Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/30/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/30/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Chloe shows up at Daniel’s apartment. He asks if she got his message, and she says she did. He tells her that he meant what he said, and that it’s over between them. She tells him that that’s what she came to talk about .She threatens to stand outside his door all night if he won’t let her in.

At the pub, Hope brings Bo some coffee and sits with him. He suddenly gets a flash of Hope picking up a gun at the hospital. Then he sees Kayla collapse. Hope brings him back to the present, asking what’s wrong. Bo stares at her in horror.

Maggie strolls through the park, talking to Jessica. She hangs up and notices the killer slumped in front of the park bench. Maggie gasps and hurries over to him, checking for a pulse.

At the loft, Rafe struggles to get to his feet but collapses. He groans, whispering to Sami to be careful.

On an airplane, tells someone over the phone about the meeting in Italy going well. He tells the person that he’s excited to get home so quickly. The person asks him about Nicole and EJ explains that she is his fiancée now.

At the clinic, Sami tells Teresa she has to go check on her baby. Teresa stops her, reminding her that she has to rest. Sami only agrees to stay in bed if Teresa agrees to go find out what’s wrong with her baby.

In another room, Dr. Baker holds Sami’s baby as Nicole holds Mia’s. She tells Baker that she wants Sami’s baby. Baker shakes his head, saying he thought this was already worked out. She has Mia’s baby, and she ought to be damned grateful for that. Nicole says she is. She loves this little girl and even helped deliver her. She planned on raising her until she learned about Sami being pregnant. She begs Dr. Baker not to make this harder for her than it already is. He stares as she asks him to let her take Sami’s baby in exchange for Mia’s.

Sami threatens to leave her bed and go find out about the baby herself. Teresa agrees to go check on the baby, but wants a nurse to keep watch over Sami. Sami freaks out, yelling that she needs to know what’s wrong with her daughter, not a nurse. Teresa rushes out the door, telling Sami she’ll find out what’s going on.

Baker tells Nicole that her request is out of the question. Nicole says he has to help her. Finally everything is coming together. Baker asks if she planned this. Nicole says that all she wants is to give EJ a biological child. So when she learned Sami was pregnant, she took Baker’s business card to the convent, hoping Sami would end up giving birth here. That way, Nicole could take her baby, and Baker could give Mia’s baby to the convent. She tells Dr. Baker that she thinks this is fate. Both of the little girls were born at almost the exact same time. She thinks Baker can just finagle a scenario where they were put in the wrong bassinets. After all, stranger things have happened. Baker sighs, telling Nicole that he knew something was off when he first met her, but now he is convinced that she is a psychopath.

Chloe tells Daniel that the message he left her shocked her. At first, he told her that they had to tell the truth, because she couldn’t live a lie and he couldn’t let go of her. Daniel explains that he saw her with Allie and realized how attached the little girl is to Chloe. He didn’t want to ruin that. Chloe says she understands, but listening to his message made her want to kill him. Then she saw Kate, who told her Daniel seemed sad and alone. She asks Daniel if that’s true, but he says it doesn’t matter, adding that he doesn’t want to discuss this and asking her to leave. Chloe refuses, saying that Daniel only left that message to torture her. He knew that if he rejected her, that she would find out what he has known all along--that there’s no way in hell the two of them can end this.

Hope again asks Bo what’s wrong and he tell her he was just thinking of the Marino murder investigation. Hope grumbles, wondering why he ever wanted to take her off the case. Bo admits that he acted like a jerk and apologizes. She asks about the vision he said he had a few days ago, but Bo claims not to know what it’s about. He just got a bunch of jumbled images. Just then, Steve comes in with good news. He tells Bo and Hope that he thinks he has a lead on Marino’s killer.

Maggie tries to wake the killer up, but he’s unresponsive. Maggie rolls him over and notices the gaping wound in his stomach. She gasps.

EJ calls Stefano and tells him that the meeting went well. He thinks their company has a bright future ahead of him. Stefano asks him something and EJ tells him they wanted a follow-up meeting, but he had to reschedule to ensure he gets home in time for Nicole’s delivery. EJ vows not to miss it.

Teresa asks a nurse outside Sami’s door where the doctor is.

Nicole wonders why Baker became a doctor, asking sarcastically if his love for children is what makes him get up every day and sell babies to the highest bidder. She threatens to go straight to the police if he doesn’t help her. Baker says he’ll just tell her fiancé how crazy she really is. Nicole changes tactics, asking the doctor to have some compassion. She lost her little girl, but her desire to be a mother didn’t die with her. Baker sighs, saying she isn’t the first woman to have a miscarriage, and besides, she got her wish. Mia gave Nicole her baby, and she should be happy with that. Besides, she can’t just take Sami’s baby. What does she think--that no one will notice she switched the two? He wonders how she plans on pulling this off.

Daniel again tells Chloe that he left the message because he saw how happy she looked with Lucas and Chloe. Chloe angrily accuses him of being jealous because she managed to find a little happiness without him gracing her presence. Daniel tells her she is way off base. This isn’t about him or his ego. He likes to think that he has some decency, and he refuses to break up a happy family. Chloe accuses him of making this all about him. Daniel tells her to think whatever she wants. She softens, and asks him if he is really feeling alone, like Kate said. What if she wants him back? Daniel insists on not talking about Kate and Chloe thinks they can talk about themselves instead. She practically cries, asking Daniel how he dares to tell her he loved her one day and then dumps her over a voicemail the next. She can’t stop thinking of him, and can’t get any respite, not even in her dreams. She glares, telling Daniel that she truly hates him.

Steve tells Bo and Hope that he got into contact with a friend who’s a computer geek and he got him some information. He adds that it wasn’t by the book and Bo tells him he doesn’t want to hear about that part. What did he find out? Steve says he has some evidence linking DiMera to Marino’s murderer.

Teresa tells the nurse that ‘Colleen’ is frantic and wants news about her baby. It’s been a long time since she gave birth. Then nurse apologizes, but says Dr. Baker is dealing with an emergency and she doesn’t have any updates on the baby’s condition. She promises to let them know as soon as she learns anything. She heads off.

Nicole asks Dr. Baker if Sami saw her baby. Baker says she didn’t, but that doesn’t matter. Nicole thinks all newborns look alike, and Baker says that may be, but once Mia’s baby grows up, Sami will notice that she has none of her characteristics. Nicole insists that Sami won’t see the baby grow up because she doesn’t want it. She didn’t even tell the father she was pregnant. Baker says that seems to be a trend around here and Nicole snaps, saying she actually wants this baby, unlike Sami. Baker asks how she is so sure, and she tells him she overheard Sami telling a nun that she wished she was never pregnant and that she seems to resent the baby for causing her so many problems. Nicole vows to give this baby a good life with EJ--better than the one Sami could provide. She begs Dr. Baker to help her.

Daniel admits that he shouldn’t have left Chloe that voicemail. He explains that he knew she would be angry if he told her in person, and he wanted to avoid that. Chloe flies into a rage, saying she’s more than angry. She can’t believe she cheated on her fiancé with such a shallow bastard. Daniel tells her to let it all out. That way, it will be easier for them to go their separate ways. He grabs Chloe and kisses her passionately.

Steve tells Bo and Hope that he saw some references to a corporation with millions of dollars in holdings on Stefano’s computer. He found out the bank that has most of the money is Capstar, a bank that has a branch right here in Salem. Hope asks if he thinks Stefano is using the company to bankroll his illegal activities. Steve thinks so, but says he will have to do some more investigating. Just then, Kayla calls him. Bo gets another flash of Hope shooting Kayla at the hospital. He gasps.

At the hospital, Maggie asks Kayla if the man that was brought in will be alright. Kayla isn’t sure, saying he may need surgery. He’s still unconscious, and Kayla says it’s a good thing Maggie brought him in when she did, or he would have died. Maggie sighs, saying she just wishes she knew the poor man’s name.

Rafe struggles to get off the floor and fails. He sees his cell phone on the ground nearby and starts crawling toward it.

Baker refuses to switch the babies, telling Nicole it’s too risky. She insists no one will know but her and him, but Baker still refuses. He tells Nicole to get out so he can take Sami’s baby to her mother. Just then, Teresa pokes her head in the room, looking for the doctor. Luckily, Nicole is standing behind the door, so Teresa doesn’t see her.

Chloe calls Daniel an SOB and pushes him away. She then grabs him and kisses him again. The two fall onto the sofa.

While Hope chats on the phone, Bo stands near the bar and talks to Steve about the case. Steve says he thinks they can bring DiMera down, but then notices that Bo seems distracted. Bo admits he had another vision involving Hope firing a gun, and this time, someone got shot. Steve demands to know who it was, and Bo flashes to seeing Kayla fall to the floor. He is reluctant to say anything, but Steve insists, and Bo admits he saw Kayla getting shot. Steve gapes. Bo think he is just crazy, and that this vision doesn’t mean anything. Steve isn’t so sure. Until Bo figures out what these visions mean, the two have to make sure Kayla and Hope don’t see one another.

EJ flashes back to telling Nicole that he will never leave her again, and that he shouldn’t have agreed to go on a business trip for his father. He comes back to the present and sighs.

Baker tells Teresa that he is doing everything he can and will be with Colleen shortly. He shuts the door in her face, hissing at Nicole that he hopes she sees why they can’t switch these babies. Nicole disagrees, saying she now sees that they have no choice. She hopes he sees that too and agrees to help her.

Hope gets off the phone and tells Bo and Steve that she spoke with Roman. He suggested they track the money from the killer’s end and check the banks’ security cameras to se if he has made any withdrawals. Steve agrees to keep working the DiMera angle while they do that and starts to head off. Hope says she is going with him as she promised to go see Kayla today. Bo stops her, horrified, saying that isn’t a good idea.

Kayla tells Maggie that the man was probably mugged, and that they’ll file a police report soon. She adds that Maggie shouldn’t be walking alone at night, either. Maggie says she wont be anymore, but adds that she’ll feel safer once they learn who did this.

Rafe struggles and finally reaches the cell phone. He opens it and curses, hurling it across the room.

Teresa heads back into Sami’s room, telling her that doctor told her he’s doing everything he can. Sami can’t believe that’s all he said and tries to get out of bed, saying she has to hold her baby. Teresa tells her she can’t do that. The only thing she can do right now for her child is have faith and pray.

EJ leaves Nicole a voicemail, telling her he is going to be home sooner than expected and can’t wait to see her.

Nicole asks Baker why he lied to the nun instead of coming clean and telling the truth. Baker says she just surprised him and that he was trying to protect himself and Nicole. He still refuses to switch the babies. Nicole tells him again that she will go to the police if he doesn’t. Baker reminds her she is just as culpable, and will go down with him. Nicole chuckles, saying she was just another innocent victim in his schemes. Even if no one believes that, it doesn’t matter because her license isn’t on the line and she has nothing to lose, unlike Baker. She asks him if prison time is really worth him refusing to help her.

Baker wonders how Nicole will pull this off and she reminds him of her track record. She was able to fool everyone into thinking she was pregnant, kept EJ out of the way, found a birth mother, and then delivered the baby herself. Baker asks her if she will be able to live with the guilt the rest of her life if she pulls this off. Nicole says she can. She wonders why Baker doesn’t think this baby deserves to be with her biological father instead of strangers. She thinks letting Sami give this baby up for adoption is wrong, and she just wants something to go her way for once. She glances longingly at Sami’s baby, asking Baker if he will agree to help her.

Hope asks Bo why she can’t see Kayla, and he stammers, saying that he just doesn’t want her to leave. Steve jumps in, adding that Kayla told him she had been paged to the hospital for an emergency, so she can’t see Hope anyway. He tells her that he’ll have Kayla call her and heads off. Hope asks Bo for the truth. She wants the real reason why he didn’t want her to go see Kayla.

Kayla gets off the phone with Joe’s sitter and tells Maggie she has to go look for his favorite stuffed animal in the car. Maggie says she was about to leave and offers to take it down to Kayla’s place for her. She thanks Maggie and promises to keep her updated on their John Doe, adding that they may have to call Daniel in if he needs surgery.

Daniel and Chloe kiss and she says she can’t believe this happened. She came down here to give him hell. Daniel chuckles, saying she did give him hell. She apologizes for getting so angry with him, saying she knows everyone is flawed. Just then, Daniel’s pager goes off. He tells Chloe that there’s an emergency at the hospital and that he has to go.

Baker sighs and asks Nicole to hand him Mia’s baby. She cries, thanking him, and picks the baby up, telling her that she knows the convent will find a good home for her, and that she’ll miss her. She hands her to Dr. Baker, who heads out of the room. Nicole tearfully picks up Sami’s baby and coos.

Daniel and Chloe get ready to leave, but she forgets her purse. He tells her to lock up when she leaves and kisses her again. He heads off. She rushes back in for her purse and shuts the door behind her. Maggie is standing in the hallway, glaring.

Hope asks Bo why he doesn’t want her to see Kayla, and Bo tell her he just needs to spend time with her. He wants to run some ideas he has about this case by her, and frankly, they need to make this case a priority. They’re so close to catching the killer, and he knows Sami must be going crazy in witness protection. Hope sighs, saying he has bringing home work more now that he is commissioner. Bo asks if she has a problem with that, and she admits that she is worried about him.

In a hospital room, Kayla tends to the killer as he begins to wake up. She tells him that he looks really familiar and asks if they have met before. His eyes widen.

EJ calls Nicole and leaves her another voicemail, saying he wises she’d answer the phone once in a while. He adds that he will be home soon and says he can’t wait to see her.

Nicole holds Sami’s baby and asks for a smile. The baby cries. Nicole says they’ll work on that and starts bawling, saying she has waited for this moment for a long time. She promises the baby that they will all be a happy family and wishes her a happy birthday. Nicole sobs.

Teresa prays with Sami that her little girls is healthy. Just then, Dr. Baker comes in with Mia’s baby and tells Sami that her little girl is fine. He asks Sami if she wants to hold her daughter. Sami cries.


Maggie says, “I saw you and Daniel kissing.” Chloe replies, “Maggie--if you give me a chance to explain--“ Maggie shouts, “I can’t!”

Nicole tells Sami’s baby, “It’s like Sami never existed-it’s just you, me, and daddy.”

Sami asks Dr. Baker, “That’s my baby?”

Kayla tells the killer, “I swear I’ve seen your face somewhere before.” He jumps out of bed and chokes her.

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