Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/28/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/28/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Titan, Phillip runs into Brady, saying he thought he left hours ago. Brady said he came back to do some work, and is heading off to pay basketball with one of their clients. He invites Phillip to come along, but he says he has a paper trail to follow. He asks Phillip if there’s a problem, and Phillip says there’s a serious one. It has to do with Melanie.

At the pub, Melanie runs over to Max at the bar, all smiles. Max asks why she is in such a good mood. Melanie promises to tell him, but first she wants to know everything he knows about EJ DiMera.

At Mia’s apartment, Nicole holds her baby and tells Mia how perfect she is. She tells the baby how glad she is she is here, and asks Mia if she wants to hold her. She shakes her head. Nicole looks at the baby lovingly and cries.

At the clinic, Dr. Baker explains to Sami that they can’t do a c-section because they don’t have an OR. Sami starts to panic and demands to know angrily what he plans on doing. Baker instructs a nurse to get Sami more oxygen as Teresa tries to soothe her, telling her the baby needs her to stay calm. Sami huffs and puffs.

At the loft, Rafe is tied to a chair as the killer explains that if he doesn’t talk, he’s going after the twins. Rafe doesn’t think he has the guts, but the killer says he does. He plans on going out on a two-for-one spree unless Rafe gives Sami up. Rafe struggles with his bonds, telling the killer to stay away from Sami’s kids.

Dr. Baker tells Sami that she needs to get the baby out now. She’s dilated nine centimeters, so he is sure she can push. Sami grunts and groans, shrieking. Baker looks at her in horror. Sami’s eyes widen as she asks if her baby is ok. Baker is silent. She screams at him to answer her.

Brady asks what Melanie has done now and Phillip panics, thinking she has already done something to Brady. He explains she hasn’t done anything, and Phillip grumbles, saying she’s flirted with every guy in town, at least. He checks something on the computer and curses, telling Brady that EJ DiMera is going after Melanie and the fuel project. Brady is surprised, but Phillip reminds him that is typical DiMera behavior. Brady says he knows that, but didn’t think Melanie would fall for EJ’s scheme so quickly. Besides, maybe it isn’t true. Phillip tells him he has a confidential source, so he knows the information is good. Phillip tells Brady that this project could mean billions of dollars and they have to keep it. They have to find a way to stop Melanie from letting EJ have the project.

Max asks why she is so interested in EJ, but Melanie claims it is just business. She begs Max to tell her something about EJ, but he refuses to get involved. Melanie starts to walk off, telling Max she’ll get information from someone else, but Max reminds her that she hasn’t any friends. He’ll tell her something abut EJ if she tells him why she wants to know. Melanie explains that EJ came to see her to speak with her about the fuel project. Nick told him about it, and he wants to make a bid on it. Melanie says she is thrilled .Max thought she had an agreement with Titan, but Melanie says that was more of a verbal agreement. She is thinking of starting a bidding war between the DiMeras and the Kiriakis family and then she’ll get a lot more money. Max sighs, telling Melanie that she is in way over her head.

Mia asks Nicole to go away. She opens a drawer and gently places the baby inside. She sits next to Mia and tells her that she just wants to say one thing. She is really proud of the way Mia acted. She was very brave--about the birth, and about giving her baby up so she can have a better life. Mia sobs, telling Nicole that she can’t do this.

Phillip groans, telling Brady that he should have known better than to make a verbal agreement with such a shifty character. Brady reminds him he closed a multi-billion dollar deal, but Phillip says that won’t matter if she trying to start a bidding war. He sighs, wondering what EJ is whispering in her ear. Brady asks if he can do anything, but Phillip says no. He suddenly has an idea of a way to get to Melanie.

Nicole tells Mia that she can do this, and asks her to remember that she is doing this for her child. Mia agrees that it is her baby, not Nicole’s. The baby has been with Mia this whole time and now she doesn’t want to give her up. Nicole asks her to remember why she wanted to give her up in the first place. She tells Mia that she is young and can have more kids later. Mia says she doesn’t want to hear it. She suddenly winces in pain. Nicole wants to take her to the clinic, but Mia refuses, saying that she just needs some rest. She asks Nicole to promise her that her baby will always be happy. Nicole says she can’t promise that.

The killer threatens to take out Sami’s kids unless Rafe talks. He chuckles, telling the killer he really doesn’t know what he is up against. One of Sami’s kids is a DiMera. If he murders one of Stefano’s grandchildren, he may as well pick out his own headstone. The killer is surprised, but recovers, saying that as long as Sami is still a loose end, he is a walking dead man anyway. He renews his threats to kill Sami’s kids unless Rafe tells him where she is hiding.

Sami shrieks and pushes as Baker tries to encourage her. Sami moans, wondering why this is happening to her and why God is punishing her. Teresa tells her to stop thinking of herself and her sins and concentrate on getting her baby out. The nurse tells Baker the baby’s heart rate is falling. Sami groans, wondering what is wrong with her baby.

Melanie tells Max that they are just going to ruin one another’s day and starts to head off. Max stops her, telling her again that she needs to rethink playing EJ and Phillip off on each other. Melanie grumps, saying she is also thinking of Nick. She’d like this project do well so he has something to look forward to when he gets out of jail. Besides, she doesn’t have a firm agreement with Titan. She’s free to walk. Max tells her a verbal commitment is binding, and besides, what will Phillip say? He gave her a job, after all. Melanie huffs, saying he treats her badly, anyway. Max suspects this is mostly about money, and Melanie agrees that that is a major factor. She promises Max that she has everything under control, but Max isn’t so sure. He asks Melanie what she is going to do about him and points at Phillip, who has just walked in. Melanie stares at him uncomfortably.

Mia says she understands that no one is happy all the time. What she meant to ask was if Nicole will always love and care for her. Nicole says she can promise to do that. She asks Mia if she is ready to say the word and let her take the baby. Mia is silent. Nicole reminds her that the longer she waits the harder it will be. Mia is just worried her little girl will never forgive her. Nicole reminds her that she isn’t abandoning her. Mia is giving her little girl a life she could never provide, and that’s very selfless. Nicole asks Mia again if she can have her baby, tears in her eyes.

The killer asks Rafe if he is a religious man. Rafe thinks the killer likes hearing himself talk. He suggests he find something better to do with his time than hurt innocent people. The killer says no one is innocent in his book, and there are a lot of other people like him out there. Rafe rolls his eyes, calling him a sociopath. He calls him banal and the killer jumps up, insulted. He asks Rafe which twin he should kill first. He pulls out his knife and runs his finger along the edge.

Sami pushes and Baker encourages to push hard one more time, and the baby will be out. He ask the nurse what’s going on and she shakes her head. Sami demands to know what that means. Baker tells her they have to deliver this baby now, and he needs her help. Sami strains and sweats.

Phillip asks Max and Melanie if he is interrupting, but Melanie says he isn’t. he asks if they can speak in private and Max heads back to the bar. Phillip says he saw her car parked outside, and didn’t want to eat alone. Melanie says that’s sweet. Phillip adds that he also wants to iron out some issues with the fuel project, so he thought they could kill two birds with one stone. Melanie gapes, saying she just forgot she has to be somewhere and she’s late. She rushes off. Phillip meanders over to the bar and Max gives him a dirty look. He asks Max what his problem is. Max glares, telling Phillip he wants him to stay away from his sister.

The killer taunts Rafe, telling him he knows the bureau has cut back on funds, but he would honestly rather be guarded by a band of kid ballerinas than the FBI. He tells Rafe he has one last chance to tell him where Sami is, or he is texting his friend and the kids die. Rafe sighs and stares at the medal that Teresa gave Sami.

Mia tells Nicole that she can have the baby. Nicole thanks her, but still insists on taking Mia to the hospital. Mia refuses, saying he has some cramps but isn’t bleeding. She insists she’ll be fine, and just needs some rest. Nicole tells her to call if she needs anything and Mia promises. Nicole gets up to get the baby and Mia tells her that she thinks she’ll make a good mom. She cries and says goodbye to her baby.

Phillip wonders if he is supposed to be scared by Max’s threat. Max says he doesn’t care. Phillip thinks this is really about him dating Max’s ex, but Max says he would let Phillip know if this were about Stephanie. It’s about Melanie, and the way Philip treats her. Phillip thinks she can take care of herself. Max agrees, but says that doesn’t mean Phillip won’t hear from Max, too. He tells Phillip to start treating his sister with respect, or he will personally ensure that Melanie leaves Titan and takes the fuel project with her.

Melanie runs into Brady at the park after his basketball game. They exchange peasantries and she tells him she heard about his dad and that she’s sorry. Her father was murdered a couple of months ago, so she understands what he is going through--grieving for someone who isn’t here. Brady says his dad is still alive and he has no room to complain, but Melanie knows he wasn’t complaining. She just wants him to know that she gets what he is going through.

The killer threatens to text his friend unless Rafe sings. He holds the knife to his throat. Rafe agrees to tell him where Sami is.

Sami shrieks as Baker announces the baby is crowning. He asks Sami to give him one more push. She strains and screams.

Mia sleeps as Nicole gets ready to leave. She whispers, saying she hopes Mia won’t miss the baby too much, but stops, saying she knows she will. She looks fondly at her, saying that Mia is just a baby herself. She gets up and leaves Mia some money and a note. She looks at the baby, thanking Mia for giving her and EJ a child they can love and care for. Nicole cries.

Phillip asks if Max is threatening him. Max says that Melanie told him that Phillip treats her badly, and Max wants that to stop. Phillip snorts, saying he gave Melanie a job when no one else would. Sure, he is hard on her, but that’s only because she mouths off and alienates everyone she comes into contact with. Phillip says he is done listening to Max and starts to head off. Max again threatens him not to mess with sister, or he will lose the fuel project. He heads back to the bar and Pete gives him a package. Max wonders who it is from.

Brady tells Melanie that he wants to learn more about her. He didn’t even know that her father was dead until just now. He can’t imagine what it would be like to lose his own dad. Melanie says it doesn’t matter. Her father wasn’t the best guy, but he loved her in his own way. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left her the fuel project. It almost makes up for what he did to her, so she has go make sure this project is successful. It’s her one shot to get things right in her life.

The killer brandishes the knife at Rafe, demanding to know where Sami is. Rafe stares at the religious medal. The killer sees it and gasps, asking Rafe if Sami is at the convent.

Nicole coos and exclaims over the baby, telling her she’s everything she’s ever wanted. She wonders if Sami has had her baby, and says she needs to find out. She tells the baby that EJ will just love her; she just wishes she was really his child. Nicole gives one last glance at Mia and heads off with the baby. Mia wakes up just then and sighs, calling out for her baby.

Rafe tells the killer that Sami isn’t at the convent, but the killer tells him he’s a bad liar. He can see that she is at the convent by looking at him--it’s written all over Rafe’ face. The killer approaches with the gun, telling Rafe that he has no use for him now that he knows where Sami is. He aims the gun at Rafe.

Baker encourages Sam to push one last time. Teresa coaches her and Sami strains and shrieks. Baker tells the baby is out and Sami sighs. He adds that’s a girl and Sami bursts into tears, asking if she can see her. Baker looks at the baby worriedly. Sami asks him what’s wrong.


Kate tells Daniel, “Something or someone has gotten to you.” He yells, “Damn it, Kate, will you just shut up?”

Chloe tells Maggie, “Remember when you warned me not to hurt Lucas? I have a confession to make.”

Sami cries, “I know why he’s scared--he’s scared because she’s going to die.”

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