Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/3/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/3/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Stephanie plays pool as Phillip lets himself in. She’s delighted that he returned. He takes her in his arms and kisses her.

At the clinic, EJ rushes in and asks a nurse where the woman who gave birth is. The nurse points at Sami’s room and EJ rushes for it. Inside, he finds Baker standing by Nicole, who is in bed. Nicole holds Sami’s baby. EJ says hello and Nicole tells him they have a perfectly healthy baby girl. She hands her off to EJ and he smiles tearfully.

At the convent, Rafe lies on a pew and moans. Sami tries to convince him that everything is going to be alright now. He asks about her baby and Sami tells him she’s fine. She assures Rafe that they are safe now, but Rafe says they aren’t. He flashes back to the killer learning Sami is at the convent, and then remembers their knife fight. Rafe groans. Sami says everything is going to be ok, but Rafe says it won’t be.

Near the pier, Bo runs into Steve, who tells him Kayla left him a message. Bo says Hope left him one too, and she’s already at the hospital. They have to move. The two hurry off.

At the hospital, the killer gets Kayla in a chokehold. Hope identifies herself as a police officer and pulls her gun on the killer. He tells Hope that if she shoots, then the doctor will die. Hope hesitates. The killer tells her that if she wants to save her friend’s life, she’ll do exactly as he tells her. Lexie comes in behind Hope just then and Hope cautions her to stand back. The killer demands Hope drop her weapon. Kayla begs her to drop it in a strangled voice. Hope kneels down and puts the gun on the floor. Lexie surreptitiously calls Roman and quietly tells him about the hostage situation involving Kayla. He says he is on his way and hurries out of he pub. The killer starts to walk off with Kayla, and Hope asks him to let her go, since she complied with his request. The killer says that if he goes down, he is taking the doctor with him. He wants Hope to help him get out of the hospital.

Phillip tells Stephanie that they have a little time before the bartender returns. She asks if he wants to play pool again, but he would rather cultivate other aspects of their relationship. He wants to connect to the music and put her in more horizontal frame of mind. Stephanie assumes he is asking her to dance.

Nicole asks EJ what he thinks of the baby. He says she is beautiful, just like her mother. EJ takes a closer look at her face with a puzzled expression. Nicole asks what is wrong, and EJ says the baby actually resembles someone else. Nicole and Dr. Baker exchange worried glances.

Rafe tries to tell Sami something about the killer, but passes out. Teresa comes in just then with another nun, who is a registered nurse. Sami tells her about Rafe getting stabbed in the leg and begs her to help him. She agrees to try and examines Rafe’s wound. Sami frets, hoping he will be alright. The nun shakes her head, telling Sami that they have to get this man to a hospital right away. Sami turns pale, saying that’s just it--they can’t do that.

Out in the hallway of the hospital, Lexie quietly tells Roman that the mayor’s killer has taken Kayla hostage and forced Hope to give up her weapon. Roman asks if he took it, but Lexie doesn’t think so. Roman tells her that he has an officer sneaking up the back stairs and that Bo and Steve are on their way.

Hope tells the killer that murdering someone else isn’t going to help things. If he wants a hostage, he can take her, but he needs to let Kayla go. The killer refuses, saying that Hope isn’t going to be his hostage. She is going to find him a way out of this hospital--now.

Phillip and Stephanie dance and kiss. He tells her that he has known her for a long time, but he has never looked at her this way before. He never thought they could be together. Stephanie admits that she always found him attractive, but she tries not to think about that stuff, or how she can barely get to sleep at night for thoughts of him. Phillip smiles and kisses her.

Nicole asks EJ if he is saying their baby looks like someone else. He tells Nicole that the baby has a distinctive birthmark. He’s only seen it on one other person.

The nun tells Sami that Teresa told her all about Rafe being in witness protection. Sami explains that he was protecting her. This is all her fault, so the least she can do is try to help him. If he goes to a hospital, he’ll die, and she can’t let that happen. The nun explains that Rafe’s wound is beyond her care, but Sami insists that he mustn’t go to the hospital. She begs the nun to do what she can for Rafe.

Hope agrees to help the killer, but tells him he has to let go of Kayla first. He says he doesn’t have time to argue with her and threatens to pop Kayla’s neck if Hope doesn’t start cooperating. Just then, an officer sneaks in a door behind the killer. Hope notices and continues to negotiate, reminding the killer she did as he asked. He squeezes Kayla’s neck. She chokes and gasps for air. Hope begs him to stop.

EJ can’t believe Nicole doesn’t see it and explains that the baby looks just like him. He has a birthmark in the same place. Nicole smiles with relief and EJ thanks Dr. Baker for taking care of her, asking if there were any complications. Nicole flashes back to Sami’s baby not breathing at first, and then convincing Dr. Baker to switch her baby for Mia’s. She comes back to the present and tells EJ that there was a complication--one he should know about.

The nun tells Sami and Teresa that with a few prayers and some antibiotics, Rafe should pull through. Sami thanks her profusely, but she warns her they aren’t out of the woods yet. She heads off to get some more things. Sami kneels down by Rafe and takes his hand, thanking Teresa for helping them both. She says the convent is always a safe haven for those in need, but Sami tells her she fears they aren’t safe there anymore. She thinks Rafe was trying to tell her something about the killer, and that they had to leave, but he passed out before he could finish. Teresa says they will just have to hide Sami inside the convent. She thinks she knows just the place.

Roman calls some officers from the hallway and tells them to stand by until he gives word.

Hope tells the killer to reconsider and surrender. If he lets Kayla go, and tells them who hired him to kill the mayor, she is sure the DA would be willing to consider a plea bargain. The killer notices the officer sneaking up behind him and turns around, elbowing him hard. The officer goes down. Hope grabs her gun and fires, but Kayla gets in the way and is shot. Just then, Bo and Steve burst in and shoot the killer just as he takes the officer’s weapon. He goes down in a heap. Hope backs up in horror, wondering what she has done. Steve takes Kayla into his arms. Bo frets.

Nicole tells EJ that she meant it when she said their baby was a miracle. She wasn’t breathing when she was born, but she came back to them. Baker adds that everything is fine and that they got the baby breathing quickly. EJ is glad, but says he wants the baby checked out by a doctor at the hospital. Nicole doesn’t think it’s necessary, but EJ insists. Nicole agrees that they can take the baby to the doctor, but EJ meant for her to get an exam, too. Nicole bristles, refusing to let anyone touch her except Dr. Baker.

The nun shows Sami her new room. The other nun tends to Rafe and says he is stable now, but still hasn’t come around. Sami thanks Teresa again for all she has done and asks for some time alone with Rafe. The nuns head off and Sami takes Mia’s baby from the bassinet. She sits with her on the bed and thanks Rafe for all he has done for them. She adds that she has a feeling this will all be over soon, and then he can go home, and she can go back to Salem and see her family and her children. She says the only thing she will miss is him, but she is sure he will be glad to have her out of his hair. Rafe opens his eyes and smiles, telling Sami she’s wrong again.

Phillip and Stephanie continue dancing and he tells her he’s been thinking--and he thinks he is in love with her. Stephanie gapes. Phillip apologizes, saying it’s too soon. He’s afraid of hurting her and being hurt, and he has to face the fact that he has a lousy track record with women. Stephanie thinks he just hasn’t found the right on yet. He asks if he has now, and Stephanie says she hopes so, because she is falling in love with him, too. They kiss. Phillip suggests they head back to his place and Stephanie tells him to lead the way.

Nicole asks Baker to excuse her and EJ so she can speak with him. Baker heads off and Nicole tells EJ it’s fine if he wants to take the baby to the hospital, but she isn’t going. This is her body, and she trusts Dr. Baker. She hopes EJ can understand that. He says he does, and she asks him to let Baker back in so she can express her gratitude. EJ tells her not to take too long, as he doesn’t like the guy. He heads off with the baby and Baker comes back in. Nicole slips him some cash and asks him to go to Mia’s apartment to check on her. Baker agrees and suddenly, he and Nicole hear a nurse outside telling EJ she’s sorry he wasn’t here for the birth, but the good sister was really helpful to the mother of his baby. Nicole gasps and tells Baker to go do damage control.

Rafe tells Sami that he heard everything she said, and that he will miss her, too. She asks how he is feeling, and he says he is ok, but wants to know where they are. Sami explains that she figured out that he was trying to tell her the killer knows where they are. Teresa put them in this room and assured Sami that it’s safe and out of the way. Rafe says it isn’t good enough and starts hunting for his phone. He finds it and Sami asks what he is doing. Rafe says he is going after the killer. He has to call for reinforcements, and he is calling her dad. Sami says she can’t let him do that.

Roman covers the killer’s body with a sheet and tells some orderlies to get him out of there. Kayla is lying on a gurney and Lexie supervises as some nurses wheel her away. Steve begs Lexie to save her life. Hope hugs Bo and sobs.

Stephanie and Phillip head into the Kiriakis mansion, kissing. They start shedding clothes and Phillip picks her up. She giggles as he carries her up the stairs.

Sami she has been through too much to protect her baby to have everyone find out about her now. Rafe promises not to give up her secret, but tells Sami that he still has to check in with the bureau. He asks who helped her have her baby, and she explains Teresa took her to a small clinic nearby. She used an alias and paid with cash. Rafe compliments her on a job well done and she smiles, leaning over the baby’s bassinet. She vows to always protect her, and make sure no one finds out the real story of how she came in to this world.

Baker comes out and tells the nurse she needs to check on a patient in another room. She heads off and Baker explains to EJ that a nun from a local convent volunteers here, and never left Nicole’s side during the delivery. EJ heads back into Nicole’s room and finds her dressed and ready to go. She explains Baker thought it best if she recuperated at home and Baker agrees. EJ tries to go settle the bill, but Baker says he will make sure Nicole gets it at a later date. EJ shrugs and smiles, asking Nicole if she’s ready to leave. She sighs and says she just wants to go home. Having a baby is hard work.

Bo tells Roman that this is killing Hope. He prays that Kayla pulls through this. Roman reminds Bo that Kayla is a Brady, and she’s strong. He adds that he is sorry, but he has to let Internal Affairs know what happened. Bo explodes, saying it was an accident, but Roman says they have to follow protocol. He heads off to call the rest of the family. Hope comes over to Bo, crying and wondering how she cold have done this. She was sure she had a clear shot, but the killer pulled Kayla in front of him at the last second. Bo is sure she did everything she was trained to do. Hope continues to blame herself. Bo says this is his fault. She backs up and gasps, asking him if he knew. He begs her to let him explain. She refuses.

Stephanie and Phillip roll around on his bed kissing, but a call from her father interrupts. Stephanie apologizes, saying she has to answer. Steve tells her that her mother has been shot. Stephanie gasps.

Hope asks Bo if this was why he was so desperate to keep her and Kayla apart. Bo stammers. Hope cries and demands to know if Bo saw the shooting in one of his visions.

Rafe gets off the phone with his boss and tells Sami that the killer has been caught, and he’s dead. They’re safe now, and she can go home. Sami seems less than thrilled and tells Rafe that she can’t leave. Rafe thinks her friends and family will be asking questions if she doesn’t return, and Sami says she knows that, but she needs more time to figure out what to do about her daughter. She just can’t go home right now.

EJ asks Nicole if she wants to try nursing, but she says she will try again when she gets home. EJ thanks her for giving him something Sami never could--a real family. He hopes Nicole knows how happy she has made him. She says she feels the same way about him and their little girl--she finally has everything she has ever wanted.


Roman tells Sami, “I’m afraid I have some bad news. I didn’t want you to hear it from somebody else.” She sighs, “OMG.”

Steve tells Kayla, “You got to stay with me, baby.” She replies, “I won’t leave you.”

Nicole answers the phone, “Hello?” Mia says, “ It’s Mia.” Nicole asks, “What do you want?”

Melanie tells Phillip, “You got what you wanted.” He pulls her in for a kiss, “Not yet, I haven’t.”

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