Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/19/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/19/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole comes in and greets EJ. He asks her when she planned on telling him about her volunteering to help pregnant teens. He wonders why he had to hear it from Tony. Nicole rolls her eyes, saying you should tell Tony if you want the whole world to hear something. She explains that she has bonded with one of the teens, and she brought her to the mansion as her guest. She ran into Tony, and he demanded an explanation. EJ still thinks she should have told him first, and Nicole grumps, saying she didn’t know she had to tell him every little thing. EJ says he is angry that he had to be made a fool of in front of his brother. Nicole demands to know if EJ thinks she is hiding something. EJ asks her if she is.

At her apartment, Mia goes into labor. She moans, saying that the baby is coming.

At the pub, John asks Kayla what the hell she is talking about. Charlotte is his therapist, and he isn’t supposed to trust her? Why? Kayla says it’s just he professional judgment call. It’s more of a gut feeling than anything. John says she is going to have to do better that that.

In her office, Charlotte discovers that someone has tampered with her laptop and seen John’s video. She beings to hyperventilate, then calms down, wondering angrily who could have done this to her.

At her place, Brady explains to Marlena that he found the video of John’s hypnotherapy and emailed it to her. Marlena gasps, and Brady says she must see it. He plays it and they both watch as John remembers Marlena as the love of his life. Marlena sobs, saying that that is the old John. He is remembering. Brady agrees, adding that this means they know Charlotte lied, and now they have proof.

At the loft, Rafe somberly thanks someone over the phone and hangs up. Sami comes storming out of the bathroom, yelling about the hot water, but she sees the grim look on Rafe’s face and softens, asking what’s wrong. Rafe says it’s Hilda. She’s been murdered.

At his hideout, the killer logs into a database with Hilda’s credentials. He smiles, saying that Hilda’s identity is going to help him find out where they’re hiding the cute blonde. We pan in on a picture of Sami as the killer vows that she will die tonight.

Sami asks Rafe what happened, but he isn’t sure. Sami sobs, saying what a nice person Hilda really was. Sure, they pretended she was tough, but she was making booties for her baby. Sami bawls. She worries that this is her fault, but Rafe reminds her that Hilda wasn’t even working her case anymore. Sami sits down on the couch, sighing and saying she just saw her the other day. Rafe perks up and asks what she is talking about. Sami explains that Hilda came by the day he was sick and blacked out. Rafe gapes, telling Sami that that was the day the bureau thinks Hilda was murdered. He tells Sami she was probably killed right after she left here. Sami gapes.

The killer searches through Hilda’s online file, saying that there must be something in here to help him. Finally, he finds a picture of Sami and grins, wondering what they have here.

Marlena and Brady watch as John remembers being locked in a dungeon with Marlena. He vows to help her. Marlena slams her laptop shut, refusing to watch any more of the video. She tells Brady that what he did was unethical and illegal. Brady gapes, telling her that his dad is getting his memories back. Isn’t that registering with her? Marlena says it is, and she’s glad, of course, but this is all so sudden. Why wouldn’t Charlotte tell John he was regaining his memories? Brady says this means Charlotte lied to John, and that what she did is also illegal and unethical. Marlena agrees that they need to figure out what to do about this. Brady says he already knows what to do. Charlotte has been messing with his dad’s mind, and she is going to pay.

Kayla tells John that something happened today that made up her mind about Charlotte. She tells John that she witnessed her and Marlena having a verbal altercation. John asks if they were fighting over him and Kayla groans, saying it was about him, but not over him. They were discussing his therapy and got into an argument about it. However, Charlotte took it too far. Kayla says Charlotte got so angry that she feared she would hit Marlena. In truth, Kayla has serious doubts about Charlotte’s mental state.

Charlotte stalks angrily around her office. Just then, an IT tech walks in, asking if she is the one that had a problem with her laptop. Charlotte nods, saying someone tampered with her computer. She needs to find out who it was.

Sami tells Rafe that if Hilda got murdered right after she left here, then that means this place isn’t safe anymore. Rafe isn’t so sure. If the killer had seen Hilda leave here, he would have already been back here to kill Sami. Besides, they aren’t even sure when Hilda was murdered or who did it. To be safe though, he thinks they should leave. He adds that he needs to keep it secret from even his supervisor, since there is a rat in the department. Sami agrees and heads off to pack. Rafe stops her, asking her if she saw anything unusual that day. Sami is silent. Rafe gapes, saying she did see something and he knows it. He tells her she has to be honest with him. His life, her life, and her baby’s life all depend on it.

Marlena tells Brady that he can’t just confront Charlotte. Brady wonders why not. She is lying to her father, and they have to do something about it. Marlena cries, telling Brady that John said he loved her. Does he have any idea how long she has waited to hear that? She feared she would never hear him say those words again. Brady hugs her and Marlena smiles, saying John is coming home to them.

John asks Kayla if she is telling him that his shrink needs a shrink. Kayla tells him not to take her word for it. Perhaps he should go talk to Charlotte about what happened himself. John thinks that is a good idea.

Kevin works on Charlotte’s computer, telling her she needs to upgrade her RAM. She explodes, telling him she just wants to know who broke into her computer. He works furiously, saying a video file was sent from her computer to another. He says the person did a god job covering their tracks, but not good enough. He tells Charlotte he knows who the recipient of the video was. Charlotte asks who got it, and Kevin says Marlena Evans did. Charlotte gapes.

Rafe wonders how he can protect Sami if she keeps lying to him. She begs him not to yell at her, and admits she went to see Sister Teresa the day Hilda came. She says Rafe can lecture her, but he doesn’t think there is a point since Sami probably isn’t long for this world. Sami asks what he means, and he tells her that her reckless behavior has probably led her to sign her own death warrant.

Marlena apologizes to Brady for making this all about her. She knows he must be emotional after hearing his father begin to regain his memories. Brady says he is, but he wants to take action. They have to go see Charlotte. Marlena says they have to proceed with caution, and that she needs to handle this on her own. Brady isn’t so sure. Marlena tells him to trust her. When she is finished with Charlotte, she will be praying for her life back.

Nicole tells EJ that Tony only told him about her volunteer work to get under his skin. He’s clearly jealous of EJ’s work with their father. EJ grumps about not knowing what is going on in her life, and she explains that she has only been working at the youth center for a few days. She hasn’t had a chance to tell him because he is at work all the time. EJ apologizes for overreacting, saying that if anyone is being dishonest, it is him. When she asks him how his day at work went, he always tries to avoid telling her anything about his work. Nicole can’t believe he is the one feeling guilty. She tells him that he is the most forthright, honest man she knows. She just hopes he can forgive her. He tells her he doesn’t have a problem with her working at the youth center, but Nicole says that isn’t what she meant. She admits that she has been keeping something from him.

Sami wonders where Rafe learned to talk to people like that. She cries, and Rafe yells, telling her that this is her own fault. What was she thinking going to see a nun? Sami retorts that she had to protect her unborn child, but Rafe wonders how a nun is going to protect her baby from the DiMeras. Besides, she will probably never see Teresa again. Sami asks why not. Rafe groans, telling her that it is his job to protect her and the baby, and he is going to do it. He reminds her that if the killer did murder Hilda outside the apartment, then that means he is canvassing the neighborhood, handing out change to bums and asking questions. All it takes is one pair of eyes to have seen her going in or out of the building, and the killer is right on their doorstep. Does she know what will happen to her then? Sami sobs.

The killer looks through Hilda’s file for an address and finds one. He grins and writes it down, telling Sami’s picture, “Gotcha.”

Nicole tells EJ that she actually has two secrets. She whips out Mia’s ultrasound photo and hands it to EJ. He groans, asking why he couldn’t be there when the picture was taken, and Nicole reminds him that he was working. He grumps that she should have told him so he could get out of it, but she waves him off, saying he has the picture, and she knows his work is important. Next, she explains that she may have to go out of town in a couple of weeks. The youth center wants her to give some speeches at other centers across the state. EJ isn’t sure if she should be going in her condition, but Nicole says she is just pregnant, not diseased. EJ says he is proud of her for doing this, and tells her he will be coming with her. Nicole starts to protest, but his phone rings and EJ heads off to take the call. Nicole’s phone rings, too, and she answers. It’s Mia, who tells her that she went into labor and is on the way to the clinic.

Charlotte stuffs some things into her purse and mutters angrily that Marlena is a bitch, and wonders how she dare come into her office and look at her computer. Just then, John comes in, saying he heard Charlotte and Marlena had a fight earlier. He wants to know what it is about. She asks him what Marlena said, but he says he hasn’t seen her. Charlotte assumes Kayla told him, and explains that she and Marlena argued about John’s hypnotherapy session. Marlena wanted details, Charlotte refused, and Marlena became agitated and hysterical. Kayla had to intervene. She asks him what Kayla had to say about it, and John tells Charlotte that Kayla told him not to trust her.

Marlena calls up a man named Dr. Hansen, who worked with Charlotte in the past. Marlena tells him that she needs to ask him a few questions about Charlotte.

Sami sobs, telling Rafe that she already feels guilty enough without him scaring her. She knows that she is probably responsible for Hilda’s murder, and now the killer is going to get her and her baby. She bawls as Rafe tries to soothe her, telling her that the killer obviously doesn’t know where they are yet. He vows to move Sami to a new safe house where he can protect her. He also promises to make sure there is plenty of hot water. Sami spirits are raised by this comment and she sniffles, asking him if they will have to do the same things when they move--hide and be afraid that the killer might find them all the time. Rafe says no. This time he vows to find the killer himself and make sure the bastard pays for what he has done.

EJ comes into the pub and finds Brady at the bar. He wants to talk about Nicole, wondering how many dozens of times Brady has been to the mansion, but Brady says EJ has it all wrong. He has his own problems right now, and he is sick and tired of dealing with Nicole’s drama. He throws some cash down on the bar and stomps out. EJ stares after him with surprise.

Mia lies in a bed at the clinic and clutches her stomach. Nicole bursts in, asking her what is wrong. Is it the baby?

Charlotte can’t believe that Kayla would tell John that she isn’t trustworthy, and wonders who she is to judge. John tells Charlotte that Marlena is upset that the hypnotherapy is being cut off so abruptly, and that Charlotte won’t discuss it, and Kayla is pretty good friends with her. Charlotte says she understands what is going on, then. John adds that this therapy thing isn’t really working out for him. Charlotte pleads with him to continue treatment, but he refuses, saying that he has too many other things on his mind. He tells her that he isn’t coming back to see her.

Sami flips through the TV channels, looking for the weather. Rafe tells her that all she needs to know is that it’s cold. He urges her to start packing. Just then, he gets a call and expresses surprise at some new development. He hangs up and Sami asks what is going on.

Marlena thanks Dr. Hansen, saying she looks forward to seeing him at the convention next year. She hangs up and frowns, saying that she knew it.

Charlotte urges John not to stop seeing her, but he says there is no point. He is tired of digging in a graveyard that doesn’t have anymore bodies. Charlotte tells him she thinks he is making progress in other areas, but stops short, agreeing to honor John’s wishes. He thanks her and says goodbye. He heads off. Charlotte throws a fit and flings things off of her desk. She shrieks Marlena’s name angrily.

Mia tells Nicole that the baby is fine. She thought she was going into labor, but apparently she isn’t. Dr. Baker comes in just then and confirms that she isn’t yet going into labor. She is having a few contractions as warm up to her delivery, but that won’t happen yet. He tells Mia she can go home, but Nicole doesn’t think that is such a good idea. Baker tells Nicole that it’s fine and Mia assures Nicole she is ready for the delivery whenever it comes. She’s already packed. Baker tells her that’s a good idea. There’s a lot at stake here, and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong. He heads off. Nicole sighs.

Rafe tells Sami that the killer used Hilda’s ID to break into the FBI’s files. Sami asks why they didn’t cancel her access and Rafe tells her that the body was just found a few hours ago. Sami asks if the killer can find her now, and Rafe isn’t sure. The locations Hilda worked at were listed, but they’re written in code, so maybe the killer can’t figure it out. He tells Sami that they have to leave now, either way. He heads for the door with Sami in tow. She hisses at him to wait.

Back at the mansion, Nicole stuffs some things into a purse. EJ comes in and asks where she is going. He hopes she isn’t going into labor. Nicole grins uncomfortably.

John runs into Brady at the pub and Brady tells him they need to talk. Charlotte Taylor isn’t who she says she is, and Brady has something to tell John about her.

Charlotte shows up at Marlena’s place, apologizing for not calling but saying they need to talk. Marlena thinks that is an understatement and invites her in.

The killer heads into the loft and sneaks around. He sees Sami’s packed bag lying on the sofa and looks at it angrily, throwing it across the room.

Rafe leads Sami to the convent. She asks what they are doing there, and why they aren’t heading to the safe house. Rafe explains that all of the safe houses are listed in the computer database. He had to improvise. He tells Sami she should be happy, as her wish to spend time with Teresa is coming true. Now she can to hatch all sorts of plots about how to keep her baby away from the DiMeras. Sami says she just wants to know she is safe right now and begs Rafe to promise her that she is. He says he can’t. Neither of them are safe until this killer is caught. The camera pans in on the killer ransacking the loft angrily as Sami stares at Rafe worriedly.


EJ tells Nicole, “You and that baby are going nowhere!”

Lucas asks Chloe, “What’s going on?” She replies, “We’re leaving town.”

Bo says, “You know what, Fancy Face? I think I’m going to quit.”

Sami hugs Rafe, “Please don’t go!” He replies sadly, “Sami.” She sobs, “Please don’t leave me alone!”

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