Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/15/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/15/09


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At the courthouse, Melanie starts to leave, but sees Phillip and Stephanie kissing in the corridor. She huffs back inside the courtroom and tells Max that it’s ridiculous. He asks what’s going on, and she tells him his ex and Phillip are out there swapping spit.

At the pub, Brady sits with Marlena and tells her he did some digging as to why John has agreed to continua hypnosis. Marlena wishes he hadn’t done that, but he thinks she’ll want to know what he found out. He explains that there’s really only one motivation for John wanting to remember his past. She asks what that is, but Brady wonders why she even needs to ask.

In Charlotte’s office, John tells Charlotte that he doesn’t understand. She was the one encouraging him to continue hypnosis. Charlotte says that was before she viewed the videotape and apologizes, saying she knows John took a huge leap of faith. He asks her the odds of ever getting his memories back, and she says it’s essentially zero.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Stefano that he didn’t defend Nick only to score brownie points with the Hortons. The comment he made about playing the game was meant ironically. EJ goes on to say that unlike most Americans, he finds being a lawyer a rewarding profession. Stefano asks EJ to enlighten him, and he tells Stefano that he has uncovered some information that may be helpful to their business.

At Mia’s apartment, Nicole gets on her knees and begs Mia to help her, or her life is over. She explains that she can’t be happy ever since she lost her baby, but having Mia’s baby will help her. She pleads with Mia to give her back her happiness. Mia sniffles and says she doesn’t understand. If Nicole is so unhappy about losing her baby that she is practically going nuts, then why is she trying to convince her to give up her baby? Nicole says that isn’t what she is trying to do. Mia says she is sorry, but she can’t go through with this. Nicole says she can’t compare their children. Her baby died, but Mia’s still has a chance for a better life. Besides, what about her dreams of moving to Japan and becoming a dancer? Mia says this is about her baby, not her. She knows that Nicole could give her child a better life than she ever could, but the lie involving her fiancé is sketchy. Mia wonders why Nicole doesn’t just tell him the truth about her miscarriage. If Nicole is so afraid of him, then maybe she should be, too.

John doesn’t understand why Charlotte is giving up after only one hypnosis session. She explains that hypnosis is often viewed as a ‘last-resort’ type of treatment. His case is complicated, so it’s hard for her to explain why she thinks he won’t regain his memories. She still think he should be in therapy, however. John mutters, “Screw it,” and heads off, slamming the door. Charlotte opens her laptop and sighs, telling John that she can help him, just not in the way he thinks.

Brady tells Marlena that John wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She is the only reason he wants his memories back--not even his kids matter. Marlena doesn’t think that is true, and even if it were, things will change once John becomes himself again. Brady isn’t so sure. In fact, he thinks John is lost to him as a father forever.

Nicole tells Mia that she isn’t afraid of her fiancé. It’s just that she was so devastated, her first instinct was to lie. And then one lie became another lie and so on. If she could go back and change things, she would, but she is in too deep now. Mia asks about her fiancé and Nicole tells her all about EJ and Johnny, and how her baby will have a big brother to play with. She assures Mia that EJ is everything she would want in a father for her baby.

EJ tells Stefano that he has come across something that will not only restore their reputation, but also provide income for generations to come. Stefano is interested and EJ explains that all they have to do is wrest one piece of property from someone--the caveat being that the owner is Victor Kiriakis. Stefano chuckles, saying it will be a challenge. EJ smiles, saying that have to do what they must when it comes to family. Stefano holds up his glass and grins, toasting EJ.

Chelsea shows up at the courthouse as Phillip, Stephanie, and Melanie get ready to head back to Titan. Chelsea can’t believe everyone is carrying on with their normal lives when one of their friends is going to jail. Melanie scoffs, saying she has no room to talk, since she just showed up. Chelsea whirls on her, telling her to shut the hell up and act like she cares about Nick for once. It isn’t as if he is going to Chicago for the weekend. Just then, Nick comes back through with a police escort. He says he didn’t think he’d ever see Chelsea again, and she cries, wondering how he could think that. She apologizes for not being here earlier, saying she got tied up at the hospital. Nick is just glad that she is here now.

Mia says it will be hard to give up her baby to a man she has never met. She asks Nicole if she can at least see where her baby will live. Nicole isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. Mia pleads with her, saying she would want to know where her baby would grow up if Nicole were in her position. She needs something comforting to think about when she is sad and lonely. Nicole caves, agreeing that she’ll try to figure something out.

EJ comes back from the kitchen and finds Stefan in the living room with a crib. He tells EJ he had it made in Italy for the baby. EJ thanks him, telling him that it’s beautiful. Just then, Nicole calls. EJ tells her about the crib and she asks if he is home. He says he is, and asks if that is a problem.

Brady tells Marlena that he thinks that this is all his fault. Marlena wonders why he would say such a stupid thing, and he tells her that he thinks John might remember him if he had been around more often. He missed out on so much. Marlena reminds him that he had a life. They understood that. Just then, John comes in and sits with the two, telling Marlena that he needs a second opinion. He calls her Doc, and she gasps.

Now alone with Max and Chelsea, Nick explains that he has sent them both a copy of his patent and the blueprints for the fuel project. Chelsea thought he signed them over to Melanie. Nick says he did, but he thinks it might be too much responsibility for one person to handle. Max asks if Nick is saying he doesn’t trust his sister, but Nick says he does. He doesn’t trust other people out there that are going to want to get their hands on the project. He asks Max and Chelsea to ensure that his project doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. They both promise to make sure that it doesn’t.

Nicole tells EJ that she knows Mary has the day off, so she thought they could spend some time together. EJ grins, wondering if she is looking for a little afternoon delight. Nicole says no, and that she doesn’t think Dr. Baker would go for that. EJ sighs, telling her has a meeting to get to with Stefano, anyway. Nicole grins and give Mia the thumbs-up.

Marlena asks John why he called her doc and he looks at her in confusion, saying it’s because he has a medical question. Brady excuses himself to let the two talk. John complains to Marlena about Charlotte telling him that hypnosis won’t work for him, and how she wants to pack it in since she doesn’t think he will ever regain his memories. Marlena is flabbergasted. John asks if she has any suggestions, and she says she does. She kisses him.

At Titan, Phillip and Melanie congratulate each other after the meeting on the fuel project. Melanie laughs about one of the suits who thought she was a secretary. He changed his tune once he found who she really was. Phillip says he was surprised to find out who she was, too, and he isn’t just talking about the meeting. He means what she did earlier for Nick. He has never seen that side of her before and he really likes it. Melanie grins and blushes.

EJ tells Stefano that they need to move quickly on Victor’s project, and Stefano agrees. He adds that he thought EJ might have some compunction about going after the project so aggressively, since he is settling down now. EJ says the main reason he wants to do this is actually because of Nicole and their baby.

Mia marvels at Nicole’s fake belly, saying that it really feels authentic. Nicole agrees, but adds that she can’t wait to get out of maternity clothes. Mia asks what happens if EJ finds out, but Nicole says he won’t. She can pretty persuasive. Mia doesn’t think she can promise that. Nicole says she can promise to never let Mia’s baby down. No matter what happens, she will always be there for her baby, and she means that from the bottom of her heart.

Marlena breaks off the kiss, apologizing to John. He says he doesn’t mind, as he needs to have something to keep him wanting to regain his memory. She asks if Charlotte is sure the hypnosis won’t work, and John tells her that Charlotte said he had zero chance of regaining his memories. Marlena takes out the charm bracelet John got for her and asks if he remembers it. He says he doesn’t. She tells him about him giving it to her almost a decade ago, and we flash back to John presenting her with the bracelet on the pier. We come back to the present, where John has closed his eyes and started thinking. Marlena asks excitedly if he remembers anything. John apologizes, saying he doesn’t. She says she feels like he is getting close to a breakthrough, although she doesn’t want to get either of their hopes up. Just then, Charlotte comes in, asking if she can speak with John privately. Marlena acquiesces and heads off.

Mia and Nicole approach the front of the DiMera mansion while Nicole hunts for her keys. Mia can’t believe how big the place is, and says she has only seen houses like this on TV. She had no idea Nicole and her fiancé were millionaires. Nicole heads over to her, telling her that there’s more to life than money. Mia asks her what that is supposed mean, and Nicole says it means Mia is only getting so much money out of her for this baby.

Stephanie comes over to Melanie and Phillip, asking how the meeting went. Phillip says it was fine, but Melanie thinks he was brilliant. Phillip jokes that she just means he didn’t put his foot in his mouth. Melanie gushes about how cute he is when he is embarrassed. Stephanie starts to head off and Phillip follows, asking what is wrong. She says she is just sad about Nick, and Phillip says he has a surprise for her to help her get her mind off of it. Besides, he knows Nick wouldn’t want them feeling sorry for him. Stephanie agrees and tries to get Phillip to tell her what her surprise is. He refuses. Melanie rolls her eyes and says she has a headache, so she is going to leave unless Phillip needs her. He says he doesn’t and congratulates her again. She heads off pouting.

Nick asks Max for a few moments alone with Chelsea. Max wishes him luck, hugs him, and heads outside. Nick tells Chelsea that he wouldn’t trade their time together for anything. He is just sorry he hasn’t been there for her in the past couple of months. Chelsea cries, saying that it wasn’t his fault. It was a combination of the pills and Melanie. Chelsea is just glad that Nick will finally get some help. Nick asks her to come visit him if she has time, and she sears she will. She promises to think about him all the time. Nick wants her to move on with her life, but she says thinking about him is part of that. She has her own regrets about what happened between them, and she really didn’t know what she had in him until it was too late. The officer tells Nick it’s time to go. Chelsea cries, telling him how much he means to her. They hug and Chelsea heads off. Nick watches her go with tears in his eyes.

Mia tells Nicole that she has the wrong idea. All she wants is enough money to cover her medical expenses and travel arrangements. Mia says that honestly, the idea of selling her baby creeps her out. Nicole is glad that they understand each other and she opens the door, letting Mia in. She calls out cautiously, asking if anyone is home.

EJ finds Melanie at the Cheatin’ Heart, and tells her he has been looking for her. She wonders what he wants, and he suggests she ask him to join her. She motions to a chair.

Charlotte tells John that it looked like he and Marlena were having an intense conversation. He says he was hoping she could help him regain some memories, and Charlotte tells him she doesn’t like the idea of him talking to another psychiatrist behind her back. A second opinion could compromise any progress they might make. John says it doesn’t matter, since Marlena couldn’t help him anyway, and Charlotte says she thinks she has an idea.

Outside the pub, Marlena tells Brady that she has had a bad feeling about Charlotte since the beginning. Charlotte has been rude to her, and what’s more, her defeatist attitude towards John regaining his memories bothers her. Brady thought Marlena recommended her, but she says she actually referred Charlotte’s father to John. Marlena just has a feeling that hypnotherapy will work for him. Unfortunately, since she is not his wife or therapist, her hands are tied. She thanks Brady for listening and leaves. Brady says to himself that Marlena’s hands may be tied, but his aren’t. He heads off.

EJ thanks Melanie for what she said at Nick’s trial. He’s sure that Nick would have gotten the maximum sentence if not for her testimony. He thinks it was very magnanimous of her. Melanie says she was just trying to do the right thing and asks if that is why EJ tracked her down. He says he has something else to speak with her about, actually.

Nicole shows Mia the living room and she gushes over the crib, saying she had to sleep in a drawer when she was a baby. She notices a picture of EJ and Johnny and asks if this is the father. Nicole nods and looks around nervously. Mia thinks he looks nice, and adds that he does kind of look like her ex-boyfriend. Nicole hopes she has seen enough to make up her mind and starts to lead her out. Mia sees the portrait of Stefano on the wall and asks who that is. Nicole starts to explain just as Tony walks in. He smiles at Mia, asking if she is a friend of Nicole’s.

Marlena strolls along the pier and calls Charlotte, asking her to call her. She needs to consult with her about a patient, and it’s urgent.

Charlotte wants to help John embark on a new stage of his life. He will probably never regain his memories, so he needs to start over. He did it once before with Marlena. John thinks that was different, but Charlotte disagrees. She thinks there are people in Salem that don’t have John’s best interests at heart. In her opinion, he needs to leave Salem and all the baggage that comes along with it. She wants to help him start a new life.

Brady heads into Marlena and Charlotte’s office, asking Cynthia if he can wait for Marlena. She says he can and heads off to get lunch. Brady pretends to flip through a magazine, but heads into Charlotte’s office as soon as Cynthia leaves. He opens her laptop, where the video of John’s hypnosis is still pulled up. Brady watches the tape.


Charlotte asks John, “Are you willing to do it--take this bold step and leave Salem forever?”

Brady wonders, “Is this real? Is dad getting his memory back?”

Tony asks Nicole, “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

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