Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/26/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/26/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the convent, in Teresa’s office, Teresa sympathizes with Nicole’s predicament and asks if she has found a doctor to help her deliver. Nicole hands her Dr. Baker’s card from the clinic, telling her that he is her doctor. Teresa thinks this may help another young girl she knows, and Nicole says she is glad to think that she might be able to help someone else even though she came here for guidance and assistance. She reminds Teresa that she mustn’t tell anyone they spoke, since she fears her family may learn of her pregnancy. Teresa promises not to say a word.

In the convent’s church, Sami whirls around to see another nun. She asks if has seen Rafe, but the nun says she hasn’t. Sami asks her to show her where Teresa’s office is. She doesn’t want to be alone anymore.

At the loft, a battered Rafe is tied to a chair. The killer smacks his face to wake him up, asking for information on Sami’s whereabouts. Rafe claims not to know who he is talking about, and says he wouldn’t say anything even if he did. The killer aims his gun at Rafe’s head, saying that there is no point in keeping him alive, then.

At the pub, Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla all talk about John and Marlena’s reunion, and wish John a speedy recovery. Just then, Abe comes in and pulls Bo aside to speak to him privately. He tells Bo that the press is all over him concerning the former mayor’s murder. They’re upset that no suspects have been found. Bo says he is doing his best. Abe reminds him that the taxpayers are footing the bill for Sami’s witness protection, and now a federal agent has been killed. Obviously what Bo is doing isn’t enough. He needs to solve this case now.

Nicole thanks Teresa for her advice and says that she must be going. She says again that she is glad Teresa can use the business card to help someone else, but asks her again not to tell anyone she was here or gave her that card. Teresa agrees and Nicole heads for the door. Just then, Sami knocks on the door, calling out for Teresa. Nicole backs away in horror and tells Teresa not to open the door. Teresa asks her what’s wrong and Nicole remains her that she can’t take the chance anyone sees her and tells her family. She needs the sister to keep her secret. Teresa leads her into another room off of the office as Sami barges in, calling for the nun.

Bo bristles, asking Abe why he appointed him commissioner if he didn’t think he could do the job. Abe says that isn’t what he means, but the press is putting him under a lot of strain. Bo wonders why he cares about the press all of a sudden, insisting that this isn’t going to be easy to wrap up. They are dealing with a professional hit man here, probably hired by the DiMeras. Lexie brings Theo in just then and he rushes over to Abe and throws his arms around him. Abe hugs him, telling him how glad they all are that he’s out of the hospital. Theo hugs Lexie, too, as tears well up in her eyes. Abe thanks Bo again for calling the ambulance to Theo’s aid so quickly. Bo says it was nothing as Hope comes over and gives him a hug. Just then, Bo gets a flash of a gun going off.

Rafe tells the killer to go ahead and murder him, because he isn’t getting any information out of him. Secretly, Rafe begins to loosen the bonds tying his wrists behind his back. The killer sighs. Rafe tries to tell him that he doesn’t have to do this, and that he can walk away now, but the killer says it’s impossible. That blonde bimbo saw his face, and he won’t get hired again until he cleans up his mess. Rafe wants to know who hired him to murder the mayor, since he is going to die anyway. The killer chuckles, saying Rafe could still get out of this if he plays his cards right. Rafe refuses to say anything, and the killer pulls out a taser Rafe left behind. He thinks he’ll just try to shock the truth out of Rafe before he resorts to killing him. He shocks Rafe, who shrieks with pain.

Teresa comes out from the side room she hid Nicole in and tells Sami she was just praying aloud. She says she has things to do, and Sami says she just wanted to check on her and thank her again for helping her by taking her baby. Nicole listens in as Teresa tells Sami that she had hoped she had changed her mind about telling the baby’s father the truth. Sami says she hasn’t and that he can never know about the child. Having a baby with him was the biggest mistake she has ever made. Nicole gapes and tries to hurry away. She trips and falls to the ground with a thud. Sami hears the noise and asks the sister what it was.

Bo confides in Hope about Abe getting on his case about having not found the mayor’s killer. Hope thinks Abe is just stressed and reminds Bo the whole force is working hard on this. They’re not miracle workers. Bo thinks that Abe was right and that he needs to start thinking outside the box. Hope reminds him that he has to play by the rules and Bo agrees, saying he has some allies that might be able to help him. He pulls Steve aside and tells him he wants him to help with the case. Steve says he was working on it for John but came up with nothing. Bo says they have to dig a little deeper. He is positive Stefano is behind this, but if Steve isn’t interested in helping, he won’t mind. Steve says he would love nothing better than to finally bring that bastard down. Just then, Bo gets another flash of a gun firing. This time, he can tell the gun is fired in the hospital.

Sami asks what that noise was and Teresa sweats, hastily explaining that Sister Mary Margaret lives next door and she isn’t too light on her feet. Nicole listens in gratefully as Teresa shakily pours herself a glass of water. Sami asks if she is ok, as she seems stressed. Teresa admits that all the lies are getting to her. Sami doesn’t understand and Teresa reminds her that she would want her to lie if the baby’s father showed up asking questions. Sami asks if that is a problem and Teresa says it is.

Rafe slumps in his chair, unconscious. The killer tries to wake him up, but Rafe is unresponsive. He tries to insult Rafe into waking up, calling him a wuss, but that doesn’t work, either. The killer groans, telling Rafe that he can’t die--not before he tells him where Sami Brady is.

Steve asks Bo what’s going on. Bo is reluctant to say anything, but Steve insists and Bo tells him about having visions after he fell off the ladder on Christmas. He explains that he saw Theo running away, and then a few days later, he saw him falling down the stairs at the DiMera mansion. Steve is shocked and asks Bo if he was having another vision just now. Bo admits he was and this time, he thinks Hope is involved. He didn’t see her, but he saw a gun firing. Steve asks him if he saw anything else, but Bo shakes his head. It’s not about what he saw; it’s about what he felt--and he felt death.

Sami assures Teresa that her baby’ father will never come here, but even if he did, she would hope that Teresa would protect her baby and her secret. Teresa reminds her that their Blessed Mother also found herself in a predicament, but put her faith in God. Sami says the father of her child isn’t God, and is far from it. Plus his family is wicked and evil, and she must make sure they never learn about her pregnancy. Teresa promises to keep her secret, but asks Sami to continue to pray for guidance. She adds that she has other news--she thinks she has found a clinic for Sami to give birth in. She tells Sami it’s near here, but outside Salem, and is apparently well-staffed. Sami thanks her profusely and the nun ushers her out the door, saying she has work to do. Nicole comes out from her hiding place and thanks Teresa for keeping her secret. She feels so much better having come here. Teresa wonders what she could have done for her, and Nicole says Teresa has given her hope that things will work out for her and her baby.

Rafe silently works on his bonds and pretends to be unconscious as the killer urges him to wake up. Rafe suddenly gets loose and punches the killer, who goes down on one knee. Rafe quickly unties his feet and makes a break for it. The killer tackles him and the two struggle, trading punches.

Bo tells Steve that the thing that worries him the most is that he wasn’t able to really help Theo. He fell down the stairs anyway, and nearly died. Steve asks what Bo is going to do. Bo is thinking that he is going to have to take Hope off of this murder investigation. Kayla, Hope, Theo, Abe and Lexie enjoy dessert nearby. Theo is talkative and questions Kayla about Joe and where he is. Lexie and Hope talk about setting up a playdate for Theo and Ciara. Abe marvels at all they do, wondering how the three balance their careers and families. Lexie tells him it’s not easy, but one thing is true--family and friends come first. They all raise their coffee cups and toast to that.

Teresa wishes Nicole luck and heads out in to the corridor to see if the coast is clear for Nicole to leave. She thanks Teresa again and takes out her phone, calling Mia. Mia says she is fine and nothing with the baby has happened yet. Nicole says she is glad, as she still has a few things to work out. Mia wonders if getting her story straight with her fiancé is one of them and Nicole says it is. She tells Mia she will be in touch and hangs up. She turns to the statue of the Virgin Mary and apologizes for her fantasy earlier, saying she would never bludgeon anyone with her likeness. She adds that she is glad Sami is so hell-bent on keeping this child a secret from EJ, because that makes things easier on her. She does wonder why Sami got to have another baby and she lost her chance at ever having one. It doesn’t seem fair. Nicole vows, however, to make it fair and put things right, even if it kills her.

Back in the church, Sami prays to God, saying that she is sorry about making the sister lie, but she appreciates His help with making her baby safe. She is so grateful to know that she now has some kind of plan. Sami admits that she is very worried about Rafe. She flashes back to Rafe admitting that he didn’t like watching Sami at first, but now realizes it’s important and that he cares for her. Sami cries, asking God to keep Rafe safe.

Rafe gets the best of the killer and shoves him into a wall. The killer slumps to the ground. Rafe whirls around and grabs the gun. He starts to run off, but the killer pops up, taser in hand. He shocks Rafe and he crumples to the ground in a heap. The killer grins, saying that bad guy wins.

At her apartment, Mia cries and writes her daughter a letter, telling her that she loves her, and only gave her up because she couldn’t take care of her like Nicole could. Mia wonders how she can do this. She flashes back to Nicole telling her that she wants her baby more than her whole life, and that this is about love, not the advantages she can give the baby. Mia comes back to the present and looks at the sonogram of the baby, wondering how she can give her up.

Kayla and Hope head to another table and Lexie tells Abe that they wanted to give them some alone time. Theo plays with a spoon and Abe tries to get him to put it down, but Lexie tells him to let Theo be. She has decided to be lot more relaxed around Theo. The incident at the mansion and his fall down the stairs has made her realize how grateful she is to have him back.

Kayla and Hope wonder why it took so long for the guys to get some beers. Steve tells Kayla to calm down. They were just talking business, but it isn’t like the old days--he and Bo aren’t running off to Stockholm to get into knife fights. The group chuckles and Kayla says she hopes they’ve all settled down some since then. After all, they have families now. Bo admits that it’s true their work has been tearing him and Hope apart recently, ad he has decided to do something about it. Hope asks if he is planning to quit his job, but Bo says he isn’t. He has decided to take her off of this murder investigation. She snorts, saying like hell he is.

The killer reties Rafe to the chair as he slowly comes to. He calls the killer an idiot, and says he tipped his hand. He now knows the killer wants him alive. He admits that he does--for now. But that’s only if Rafe gives him what he wants. After all, he offed one agent. What’s one more?

Sami gets up from the altar, muttering that she has to go. Teresa walks in and asks Sami where she is going. She says she can’t stay here and pray. She has to go look for Rafe.

Hope asks Bo if he wants her at home cooking for him. He says he wants her at home more, but it has nothing to do with cooking meals. He just doest want her in the field on this case. She reminds him that if she wanted a desk job, she would have accepted the commissioner’s position when it was offered to her. Bo says she didn’t accept, but he did, so that makes him her boss. She has no say in this. Hope reminds Bo angrily that she is his wife. Kayla and Steve excuse themselves and head for the door. Kayla wonders why Bo would take Hope off the case, and Steve just thinks he is worried. Maybe it’s for the best, anyhow. Kayla glares, wondering if he thinks it’s best for Hope to stay at home and take care of Bo. Steve smiles, saying he just meant that their argument leads to him having some private time with her. The two kiss. Bo begs Hope not to fight with him about this and she demands to know what he is hiding. What’s the real reason he wants her off this case?

Rafe struggles with his bonds as the killer searches the apartment. He finds a pamphlet about babies under the couch cushions and asks Rafe what it is. Rafe is silent.

Teresa says Sami isn’t going anywhere, but she says she has to go back to the safe house to check on Rafe. The sister can’t stop her. Teresa steps in front of Sami, asking her if she wants to bet on that.

Nicole shows up at the clinic and flashes back to receiving the news from Chloe about Sami’s pregnancy. She vows not to let Sami ruin her or EJ’s life. Just then, Dr. Baker walk by and Nicole stops him. She tells him that a nun will be calling him, and that he must do everything that she says. Baker sighs, asking Nicole what she is up to now.

Outside the pub, Kayla asks Steve what was going on between him and Bo. Steve says that Bo offered him a job and he accepted. Kayla hopes he doesn’t have to start right away. Steve says there’s only one thing he wants to do right now. He winks at her and the two head off.

Hope wants to know why Bo is so freaked out and protective all of a sudden and asks if he has had another vision. Bo tells her not to worry about it. He knows that she is the best cop in the department, but he just wants her to be extra-careful. She agrees and Bo suggests they get out of there since they have a sitter for the rest of the evening. They start to head off and Hope stops to tell Lexie she’ll call her. Abe apologizes to Bo for coming down so hard on him, but Bo says Abe is right. He has a killer to put behind bars, and he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Hope agrees that they both will.

Rafe tells the killer that the pamphlet belongs to his girlfriend. The killer ask if Rafe knocked her up. He nods and the killer asks if it is his first. Rafe nods and the killer shakes his head, saying it would be a shame if Rafe wasn’t around to see his kid. He holds the gun to Rafe’s head, saying that if he doesn’t talk, he will kill him, and then find Sami and kill her anyway. Rafe sighs and nods, saying he’s ready to talk.

Sami heads into Teresa’s office, arguing with her the whole way. Teresa threatens to call 911 if Sami even steps a foot out the door. Sami insists that she has to help Rafe, but suddenly doubles over. She gasps and tells Teresa that she thinks she is having the baby.

Baker asks Nicole why a nun is calling him, but her phone rings before Nicole can say anything. It’s Mia, and Nicole asks if she can call her back. Mia says she’s in labor. Nicole gasps. We see a three-way camera shot of Nicole, Mia, and Sami.


Kate asks Chloe and Daniel, “Is one of you two going to tell me what’s going on?”

Phillip tells Stephanie, “I get to pick where the bed is.” She replies, “What do you have in mind?”

Mia tells Nicole, “You can’t deliver my baby!” She replies, “I am bringing this baby into the world--now!”

Sami asks Dr. Baker, “What’s wrong?” He mutters, “Contractions are causing stress on the baby.” Sami panics, “You have to do something--now!”

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