Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/22/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/22/09


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At the Horton cabin, Lucas asks Daniel if he is here about Chloe. Daniel nods, telling Lucas that there’s something he needs to know about her.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tries to soothe Chloe, telling her that Lucas is the father of Sami’s child, so of course he cares what happens to her. Nicole doesn’t think Chloe should be worried. Chloe says she is. Sami is just using Lucas. Ever since he found out she was pregnant--Chloe stops short. Nicole asks her to repeat herself. Chloe guiltily says that she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. Nicole can’t believe Sami is pregnant and guesses that Lucas is the father.

At the loft, the killer aims his gun at Rafe, saying he has been waiting a long time to finish what he started. Rafe attacks him telling him not to count on it. The two struggle for the gun and fall to the floor. The killer gets the upper hand and points his gun at Rafe again. He tells him that he’s going to die, but not right away. First, he’s going to tell him where that blonde bitch is.

At the convent, Sami sobs as Sister Teresa asks her how she is holding up. She worries about Rafe, wondering what is taking him so long. She adds that her baby is due soon, and she has no idea what she’s going to do.

At Marlena’s place, Hope handcuffs Charlotte as Bo calls for an ambulance. Brady brings Marlena her bag and she instructs him to get her some adrenaline. She prepares the syringe as Bo does chest compressions on an unconscious John. Marlena injects John with the adrenaline, begging him to wake up.

Lucas invites Daniel inside and asks if Chloe has been in some kind of accident. She seemed upset when she left earlier. Daniel say it isn’t anything like that, and Lucas wonders why they are talking about Chloe, then. Daniel says that he thinks she has been going through something lately and that she’s covering it up. Lucas wonders what Daniel is trying to tell her.

Nicole tells Chloe how sorry she is. She curses Sami, calling her an overly fertile bitch. She hopes Lucas isn’t thinking of leaving Chloe for that cow. They both know she enjoys using her pregnancies to get what she wants. Chloe tell Nicole that she doesn’t understand but Nicole barrels on. She tells Chloe that it’s true Lucas is weak and stupid, and can’t seem to keep it in his pants, but she is sure he won’t leave Chloe for that whore Sami. Chloe tells her Lucas isn’t the baby’s father. Nicole thinks he is lying. Who else could it be? Chloe says EJ is the father. Nicole gasps, saying she’ll kill Sami.

Marlena encourages John to wake up as Charlotte nastily tell her that it’s too late. Bo tells Hope to get her out of there and Hope heads off with Charlotte. Marlena asks Brady to go with them and find out the dosage of muscle relaxants that Charlotte injected into John. They need to know so they can tell the EMT’s what to expect. Brady heads off as Marlena and Bo continue giving CPR to John. Marlena urges him to wake up, saying that she has seen him do some extraordinary things. She reminds him that he has come a long way and is even getting his memories back. Now she just needs him to keep breathing.

Daniel explains that he saw Chloe at the pier and she told him she and Lucas were going away together. He could tell she was stressed. Lucas says they didn’t get into a fight until after that, and Daniel says either way, he doesn’t think Chloe should leave town with Lucas. Lucas asks if this is about her transplant, but Daniel says no. He is here for more than just medical reasons.

Chloe begs Nicole to say something. She’s scaring her. Nicole thinks Sami must be lying. Children mean the world to EJ. He wouldn’t keep this a secret. Chloe explains that Sami begged Lucas not to tell EJ or anyone else about the pregnancy. Why would she be so insistent on this being a secret unless EJ were the father? Nicole asks her if she knew about this before Sami left and Chloe nods. She tells Nicole that she didn’t say anything because Nicole was so happy, and plus, Sami left town. Nicole asks if Sami called Lucas because she is coming home. She doesn’t let Chloe answer and bursts into tears, saying she won’t let Sami ruin this for her and EJ. She just won’t.

Teresa asks Sami to explain why she has to keep her pregnancy a secret and why she is so fearful of the father’s family. Sami isn’t sure where to begin. Teresa smiles and tells ‘Colleen’ that she can start by telling her she really is.

The killer holds a gun to Rafe’s head, demanding to know where Sami is. Rafe claims never to have heard of her. The killer doesn’t think Rafe is very smart, and he agrees, saying he’s never been called bright. The killer snarls, telling him that that Hilda broad tried to be funny, too, and he killed her. Rafe tells him Hilda was federal. That means he’s getting the needle. The killer loftily proclaims that he doesn’t plan on getting caught, especially since he is going to take care of Sami. He asks Rafe again where she is, but he claims he doesn’t now who she is, asking the killer to go ahead and shoot him, if that’s what he wants. The killer says dead men don’t talk, and Rafe will talk. He’ll make sure of it.

Sami tells Teresa her and Rafe’s real names, and tells her about being in the witness protection program. She explains that she fought against going at first, but then she realized she could use her time in the program to ensure that the father of her baby never finds out she’s pregnant. Teresa asks if she is afraid of him, but she says it’s mostly his family, specifically his father, that she fears. She tells Teresa about Johnny, and how he has to spend half his time in that evil house with his evil grandfather. Teresa tries to soothe her, telling her that her organization takes evil very seriously. Sami is glad, telling Teresa that she wants her to help her hide her baby.

Marlena begs John to respond as the ambulance approaches. He groans and calls out for her. She wraps her arms around his neck and sobs, telling him she is right here, and that help is on the way.

Daniel asks Lucas about the fight he and Chloe had, but Lucas says it is none of his business. Daniel sighs, saying that when he saw Chloe, she said she and Lucas were leaving town, and she seemed stressed. Daniel didn’t know if they were moving or eloping or what. Lucas says she just has an audition, and asks Daniel if he thinks her health precludes her from traveling. Just then, Lucas gets a call from Julie. He tells her that he isn’t going to Vancouver, and that he will come pick Allie up. He hangs up and tell Daniel to go ahead and let him know what he came here about, as he has to go pick up his daughter.

Chloe tells Nicole how sorry she is. Nicole asks why Sami called Lucas, and Chloe explains that Sami is scared. Apparently the guy that is after her killed one of her guards. Nicole grumps, wondering why he didn’t get Sami while he was at it. Chloe says she knows Sami getting pregnant was her fault, but she didn’t ask to witness the mayor’s murder. Nicole clucks, saying it’s house rules. Sami doesn’t get any sympathy. She adds that at least they have something in common now. Sami doesn’t want EJ to find out about the baby, and nether does she. Chloe explains that Sami is hiding at a convent now. Perhaps she and Nicole can work something out. Nicole wonders if she knows the name of the convent and Chloe tells her it’s the convent of the Holy Cross. Nicole wonders if she can manage to get that information to the killer.

Teresa asks Sami how long she wants to hide her baby, but Sami isn’t sure. She has to keep everything under wraps for a while, or the father of her baby will realize the baby is his. Teresa wonders why she can’t talk to him about it. Sami admits that she knows the father of her child loves their son, Johnny, but they don’t see eye to eye on how he is raised. She will never give up on Johnny, but she feels she has already lost him to that awful family. Teresa reminds her that her baby will need its mother. Sami says she knows that, but keeping him or her away from their grandfather is more important. She begs the sister to help her hide her baby.

The paramedics wheel John into the hospital. Marlena hands Kayla the syringe Charlotte used and tells her she’ll have to have it analyzed. Nearby, Brady slams his hand down on a table, saying they should have killed Charlotte. Kayla hurries off to tend to John while Marlena tries to soothe Brady, telling him that Charlotte is deranged. Brady agrees, and tells Marlena that he wishes she could have seen the look on John’s face when he showed him the tape. He really loves Marlena. She smiles, saying he loves Brady, too. His dad is a fighter, and he is going to get through this.

In a hospital room, Kayla looks over an unconscious John and sighs, wondering what Charlotte did to him.

Back at Marlena’s place, Bo and Hope question Charlotte. Bo tells her the squad car is on the way to take her to the station. Charlotte asks if John is alive, but Bo and Hope refuse to tell her anything, wondering why she would do this. Charlotte grumps, wondering why they don’t care what Marlena did to her. Bo sarcastically asks if Marlena injected her with a syringe full of--he breaks off and asks her what she injected John with. Charlotte refuses to say, saying she is sure the lab technicians are scurrying to analyze it. Marlena is probably beside herself. Hope thinks she is beside John, actually. She assure Charlotte that John will pull through this. Charlotte chuckles, saying that even if he does, he will never be the same. Hope tells Bo to get Charlotte out of here before she doe something unprofessional. Bo escorts Charlotte out. Hope stares at a wedding photo of John and Marlena and begs them to keep fighting. They can’t let the crazy lady win.

Kayla comes out from John’s room and tells Brady and Marlena that John is stable, but he’s had an episode. Marlena gasps, asking if it is a stroke. Kayla says she can’t be sure until she gets some test results back, but encourages Bray and Marlena to speak with John, even if he seems unresponsive. Brady heads off to do so, and Marlena practically breaks down, hoping John hasn’t had a stroke. Kayla encourages her not to go there until they know more. Marlena tells her about the hypnosis tape, and that John knew about it before he was attacked. Kayla thinks Marlena should go talk to John about some of their memories together. She thinks that will help John recover. Marlena just hopes John still has access to those memories. Brady comes out of his room, telling Marlene that he thinks John does.

Lucas explains to Daniel that Chloe forgot to take a tape of her singing to Julie’s and that Allie can’t sleep without it. Daniel didn’t realize Chloe was so important to Allie. Lucas says she is, and Daniel apologizes, saying he realizes that this is none of his business. He guesses that after what Chloe did for Kate, he has just been a little overprotective of Chloe. Lucas explains that he and Chloe just got into a fight, which is why she was stressed out. However, he cares for Chloe, and he know what is best for her, so Daniel can stop worrying. Besides, doesn’t he have a life? Daniel chuckles, saying he does. Lucas asks if he should discourage Chloe from going to Vancouver, but Daniel says no. He thinks Chloe needs to figure this all out on her own. He apologizes again to Lucas for intruding and heads off.

Chloe can’t believe Nicole would say such a thing. Nicole groans, saying it’s just wishful thinking. Sami isn’t even here, and she is tearing her world apart. Chloe reminds Nicole that Sami doesn’t even want EJ to know he’s the father. Nicole doesn’t buy it. She reminds Chloe of the nasty custody battle for Johnny that Sami and EJ went through. Sami didn’t want to deal with that again, so she ran way. And once EJ does find out the truth, Sami has a great bargaining chip in regards to her new child. Chloe wonders who would think like that, and Nicole says she and Sami both would. They definitely share some traits. Chloe asks her what she is going to do, but Nicole isn’t sure. She shows Chloe to the door, telling her to go home and spend some time with Lucas. Chloe heads off and Nicole picks up her phone, wondering where the convent is.

Brady tells Marlena that he wants to speak to her alone, but she tells him she already told Kayla about the tape. Brady tells Kayla he stole it, not Marlena, and goes on to say that he showed John the tape again. When it got to the part where he remembered Marlena, he squeezed Brady’s hand and said something about a light. Marlena gasps and runs into John’s room and grabs his hand. She beg him not to leave her, and tells him the only way they can find their way back to each other is through their memories together. She says they have some wonderful ones, and we flash back to Marlena welcoming John home over a decade ago. He wants to take her to dinner, and she suggests Blondie’s. John smiles and agrees. We come back to the present. Marlena cries and squeezes John’s hand, begging him not to give up.

Chloe shows up at Daniel’s apartment. He tells her that he went the cabin planning to tell Lucas everything, but then he realized how much Allie needs her. Chloe agrees. Daniel goes on to say that he and Lucas have something in common. They both love Chloe, and when you love someone, you don’t destroy their life. Chloe wonders if this means that it is over between her and Daniel.

Teresa tells Sami that her baby needs her. Sami says she realizes that, but she can come visit. Teresa doesn’t think that is enough. She is just postponing the inevitable. Sami says that is exactly what she wants. She just needs some time alone to think about what to do next. Teresa advises her o pray some more about this nod heads off. Sami lights some candles and notices she lost her saint’s medal. She gasps, saying she must have dropped it at the loft.

The killer holds Sami’s medal and tells Rafe to tell him where Sami is. He claims not to know who she is. The killer threatens to go out and start killing members of her family unless Rafe talks. Rafe agrees to give him a clue, saying that Sami is right under his thumb. The killer looks at the medal curiously. Rafe takes advantage of the distraction and attacks the killer, slamming him onto the couch. He drops his gun and the two struggle.

Kayla tells Brady that they identified what was in the syringe Charlotte injected John with. Brady asks if there is anything they can do, but Kayla says there isn’t. Marlena kept John alive, and now they have to wait and see how well he recovers.

Marlena reminisces, telling John about their first wedding. We flash back to the two reciting their vows, and John telling Marlena that a lot of bad things were done to him, but he can never forget their love for one another. He kisses her, telling her they are meant to be. Next ,we flash back to Marlena and John reuniting on the pier. He reaches out and touches her face with a shaky hand. She sobs and flings herself into his arms. Back in the present, John squeezes Marlena’s hand and convulses. She shouts for Kayla. Kayla rushes in and tends to John.

Lucas puts Allie to bed and wonders where Chloe is.

Daniel tells Chloe that while he loves her, he realizes that them being together isn’t right. She asks what they do now, and Daniel suggests they say goodbye. Chloe kisses him instead.

Kayla says that John is stabilized, and Marlena asks for some time alone with him. She and Brady head off and Marlena kisses John. We flash back to the two making love, and getting married for a second time. Suddenly, John’s eyes fly open. He whispers in Marlena’s ear that he remembers. She smiles.

Rafe holds the gun on the killer, but he kicks Rafe in the teeth. The gun flies out of his hand and he goes sprawling. The killer leaps on top of Rafe.

Sami prays to God to help her, saying she doesn’t think she can take much more of this. Just then, Nicole walks into the convent behind her.


Daniel tells Chloe, “I know what you’re saying about the deception, so let’s end it. Let’s tell everyone the truth.”

Kayla tells Marlena, “If he stays here, even one more day, his chances of recovery are slim.”

Nicole screams, “You don’t deserve a baby!” Sami shrieks, “Somebody help me! HELP!”

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