Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/27/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/27/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the loft, Rafe, who is tied to a chair, tells the killer that the baby book belongs to his girlfriend. The killer think it would be a shame to have to murder him, but that is exactly what h will do if Rafe refuses to talk. He says that he will kill Sami after he kills Rafe anyway, only this time, he won’t be around to protect her. Rafe gulps and agrees to talk.

At the convent, Sami heads into Teresa’s office, arguing with the nun the whole way. Teresa threatens to call 911 if Sami takes one step out the door. Sami tries to explain that she wants to protect her baby too, but Rafe could be in trouble, and it’s her fault he’s in this mess. She has to go to the safe house. Just then, Sami leans over and groans. Teresa asks if she is ok. Sami practically hyperventilates, telling Teresa that she thinks the baby is coming.

At the clinic, Dr. Baker asks Nicole why a nun is calling him and what she is up to. Just then, Nicole gets call from Mia. She says she is in the middle of something and asks if she can call back, but Mia says she is in the middle of something, too. She is in labor. Nicole shrieks and tells Mia she will pick her up right away. Baker tells her she needs to get Mia to the clinic right away and Nicole promises Mia she’ll be there in fifteen minutes. She hangs up and rushes off, telling Dr. Baker that it’s show time.

Outside the pub, Chloe and Daniel run into one another. He thought she was going home, but Chloe says Lucas called and asked her to meet him here. Daniel asks if she has reconsidered telling Lucas the truth, and Chloe says she can’t--not until Kate is better and Allie has her mom back. Just then, Kate comes up behind them and surprises them. They both turn around guiltily. Kate demands to know what is going on.

At Titan, Stephanie works on her laptop. Phillip comes by and closes it, telling her to clock out for the day. Stephanie insists on finishing her memo and Phillip pouts, saying he thought she wanted her surprise. Stephanie grins and closes her laptop. Phillip tells her about dinner reservations he’s made, and plans to go to a wine bar in Lincoln Park. Stephanie asks if he means the one in Chicago and Phillip nods and grins, saying he has the jet fueled up and ready to go. Is she willing to blow off work for him? Stephanie’s face falls, and she tells Phillip she can’t do that.

Teresa asks Sami if this could be a false alarm. Sami sits down and groans, telling Teresa she’s had three children. The contractions are coming closer together now, so she is sure this is the real thing.

Nicole shows up at Mia’s apartment and tries to allay her fears about giving birth. Mia admits her contractions are about a minute apart and Nicole urges her to put her arms around her neck so she can carry her to the car. They have to get to the clinic right away. Mia tells Nicole that she isn’t going anywhere.

Chloe tells Kate that she was just telling Daniel about her argument with Lucas and how terrible she feels. Kate says Lucas feels badly about it, too. Chloe asks how she is feeling and Kate says she is doing well. She even visited a health club today, but took it easy. Daniel says he is glad to hear that and she adds that she stopped by his apartment earlier. Chloe flashes back to opening Daniel’s door just as Kate is walking away. She sees her and jumps back inside. Chloe comes back to the present and tells Kate that she had better be going or Lucas will worry. She heads inside the pub. Kate tells Daniel that she assumed he wasn’t at home, but he says he was. Kate is sure he just didn’t hear her, and says that either way, she’s glad she has a chance to talk to him now. Daniel asks her what she wants to talk about, and she says she wants to discuss him and her.

Inside the pub, Chloe holds Allie and tells Lucas how glad she is that he brought her. He asks Chloe if they are ok, but she says they’re not.

Sami groans and Teresa starts to hunt for the card Nicole gave her. Sami says they need to find Rafe, but Teresa says this isn’t a time to send out a search party. Sami worries that the killer may have gotten him, but Teresa reminds her that our Heavenly Father is watching out for Rafe. Sami grumbles about Him not watching out for Hilda as Teresa hunts for the card. Sami gets hit with another contraction and moans, asking Teresa to call the doctor. She needs to get to the hospital right away.

The killer demands to know where Sami is. Rafe refuses to talk. The killer snorts, telling Rafe that he has forced him to play his trump card. He checks Rafe’s bonds and stomps out the door. Rafe struggles to get free. We flip to a three-way shot with Rafe struggling to get free. The other two frames are comprised of Nicole calling Dr. Baker to tell him about Mia’s progression. Baker worries when he hears her contractions are less than a minute apart. Just then, Teresa calls him about Sami, telling Baker she has a young woman in labor that needs a doctor. Nicole tries to comfort Mia while she waits for Baker. Baker tells Teresa to bring Sami in and hangs up. He goes back to Nicole and tells her that then nun called and is bringing in a woman in labor. Nicole beams, saying that everything is coming together. Baker ask what she is talking about. Mia groans, telling Nicole that the baby is coming now. Nicole gasps. Sami groans. Rafe struggles to get free.

Phillip can’t believe that Stephanie is turning him down. She says she is turning Chicago down, not him. She explains that he doesn’t need to take her to fancy restaurants or hipster wine bars to impress her. Phillip pretends to take notes and Stephanie apologizes for sounding ungrateful. Phillip says it’s ok and asks her what the perfect date for her would entail. She pulls Philip in for a kiss, telling him it would start like this.

Chloe explains to Lucas that she still feels awful about their fight, saying she overreacted. Lucas says he understands, but he wants her to know he loves her. Sami is the mother of his children, and he does have some obligation to her for that reason, but that’s all. Chloe says she understands that and apologizes for acting so immature. She realizes that Sami will always be a part of his life, just like Allie will be.

Kate apologizes for their breakup and the abruptness of it, but Daniel says he understands that she wanted to spend more time with her family. He just wants her to be happy. Kate thanks him, saying she is. It helps that her children are happy, too. She looks in the pub at Lucas and Chloe and smiles, saying she has never seen Lucas this happy before. She always worried about him the most, but now he seems to have found the right woman. Plus Allie just loves Chloe. She asks Daniel if he thinks they’re the perfect family. He gulps and agrees. Kate heads inside to visit with the three of them. Daniel looks on sadly. Victor comes up behind him just then, guessing that Daniel wants what Lucas has. Daniel asks why Victor would say that, and he says he just means that he knows Daniel wants a relationship and family. He asks if Daniel plans on staying in Salem, and he says he wants to for now. It’s nice to settle down somewhere for once and feel accepted. He sighs. Victor assures him that he will find the right woman some day but Daniel isn’t so sure. Sometimes he feels like all the good ones are taken. He looks in the pub at Kate as she takes a photo of Lucas, Chloe and Allie, Johnny and Caroline. The killer sits at a table across the room and takes a picture of them with his camera phone.

Rafe struggles with his bonds and vows not to let the killer hurt Sami. He flashes back to him telling Sami that he doesn’t mind watching her anymore because he now cares for her. Rafe groans and struggles more fiercely.

Teresa helps Sami with a coat ands hustles her toward the door. Sami stops short, saying her water just broke. The nun gasps and hurries her along, saying they have to get to the hospital.

Nicole tells Baker to deal with the woman the nun is bringing while she takes care of Mia. Mia groans, saying again that she needs a doctor. Nicole says there’s no time to get her to the clinic. She bustles around saying they need sheets, towels, and a way to boil water. Mia angrily declares that she isn’t giving birth here. Nicole asks if she trusts her, but Mia says she doesn’t. She wants a doctor. Nicole shakes her head, saying she is bringing this child into the world, and it’s coming now.

The killer continues to take pictures of Lucas, Chloe, and the twins. Victor says goodbye to Daniel and heads off. He watches the four sadly.

Stephanie takes Phillip to the Cheatin’ Heart. He doesn’t like the idea of her perfect date being where her ex boyfriend works. Stephanie says he doesn’t work tonight, and that she brought him here because she wants to get to know him and keep it causal. She thought they could have a few beers and play pool. Phillip can’t believe she plays and tells her not to expect him to lose on purpose to make her feel better. She warns him not to think she’ll lose on purpose to spare his ego. Phillip agrees to play, but says he gets to decide what the bet is. Stephanie asks what he has in mind.

Teresa brings Sami into the clinic and meets Dr. Baker, introducing Sami as Colleen. He instructs a nurse to take her into a room and assures her they’ll take good care of her. Teresa thanks him profusely for agreeing to see them, saying that a patient of his referred them. She smiles, saying it was a real God-send. Baker grins.

Mia has a sheet over her legs and shrieks as Nicole instructs her to push. Nicole crows that she can see the head. Mia scrams at Nicole to get the baby out of her. Nicole tells her to push. Mia cries, saying she can’t. She shrieks again. Nicole tells her the baby is almost out.

Stephanie prepares to sink the eight ball, teasing Phillip and saying that she is going to win. Phillip leans over her, trying to line her up differently, but Stephanie tells him to go stand across the room. She plan on winning fairly and squarely. Phillip walks off, grumbling, and Stephanie sinks the ball. She jumps up and down, teasing Phillip for losing to a girl and asking what her big surprise is. She stops, saying that she has to go to the restroom, but she wants it when she comes out. Phillip agrees and heads over to the bartender as she walks to the bathroom. Phillip offers the bartender two thousand dollars if he agrees to close the bar now. Phillip says he wants the place to himself for the night.

Rafe struggles with his bonds as the killer comes back inside. He asks Rafe if he wants to talk but Rafe refuses. The killer thinks he’s going to change his tune once he sees what they killer has. In fact, he thinks Rafe will offer Sami up on a spit.

Baker asks Sami if she has had routine prenatal care. She says no and that she was in a special situation. She adds that this is her fourth child, though. Suddenly Sami groans and Baker looks with alarm at the prenatal monitor. He tells the nurse that the contractions are causing stress on the baby. Sami tells him that he has to do something--now.

Mia shrieks and tells Nicole she can’t do this. Nicole says she has to push the baby out. She wishes she could do this for Mia, but she can’t. She promises to help Mia in any way that she can. Mia screams and sweats, trying to push. Nicole encourages her.

Lucas tries to get Allie to eat her mashed potatoes, but she flings them at Chloe instead. Lucas laughs. Chloe throws some potatoes back at him. Kate excuses herself and heads off chuckling. She runs into Victor on the way out and tells him to approach the table at his own risk. Caroline comes over to him and Victor grumbles, calling Chloe a selfish idiot. Now Caroline has a huge mess to clean up. She says she doesn’t mind and that she hasn’t seen the twins this happy since Sami left. Besides, Chloe has been really good with Allie and she loves her. Victor huffs, saying the twins would love Lizzie Borden if she kissed their asses, too. Caroline is shocked, wondering how Victor could say that. He tells Caroline to mark his words--Lucas’ relationship with Chloe is doomed, and so is he.

Stephanie comes out of the bathroom to find the bar empty. She asks Phillip what he has done. He smiles and asks if she likes her surprise. He gets them a couple of beers and she says she is sorry he’s so bad at pool. Phillip picks up the cue and makes an impossible shot. He grins. Stephanie gets angry with him for pretending to be bad at the game to make her happy. Phillip apologizes, but she says he is really upset. She had a consolation prize for him and everything, but she guesses he won’t get it now. Phillip pouts and begs for a hint. Stephanie kisses him.

Dr. Baker explains that Sami’s umbilical cord is compressed and that the baby is having trouble getting oxygen. Sami demands he do a c-section, but Baker says that they can’t.

Nicole encourages Mia to push. Mia screams. Nicole tells her the baby is almost here--she just needs one more push. Mia sweats and strains. She screams loudly.

Phillip and Stephanie kiss as his phone rings. He refuses to answer, but the person calls back. It’s the office, and they tell Phillip that he needs to come down there immediately. He groans and agrees. He hangs up and apologizes to Stephanie. She says she understands and he asks her to wait here for him. He promises to be back shortly. She sighs and agrees.

Caroline brings Victor some pie and coffee and he asks her to sit with him. She agrees only if he agrees to stop picking on Chloe. Caroline insists she is a nice girl. Victor grumbles, saying Caroline is just too kind and trusting.

Chloe gets a call from Daniel, but ignores it to continue spending time with the twins. Daniel leaves her a voicemail telling her that he doesn’t think the time for them to be together will ever be right. He says he doesn’t want to come between what she and Lucas have. He hangs up.

The killer reminds Rafe that he said he would start killing Sami’s family members if Rafe didn’t give her location away. He shows Rafe the pictures he took of the twins. Rafe calls him an SOB.

Baker tells Sami that they don’t have an OR room and aren’t equipped to give c-sections. Sami starts to get angry but is hit with another contraction and groans. She tells Teresa that she has a bad feeling about this. She just wants her baby to be safe.

Nicole comes out of the bathroom with the baby and sees that Mia is sleeping. She tells the baby that she can’t believe she is finally here. Mia wakes up and Nicole asks if she wants to hold the baby. Mia shakes her head sadly. Nicole cries and lifts her eyes heavenwards, saying thanks.


Phillip tells Brady, “EJ DiMera is trying to steal Melanie and the biofuel project from Titan.”

Mia tells Nicole, “My baby--he’s mine.”

Sami shrieks at Dr. Baker, “Is my baby ok?! Answer me!”

The killer tells Rafe, “Tell me where Sami is, or her kids die--tonight.”

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