Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/4/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/4/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie tells Phillip that she has to answer the phone. It’s her dad. She answers and Steve tells her that her mom has been shot. Stephanie gasps.

At the hospital, Hope asks Bo to remind her why he didn’t want her to see Kayla. Bo says it isn’t important, but Hope thinks it is. He told her it was a bad idea for her to see Kayla, and she knows why. It’s because he had a vision of her shooting Kayla. Bo says he did, but it was really vague and unclear. He didn’t want to burden her. Nearby, Steve listens in as Hope goes off on Bo, calling him a liar and blaming him for her shooting Kayla. She tells him he could have stopped this. She frets about Kayla. Lexie comes over to Steve, telling him that Kayla has been prepped for surgery. Steve asks if he can see her and Lexie says he can. Steve rushes off.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ holds the baby while Nicole hunts for a camera. She wonders if she could get Mary to take a picture of the three of them, but EJ tells her that he gave her and the rest of the staff the night off. He kisses Nicole, telling him he just wants to spend time with his two favorite girls.

At the convent, Rafe tells Sami that the killer has been shot and killed and that she can go home. Sami shakes her head sadly, saying she needs more time to think. Rafe tells her he can’t stay, and she apologizes again, saying she has to think of her baby’s future. She just can’t go home now.

At Titan, Melanie heads in to find Phillip searching for a file. She spots it on the edge of the desk and sits on it. He notices her doing so and asks if he cam have the file. Melanie teases him for a moment, but finally gets off of it, showing Phillip the projected numbers for the fuel project. Phillip leans in and says he likes what he sees. He hopes she isn’t cashing in on this any time soon. She smiles coyly, saying she thought he got what he wanted from her. He says he hasn’t. He leans in and kisses her, lying her down on the desk. Just then, Max walks in and interrupts Melanie’s daydream. He asks what she was thinking about and she laughs nervously, saying she was just thinking about work.

Phillip helps Stephanie search for her purse and the two rush out of his room in a hurry.

Steve sits by Kayla’s bedsides and tearfully tells her hat he loves her. All these years they spent apart were a waste, and he can’t bear the thought of losing her again. Kayla opens her eyes and tells Steve she isn’t going anywhere, and that he needs to trust her. Steve smiles and tells her he does--with his life. He strokes her hair tenderly.

Rafe tells Sami that it’s over. He needs to get back to work, and all she has been talking about for months is seeing her twins. Isn’t this what she wants? Sami says she wants to see her children more than anything, but her little girl needs her, too. Besides, she has to lose all the baby weight before she returns or someone will figure out what’s going on. Sami begs Rafe to give her a week to think. He needs that time to recuperate, anyway. Rafe considers it, and just then gets a call from Roman. Rafe answers and listens, telling Roman that Sami is right here.

Nicole tells EJ that it’s overwhelming to suddenly be responsible for another life. EJ is sure it will become second nature soon, and Nicole admits that she has been thinking about her own childhood and how rough it was. EJ is sure she will be a better mother because of it. He knows their baby has had a rocky start, but she’s tough, and she’ll make it. He smiles sadly, saying he just wishes he could have been there for the delivery. Nicole asks him not to feel badly, as it wasn’t his fault, and EJ agrees to stop dwelling on it. He vows not to miss another important moment in his child’s life. He adds that he has an idea and will be back in a second. He heads off just as the phone rings. Nicole answers and it’s Mia on the other end. Nicole asks her what she wants.

Lexie comes into Kayla’s room, telling her and Steve it’s time for surgery. Kayla makes a sign to Steve that she loves him as Lexie and the nurse wheel her outside. Hope sees her on the way out and cries, telling Kayla how sorry she is. Kayla shakes her head and squeezes Hope’s hand. Lexie and the nurse wheel Kayla to surgery. Steve confronts Bo, asking him angrily if he really knew this was going to happen.

Mia tells Nicole that she just wanted to check on the baby. Nicole says she is doing well, and Mia thanks her for sending Dr. Baker over and leaving her the money. She got a clean bill of health, so she’s buying a plane ticket and leaving for Japan tomorrow. Nicole says she is happy for her as the baby fusses. Mia asks if she has been crying a lot, but Nicole says she hasn’t. Mia cries, saying she’s glad that the baby has Nicole in he life. Mia knows she really cares about her baby and will take care of her. Nicole says she has to go and hangs up abruptly, telling Mia to call any time she wants. EJ comes in just then with champagne and hands a glass to Nicole, asking if she was talking to someone. She cries, telling him that she was just telling the baby what a wonderful gift she is. EJ agrees and proposes a toast to both of them and the baby--for a lifetime of love and happiness.

Sami talks to her dad, and he explains that he needs her to stay put a little longer--just until they figure out if this guy was working alone. He adds that he has bad news and tells her about Kayla getting shot. He promises to call Sami as soon as he hears anything. She thanks him and asks him to tell Steve that she’s praying for Kayla. They hang up and Rafe says he heard about her aunt being shot. He apologizes. Sami thanks him and adds that her dad wants her to stay put until they make sure it’s safe. Rafe grumbles that she got her way again and Sami grins, telling him he’s stuck with her a little while longer.

Max asks Melanie where she wants to go to dinner, and she tells him to decide. He asks her if she has come to a decision about what to do with the fuel project. She ignores him and shows him one of her new business cards. He tells her they’re nice, but he needs her to answer the question. Is she still trying to play the DiMera family against the Kiriakis family? Melanie hems and haws, saying she is just feeling everything out right now. Just then, Max gets call from Caroline at the hospital. She tells him about Kayla and Max says he is on his way now. He rushes off. Melanie chases after him, saying she’s coming, too.

Bo tells Steve that he didn’t know what was going to happen exactly, and Steve knows it. He saw how confused he was about it all. Just then, Stephanie rushes in with Phillip and hugs Steve. He comforts her as Hope walks off. Bo stops her, begging her to let him explain. Hope wonders how he could have lied to her and Bo goes on the defensive, telling her that he asked her to stay away from Kayla and she didn’t listen. Hope flies into a rage, reminding him that he never told her why she should avoid Kayla. He claims that he thought she wouldn’t believe him but Hope says he believed him the other times he had these visions. He tries to say that he thought he was going crazy, but Hope doesn’t want to hear it. Roman comes over just then and tells Hope that he has to ask her some questions about the shooting. Hope glares angrily at Bo, telling Roman to ask the commissioner instead. He knows exactly what happened. She huffs off angrily.

Nearby, Melanie offers Steve and Stephanie some coffee, but they decline. Phillip pulls Melanie aside and demands to know what she is doing here, saying Stephanie has enough to deal with right now. Melanie sarcastically tell him that she picked the moment Stephanie’s mom got shot to really stick it to her. Phillip gives her a dirty look and she tells Phillip that she is here for Max, and that’s all. He apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Just then, Max comes up to a sobbing Stephanie and asks how she is doing. She throws her arms around his neck and weeps.

Rafe tells Sami that he doesn’t feel like he is stuck with her at all. Besides, Sami was right, and he needs the time to recuperate. Sami says he can leave and someone else can guard her, but Rafe refuses. He admits that he is worried about her and her little girl, anyway. Sami says she will figure something out--she always does. She just isn’t sure she is ready to give up her little girl yet. Rafe wonders if she will ever be able to give her up.

A pediatrician examines Sami’s baby at the mansion and tells EJ and Nicole that she’s fine. EJ asks if she knows about the complications at birth, and she says she does, but everything appears normal. They thank her for making a house call and she adds that she needs to see the baby in a few days for shots and blood work. Nicole panics. The doctor goes on to explain that they usually do blood typing but Nicole says they can’t.

Sami tells Rafe that she loves her little girl more than anything, but she has to think of what’s best for her and how to protect her from the DiMeras. She wonders if Nicole has had her baby and says she should probably be grateful. EJ will be so focused on his happy little family that he won’t be suspicious of her.

Nicole says the baby is fine and she doesn’t like the idea of her being used as a pincushion. The pediatrician says it’s necessary and asks for Nicole’s blood type, saying it will help them with the baby’s and they can also test for incompatibilities. Nicole tells her it’s B Positive, and the pediatrician thanks her She adds that she can put her in contact with a lactation consultant, but Nicole says she has decided breastfeeding isn’t for her. EJ is surprised, but she says she just isn’t confident. The pediatrician says she recommends it and Nicole apologizes, saying she just can’t do it. The pediatrician heads off and EJ asks Nicole why she isn’t breastfeeding .She wanted to do it a few months ago. What’s changed? Nicole sweats.

Phillip finds Stephanie, saying he has been looking for her. She explains that she was praying in the chapel, and Phillip says he hopes she doesn’t feel guilty. He worries that she is regretting what was going on between them when she got the call about her mom. Stephanie says she doesn’t have any regrets. Melanie watches as Phillip puts an arm around her shoulder. Max comes up behind her, asking what’s wrong. Melanie says it’s nothing she can’t handle.

Lexie comes out and tells everyone that she has good news. The bullet didn’t pierce the hart or lungs. However, it did pierce Kayla’s pericardial sac. They have to stitch it up, but in order to do so, they have to stop Kayla’s heart for a few moments. She needs Steve’s permission to do so. He gulps and tells her to do what she has to to save Kayla. Lexie heads off. Steve comforts Caroline. Hope sobs. Max and Melanie exchange worried glances.

Nicole tells EJ that she wanted to breastfeed, but she tried it and it isn’t working. EJ thinks she should give it more than just a day, but Nicole insists it isn’t for her. EJ agrees not to fight her on it and jokes that she isn’t breastfeeding because she doesn’t want to get up for 3 am feedings. Nicole chuckles, telling him they can take turns. She asks EJ if he wants to feed the baby and he nods. She pulls a bottle out of her diaper bag and hands the baby over to EJ. He feeds her and Nicole coos, saying it’s hard to believe you can love someone so much after only a day. EJ agrees.

Rafe says he hasn’t spent too much time around newborns or their mothers, but he thinks Sam is doing an amazing job. She thanks him saying it’s hard to believe that only yesterday, her little girl wasn’t here. Rafe admits that a lot has happened in twenty-four hours. It’s a blur. Sami smiles sadly, saying soon enough they’ll be going their separate ways. Rafe sighs and paces.

Nicole and EJ admire the baby in her bassinet. EJ exclaims over her tiny ears and the way she furrows her brow. He wonders where he has seen that before. Nicole sweats.

Rafe asks Sami who the baby looks like, but she isn’t sure. She definitely doesn’t look like EJ. Rafe says she doesn’t look like Sami either, at least not yet. Sami frowns, saying she doesn’t look like her brothers or sister either. Rafe thinks DNA can be a funny thing. Sami agrees and say it’s probably for the best. This way, EJ won’t suspect a thing.

Nicole playfully pokes EJ’s cheek, saying she knows where she has seen that look before. EJ jokes that it can’t be him and the two giggle. Nicole tells EJ that Dr. Hayden was right, and that they need to name their baby. EJ pulls out a list of the names they liked and starts going through them. He says he likes Erin.

Rafe tells Sami that he likes Erin, too. Sami isn’t so sure. Rafe goes through some more names but Sami makes faces at all of them. Suddenly, she tells Rafe she doesn’t need the list. She has come up with the perfect name.

EJ goes through the ‘s’ names and suggests Susan, because of his mother. Nicole considers it and EJ nixes the idea, saying it’s too plain. Nicole wants to stick to the ‘s’ names though, and suddenly gasps, telling EJ she has the perfect name. She asks him what he thinks of Sydney.

Sami tells Rafe that she was brought up Catholic and remembers her grandmother teaching her her ‘Hail Marys.’ Rafe asks if she wants going to name her Mary, but Sami was thinking of Grace, actually. She says it’s because through the grace of God, she now has her daughter in her life.

Lexie tells Steve and everyone else that Kayla made it through surgery and is stable. Steve hugs her and then hugs Stephanie, saying he knew everything would be alright. Hope looks at Bo with relief. He looks at her pleadingly to forgive him. Stephanie hugs Phillip, thanking him for being here. She isn’t sure she could have gotten through this without him. Roman tells Max he’s going to head off to call Sami, and Max says he will stick around a little longer. Stephanie and Steve head off with Lexie to visit Kayla. Melanie comes over to Phillip, asking if they can talk about work, but Phillip says he would rather do it in the morning and heads off. Melanie sighs. Hope tells Bo she wants to go see Ciara. Bo offers to drive her, but she says she needs some time alone to think. She heads off.

EJ tells Nicole he missed out on a lot of Johnny’s life and he vows not to let that happen with his new daughter Sydney. Just then, his phone rings. Nicole asks if he should answer it, but EJ says no. The only thing he wants to do right now his spend time with her and their little girl. He kisses Nicole and tells her he loves her.

Sami encourages Rafe to hold the baby,. He isn’t so sure, but she insists and Rafe takes her. He excitedly tells Sami she smiled at him. Sami tears up, telling Rafe that while she knows Teresa will take good care of Grace, she just isn’t sure she can give her up.

Steve, Stephanie, and Joe visit with Kayla. She looks fondly at her husband and children and smiles.

Nicole and EJ feed Sydney and smile with delight.

Sami and Rafe bond with Grace.


Sami tells Grace, “I know that you don’t understand this but leaving you is what’s best for you right now.”

Maggie says, “We’re going to talk about you and Chloe.” Daniel asks, “Excuse me?” Maggie replies, “You’re going to break it off, Daniel. The affair is over.”

Chloe says, “I love Lucas but I can’t stay away from Daniel. Nicole, what am I going to do?”

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