Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/23/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/23/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In his hospital room, Marlena leans over John and tells him she loves him. We flash back to several scenes of John and Marlena making love over the years and exchanging vows. Just then, John’s eyes fly open. He whispers to Marlena that he remembers everything--especially her. Marlena cries and smiles.

At the Horton cabin, Lucas answers the door to find Kate. She tells Lucas that she thought he was going to Vancouver with Chloe, but then she got a call telling her the trip was cancelled. She tells Lucas that that makes her thin something is wrong and asks Lucas where Chloe is. Lucas shrugs, wondering why Kate doesn’t tell him that herself.

At Daniel’s apartment, Chloe and Daniel kiss passionately. Chloe breaks it off, telling Daniel that they can’t do this. He agrees.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ comes inside, calling for Nicole. She doesn’t answer, and he wonders where she can be.

At the convent, Sami prays at the altar, telling God that she doesn’t know how much more of this she can take. Just then, Nicole walks in behind her.

Marlena asks John what he remembers, and he tells her he remembers everything--their whole life together--from the beginning. She beams as he tries to tell her he loves her. He falls asleep before he gets to ‘you.’ Just then, Kayla comes in. Marlena sobs and ells her John ahs remembered everything. Kayla says sadly that she ran some tests and thought he might. Marlena asks what is going on. Kayla sighs. Marlena asks what’s wrong and turns back to John, who is sleeping. A tear rolls down her face.

EJ asks Stefano if he has seen Nicole, but he says he hasn’t. EJ threatens to drag her back home if he learns she has gone to Chicago. He notices that Stefano is packing a briefcase and asks what’s going on. Stefano tells him that he is leaving to save the DiMera fortune. EJ looks at him quizzically.

Nicole confronts Sami, asking her how she could do this. Sami is shocked to see her, and tries to tell her that she shouldn’t be here, but Nicole barrels on, shrieking at her for daring to pray and pretending she’s a devout God-fearing woman, when she is lying to EJ about their baby. Sami says EJ isn’t the father but Nicole isn’t buying it. She tells Sami that she has half a mind to rip that baby out of her and give it to someone that deserves it and will love it. Sami sinks to the floor, shrieking for help. Nicole screams that she doesn’t deserve a baby and picks up a statue of Mary. She proceeds to bludgeon Sami with it. Back in the real world, Nicole shakes off her fantasy and continues to watch Sami pray. She eyes the statue of Mary out of the corner of her eye.

Kayla tells Marlena that John has suffered a catastrophic shock to his nervous system. She fears that if he stays here even one more day, he won’t recover. Marlena says she will move John to whatever hospital she has to to make him well. She breaks down, telling Kayla that she didn’t fight so hard for his memory just to lose him again so soon after he got it back. She looks at John with tears in her eyes. He continues to sleep.

EJ tells Stefano that he thought the meeting in Rome wasn’t until next week. Stefano says it has been moved up, but he will be home tomorrow, in time for the birth of his grandchild. He asks EJ for confirmation that Nicole’s baby is due next week and EJ nods, saying that that is what the doctors say. Stefano starts to head off, but takes a call. He listens briefly and gasps. EJ looks at him curiously.

Daniel tells Chloe that he thinks she should leave. She agrees and starts to head out the door. She turns around and she and Daniel give one another a longing glance. They fall into one another’s arms and kiss again.

Lucas tells Kate that he cancelled the trip and Chloe wasn’t happy about it. Kate asks why and he tells her it was because of Sami. Kate groans and Lucas tries to defend her, saying that Kate doesn’t know what’s going on in her life right now. Kate agrees that she doesn’t want to know, and thinks Lucas shouldn’t want to, either. She knows they share children, but one day, he is going to have to wake up and realize that Sami destroys everything she touches.

Teresa brings Sami some soup as Nicole rushes into the vestibule to hide. She listens in as Sami reiterates her fears for Rafe to the nun. Teresa assures her that Rafe is a big strong man that can take care of himself. Sami hopes she is right, and adds that she has thought and prayed a lot about her baby. She thinks it’s in the best interest of the child that she leave him or her with the convent until she can figure out a plan. Teresa agrees to take the child, but tells Sami that she will need to know where she plans on giving birth. Sami stares. Nicole listens eagerly. Sami tells the nun she hasn’t thought about it, and Teresa tells her there are some nice hospitals in Salem. Sami refuses, saying she can’t risk anyone finding out about her baby, She needs to go to a quiet hospital near here where no one will know her. Nicole grins and walks off.

Lucas tells Kate that he screwed up and he admits it. That’s why Chloe stormed out of here. Kate suggests he call her, but he says he has already tried. She isn’t answering. Kate suggests they have a friend call her, and Lucas gets an idea, thinking of Daniel.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Chloe make love.

EJ asks Stefano what’s wrong, and he explains that John Black was attacked and poisoned. He may not recover. Stefano nearly collapses and EJ helps him into a chair, telling him he isn’t in any condition to go to Rome. Stefano says the future stability of their family depends on it. He must go. EJ thinks he should go in Stefano’s stead. Stefano asks about Nicole and her baby, but EJ swears everything will be fine. He will go to Rome and be back tomorrow, and Stefano can go visit John.

Kayla tells Marlena that there is a facility in Switzerland that deals with these kinds of cases. They can get John onto a plane and get him there right away from the hospital. Marlena agrees, but says that Brady needs to see John first. She heads out into the corridor and tells Brady to go see his dad now. Brady rushes in and Kayla heads out to give them some time alone. John cries and greets Brady as his son, telling him how proud he is of him for what he did. Brady smiles, saying he just did what he had to, and that he’s glad his dad is back. John struggles to speak and tells Brady that no matter what happened to him, he always loved Brady, and he was always in his heart. Brady grins broadly.

Chloe lies in Daniel’s arms and tells him that he was right about them. When they look into each other’s eyes, there’s something more there than them just wanting one another. Daniel agrees, saying he refuses to feel ashamed of his feelings for Chloe. The only thing he feels ashamed of is the deception. He tells Chloe that they need to end it now. They need to tell everyone the truth.

Kate asks Lucas why Daniel would know where Chloe is. Lucas tells her it sounds strange, but explains the visit Daniel made to the cabin about him not wanting Chloe and Lucas to go out of town because Chloe was upset. Kate thinks that is odd, and is none of his business. Lucas agrees, and says that Daniel realized that and backed off. Lucas thinks it’s a long shot, but wants to try to call Daniel anyway. Kate gets out her keys, saying she has a better idea.

Brady comes out and finds Roman talking to Marlena. He explains that John wants her and she heads into his room. John is glad she is back, and Marlena vows never to leave his side again. He tells her fearfully that he can’t move his arms or legs and wonders what the hell is happening to him. Stefano comes out of the elevator. Brady and Roman catch sight of him and the three have a stare down.

Nicole waits in an office for Sister Teresa. Another nun assures her the sister will be along shortly and Nicole thanks her. She heads off. Nicole pulls out Dr. Baker’s card from the clinic and stares at it. She tells herself that everything will work out if she can only pull this off. Just then, she gets a call from EJ. He demands to know where she is, saying she better not have gone to Chicago. Nicole tells him to calm down and that she just went for a walk. She apologizes for not leaving a note. EJ apologizes for overreacting and tells her he has bad news. He has to go out of town. Nicole pretends to be upset, hoping he won’t miss the birth of their baby. EJ vows not to. Just then, Teresa comes in and blesses Nicole loudly. EJ asks Nicole where she is. She tells him that sweet nun just passed her on the sidewalk and hurriedly explains that she isn’t upset he is leaving as long as she can reach him by phone. EJ promises to call her as soon as he lands and hangs up. Teresa asks Nicole what is going on and why she is lying to someone over the phone. Nicole admits that she rearranged the facts a little, and also says she always does everything wrong. She has for her whole life, and now she wants to make things right. She tells Teresa that she is her only hope of doing so.

Chloe tells Daniel that they can’t tell people about this. Daniel says he can’t keep living a lie, but Chloe reminds him that this is her life, too. Daniel agrees, saying that she deserves to be happy. That’s why he refuses to give her up.

Kate tells Lucas that she wants to go see Daniel. She really doesn’t like the way she ended things between them, and she admits that it’s been awkward, so she wants to talk to him anyway. While she is there he might be able to tell her where Chloe is. Lucas asks her to let him know how it goes, and she assures him that everything with Chloe will work out just fine and not to worry. Lucas sighs, saying that worrying is just part of loving and caring for someone. Kate hugs and kisses him and heads off.

Marlena tells John that the drug Charlotte gave him destroyed part of his nervous system. John asks if that is the reason why he can’t walk or move. Marlena nods, but assures him that they’re going to get him help, and that’s there’s a good chance he will recover. John moans and tells her to leave now. She needs to walk out of here and never look back. Marlena refuses. She tell him that there’s a facility in Switzerland that can help him, and they are going to go together. John asks about her life here, but she insists that he is her life. Her children--including Sami-- will be fine. She says she is deliriously happy to be by his side, no matter what the outcome. John smiles and cries, telling her he wants to do one thing before they go He wants Marlena to marry him right here and now. She sobs and agrees, telling him that she just needs to make a few calls. She heads off to do so. John smiles. She heads outside and tells Kayla, Brady, and Roman that John has asked her to marry him. They are going to have a small ceremony bedside, and then head for Switzerland. They all congratulate her and she tells hem they will all be guests of honor. She prepares to call Father Jansen as the three head into John’s room. Stefano comes over to Marlena, saying he hopes she knows he had nothing to do with this. Marlena says she doesn’t really care what Stefano says or does--he can’t hurt her and John anymore. She huffs off. Stefano sighs.

Chloe gets dressed and comes out of the bedroom, telling Daniel she has to go. He says he is sorry all of this had to happen this way. The last thing he ever wanted was to hurt Kate or Lucas. Chloe says she knows that he is kind and generous. It’s one of the reasons she loves him. Daniel smiles and moves in to kiss her, but the phone rings. Chloe thinks it could be the hospital, so he should answer. Just then, someone knocks at the door. He asks Chloe to answer it while he gets the phone, but she reminds him she isn’t supposed to be here. Daniel thinks it’s fine as he is expecting a courier to bring some tests results over. He heads off to get the phone. Chloe approaches the door as Kate continues to knock. She reaches for the doorknob fearfully.

Father Jansen presides over the wedding ceremony as Roman, Brady, and Kayla look on. Stefano stand outside the window and salutes John. He walks off. Jansen says Marlena wanted to say a few words, and he assumes the two are familiar with this part of the ceremony, since they have exchanged vows before. John chuckles, promising that it will be the last time. Marlena tells everyone that she and John are simply meant to be together. It hasn’t been very simple, though. John smiles, admitting that he did make it tough on her this time. She says he did, but she knew the love of her life was in there somewhere. She always knew it, even though all the evidence indicated otherwise. John says if it hadn’t been for her belief in him, he never would have recovered. Marlena adds that although they have been torn apart many times, their bond only grew stronger every time they found their way back to one another. John agrees, saying that her love has meant everything to him. Without it, he can’t even breathe. Marlena tells him she is right here and she isn’t going anywhere. She will always be by his side.

Lucas calls Chloe, leaving her a message and telling her he loves and misses him.

As Chloe reaches for the door, Kate tell herself that coming her was a mistake and decides to call Daniel instead. She heads off. Chloe hopes the door just then and see Kate walking away. She jumps back inside the apartment and gasps.

EJ prepares to leave for Rome, leaving Nicole a note telling her he’s sorry he had to rush off and that he loves her.

Nicole tells Teresa that her name is Mary and that she is in a real predicament. She says she comes from a strict Catholic family that would disown her if they knew she was pregnant. She needs Teresa to pray for her that they don’t find out. She agrees and Nicole adds that she had to go to the trouble of finding a hospital to deliver in outside of Salem so her family wouldn’t learn the truth. Teresa thinks that is a coincidence, as she knows another young girl with the same problem.

Sami prays for the sake of her children that Rafe comes back safely. They need him. Just then she hears a noise behind her and turns around, thinking it must be Rafe.

John tells Marlena that she is the reason he wakes up in the morning, and adds how much he loves her. She says she loves him too, and that she has no intention of ever letting him go again. Father Jansen finishes the ceremony and tell John to kiss his bride. Marlena grins and leans in and the two kiss passionately.


Nicole says, “Mia, can I call you back? I’m in the middle of something.” Mia groans, “I’m in labor.”

Sami hyperventilates, “I think I’m having the baby!”

Steve asks Bo, “What did you see?” He replies, “It felt like death.”

The killer shouts at Rafe, “Wake up! You hear me! You can’t die!”

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