Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/21/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/21/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Horton cabin, Chloe talks on the phone with her agent, telling him that this audition will be perfect, since she can spend some time alone with Lucas. The agent apparently doesn’t know who he is, because Chloe goes off on him for not having a soul and not knowing her fiancé’s name. Just then she gets another call. She checks her phone and sees that Daniel is calling her. She flashes back to making love to Daniel, and huffs, telling her agent that it isn’t important.

At the hospital, Daniel reaches Chloe’s voicemail and hangs up. He also flashes back to making love to her and sighs, asking himself what he expected.

Lucas comes into the cabin as Chloe tells her agent she’ll call him from Vancouver and let him know how things went. She hangs up as Lucas asks her what’s going on. She explains that they’re leaving town.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole hastily stuffs some things into a bag. EJ comes up behind her and jokes, asking if she is going into labor. She says no, and tells him that she is going to Chicago. He asks if this is in relation to the youth center volunteering and she says it is. She promises to call him when she lands and let him know where she is staying. EJ says she won’t have to do that, because she isn’t going anywhere. Nicole gapes.

At the loft, the killer finds Sami’s locket and picks it up with a smile. He says that she and Rafe may as well have left a map.

At the convent, Rafe tells a bawling Sami that she has to keep it together. He has spoken to Sister Teresa, and while he didn’t tell her everything, she knows that Sami needs privacy. He starts to head off, saying Teresa will take care of her. Sami asks where he is going, and he tells her he’s meeting a friend from the bureau. They’re going to nail the guy that is after Sami. She sobs and hugs Rafe, begging him not to leave her all alone.

At the pub, John asks Brady why he would say that Charlotte is deceiving him. Brady explains that John is getting his memory back. John denies it, and Brady tells him the hypnosis was a success--Charlotte just neglected to tell him that.

Marlena finds Charlotte at her doorstep and invites her in, saying she wants to have a long talk with her as soon as she finishes up her phone call. She turns her back on Charlotte to do so. Charlotte rummages around in her purse, grinning slyly.

At the pier, Bo and Hope hug. Bo complains that he had to go to three meetings, and that it feels like he and Hope never get to spend time together anymore. He reminisces about the times they worked together on the force, saying it flew by, but these meetings are unbearable. He tells Hope that he thinks he wants to quit his job as commissioner.

John can’t believe Brady has been snooping around behind his back. He starts to lay into him, but Brady begs him to watch the video of his hypnosis first. Then he can give him an ethical smack down. John agrees and Brady pulls out his PDA. He shows John the portion of the tape wherein he remembers Marlena as the love of his life. John stands there, dumbfounded, wondering why Charlotte wouldn’t tell him that he said any of this. Brady nods, saying he and Marlena want to know the same thing. John looks at him questioningly, and Brady explains that he showed the tape to Marlena first since she is a psychiatrist and she is on John’s side. They both want to know why Charlotte lied to him. John shakes his head, wondering how she could do this to him.

Marlena is surprised that Charlotte came to speak to her. Charlotte lays into her, telling her she can have her license, and plans to tell the board of ethics that Marlena broke into her computer and violated doctor-patient confidentiality. Marlena tells her to also tell the board that she was withholding information from a patient. Charlotte practically stomps, saying that she is John’s doctor, and that was her call to make, not Marlena’s. Marlena ignores her, saying that one of the biggest impediments to John’s recovery was his sense of despair. Charlotte deepened that by withholding hope from him. Marlena wonders how she could do that. Charlotte flies into a rage, telling Marlena to shut up. Marlena sighs, saying she always knew there was something personal in this for Charlotte. Now she realizes that she was right.

Chloe tells Lucas that she has an audition in Vancouver, and that they’re to leave tonight. Lucas asks what he is supposed to do about his job and Allie, and Chloe tells him she already took Allie to Julie’s. Lucas is disappointed she did this without talking to him first. It’s hard enough for Allie now that her mom is gone, and she her dad in her life. Chloe practically cries and apologizes, saying she just needed some time alone with Lucas, or she’d go crazy. Lucas wonders what is going on with her.

Daniel downs shots at the pub.

Sami begs Rafe to stay and let another agent go in his place, but he says it doesn’t work like that. She makes him promise to be careful, and he does so, vowing that he will be back soon. He heads off. Sami spots a crucifix on the far wall and sobs, praying that Rafe will be safe.

Nicole tells EJ angrily that she does not plan to sit at home on the nest because of his screwed-up ideals of motherhood. EJ tells her he has no problem with her helping at-risk teens but she can do that here in Salem. There is no reason for her to go out of town. Nicole huffs, saying there certainly is. Now it’s about the principle of the thing. EJ says they can discuss feminism and its principles all night, but she and that baby aren’t going anywhere.

Hope wonders what Bo is thinking, since she knows he doesn’t quit things so easily. He says that he just misses working with her. She says she feels the same way, but hasn’t said anything because she didn’t want to make things harder for him. She says that she think he needs to really consider quitting before he does so. Bo agrees to think about it, but says he is tired of the endless meetings. Hope decides to take him home for a meeting of their own. They kiss.

Lucas asks Chloe why this audition is so important for her to go to, and she says it’s important for them both to go. Lucas agrees, saying he noticed how uncomfortable she was at the engagement party. He apologizes, saying he realizes that his family is around all the time. What with Allie and his mom being sick, he knows that Chloe has felt like she has to take care of him. This audition is something just for her, and Lucas promises to do what he can to make it happen. She hugs him and thanks him, and he says he is just glad to hear that she isn’t trying to get rid of him. Chloe gapes, saying that she loves him and only wants to be with him. Just then, she spots Allie’s blanket on the bed and gasps, saying she forgot to take it to Julie’s. Lucas jokes that there will be hell to pay come bedtime, and suggests Chloe take the blanket to Julie’s while he wraps up some work-related loose ends. He promises that he’ll work everything out so they can leave for Vancouver tonight.

John slams his hand on the table, wondering how Charlotte could do this to him. Brady encourages him to be angry, as he has every right to. John asks Brady how Marlena reacted, an Brady says she was over the moon at first, but then she became angry with Charlotte. Brady actually feels kind of sorry for her having to deal with Marlena. John asks what he means and Brady explains that Marlena plans to confront Charlotte. She isn’t just going to sit around and do nothing. John isn’t sure that is such a good idea. There’s a piece missing to this puzzle--it always comes back to why. Why would Charlotte do this?

Marlena applauds Charlotte as she sits on a chair in a huff. She says no one would ever guess she just lost it. Charlotte says she had every right to act that way. Marlena broke the law when she tampered with her computer. Marlena wonders why Charlotte came here instead of going straight to the police. Charlotte shrugs, saying they’re discussing the end of Marlena’s career, so she thought she could afford to be compassionate. Marlena asks her about her own career, and Charlotte says she has nothing to worry about. She did what she thought was in John’s best interest. Marlena thinks her father would disagree. Charlotte explodes, telling Marlena that he is dead, and there’s no need to worship at that altar any longer. Marlena looks at her curiously as the phone rings. It’s John, and he tells her that Brady told him everything. He doesn’t want her to confront Charlotte on her own. Marlena says it’s too late, but assures John that he shouldn’t worry. She can handle Charlotte on her own. Charlotte grins and fumbles around in her purse.

EJ tells Nicole that he is just trying to keep their baby safe. He isn’t suggesting she sit at home and nest, but he also doesn’t want her to go to Chicago on her own. He suggests that he drive her there. She can do her talks and have her meetings, and he’ll sit in the back and work on his laptop. She won’t even know he is there. Nicole cries, asking him if he would really do that for her. He says he would, of course. She tells him it’s a great offer, but she is going to cancel the trip. She can’t have him dropping everything to suit one of her whims. She calls Dr. Baker, pretending he is someone else, and says she has to cancel the tip to Chicago. Baker is at the clinic and asks what the hell she is talking about. She thanks him for understanding and hangs up. She asks EJ if he is happy. He says he isn’t. He wants her to be able to go and do whatever she wants; he just wants to be able to come with her.

Chloe runs into Daniel at the pier. She says she has to go, but Daniel stops her, telling her they need to talk. They have to figure out what the hell is going on between them.

Lucas gets a call from a tearful Sami, who says she has to talk to him. She’s screwed up again.

Rafe sneaks into the loft, gun drawn. The killer is hiding inside. He draws his own gun as Rafe sneaks around.

John tells Marlena to get out of her apartment. Charlotte comes over to her with a syringe behind her back, demanding Marlena hang up the phone. When she doesn’t comply quickly enough, Charlotte snatches the phone and throws it across the room. John calls out for Marlena. Charlotte tells Marlena that she was right about this being personal. Marlena says she doesn’t understand, since she has never met Charlotte. Charlotte chuckles, saying she can’t believe Marlena doesn’t remember. She’s going to make her pay for what she did.

Chloe reminds Daniel that they aren’t too good at talking. He says that she won’t let them, and say he wants to talk about them making love. Chloe says that wasn’t love. It was something very different, and she doesn’t want to see him ever again. Daniel doesn’t think she can avoid him forever, but Chloe says she can. She and Lucas are leaving town together tonight. She huffs off.

Sami tells Lucas about Hilda, and her and Rafe having to leave the loft to go to a convent. Lucas asks worriedly if she is ok, and Sami says she is. Her guard is out looking for the killer right now, and she’s safe. She asks about Allie, and tells Lucas that her baby is fine, but will be born any day now. She worries about what she will do, since she hasn’t yet figured out a plan. Lucas asks if her dad knows about this, but she says he doesn’t and Lucas can’t say anything. She explains that there’s a leak in the police department, and someone is giving information to the killer. She adds that she shouldn’t have called him, but thanks him for listening, and tells him to tell Allie she loves her. She hangs up and sobs.

Nicole pouts and accuses EJ of trying to control her. He says that isn’t it, but since he missed Johnny’s birth, he’s terrified that he will miss Nicole giving birth to their baby, too. He tells Nicole that he will concede that she is allowed to go on trips, but he wants her to know that he will be there for the birth of their baby. It’s non-negotiable. He says he has to go to the office, but hopes they can talk about this later. Nicole tells him to consider the argument forgotten and he heads off. She calls Dr. Baker and apologizes for earlier. She explains that her fiancé is keeping her on a tight leash lately. Baker says that could be a problem. When Mia goes into labor, Nicole has to be ready to move. If not, this whole thing could blow up in her face. Nicole vows not to let that happen.

Chloe walks into the cabin and overhears Lucas telling someone that he is looking for a convent. He learns the name of it and thanks the person, saying that Sami really needs their help. He hangs up and Chloe asks what’s going on. He tells her all about Sami’s woes with her murdered guard and the killer. Chloe hopes Sami will be alright, and Lucas says he does, too. He adds that this means he can’t go to Vancouver. Chloe flies into a rage, accusing him of caring about Sami more than he cares about her. He says that isn’t true, but Chloe doesn’t want to hear it. She thinks what she said earlier about needing alone time was right--she just needs it for herself, and not for her and Lucas. She storms out.

Marlena tells Charlotte that she will have to explain what she did, because she has no idea. Charlotte asks her if she thinks she’s is crazy. Marlena says she didn’t say that; she just doesn’t understand why Charlotte wants to make her pay. Charlotte brandishes the syringe, telling Marlena there’s a huge dose of muscle relaxer in it--enough to stop her heart and kill her. Marlena says she was a pincushion for years and has no intention of revisiting that time. Charlotte says there’s no telling what a crazy woman like her will do. Marlena wonders why she keeps calling herself crazy and accuses Charlotte of trying to taunt her and get the upper hand. Charlotte says that her father always told her that Marlena was an amazing diagnostician. When she was younger, her dad would carve out a half-hour a week at most for her, and they’d spend the whole time talking about how great Marlena is. Marlena asks her if that is why she intends on keeping her away from John. Charlotte nods but says now that that plan has backfired, she wants to make sure Marlena stays away from everyone she loves. She wants Marlena to think about Charlotte being with John. Marlena laughs, saying that she now sounds crazy, but Charlotte doesn’t think so. Marlena has no idea what she suggested to John off-camera while he was under hypnosis. Charlotte smiles, saying that Marlena will soon be dead, and she’ll have finally lost everything.

EJ comes back home and tells Nicole that he has a long night ahead of him. She grumps, asking if he paid the maid to keep an eye on her. EJ says he thought their fight was over, and Nicole apologizes, saying it is. She is just in a bad mood and thinks she will turn in early and wake up feeling better. EJ hopes so and heads off to do some work. Nicole calls Mia, asking if she is ok and needs anything. Apparently, Mia is fine, because Nicole hangs up, promising to call her in the morning. She sighs, saying to herself that she needs a drink, but can’t have one since she is having a baby soon. Just then, the bell rings and Nicole hurries off to answer the door. It’s Chloe. Nicole asks her what’s wrong and she says Sami is. She’s going after Lucas again, and he is falling for it.

Lucas calls Chloe and leaves her a voicemail, begging her to come home. He says that they love each other, and that they can work this out. He hangs up just as a knock sounds at the door. He opens it to find Daniel, and asks what he is doing here.

Sami cries and asks Sister Teresa if she thinks her guard will be ok. Teresa is sure someone is looking out for him and heads off. Sami kneels at the altar and begins to pray.

Rafe sneaks around the apartment, telling the killer he knows he is there. Just then, the killer comes from around the corner and pulls his gun on Rafe, saying that he is a dead man.

Marlena asks Charlotte if she is going to kill her because she had an unhappy childhood. Charlotte says that’s it exactly and Marlena chuckles. She thinks Charlotte needs to face the truth. Perhaps her father didn’t care for her because some people just don’t measure up. After all, they both saw how limited Charlotte abilities were when it came to John’s therapy. Charlotte shrieks with rage and rushes Marlena. They struggle. Marlena throws a lamp at her and falls on to the sofa. Charlotte attacks. Marlena rams her into the wall near the door and backs off hastily. Just then, John bursts in. Marlena shrieks at him to watch out as Charlotte plunges the syringe into his back. John groans and slumps onto the sofa. He tells Marlena that she is safe now. She screams and hugs him, begging John to hold on.

Lucas asks Daniel if anything is wrong with his mom, but Daniel says that Kate is fine. He actually came here to speak to Lucas about Chloe.

Nicole tells Chloe that she shouldn’t worry too much about Sami talking to Lucas. After all, they do share a child together, and Nicole is sure that Lucas doesn’t care for Sami in that way anymore. Chloe groans, saying she is just sick of Sami sinking her hooks into Lucas. It seems like ever since Sami got pregnant--Chloe stops guiltily. Nicole asks her to repeat herself.

Sami prays, crying and asking God to help Rafe catch the killer. He and Hilda never did anything but try to protect her, and isn’t fair that bad things keep happening to them She begs God to do something.

The killer tells Rafe to slowly put his weapon on the counter. Rafe does so and the killer grins, saying he has been waiting for them to meet again for quite a while. Rafe tackles him suddenly, and the two struggle over the killer’s gun. They fall to the floor.

Bo, Hope, and Brady burst into Marlena’s apartment. She tells Brady to call an ambulance and bring her her bag, saying John received an overdose of muscle relaxants. Hope handcuffs Charlotte who looks on in horror as Marlena begins giving John CPR. He’s unresponsive. She starts on the chest compressions, vowing not to lose John again.


Daniel tells Lucas, “Chloe is going through something and she is covering it up.” He replies, “What are you trying to tell me?”

Nicole asks Chloe, “So, you know the name of the convent?” She wonders, “Why?” Nicole replies, “Oh, I was just hoping we could get that little piece of information to the guy that’s trying to kill her.”

Sami sobs, “Please help me hide my baby.”

Rafe and the killer continue to struggle for the gun.

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