Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/2/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the clinic, Teresa leads Sami in a prayer for the health of her baby. Just then, Dr. Baker comes in with Mia’s baby. He tells Sami that her child is healthy and that all she needs is her mother. Sami stares at the baby. Baker asks her if there’s a problem.

Chloe rushes out of Daniel’s apartment and runs into Maggie. She gapes, asking her what she is doing here. Maggie sternly tells her that she needs to button her blouse. Chloe looks down guiltily.

At the pub, Hope kisses Bo and grumbles about all the work they’re having to do. She doesn’t see how taking a few minutes to have coffee with Kayla would hurt. Bo reminds her that Kayla got called into the hospital, but Hope says Bo didn’t want her meeting Kayla even before Steve even told them that. She asks Bo the real reason he doesn’t want her to see Kayla. He has another vision of Hope shooting a gun at the hospital. Kayla crumples to the ground. Bo comes back the present and stammers that Hope can see Kayla some other time. She looks at him suspiciously.

At the hospital, Kayla tells the killer that he looks familiar to her. He sits up in bed and lunges for her, choking her.

At the loft, Rafe moans and lies on the floor. He flashes back to the knife-fight in the killer. He gets stabbed in the leg and stabs the killer in the gut. The killer stumbles off. Rafe comes back to the present and frets about Sami.

In another room at the clinic, Nicole holds Sami’s baby and tells her Sami isn’t her mom anymore. She belongs to her and EJ. She tells her about living in a mansion with her daddy and being happy. She sighs and adds that she won’t let the part of Sami that’s inside her take over. It will be like Sami never existed, and it will just be her, Nicole, and EJ. Nicole sighs, saying she hopes EJ buys it.

Teresa asks Sami if she wants to hold her baby. Sami looks at Baker in confusion, asking if that is her baby. Baker says it is, of course. Sami reminds him the baby never cried and then Baker took her away. Baker says she just had to have some tests run, but the baby is fine. Sami apologizes, saying she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. She takes the baby and smiles, saying she’s precious.

Nicole puts Sami’s baby in the bassinet and calls the mansion, thanking God EJ is in Italy. She can leave a message, and by the time he gets home, she and the baby will be at the house. She calls and leaves a message to EJ about how she shouldn’t have gone on that walk alone. Just then, EJ comes into the mansion and hears her message. He grabs the phone and interrupts her, asking her what’s wrong. She sounds upset. Nicole sweats.

Daniel bursts into the killer’s room and lays hold of his arms, freeing Kayla. He holds the killer down on the bed as he struggles. Kayla stumbles to the door and calls for help.

Maggie isn’t even sure how to tell Chloe what she is feeling right now. Chloe wants to explain, but Maggie isn’t in the mood to be lied to. She saw Daniel and Chloe kissing and adjusting their clothes. Wasn’t it just today Chloe was complaining to her about Lucas and Sami reconnecting? Maggie can’t believe she was sleeping with another man all the while. Chloe again begs for a chance to explain, but Maggie says she really can’t. She huffs off down the hallway. Chloe chases after her.

Rafe uses his belt to tie a makeshift tourniquet around his bleeding leg. He stumbles over to his coat and takes it, limping for the door.

Sami holds Mia’s baby and coos, wondering what she will name her. She just wants to name her precious, beautiful baby and laughs, saying the drugs must not have worn off yet. She assures the baby that they’re safe and it’s all over, but then stops. Teresa asks what the matter is, and Sami says she was wrong. They’re not safe and this isn’t over--not by a long shot.

Nicole hangs up on EJ and curses, saying he wasn’t supposed to be home yet. She frets, saying she cant bring a baby home tonight. She suddenly gets an idea just as Baker comes in the room. He wonders why she is still here, and she tells him she has to stay. He needs to get rid of that bimbo and the nun, and she needs a room--now. Baker stares at her incredulously.

Hope and Bo argue about a shopping trip she has planned with Kayla. He tells her that he wants her to spend time with him and Ciara and admits that he is jealous that she goes off and spends time with his sister, leaving him all alone. She wants to know what is really going on and he says it’s obvious--he misses her is all. Hope tells Bo that Kayla is her sis-in-law and they haven’t spent much time together, so she intends on seeing her.

Some orderlies hold the killer down as he screams about killing them all. Daniel gives him a sedative and he dozes off. He asks the orderlies to put some restraints on the patient and asks Kayla how she is doing. She says she’s been better and wonders what set the guy off. Daniel isn’t sure. Kayla confides in Daniel that she feels like she has seen the man somewhere before. Just then, the killer codes and his heart monitor goes flat. Kayla yells for a cart and she and Daniel work on reviving the killer.

Sami tells Teresa that they have to leave right away. Teresa doesn’t understand and Sami explains that a nurse will come in soon, wanting to take the baby’s foot prints and give her blood tests, and fill out a birth certificate. Teresa doesn’t understand the problem and Sami explains that the father of the baby has an evil family with a lot of money, and they might pay someone to hand that kind of information over. Sami says she can’t let that happen, so she has to leave. Teresa worries about her taking the baby out into the night in winter, but Sami says she has three children already, including twins. She can handle herself. Teresa says she worries that the baby can’t handle it.

Nicole tells Baker that EJ came home unexpectedly, so he has to set her up in a room and call EJ to tell him that she’s delivering. Plus, he has to make sure Sami leaves. Baker doesn’t understand why she can’t just stay in her room, but Nicole explodes, saying this is about what she wants. It’s about her bay and her baby’s life with EJ. Sami has to go. Baker wonders what he will say if she doesn’t wan to leave, and Nicole tells him to make up an excuse. She reminds him what’s at stake if he doesn’t do as she says. Baker sighs and heads off. He goes into Sami’s room and finds that she, the nun, and the baby are all gone.

Chloe catches up with Maggie outside the pub and begs for a chance to explain. She insists that she loves with Lucas and this thing with Daniel just happened. She says they both tries to fight it, but couldn’t. Maggie reminds her that many people face temptation, but they just say no. She doesn’t believe that anything just happens out of the blue. Chloe insists this did. She and Daniel both know it’s wrong and tried to stop it, but they keep getting drawn back together. Maggie sighs, saying she really doesn’t want to hear it. Chloe did something wrong, and now she will have to face the consequences.

EJ makes a call, demanding someone track Nicole’s phone for him. They must have said they can’t, because EJ explodes, saying this could be a matter of life and death.

Baker shows Nicole in to Sami’s room, saying she and the baby disappeared. Nicole is pretty sure she knows the reason why, and is glad they cleared out at such an opportune moment. She asks Baker to call EJ, but he worries about her plan, wondering what he will do if EJ or the nurses start asking questions. Nicole tells him he can handle it and gives him the phone to call EJ. He does so and tells EJ that Nicole is in labor. EJ agrees to come to the hospital, but Baker says they’re at the clinic. EJ fumes, saying he thought they agreed that she would deliver at the hospital. Baker says he doesn’t have time to explain now and EJ apologizes, saying he’s on his way and asking Baker to tell Nicole that he loves her. Baker hangs up and hands the phone to Nicole, telling her that EJ loves her.

Daniel and a nurse bring the killer back to life and Daniel has her check on the man’s vitals. He wonders why Kayla worked so hard to save his life and Kayla shrugs, saying she didn’t want him dying on her watch. Daniel wonders if the man is deranged, and Kayla wonders if this has something to do with what she said about recognizing him. She excuses herself to make an call and heads off. She calls Steve from the nurse’s station and leaves him a message, asking him to bring down the sketch he showed her of the mayor’s killer. She then calls Hope, asking if Bo is available. Hope says he went to the office and Kayla asks her if she can come down to the hospital to speak with her abut something. Hope says she is on her way and hangs up. She runs into Maggie and Chloe on the way out and greets them both hurriedly. She heads off.

Maggie tells Chloe that she refuses to keep quiet about this. Chloe begs her to reconsider, but Maggie tells her to dream on. Chloe tries to persuade her, telling her that she knows what she did is wrong. She is in love with Lucas, and she is going to make sure this never happens again. She plays her trump card, asking Maggie if this very same thing didn’t happen to her once. Doesn’t she remember what it felt like to be on the verge of losing everyone she cared about? Just then, Lucas comes in, asking the two why they look so serious.

Rafe limps into the convent and runs into another nun. He asks where Teresa and the pregnant girl he brought in are, and then un tells him that they both of them left some time ago.

Baker tells Nicole that EJ wants to know why she wasn’t giving birth at the hospital. Nicole is sure he will forget all about that once he sees his daughter, but Baker isn’t so sure. Nicole tells him that everything will go fine as long as he can keep his staff from blabbing, EJ will have nothing to be suspicious about. Baker tells her that he wouldn’t count on that.

Maggie asks Lucas to sit down as Chloe gives her a pleading look. Lucas asks what’s going on and Chloe says they were just talking about his mom and how great she looks. She gives Maggie a pointed glance, telling her they should always think of Kate. Lucas is confused and Maggie sends him off to get her a ginger ale. He heads to the bar and Chloe thanks her for not saying anything. Maggie says she hasn’t made up her mind yet, but Chloe is sure she will keep her secret. If Maggie tells, it will hurt Lucas and Kate, too, and she reminds Maggie that she can’t take it back once lives are destroyed. She hopes Maggie knows that she has learned her lesson and she doesn’t want to screw up what she and Lucas have. Maggie says she doesn’t know that about Chloe at all.

Hope meets Kayla at the hospital and Kayla tells her about the John Doe brought in. Kayla also tells her about the man choking her when she told him he looked familiar. Kayla adds that she saw a sketch of the mayor’s killer, and she thinks this is the guy. Hope gasps.

The killer wakes up in his hospital bed and finds himself restrained. He panics and begins to struggle.

The nun tells Rafe that Teresa left him a note and heads off to get it. Rafe leans against pew and sighs. Suddenly, he hears a noise in the vestibule and prepares to draw his gun. Teresa comes in with Sami. Sami holds Mia’s baby, telling Rafe that she’s so glad he’s back. She adds that she was very worried. She goes on to explain that she has the baby and shows her off, telling Rafe that she’s gorgeous. He grins.

Nicole tells Baker that she doesn’t need to hear his lecture. She has come a long way, and it has worked out for her so far. Baker thinks she was just lucky, but Nicole doesn’t believe in luck. She just played her cards right. She tells Baker to think again if he is trying to blackmail her. He will receive the fee they discussed and not a penny more. Baker says this isn’t about threatening her. He tells her that there’s something that could make EJ see her and her baby in a whole new light, and there isn’t a thing Nicole can do to control it. She asks what she hasn’t thought of, and Baker tells her it never ceases to amaze him how some babies look just like their mothers. He tells Nicole that her baby looks like her birth mother, and there’s nothing Nicole can do about that. EJ is coming to see her and the baby today, so he suggest she get into a gown and get into bed and pray that her luck holds up. He heads off. Nicole sighs.

Rafe tells Sami that the baby is gorgeous, but admits that he had him worried. She tells him that had to go the clinic so he could have her baby, but they’re both fine. She thanks Rafe for keeping them safe. Rafe says that’s the problem--they aren’t safe. He groans. Teresa notices that he’s hurt and Sami asks what happened. Rafe admits that he isn’t feeling well and slumps onto the pew, unconscious. Sami gasps.

Maggie tells Chloe that this isn’t about her. Her decision on whether or not to tell Lucas rests solely on what is best for him. Chloe insists that not telling him is best. She vows to make up for what she has done. Lucas comes back with their drunks just then and tells Chloe that Kate has been begging him to set a wedding date. Chloe says she would love to set one and tells him they’ll go see Kate tomorrow to discuss it. Lucas gets a call from work just then and heads off to take it. Chloe thanks Maggie for not saying anything and vows to make this right. Maggie wonders what she is going to do about Daniel.

Daniel tells Hope and Kayla that he thinks the guy was on drugs, which would explain why he attacked Kayla. Hope agrees to take a look at the man. If he’s the killer, they can wrap this case up and Sami can come home. Daniel offers to come with her, but gets a page and heads off, apologizing. Kayla heads for the elevator. Just then, the killer flies out of his room and gets Kayla in a chokehold, threatening to break her neck if anyone moves. Hope gasps.

Chloe tells Maggie that she will break things off with Daniel. Maggie wonders if she will be able to keep her hands off of him and Chloe swears that she will. Maggie agrees to keep her secret, but tells Chloe that she will be watching her. And no amount of begging or pleading will persuade her to keep quiet a second time. She will go straight to Lucas. Chloe promises that it won’t come to that and thanks her again. Maggie says goodbye curtly and heads off.

Bo checks his messages outsides pub and listens to one from Hope, telling him she’s on her way to the hospital to meet Kayla. She thinks there’s been a break in the Marino case and asks Bo to meet her as soon as possible. Bo groans and rushes off.

Hope pulls her gun on the killer, telling him to let go of Kayla or she’ll shoot. The killer tells her to go ahead and shoot. Then Kayla will die, anyway.

Sami tends to Rafe while Teresa heads off to call an ambulance. Sami begs him to wake up.

EJ heads into Nicole’s room and finds her in bed with Sami’s baby. Baker stands nearby. EJ smiles and says hello.


Phillip tells Stephanie, “I’m falling in love with you.” She replies, “I’m falling love with you, too.”

Hope tells the killer, “You want a hostage, take me.” He yells, “What you’re going to do is find me a way out of here--now!”

EJ holds the baby and tells Nicole, “She actually resembles somebody else.”

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