulls out some plane tickets and tells Hope that he planned a trip to Hawaii, knowing she has always wanted to go back. Hope says she doesn’t want to go. Bo asks her to think about it, saying the trip isn’t scheduled until a few weeks form now, but Hope says she won’t want to go then, either. She launches into a tirade, telling Bo to stop trying to smooth this over and dismiss her feelings. She says she won’t ever let him do that again.

Rafe heads into Sami’s room at the convent, but she isn’t there. Teresa walks in and explains that Sami is walking the grounds with Grace. She was really worried about Rafe, so Teresa is glad he is back. She had to force Sami to go get some air, so she’d calm down. Rafe says she will have to get used to making it without him. Teresa asks how his meeting went, and Rafe tells her it was disastrous.

Brady asks Nicole how this could be her fault and he wonders how he can even ask her that after what she has done. Brady tells her that now isn’t the time to blame herself. This is about the baby. Nicole cries, saying he can’t even say it’s her baby. She adds that it isn’t and she thinks that is why she is being punished. She sobs.

Phillip tells Stephanie that if he lets Melanie walk out of here with a million dollar deal, his father will fire him, and would deserve it. Stephanie asks him if pleasing his father is more important than what’s right and what’s wrong. Phillip thinks that he and Stephanie don’t agree on the definition of what’s right. Has she ever thought of that?

Melanie assures Max that she has the situation under control, but Max doesn’t buy it. He reminds her that EJ is a shark in a suit and Phillip is just as bad. He’s worried about what they’ll do, not what she will. Melanie grumps, saying she knows what she is doing. Max asks her what will happen if Phillip doesn’t work neatly into her plan. Melanie smiles grimly, saying she either gets Phillip or she takes him down.

Hope tells Bo that she can’t stop thinking about what she could have done differently. He never should have given up her weapon. Bo reminds her that she did what she had to to save Kayla’s life. He won’t stand here and allow her to blame herself. If she has to place blame, he wants her to place it on him. This is all his fault. He begs Hope to let him do something for her to try to make this right. Hope says there isn’t anything he can do---there was once--but now there’s nothing he can do.

Brady tells Nicole that she isn’t being punished. Things are random, and life doesn’t work that way. She cries, saying he isn’t helping. She feels like she finally knows what it’s like to love, and she can’t lose Sydney. Brad hugs her and she sobs. EJ walks over with Nicole’s tea and stares at the two.

Steve wishes he could do something to make this up to Kayla. He puts an arm around her and cries, saying he thought he had lost her. Kayla kisses him, saying he didn’t. She says she isn’t angry, she’s just grateful to be alive.

Hope tells Bo that she has given it a lot of thought, and she has decided to stay at Doug and Julie’s they’re out of town. Bo asks about Ciara and Hope says she will take her with her. Bo asks if he has any say in this. Hope heads off to pack, telling him not make this harder than it already is.

Rafe tells Teresa that he had to lie about what happened between him and his killer to his boss. Teresa says that she finds it odd he is still guarding a woman that doesn’t need to be guarded and Rafe explains that is why he had t lie. Teresa reminds him he is putting his career on the line and she guesses that he is doing this for Sami. She thinks he must care very deeply for her.

EJ gives Nicole her tea and asks if there is any news on Sydney. Nicole says no, and EJ tells Brady that he can leave. Brady says he wants to stay and Nicole reminds EJ that Brady is just being supportive. EJ doesn’t agree and asks Brady what is really going on between the two of them.

Max tells Melanie that he has seen shrewd and experienced people go up against Victor and fall flat on their faces. He thinks Melanie is too naïve and inexperienced to pull this off. Besides, Phillip is only interested in the fuel project. Melanie says she plans on using the project as bait to make Phillip fall for her. After a while, he will forget what attracted him to her in the first place. She says that Max just has to agree to keep his mouth shut, and everything will work out for her.

Stephanie reminds Phillip that he wanted to help Melanie at first, but now he wants to destroy her. Phillip says she can’t possibly understand or judge, but Stephanie says she does understand. Phillip says he’ll put it another way and lays into her for eavesdropping. He tells her he doesn’t need to be with someone who wants to reform him or who thinks she is better than him. He huffs off. Stephanie sighs.

Hope brings a suitcase downstairs and Bo begs her to explain why she has to do this. He says he knows she is angry at him, but he wasn’t sure about the vision, and he is having a hard time getting through this too. He needs his partner. Hope says she is sorry and sobs, adding that she has to do this. She says she will pick Ciara up from school and heads off in tears. Bo angrily knocks everything off the table and stares at the door wild-eyed.

Sami comes into her room and finds Rafe. She asks him a million questions about his meeting and he chuckles, saying he can only answer one at a time. He explains that he told his boss about his theory of the killer having a partner. He got permission for them to stay here for a few more days. Sami throws her arms around Rafe, thanking him and telling him how much this means to her.

Brady tells EJ that mending relationships is part of the twelve-step program. EJ calls him a fool and demands he leave. Brady asks Nicole to let him know how Sydney is doing and she agree. Brady heads off angrily. Nicole tells EJ that she is the fool. She ruins everything she touches and it isn’t fair to him. She has to tell him the truth.


Victor asks Daniel, “It’s because you care about her, isn’t it? God, there’s something going on between you two.”

Kayla asks Stephanie, “So what is it? Is it Phillip?” She replies, “I think it’s over.”

Melanie asks, “You and Stephanie broke up?” Phillip nods, “Yup.” She scoffs, “Over what?” He replies, “You.”

EJ and Nicole ask Lexie, “How is she? How’s Sydney? Is our baby going to live?”

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