Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/5/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/5/09


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At the DiMera mansion, EJ sits in front of the baby’s bassinet and jokes about how she stayed up all night and then dropped off to sleep as soon as the sun came up. He sternly adds that if she thinks the whole house is going to stop and revolve around here, then she’s absolutely right. Nicole comes in just then in tears. EJ asks what’s wrong and she tells him that seeing the two together makes her happy. EJ smiles and tells her the baby looks just like her. She disagrees, but EJ wonders where else she could have gotten that blonde hair and fair skin. Just then, Nicole’s phone rings and she excuses herself. It’s Mia, wanting to know how her baby is. Nicole says she is fine, and that she told her as much yesterday. Mia reminds her that she rushed her off the phone then. They need to talk--now.

Alone in the room in the convent, Sami feeds her baby and talk to her. She says Grace gave her a scare, but the doctors saved her life. Now Sami has to make sure that she has the best life possible--and that means keeping her as far away from her father’s family as possible.

At Bo and Hope’s place, Hope stares at her gun. She flashes back to shooting Kayla and winces. Bo comes downstairs just then and Hope lays into him, telling him he could have prevented this. He insists that he didn’t think the vision could come true, but Hope doesn’t want to hear it. They are partners, and he is supposed to be honest with her. Just then, Chelsea comes downstairs, asking if she can watch Ciara. Chelsea thought she would take care of her so Bo and Hope can take care of one another.

Chloe heads into the hospital and flashes back to begging Maggie to give her a chance to make things right with Lucas. She asks a nurse to page Daniel, but she says he is right behind her. Chloe asks him if she can ask him some follow-up questions about the transplant and he leads her away. He says she seems upset and Chloe says she is. There’s something he needs to know.

Lucas heads into the pub and overhears Max telling someone on the phone to call him if they need anything. He hangs up and Lucas asks if everything is alright. Max assumes he hasn’t sees the day’s headlines and shows Lucas the paper. The front page screams that they mayor’s assassin was slain. Lucas reads the article and gasps, saying he didn’t know Kayla was shot. Max nods, saying he just talking to his mom. Kayla is ok now, but it was really touch-and-go for a little while yesterday. Lucas can’t believe the mayor’s killer was shot and says he guesses Sami is coming home. He adds that he had better call Chloe and starts dialing.

Chloe sees Lucas calling and says she will get it later. She explains that something happened yesterday after she left Daniel’s apartment. Just then, he gets a page and says he has to go. It’s an emergency. He rushes off. Chloe sighs and starts to leave, but runs into Maggie. Maggie asks her if she came here to speak with Daniel. She wonders if Chloe broke off the affair.

Nicole says that Mia seems upset. Mia says she is ok, but she is getting ready to leave for the airport and realized she doesn’t even know her baby’s name. Nicole tells her it’s Sydney. Mia says it’s a beautiful name and tells Nicole she thinks she can do this now. She thanks Nicole for helping her. Nicole says she should be thanking Mia. She knows God will look after her the same way she looked out for her baby. EJ comes over in time to hear the last as Nicole hangs up. He asks who she was talking to as she sobs and heads for the baby’s bassinet. She tells him it was just a telemarketer, but she was thinking of the way she had to work so hard to support her own children. EJ says he likes this new weepy side of Nicole. She smiles, telling him that her whole life, she always wanted what other people had. Now she has everything she wants and she’s overjoyed. Just then, Stefano comes in, congratulating the both of them. He kisses Nicole’s hand, saying he is sure the baby will have her strength and beauty. Nicole smiles, saying he’ll forget her name once he meets Sydney. She picks her up and hands her to Stefano. Stefano smiles, saying how beautiful she is. He tells Nicole hat he will never forget what she has done for their family.

Hope tells Chelsea that Ciara was at a sleepover last night. Chelsea offers to pick her up from preschool and Bo thanks her for the offer. He tells Hope that he was thinking of staying home today, but she reminds him of a meeting he has this morning. She chokes up, telling him that today isn’t a good day for a Brady to miss a meeting. They have to do everything by the book. Bo agrees sadly and heads off. Chelsea asks what’s going on, but Hope says nothing is. Chelsea says that’s a bunch of bull.

Chloe tells Maggie she really doesn’t want to discuss this here. Maggie says it’s a simple question. Chloe replies that the affair is over. Maggie asks if Daniel knows that. Chloe says she really has to go and huffs off. Maggie shakes her head, saying she didn’t think so.

Lucas asks Max how Stephanie is taking it, and he says she is pretty shook up. He adds that she and her dad did get to see Kayla, so that helped. Lucas curses the mayor’s killer for destroying so many lives. Max says he has to head off to the hospital and tells Lucas he’s glad one good thing is coming out of this. At Least Sami gets to come home. Max heads off and Lucas sighs, wondering how Sami is going to explain her baby to everyone.

Sami and Teresa watch as the baby sleeps. Sami says she has lived in in fear for so long that she forget what it felt like not to be afraid. She says she owes a debt of gratitude to Teresa, Hilda, and Rafe. Teresa smiles, saying there is something about Sami that gets people to want to be on her side. Sami smiles, saying it’s Grace, not her. She thanks Teresa for agreeing to look after the baby, but adds that she doesn’t know how she is going to be able to leave her.

Stefano tells EJ it’s amazing, but he thinks Sydney looks just like Johnny when he was born. Nicole quickly says that she thinks the baby looks like EJ and offers to get Stefano some breakfast. He says they should be waiting on her, since she just had a baby. He asks about the delivery and if EJ fainted. EJ tells Stefano that he wasn’t there for the birth. Nicole adds that the baby wasn’t breathing at first, but she was fine by the time EJ got there. Stefano wonders how he could have missed the delivery when the hospital is less than ten minutes from the house Nicole explains that Sydney was born at the clinic, not the hospital. Stefano flies into a rage, wondering why he donates so much money to the hospital, then. He adds that the baby had problems at birth because she was born in a shack. Nicole yells at Stefano to stop.

Max runs into Bo down near the pier and Bo admits that he is playing hooky and blew off a couple of meetings. Max says he talked to their mom, and it appears that Kayla is going to be fine. Bo says he heard and Max asks if he is going to call Hope. Bo says he will let Caroline do it, as he is in the doghouse. Hope doesn’t want to talk to him right now.

Hope gets off the phone with Caroline and thanks her for calling to tell her about Kayla. Hope says she is fine, and asks Caroline to give Kayla her love. She hangs up and Chelsea says she is relieved to hear the news. Hope sighs, saying she didn’t kill her sister-in-law. She isn’t sure that is great news. Chelsea says he knows how it feels to do something so bad that you fear no one will look at you the same way again. Hope says sadly that this isn’t about what other people think--it’s about what Kayla thinks.

Daniel comes out of Kayla’s room to find Maggie, who has been waiting for him. He tells her Kayla is fine, but she says she knows that. She wants to talk to Daniel about him and Chloe. The affair is over. Daniel thinks she must have made some kind of mistake. Maggie says she saw them and that Chloe admitted it. She wonders where they go from here and chides him for having an affair with a patient who happened to be his lover’s son’s fiancé. Daniel doesn’t want to talk about this right now and Maggie goes off on him, saying she knows he likes to keep things behind closed doors. After all, he wouldn’t want people finding out what kind of a man he really is. Daniel thinks Maggie should go. She refuses until he agrees to break off the affair. While he may not give a damn about Lucas or that poor girl’s life, Maggie does.

Alone again in her room, Sami tells Grace about her older brothers and sister and her sweet grandmother. She says Grace has a grandfather they have to be careful of, though. She hopes Grace will understand that what is best for her is for Sami to leave her. Teresa will take good care of her, and she will be able to meet her family in a little while. Sami sighs, saying she fears it may really be a long while.

Nicole tells Stefano that they baby is fine, and she’s here, and she doesn’t want to discuss what happened the night before. Stefano finds it hard to believe she would be ok with any woman going to this clinic. Clearly, the problems with the baby stemmed from their negligence. He wants to conduct a full investigation. Nicole refuses to go along with it. Stefano gets the feeling there’s something she isn’t telling him. Nicole sweats.

Bo tells Max that he shot a man last night. No matter how bad he was, Bo still took his life. Plus, Hope shot Kayla. It’s going to take some time for her to absorb that. Max says that once Kayla gets better, maybe Hope and Bo should take off somewhere together. He and Chelsea would be more than happy to watch Ciara. Bo thanks him, but says he can’t really get away right now. Just then, Bo’s phone rings. He listens and grimaces, saying he saw this coming. He hangs up and Max says that call didn’t sound good. Bo agrees, saying it wasn’t good at all.

Hope frets on the couch, telling Chelsea that Kayla trusted her, and she made the wrong decision. Chelsea says there was no way for her to know what would happen, but Hope gets up, saying that isn’t entirely accurate. Chelsea asks what she means, but Hope says she has to get to work. Chelsea wants to know what is going on between Hope and her dad.

Nicole tells Stefano he’s like one of those balloon clowns that keeps popping back up every time she knocks it down. She stamps her foot, saying that she refuses to live her if Stefano won’t respect that she and EJ are Sydney’s parents, not him. She says she would rather live in a mobile home than having him breathing down her neck and dissecting her life. EJ says he will leave the house, too, if Stefano persists in this. Stefano smiles and agrees not to let EJ and Nicole make the decision without his interference. He adds that he may be crazy, but he likes Nicole, even though he is probably wrong for doing so. EJ kisses Nicole, telling her he loves it when she stands up to his father. Just then, Chloe comes in and Stefano and EJ head off to discuss business. Nicole shows Chloe the baby and says they will all go shopping. She notices the look on Chloe’s face and asks what’s wrong. Chloe sys everything is and it has to do with Lucas and Daniel. Nicole gapes as Chloe tells her she and Daniel can’t stop seeing each other. She loves Lucas, but she can’t keep away from Daniel, either.

Daniel tells Maggie that he doesn’t think she should be interfering, but Maggie says she intends to do just that. She won’t let him have his way here. She wonders if he realizes how torn and guilty Chloe feels right now. Daniel pertly asks Maggie if she really think Chloe would be this upset if the choice were simple. He isn’t sure Lucas and Chloe are even meant to be together Maggie says he sounds like an egotist, and he’s wrong about Lucas and Chloe. They have a chance to be very happy together, and if he won’t back off, then Maggie will step in and do something about it.

Nicole asks Chloe how many times it has happened, and she gives Nicole a look. Nicole says she isn’t trying to be nosy, but this wasn’t just a one-time thing, was it? Chloe shakes her head. Nicole says she probably isn’t going to want to hear this, but she doesn’t think this is about Lucas or Daniel. Chloe asks what it is about, and Nicole says she thinks Chloe just wants to be free.

Lucas runs into EJ at the pub while Stefano makes a call over by the door. EJ tells Lucas about Nicole having the baby, and he congratulates him. He asks EJ if he knows when Sami will be home, and EJ expects she will return whenever they catch the mayor’s killer. Lucas guesses EJ must have been busy with the baby and tells him that Bo shot the guy. Sami’s coming home. EJ says that’s terrific news, knowing Johnny and Allie will want to see her. Lucas asks what’s he thinking and EJ admits that he was just thinking of how profound an impact Sami has had on his life, and how she won’t be able to do that anymore. Lucas says he wouldn’t be too sure of that.

Bo is on the phone and says he will be home soon, so the person has to be ready to move. He hangs up and tells Max he has to get going. Max asks what’s going on, but Bo says he can’t tell him. He says he’s glad they ran into each other and tells Max to take care. Max asks him to do the same for Hope and Bo heads off.

EJ asks Lucas what he means, and Lucas reminds EJ that he and Nicole are together while he shares custody of Johnny with Sami. EJ nods, saying Lucas means that there’s a problem because Sami and Nicole hate each other. Lucas smiles and starts to head off, saying there could be peace in the middle east, but he doubts it. EJ assures Lucas that Sami isn’t the threat she used to be. Luca shakes his head and grins. He leaves.

Sami tells Grace that it will be hard to leave her, but she hopes she understands that this is for the best. She vows to Grace that they will only be apart for a little while. She will always come back for her, no matter what.

Chloe tells Nicole that she doesn’t know what she means, but Nicole thinks she does. She thinks Chloe’s body is telling her head something she doesn’t want to hear--that she isn’t ready to settle down, and that she wants to be single and selfish. Chloe tells Nicole that isn’t the problem. The trouble is that her secret isn’t a secret anymore. Nicole asks if Lucas knows, but Chloe says he doesn’t. Maggie Horton does, however, and Chloe isn’t sure what she will do.

Daniel asks Maggie if she is threatening him with telling Lucas, and Maggie says she is. She says that Daniel is the only enjoying what is going on right now, and Lucas and Chloe are still planning on getting married. She doesn’t want Lucas going into lifelong commitment missing a crucial piece of information about his fiancée having an affair with another man. She adds that Daniel isn’t much of a man, but he gets her meaning. Maggie adds that if she isn’t sure this affair is over, then she will do what she has to.

Outside the pub, Max and Chelsea talk about Bo and Hope. Chelsea is sure something is going on, and so is Max, but they both admit Bo and Hope wouldn’t tell them anything. Chelsea just wishes they would talk to one another. Max confides in her, telling her Bo got a call earlier and was really secretive about it. Max fears that whatever is going on between Bo and Hope is going to get a lot worse.

Hope rushes to answer the phone, but Bo comes in and tells her to let it go to voicemail. He tells her Internal Affairs called, and it’s time for her review. Hope is surprised they moved so fast and begs Bo to tell her that this is just standard procedure. Bo looks at her sadly and tells her they have to go. Hope sighs and grabs her coat, saying sarcastically that she was having a great day before this happened. She huffs out the door.

Daniel tells Maggie she’s tired and angry, and this isn’t the best time to make this decision. Maggie says that she wants to hear the affair is over. If he means it, she won’t tell Lucas anything. Daniel says he would love to tell her that, if only because would make Chloe’s life easier, but he can’t. He doesn’t know what is going to happen with this situation, but what he does know is that this is none of Maggie’s business. She sees Lucas walk in with flowers and smiles sadly, telling Daniel that it’s been great talking to him. She hurries off.

EJ tells Stefano that he has news, but Stefano already knows that Sami is coming home. He asks if he has thought about it, and EJ reminds Stefano that he and Sami just share a son. Stefano meant in relation to Nicole, and EJ says that if Sami wants to pick up Johnny, Nicole doesn’t have to be around. Stefano isn’t so sure. Two mothers, two babies, and one father doesn’t soundly like the makings of domestic tranquility to him.

Chloe says that the way Maggie looked at her made her sick. Nicole groans, telling her she just slept with Daniel, and that they’re talking about Lucas here, not Mr. Perfect. Chloe says he has been perfect to her. Being with Lucas wouldn’t make her feel trapped. In fact, she thinks it would be a dream come true. Nicole suggests she make it happen, then. After all, she wanted EJ and a baby. Does Chloe think she liked-- She breaks off. Chloe asks what she means. Nicole stammers, saying she was just talking about Maggie, but Chloe doesn’t buy it. She asks Nicole what she has done.


Phillip tells Melanie, “I’m not the loser here. That would be you.”

Nicole tells Chloe, “I need one last favor and then everything will be perfect for EJ and me.”

Maggie says, “This isn’t easy, Lucas, but it simply has to be said.”

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