Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/16/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/16/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Brady sneaks into Charlotte’s office and opens her laptop. The video of John’s hypnosis is still pulled up, and Brady watches it as John tells Charlotte about the love of his life, Marlena. Brady gasps, wondering if this tape is real and if his dad is getting his memory back.

Kayla surprises Marlena at the hospital. Kayla apologizes for startling her, saying she look lost in thought. Marlena admits she was. Kayla asks if anything is wrong.

At the pub, John asks Charlotte if she is telling him that he should leave town. Charlotte nods, telling him that he needs to get away fro ma family he doesn’t remember. Charlotte thinks he can’t really live life to the fullest unless he gets away from this town. She only wonders if John is really ready to take this step and actually leave this all behind.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Melanie asks EJ if he came to talk to her about Nick, and EJ admits that it involves him. He tells her that he wants to know more about the project that Nick is so proud of--the alternative fuel project. He heard she was the go-to girl. Melanie says she owns the rights, but that’s all. EJ is glad, telling her that she can tell him everything he needs to know.

At the mansion, Nicole tells Tony that she is surprised to see him, as she thought he was on a business trip. Tony says he came home early, but sill has work to do. Nicole urges him to get to the office, but Tony wants to be introduced to her friend first. Tony smiles at Mia.

Brady watches the tape of John telling Charlotte that Marlena is in trouble and that he has to help her. Brady gapes, saying it must be real. John is remembering. Brady shakes his head, wondering what his doctor is up to.

John can’t believe how cavalierly Charlotte is speaking of him packing up and leaving. He thinks it’s a big deal, and Charlotte agrees. She tells him that once he moves, he will make new memories with new people and be accepted for who he is. John nods, saying that he does like the sound of that. However, if he does have to bail, he isn’t going alone. Marlena is coming with him. Charlotte tells him that that would be a huge mistake.

Nicole introduces Tony to Mia, telling her that he is her brother-in-law. He smiles and shakes her hand, giving her his full name, and asking Mia who she is. She asks him if he just said his last name was ‘DiMera’ in astonishment.

Kayla asks Marlena if something is going on with John and if she can help. Marlena says it’s not John, it’s his doctor. Marlena can’t seem to figure her out.

John asks Charlotte why being with Marlena would be a mistake. Charlotte tells him that Marlena will never accept him for he man he is now. John grumps, saying he can be pessimistic on his own. He doesn’t need to pay her for it. Charlotte admits that she normally doesn’t use words like ‘never’ but she has to make an exception this time. She says John has to accept the fact that he and Marlena are never going to be together.

Melanie tells EJ that Nick was really the brains behind the operation. EJ thinks she is obviously smart and capable, or she wouldn’t be the point person on the project for Titan. Melanie admits that that is true, and tells EJ that se actually can’t discuss much of the project outside of Titan, anyway. EJ wonders if she is happy there. She asks what he means and he rephrases the question to ascertain if they are doing well by her and the project. Melanie wonders why he is asking all of these questions and demands to know what EJ really wants.

Mia tells Tony that his name sounds familiar. Nicole explains that they’re a well-known family that donates money to the hospital and other charitable foundations. Tony snickers as Nicole tries to hustle off with Mia. She tells Tony that they’re running late, but he stops them, saying he still doesn’t know who Mia is. Nicole tells him that she’s her friend. Is she not allowed to have those? Tony doesn’t buy it, and Nicole explains that she met Mia at the youth center. She’s been talking with young teens that are pregnant, and she and Mia have really bonded. Tony asks Mia suspiciously if she has been with the youth center long. She says it’s only been a little while, but she’s glad she started going because of Nicole. She’s been really nice and has helped her. Nicole says they really have to go and the two hurry off. Tony looks after Nicole quizzically.

Kayla tells Marlena that she needs to know if there is a problem with Dr. Taylor, but Marlena says there isn’t, as far as she knows. It may just be her imagination. Kayla asks Marlena to tell her everything. She tells Kayla all about John agreeing to hypnotherapy, and Dr. Taylor stopping it after just one session. Marlena says it was an unthinkable reaction, since hypnotherapy takes time. In her heart, she feels that John is close to having a breakthrough. Kayla asks if she has confronted Charlotte, and Marlena said she did when she found out why she left her last job. Charlotte became very defensive and said she was caring for her dying father. Kayla wonders why the colleague Marlena spoke to didn’t mention that. Marlena agrees, saying that she wondered the same thing. She says she tried to call Charlotte, but she doesn’t expect her to return the call. Kayla says there is only one thing she can do--meet Charlotte face to face.

Brady watches the rest of the videotape, sighing and saying he can’t believe it. He thinks Marlena will be thrilled. Just then, Charlotte comes into the outer office and rattles the doorknob of her office. Brady sits frozen in her chair as she unlocks the door.

EJ asks Melanie if they can keep their conversation strictly confidential, and she readily agrees. He tells her that her project needs someone determined and capable to do the research to make it happen. He asks her if Titan is making her project their first priority? She says no and guesses he tracked her down to try to get her to go with his company. She explains that she has a solid deal with Victor. EJ assures her that that deal can be broken if she will agree to move the project from Titan to DiMera Enterprises.

Brady panics in Charlotte’s office as Charlotte starts to head in. Marlena comes in just then, telling her they have to talk. Charlotte says it’s a bad time, but Marlena sternly tells her to make time.

Melanie tells EJ that she isn’t sure about all of this. She doesn’t really know what EJ’s family does with their business. EJ takes her hand and tells her that they make a lot of people a lot of money. Melanie blushes and stammers that that is noble of them. EJ says it depends on the definition. She asks him if he is promising to make her oodles of money. EJ shakes his head and tells her that he is going to make her more money that Victor Kiriakis has ever even dreamt of.

At the clinic, Nicole waits with Mia as she prepares for an exam. Mia asks questions about Tony and his wife, and finally asks about the baby’s grandpa. Nicole tells her he’s a nice old man and smiles nervously, saying she knows he will dote on her baby. Mia thinks it’s hard to believe that her baby will have a ready-made family. Just then, Dr. Baker comes in, wondering what Nicole is doing there. She explains that Mia invited her since she is adopting her baby. Dr. Baker asks Nicole if Mia knows the whole truth about her.

Charlotte wonders if Marlena is going to pry into her personal life again. Brady works furiously on the computer in her office. Marlena tells Charlotte that this about a patient, not her personal life. She wants to talk about John and his therapy. She wants to know what Charlotte thinks and where she plans on going with his therapy.

Melanie tells EJ that she is happy working with Phillip and with Titan. She and Phillip make a good team. EJ tells her that he has known Phillip longer and noticed that he has the tendency to get bored with new projects. A guy like Phillip is always looking for the next big thing. Melanie insists that she is staying with Titan, and that she knows Phillip won‘t get bored with her. Besides, she doesn’t think the DiMeras can offer her what she wants. EJ asks what it is she wants and gives her a pointed look. She says softly that she has made herself clear. EJ tries to persuade her not to be too hasty, telling her his family can give her all she wants and more. He asks her to think about it. She promises to do so and EJ heads off. Melanie glares.

Nicole tells Baker that Mia knows all about how she is faking her pregnancy, and she is still giving her her baby. Mia confirms it, and Baker asks her if she is sure she wants to do this. Nicole says she is sure. She doesn’t have any reservations. Mia agrees, saying that she and Nicole have had long talks ,and they completely understand one another. Baker is pleasantly surprised that everyone is getting a happy ending. He asks Mia if she is ready for her ultrasound. She nods. Nicole takes her hand and Mia says they’re both ready. Nicole smiles, saying she can’t wait to see her baby.

Charlotte accuses Marlena of being unprofessional and wonders how she dare ask her about a confidential matter. Charlotte starts to head off, but Marlena explains that John told her about his therapy all on his own. She heard Charlotte discontinued hypnotherapy and told John that he would never regain his memories. Marlena wonders why on earth she would say a thing like that. Charlotte lays into Marlena again, shouting at her for daring to question her methods. Kayla pops her head in the door, asking what’s going on between the two of them.

Maggie sits down with Melanie, thanking her again for her testimony on Nick’s behalf. Melanie says that she meant every word, and that she does sincerely forgive Nick. Maggie thanks her, saying that she knows her nephew has a gentle soul. Melanie agrees, saying that the pills just made him crazy. Maggie thanks her again for her testimony, especially after what happened to her, and Melanie adds that she should thank EJ. He was a pretty interesting character. Maggie guesses that is one way of describing EJ. Melanie asks for some other ways to describe him, explaining that she doesn’t know anything about him.

EJ comes into the mansion, greeting Tony and asking if he has seen Nicole. Tony tells him that she was here earlier with a pregnant teenager, but they left. EJ questions him in surprise, and Tony shrugs, saying that Nicole explained that she was volunteering at a youth center and starting hanging out with this girl. EJ asks what Tony thinks, but he says he doesn’t want to excite EJ. EJ insists. Tony sighs, saying he is thinking the same thing EJ is--that something is up.

Baker tells Mia that she is going to have a girl. Tears roll down Nicole’s face. She tells Mia that she lost her little girl, but now she feels like she is getting her back. Mia admits that she always wanted to have a little girl, too. Baker tells her it’s perfectly normal to have second thoughts. Nicole angrily asks him not to say that, but he reminds Nicole that this is Mia’s baby. If she wants to keep this baby, that is her choice. Mia explains that she does want to keep her baby, but she knows that isn’t what is best for her. Nicole is. Nicole vows that Mia won’t regret her decision to give her her baby. She asks when Mia is due, and Baker says it will be another week at the earliest. He assures Mia that the baby is perfect, and he doesn’t expect any complications. He tells Nicole that he will be happy when this whole thing is over, and asks Mia to call him when she goes into labor. He heads off. Nicole tells Mia that a week is just the amount of time she needs to make a plan. Mia wonders what she is going to do, and she says she will have to go away when Mia goes into labor so she can come back with the baby. So she has to ‘give birth’ someplace else. Mai asks how she is going to pull that off.

Charlotte tells Kayla that Marlena is invading her privacy, and she plans on reporting her to the psychiatric board for overstepping her bounds when it comes to John. Kayla thinks she is overreacting, and Charlotte goes ballistic, saying she isn’t. Kayla tells them both she wants to see them in her office. They all head off. Brady takes the opportunity to sneak out of the office. Halfway down the hallway, Charlotte tells Marlena and Kayla that she did overreact. She apologizes to Marlena, saying that she just gets protective of her patients. She heads off, promising that it won’t happen again. Marlena and Kayla stare after her in bewilderment.

Maggie tells Melanie that EJ is engaged, and that his fiancée is pregnant. Melanie says she isn’t interested in him that way. She needs an attorney in case anything comes up between her and Titan. Maggie admits that EJ is a capable lawyer, or Mickey never would have hired him. She tells Melanie to be on her guard however. He can be charming, of course, but she must always remember that he is a DiMera.

EJ tells Tony that he believes Nicole, actually. He has been busy lately, so she probably just didn’t have the time to tell him about he volunteer work. He explains to Tony that Nicole has changed a lot since she became pregnant. She’s softer now. Tony rolls his eyes and grins, calling EJ a trusting soul.

Later, Nicole finds EJ alone in the living room. She asks how his day was. He asks her why she didn’t tell him she was volunteering at the youth center with teens, and why he had to find it out from Tony.

Mia lies on her bed in her apartment and read a magazine. Suddenly, she is hit with contractions. She grabs her stomach and cries.

Kayla heads into the pub and greets John. He thought she was working, but she says she had a stressful day and needed a break. John asks what happened and she tells him that she met his therapist. She doesn’t trust Charlotte, and she doesn’t think he should either.

Charlotte sits at her computer and notices something is off. She gasps, saying tat someone has used her computer and seen the videotape of John.

Brady pulls the video up on Marlena’s home computer. She comes in and lays into him for sneaking into Charlotte’s office. He tries to tell her that she needs to see this, but she won’t let up. Brady stops her, telling her she has to see what he sent her. He pulls up the video and Marlena watches as John remembers her as the love of his life. She gasps.


Rafe tells Sami, “Your life, my life and your baby’s life--they all depend on it.”

The mayor’s killer looks at a picture of Sami, “Show me where they’re hiding--the one that’s going to die tonight.”

Nicole tells EJ, “I’ve been keeping something from you.”

Brady tells Marlena, “Charlotte Taylor is messing with my dad’s head and you damn well better believe she’s going to pay.”

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