Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/6/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/6/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Titan, Phillip greets Stephanie and they talk about Kayla, who has been taken out of intensive care. Phillip says that Stephanie should take the day off, and she says she will leave soon, but felt like she had to see him. She thanks him for coming with her to the hospital and admits that his being there was the only thing that held her together. She adds that she had a great time before everything happened, and she meant what she said Phillip says he meant what he said, too. He’s falling in love with her. Stephanie grins, saying she is falling in love with him, too.

At the park, Melanie flashes back to overhearing Phillip ask Stephanie if she regretted what happened before they got the call about her mom. Melanie comes back to the present and scoffs, saying she doesn’t care if Stephanie and Phillip are doing it. She just wants to shake things up a little--starting now.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor asks Brady if Melanie is looking at other companies to finance the fuel project. Brady says that Phillip thinks the DiMeras have gotten to her, but he is pretty sure Melanie is still in their camp. Victor sighs, wishing he could teach Brady a thing or two about women. He thought Melanie was a charmer at first himself, but now he realizes she is like a lot of women both Victor and Brady have known--they like nothing better than to bring men down.

At the hospital, Maggie hugs Lucas as Daniel looks on. Lucas asks if she is here to see Kayla and says he thought Chloe was here. Maggie says Chloe left and tells Lucas that there are something he needs to know about her. Daniel flashes back to kissing Chloe passionately. Lucas asks what Maggie has to tell him, and she sighs. She says it’s difficult, but it simply must be said.

Lexie runs into EJ at the pub and congratulates him. He apologizes for not calling, saying this is really the first moment he’s left the house. Lexie asks if the baby is gorgeous and EJ beams, saying she is beyond perfection. Lexie says she was headed over to the mansion to see the baby and asks EJ to accompany her. EJ says he isn’t sure now is the best time.

At the DiMera mansion, Chloe asks Nicole what she has done. Nicole flashes back to telling Sami’s baby that she doesn’t belong to Sami anymore, and adds that Sami can have Mia’s baby. Back in the present, Chloe tell Nicole she can’t say something like that and then just clam up. What has she done? Nicole says she did something wonderful. Chloe wants specifics.

Lucas tells Maggie that Chloe has already told him everything about herself and he has done the same. They both have past issues, but they completely trust each other. Kate comes in just then and greets Daniel, saying she wants to speak with him. She spots Lucas and asks Daniel to hold on. She heads over as Lucas tells Maggie to say whatever she’s going to say, but Lucas is sure Chloe has already told him. Maggie sure Chloe hasn’t said anything about this. Kate comes up behind her in time to hear the last.

Chloe urges Nicole to tell her what’s going on, saying that she spilled her guts earlier. She tells Nicole she shouldn’t keep secrets, but Nicole says it isn’t like that. Chloe guesses this has something to do with Sami. Nicole stares guiltily at the baby. Chloe gasps, asking if Sami has something to do with Sydney. Nicole nods, saying she has everything to do with her.

Kate reminds Lucas that they have a lunch date soon to discuss the wedding. Lucas says that Chloe will probably be late, since Maggie just saw her leave the hospital. He adds that he and Maggie were having a private discussion and she interrupted. Kate apologizes profusely, and says she will see Lucas soon. She heads over to Daniel. Lucas gets a call and takes out his phone, telling Maggie it’s important to Kate to set a date, and considering her health, he doesn’t want to fight her on the issue. Maggie agrees uncomfortably. Kate tells Daniel she got bad news. She just learned something that could destroy Lucas and Chloe’s future. Lucas tells someone he’ll take care of it and hangs up. Maggie tells Lucas she had forgotten he was setting the wedding date today. Lucas asks if she has a problem with that.

Melanie heads into Titan and runs into Stephanie, who’s getting ready to leave. Melanie says she is sorry about her mom getting shot and is glad to hear she’s better. Stephanie nods in acknowledgement and heads off. Phillip asks Melanie if she is ready for the fuel project meeting, but Melanie says there won’t be one. Frankly, she is having second thoughts about Titan. Phillip doesn’t understand and she explains that the lack of professionalism is making her think her project won’t take off here. She complains about the lab taking too long, decisions taking weeks to be make, and the fact that the CEO is visiting with his sex kitten in the middle of a work day instead of doing his job. Phillip glares.

EJ asks Lexie about the hostage situation and Kayla’s surgery. Lexie really doesn’t want to talk about it and says she is just glad Kayla is ok. EJ apologizes, but says he only brought it up because this news means Sami is coming home, and he needs to have a private conversation with Nicole about it. Lexie says he understands and asks EJ how he feels. He says Johnny will be thrilled. Lexie asks if he thinks Nicole will be angry. EJ hopes she knows his family is with her now. Sami is the mother of one of his children, but that’s all she means to him now. Lexie thinks if he feels that strongly, then he should go ahead and marry Nicole.

Nicole reminds Chloe that she knows how upset she was when she learned Sami was pregnant with EJ’s child. Chloe apologizes again, saying she thought Nicole had forgiven her for not telling her sooner. Nicole says she has, of course. She’s actually glad Chloe didn’t tell her sooner, or things would have probably worked out differently. Chloe asks what she means and Nicole says that she means she’s glad Sami isn’t telling EJ about the baby. She doesn’t know if she has given birth, but she is sure Sami will never give up her secret. Chloe says she should be happy, but Nicole says she’s not .She hates keeping this secret from EJ, but she has no choice in the matter. Chloe agrees and tells Nicole to let her know if she can do anything to help. Nicole says she needs one favor from Chloe--and then everything will be perfect for herself and EJ.

Kate tells Daniel that she worries about Sami coming back just when Lucas seems to be so happy. She has to do what she can to keep Sami out of his life. Daniel says that she shouldn’t interfere if either Lucas or Chloe are having second thoughts, but Kate doesn’t want to hear it. Just then, a nurse comes over, ready to do Kate’s blood work. She apologizes for dumping all this on Daniel and he’s sorry he couldn’t be more help. Kate smiles, saying it’s no big deal . She knows he has hers and Lucas’ best interests at heart.

Maggie tells Lucas that she isn’t sure he and Chloe know one another well enough to take this step. Lucas insists that they do. He says they know each other to the very core and love each other very much. He assures Maggie that everything is fine. He heads off. She tears up and stares worriedly at Daniel.

Nicole asks Chloe to swear never to tell anyone about Sami, her baby, or the fact Nicole knows. Chloe says that’s easy and swears. Nicole says she has to mean it. She has clawed and fought to get where she is, and she will lose everything if EJ finds out that she kept this from him. Chloe vows never to tell a soul. Nicole thanks her and Chloe smiles, saying she couldn’t tell anyone she told Nicole except Lucas, and he’d be angry she blabbed. Chloe sighs, sayings still doesn’t know what to do about Daniel. Nicole reminds her that she is in control of the situation. All she has to do is decide which guy she wants and go for it. Chloe thanks her for the advice and heads off.

Phillip tells Melanie that Stephanie isn’t his sex kitten, and she shouldn’t talk about her that way. Besides, she has nothing to do with the fuel project. Melanie says he won’t have anything to do with it for much longer because his option expires in a week. Phillip tells her loftily that there was a memo about it. The option is being automatically renewed. Melanie huffs, saying Stephanie probably didn’t give her the memo on purpose. Phillip asks if they can start over. He wants her to be happy here. She tells him angrily to stop playing games with her when he is planning on running back to his lover girl any minute. Phillip says he can’t help it if Melanie is jealous of Stephanie. She claims she isn’t. She agrees to stop talking about Stephanie, but says she can still read Phillip like a book and she thinks he is conning her. He doesn’t think anyone can be conned that doesn’t mind it deep down. Melanie says she just came to let him know Titan has nothing to do with her project any longer. Phillip retorts that he can stop her from leaving. She tells him to go ahead and try, but he’ll lose. He says she is the only loser around here.

Brady tells Victor that he knows he is cynical about women, but they aren’t all bad. Victor reminds him of Chloe and how she nearly ruined his life. Brady refuses to discuss her. Victor agrees and moves on to Nicole, reminding him of what that little slut did to both of them. He tells Brady that as angry as he is with the DiMeras for horning in on his fuel project, at least that conniving bitch is now on their hands and out of his hair. Brady shakes his head.

Chloe comes to see Daniel at his place and tells him about Maggie knowing their secret. Daniel says he knows, as Maggie confronted him earlier. Chloe panics, saying Maggie promised not to tell anyone as long as she swore to break it off. Daniel says Maggie wanted him to promise the same thing, but he couldn’t do it.

Phillip reminds Melanie that they have a verbal agreement that’s binding, and he can renew his option at any time. Melanie says her lawyer friend in Chicago says the verbal agreement doesn’t mean squat unless there’s physical proof. She knows Phillip doesn’t have any, so she is going with the DiMeras. She calls EJ and tells him that she has decided to go with his company. EJ grins.

Nicole cuddles Sami’s baby. Brady comes in and stares at her in disbelief.

Stephanie runs into Maggie coming out of Kayla’s room and they make small talk about her recovery. Maggie says she heard Stephanie was seeing Phillip and asks how it is going. Stephanie says they have been on a few dates and she hasn’t been this happy in a long time. It was hard, as she thought she wouldn’t be happy ever again after she and Max broke up. Maggie changes gears and asks about Melanie. Maggie knows she tries, but she doesn’t always do the right thing. She hopes Melanie isn’t trying to come between her and Phillip. Stephanie shakes her head, saying Melanie can’t touch what the two of them have together.

EJ tells Melanie that he wants to discuss the details, but his fiancée just gave birth to their first child, so he really can’t talk about this with her today. Melanie smiles and says that time sounds great, but she has to check hr calendar. EJ is confused. Melanie adds that she looks forward to speaking with him. EJ says he will be in touch, but has to get back to his daughter. He hangs up. Melanie continues the conversation for Phillip’s benefit, saying she can’t discuss details right now, but will see him soon. She hangs up and Phillip comes over angrily, telling her it isn’t going to happen.

Brady says he can’t believe Nicole pulled it off and talked Mia into giving up her baby. She smiles, saying if course she did. She had her baby. Brady tells her that saying it doesn’t make it true. Nicole puts Sydney in her bassinet, telling Brady that her baby doesn’t need to hear lectures about the mistakes her mommy made. She worked hard, and she pulled this off, despite his saying that it would never work. She huffs, saying she deserves a congratulations. Her nightmare is finally over and she and EJ are happy. Brady shakes his head, saying her nightmare is just beginning.

Chloe asks Daniel worriedly if Maggie said anything to Lucas, but he says she didn’t. Something stopped her, but he isn’t sure what. Chloe says she is glad, and that she has to keep her promise to Maggie. If she finds out they’re still seeing each other, she will tell Lucas, and Chloe can’t let that happen. Daniel thinks it might be for the best, but Chloe disagrees. They’re in control, and they can stop this. They have to. Daniel reaches out for her and strokes her face, asking her why she would say that when she knows they can’t stop.

Melanie tries to huff off but Phillip stops her, saying that he knows they can make this work. Melanie disagrees, and he accuses her of making this about Stephanie. Melanie says he won’t let him play her and turn the charm on anymore. It’s over. Phillip can’t believe she is walking away just because he chose Stephanie over her. He calls Melanie childish and tells her that no matter what happens, he will never let her come between him and Stephanie. Melanie says that for her part, she will never let Phillip mess with her again.

Brady says he isn’t sure how Nicole pulled this off, and he doesn’t want to know, but he warns her everything will come back to bite her. What she did was illegal. Nicole isn’t interested in Brady’s doomsday scenarios. He asks what she will do if EJ finds out. Nicole claims he won’t. He has had a million chances to catch her by now, and he hasn’t. Brady says Mia could come back for her baby. She and Nicole don’t even have a legal agreement. Nicole sighs, saying Mia is on the way to Japan to fulfill her dance career. She isn’t interested in Nicole or her baby. Brady asks Nicole to consider the possibilities of what could go wrong here. Just then, EJ comes in, asking Brady what he is talking about.

Kate meets Lucas at the Cheatin’ Heart and apologizes for being late. She asks where Chloe is, and Lucas says he thinks she went to Nicole’s, so she must still be there. Kate hopes she is on her way and Lucas says he can’t imagine where else she could be.

Chloe tells Daniel that they have to be adults and end this. He reminds her of the many times they have agreed to stop seeing each other and couldn’t. He says the memory of what her kiss and touch feel like is too much. Chloe sighs, saying they have to stop hurting other people. Daniel says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone either, but he can’t let her go. Chloe agrees to make the decision for both of them an say she is walking out that door, and that it’s over between them form now on. Daniel shushes her and moves in, kissing her passionately.

Victor comes into Titan, asking Melanie and Phillip what’s going on. She says nothing is anymore and tells Victor it was nice working for him. He groans, hoping Philip didn’t fire her again. Melanie says she did the firing this time. She grins and heads off.

Nicole tells EJ that She and Brady were just arguing about vaccinations. She had been reading some negative articles about them. EJ asks why he is here and Nicole says they haven’t seen each other in a while, and Brady wanted to stop by and congratulate her on the baby. Brady agrees and apologizes for raising his voice around the baby. He says he will see himself out and heads off. EJ follows and Nicole rushes after them. EJ wants to know the real reason Brady came by to pick a fight with his fiancée. Brady says it won’t happen again, but EJ says it will if history is any indication. He’s tired of Brady popping up and flirting with Nicole. Nicole insists nothing is going on between them and they’re just friends, but EJ isn’t so sure. Sydney bawls. EJ demands that Nicole go see to the baby while he questions Brady.

Kate tells Lucas that it will be hard to book a reception hall for June, so she was thinking of the two having an early May wedding. Lucas worries about her health and wonders why she is so hell bent on moving the date up. Kate says she is fine, and that this has to do with Sami. She is coming home soon, and Kate cares about Chloe’s happiness. She thinks moving the date up will make Chloe more secure about Lucas’ feelings for her. She tells him that she thinks he and Chloe are just perfect for one another and knows they will be very happy.

Victor can’t believe Melanie called EJ right in front of him. Phillip sighs, saying he felt like smacking the phone out of her hand. He offers to get an injunction going, but Victor tells him not to bother, as the DiMera lawyers will have it lifted immediately. He can’t believe Melanie has become such a liability. Stephanie walks in and overhears as Phillip reminds Victor that he warned him, and that they can’t let Melanie get away with this. Victor agrees, saying she must be dealt with harshly. Phillip tells him not to worry. Titan will keep this project, and he’ll bury Melanie in the process.

Nicole tries to stop EJ, but he tells her to go check on the baby. She heads off reluctantly. EJ waves his finger in Brady’s face, telling him he doesn’t know why he is here and arguing with Nicole, but he is going to find out. Brady says he is sick of EJ’s accusations. Just then, Nicole shrieks that something is wrong with the baby. Brady and EJ rush in to the living room.


Sami says, “I have this really bad feeling--like I’m never going to see him again.”

Max tells Melanie, “You’re going to make very powerful people very mad and that’s never a good thing.”

Phillip tells Stephanie, “I will do what it takes to keep that patent here, at Titan.” She replies, “Even if it means destroying Melanie?”

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