Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/29/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/29/09


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At the clinic, Sami shrieks and sweats as Dr. Baker urges her to push. Sister Teresa coaches her on as Sami pushes one last time. Dr Baker exclaims, telling her she’s given birth to a girl. Sami is over the moon at fist, then panics when she realizes the baby isn’t crying. She asks Dr. Baker what’s wrong with her baby.

At the pub, Chloe sits at a table and stares at her phone. She flashes back to making love to Daniel, and listens to the message he left her, saying that he can’t come between what her and Lucas have with his family. She hangs up and sighs, telling Daniel that she thinks he did the right thing.

At his apartment, Daniel picks up his phone and starts to dial. He slams the phone back down and shakes his head, telling himself that he did the right thing. Just then, someone knocks on his door. He sighs and shakes his head, thinking it’s Chloe. Much to his surprise, Kate is at the door. She apologizes for dropping in on him so suddenly, but she didn’t like the way they ended things earlier. Daniel thinks things ended fine, and agreed to be friends. Kate says she thinks she was a bit too hasty. Daniel asks her if she has changed her mind.

At the loft, Rafe gets his hands untied and quickly unties his feet as the killer paces. He tells Rafe he knows Sami is at the convent; he can see it written all over his face. He grins, telling Rafe that now that he knows where Sami is, he has no use for him. He points a gun at Rafe’s head. Rafe flies out of his char and struggles with the killer. The two fight over the gun.

Nicole comes into the clinic with Mia’s baby in a bassinet. She hears Sami shrieking, asking what is wrong with her baby. Nicole wonders what’s going on. In one of the rooms, Sami demands answers from Dr. Baker. She wants to see her little girl and find out what’s wrong with her--now.

Rafe elbows the killer in the face and gets the best of him.

Sami demands answers, but Baker just says her baby will need a little extra medical care. He hurries off with the baby as Sami protests. Outside, Nicole asks him what is going on, but he breezes past her, ignoring her. She heads over to Sami’s room and listens in through the door as Sami wails, telling Teresa that the doctor is scared and she knows why--he thinks her baby is going to die.

Chloe takes out her phone and dials.

Daniel tells Kate that he realizes she’s allowed to change her mind, but he is starting to wonder if she is just jerking his chain. Kate tells him that he seems angry, and she’s sorry for that. Just then, Daniel’s phone rings. He sees that it’s Chloe and tells Kate that it isn’t important. She tells him that while they were both adult with each other earlier, she still doesn’t feel like she knows what he is thinking about what happened. Daniel tells her that he knows this is what she wants. Kate says this is also about what he wants, but Daniel says he doesn’t think that way. What happened between them happened, and now it’s over. That’s just the way it is. Kate says he’s a hard man to talk to. She guesses that is just the kind of man he is--he doesn’t go overboard about anything.

Chloe leaves Daniel a message, telling him that she thinks they need to talk about what is going on between them. Maggie comes up behind her just as Chloe hangs up, telling her she accidentally overheard what she said. She asks Chloe if she and Lucas are having problems.

Sami cries, asking Teresa if she saw the baby. Teresa says she didn’t get a good look at her, but assures Sami that the baby will be fine. Sami sobs, telling Teresa that this is all her fault. She should have seen the doctor regularly throughout her pregnancy. Teresa reminds her she was in witness protection, but Sami says she only went in to the program for her own sake--so she could hide the baby. Now her little girl may be dying, and it is all her fault.

Nicole tends to Mia’s baby worriedly and heads into the room next to Sami’s. Dr. Baker is inside. Sami’s baby is in an incubator, and Baker hovers over the baby. Nicole asks what’s going on and he shouts at her to get out. Nicole persists, reminding Dr. Baker that this baby belongs to EJ. She begs him not to tell her the baby has died.

Kate asks if Daniel had big plans for the night that she is interrupting, but Daniel says he was just planning on ordering a pizza. He asks her to stay and tell him whatever she needs to tell him. Kate says that while she doesn’t regret ending things, she doesn’t like to think of him being alone. She has Phillip and Lucas--she even has Chloe-- to care for her. Who does Daniel have? He looks at Kate guiltily.

Maggie tells Chloe that while she is Lucas’ aunt and cares for him very much, she also wants to be on Chloe’s side. Chloe asks if she remembers when she warned her not to hurt Lucas. Maggie apologizes, saying she was out of line and shouldn’t have said that. No wonder Chloe doesn’t want to confide in her. Chloe says that isn’t what she meant. She actually has a confession to make.

Sami continues to blame herself for lying all the time, saying it comes naturally to her. She lied to everyone--EJ--her parents--everyone. If she hadn’t, her baby could have gotten proper medical care and been born in a real hospital. She is just sure that God is punishing her and telling her that she doesn’t deserve this baby. Teresa stops her, saying God doesn’t say things like that, or punish innocent babies. Sami switches gears and starts worrying about Rafe, saying he would have been here by now if he were alright. Teresa tries to soothe her, telling her that she is sure Rafe can take care of himself.

Rafe and the killer struggle for the gun and flies across the room. The killer gets the best of Rafe and starts kneeing him in the stomach. Rafe groans.

Nicole asks Baker if she can do anything, and he tells her she can pray as long as she goes somewhere else. She heads out with Mia’s baby and sighs. She tells God that He probably won’t listen to her, but she has to try anyway. She talks about how hard it was for her to lose her baby right here and asks Him to protect EJ’s baby. She has to keep lying because EJ doesn’t have a heart of stone like hers. He would die if he knew what had happened to their baby. Just then, Nicole hears weak cries coming from the room. She bursts in and asks Dr. Baker if everything is ok. He beams, telling her that the baby is fine. She casts her eyes heavenwards in thanks.

Daniel asks Kate if she wants a drink, but she says no. She wants to talk about him, but Daniel refuses, saying he doesn’t like to talk about himself. He picks up the phone to order the pizza, but Kate barrels on, telling him she used to think he’d be great at an affair because he’s so passionate in the bedroom and so aloof in public. Daniel asks if she wants thin crust or regular. Kate ignores him and tries to explains why she thinks he is so detached. Daniel shouts at her to shut up.

Maggie tells Chloe she doesn’t have to tell her anything, but Chloe says its ok. Lucas’ family has been nothing but accepting of her, so she doesn’t have a problem confiding in Maggie. She tells her that this is about Sami. She knows that she will always be a part of Lucas’ life because of Allie, but Chloe feels like Sami could reel him back in any time she wanted. The two didn’t really get closure before she left. She just worries that she and Lucas moved forward with each other too quickly. She sighs, telling Maggie that she shouldn’t be angry, as Lucas hasn’t done anything wrong. Maggie reminds Chloe that she hasn’t either, and asks her what is really bothering her.

Sami’s baby wails as Baker tells Nicole that the baby had trouble getting air, but as she can hear, she’s fine now. Nicole gasps, saying she can’t believe EJ has a daughter. She beams as Baker explains that he’s going to take the baby to her mother. Nicole sets down the bassinet with Mia’s baby and tells him he can’t. They have to have a little chat first.

Chloe tells Maggie that she and Lucas had a wonderful time at dinner, but after he left to take Johnny home and put Allie to bed, her mom called. They don’t do well on the phone because her mom always second-guesses any decision she makes. Maggie asks if her mom doesn’t think she should marry Lucas, and Chloe says it isn’t Lucas, it’s her. She doesn’t think her mom thinks she is ready for marriage. It isn’t that she doesn’t love Lucas, because she does. Maggie asks if she has talked to Lucas, and Chloe begs her not to say anything. Maggie says she won’t, but she thinks Chloe should talk to Lucas. If she starts keeping secrets, things will only get worse. Chloe wonders what will happen if Lucas is hurt by the truth. Maggie say that if he doesn’t understand her worries about Sami, then maybe he isn’t ready for marriage. Chloe looks at her questioningly and Maggie gasps, guessing that this isn’t about Sami at all.

Daniel apologizes for snapping at Kate, and she says it’s ok. They’re friends, after all. Daniel thinks they need to simplify things, and suggests they go back to simply being a doctor and patient. That way she won’t have to worry about him being alone and she can concentrate on her health. Kate asks if that is his way of kicking her out and gets her coat. Daniel just thinks it would be better if they gave this some time, and asks her not to worry about what happened here tonight. He has everything under control. Kate laughs and tells him he’s lying to himself. She asks him to enjoy his pizza and heads off. She waits on the elevator after Daniel closes the door behind her and wonders what is going on with him.

The killer kicks Rafe and rushes for the kitchen, where he grabs a knife. Rafe gets to his feet just as the killer swipes at his head. Rafe ducks and grabs his arm, stabbing the killer with the knife. The killer groans and stumbles for the door. He sees that he’s bleeding and gasps, rushing out. Rafe grabs the knife and watches him go.

Sami tells Teresa that she is going to find her daughter. She tries to get out of bed as the nurse comes in, telling her to lie back down or she could hemorrhage. Sami doesn’t care. She wants to find her daughter, since she knows something is wrong. The nurse injects something into her IV and assures Sami that she will be able to sleep now. Sami yells that she doesn’t want to sleep, but the drugs start taking effect. Sami drops off to sleep mumbling about her baby.

Baker tells Nicole that the mother of this baby needs to see her, so this will have to wait. Nicole says it can’t, and he had better listen to her if he has his best interests at heart. He sighs, saying it wouldn’t be a conversation with her unless there were an implied threat. Nicole explains that her fiancé, EJ, is the father of the baby. Baker is confused, asking if he had a relationship with Colleen. Nicole says her name is Sami, not Colleen. Baker is dumbfounded, asking if the nun is lying too. Nicole says that isn’t important. This story is going to have a happy ending--she’ll make sure of it.

Maggie tells Chloe that Lucas loves her right now and thinks she is perfect. Chloe says she isn’t, though, and Maggie says no one is--not her, Lucas, or anyone else. She explains to Chloe that one day her and Lucas won’t be on cloud nine anymore and hey will both realize how much they can hurt each other. It’s something that every married couple goes through. Chloe has to realize that she can’t pretend to be perfect for Lucas because everyone makes mistakes. Over time, though they’ll love each other even more. She assures Chloe that she and Lucas are on the road to something amazing, and that she needs to trust that they love each other enough to get through anything.

Baker asks Nicole if she planned this the whole time, but Nicole says she just found out about Sami’s pregnancy this week. She’s in witness protection, so Nicole tracked her down at the convent and suggested the nun bring her here. Baker can’t believe Nicole found her and says whoever put her in witness protection is an idiot. Nicole assures him that if he helps her, he’ll profit. She is sure divine guidance and a little luck has gotten her this far, and she can’t back out now. She assure Baker that EJ will be a loving father. Just then, Mia’s baby cries. Baker asks her what she has in the bassinet.

Kate comes into the pub as Chloe gets ready to leave. She asks if Kate is ok, but she says she isn’t. She just came from seeing Daniel, and something is wrong with him. She tried to talk to him, but he is holding her at arm’s length. Chloe gulps.

Daniel listens to Chloe’s message telling him they need to talk. Daniel sips his scotch and turns the phone off, saying they don’t need to talk. It’s over between them.

Baker examines Mia’s baby, asking Nicole why she has a spare. Nicole reminds him about Mia going into labor and asks if the baby will be alright. Baker says she is fine. Nicole looks at Sami’s baby and coos, saying she has EJ’s eyes. She smiles, saying they have two perfect little girls right here. Everything is going to work out. She just knows it.

Rafe comes into Sami’s room and tells her she doesn’t have to be scared anymore. Her little girl is fine, and he is here to protect her. Sami throws her arms around him, begging him not to leave her again. Just then, she wakes up. Teresa is at her side, not Rafe, and she assure Sami that she isn’t going anywhere.

Chloe shows up at Daniel’s. He asks if she got his message, saying he meant what he said. It’s over. She says she knows that. That’s why she came to talk to him in person.

Rafe tries to get up and falls on the floor. He moans.

The killer has made it to the park, but he too collapses in a bleeding heap.

Sami tells Teresa she has to find her daughter. Teresa reminds her she must rest, but Sami only agrees to do so if Teresa goes and finds out what is going on with her baby.

Baker asks Nicole if she is going to keep her promise to Mia. Will she tell EJ she had twins? Nicole shakes her head. She promised Mia’s baby would be well-taken care of and she meant it. She may not like Sami, but she is a responsible mother, and she will make sure this baby gets a good home even if she gives it up. Baker sighs. Nicole picks up Sami’s baby and rocks it, promising that she, EJ and the baby will live happily ever after.


Daniel yells, “This is good! Let it out!” Chloe asks, “Good?” Daniel replies, “Yeah, because it’s going to make it easier to go our separate ways.” He kisses her.

Steve tells Bo and Hope, “I think I might have a lead on Marino’s killer.”

Teresa says, “Samantha, please, you mustn’t get out of bed.” Sami yells, “I have to find out what’s wrong with my child!”

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