Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/14/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/14/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita

Chloe shows up at Daniel’s apartment. He gasps when he opens the door and flashes back to nearly making love to her. Chloe interrupts his reverie, telling him that she came by to tell him that last night never happened. Daniel scoffs, saying the hell it didn’t.

John sits on bench near the pier. Brady walks over, asking him how he is doing. John tells him things aren’t going well. He tried hypnosis, but all he got out of it was a big nothing.

In her office, Charlotte watches the videotape of John’s hypnosis. He has memories of Marlena, and realizes that she is the love of his life. Charlotte pauses the tape and grabs a physician’s desk reference off of her bookshelf. Just then, someone knocks on her door and Charlotte gasps, dropping the book and upsetting a lamp. Marlena rushes in, asking if everything is alright. Charlotte flips out, asking how dare she barge in here like that.

At the pub, Maggie bumps into Max and spills her coffee. He helps her clean up as she groans about starting a day like this in such a way. Max asks what’s going on. Maggie hems and haws, but finally admits that Max should know the truth. Nick’s sentencing hearing is today. Max wonders why she didn’t tell him before and asks what time it is so he can be there. Maggie shakes her head, saying Nick doesn’t want anyone to come--except her and Melanie.

Melanie runs into Stephanie and Phillip at Titan and tells Phillip she needs the morning off. He asks why, but she would rather not say. He reminds her of the meeting concerning the fuel project, but she says this is important, so he will just have to fill her in later. She apologizes and heads off.

At the courthouse, EJ meets with Nick. He thanks EJ for coming, saying that his Uncle Mickey said EJ was the best. EJ smiles, saying he knows Mickey wishes he could be here himself, but he has important business in Chicago. Nick is glad, since he doesn’t want Mickey to see him getting sentenced to life in prison, anyway. EJ asks him not to get ahead of himself, but Nick says he deserves that sentence. Now that he’s clean, he can’t imagine what came over him. He thought he was helping Melanie and that he was in love with her, but he was wrong.

Nicole shows up at Mia’s apartment. Mia asks her why she is there alone. She told Nicole last night that she wanted to meet the man that will be her baby’s father. She wants to know where he is. Nicole asks if she can come in and Mia allows her to. Nicole looks around the tiny room and attached bathroom and gushes about how happy Mia will be in Japan. Mia tries to ask her again about her fiancé, but Nicole barrels over her, telling her that her baby is going to be in great hands. Mia tells Nicole that she isn’t agreeing to anything without meeting her fiancé. She says she will ask Nicole one more time--where is he?

John tells Brady he and his therapist worked for an hour, but he didn’t even get a glimmer of a memory out of it. Brady suggests he try changing doctors. John chuckles, saying that Brady obviously doesn’t know him very well. Brady agrees that he doesn’t. In fact, he wonders if John really wants his memories back at all.

Charlotte tells Marlena that she just startled her and quickly closes her laptop where the video of John’s hypnosis was playing. Marlena apologizes, telling she came in when she heard the crash, fearing Charlotte was hurt. She goes on to say that she needs to talk to Charlotte about something. She reminds Marlena that she can’t talk about John, but Marlena wants to talk about something that has to do with Charlotte--something that frankly, puzzles her.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tells Kate that she looks radiant. She grins, saying that it lifts her spirits to hear him say that. He asks if she has thought about what he asked her the last time they were here together. He knows the marriage proposal seemed impulsive, but it was heartfelt. Kate says that she was convinced he wasn’t serious, but Stefano says she has it all wrong. In fact, he would love nothing more than to renew his proposal of marriage to her. He asks her if she came by today to accept.

Max gets ready to leave the pub, and runs into Stephanie, who has coffee orders for the whole office. Max says he has to go, and Stephanie asks what’s going on. He tells her about Nick’s sentencing hearing. Stephanie thinks all of his friends should be there for him, and Max agrees, but says Nick only wanted Melanie and Maggie to attend. He is going, anyway. He tried calling Chelsea, but Theo got out of the hospital, so she is spending the day with him. Stephanie wants to, too and asks Max to take her. He is hesitant at first, but Stephanie reminds him that she loved Nick as much as Max did. He agrees and heads off to pull the car around. Stephanie calls Phillip and tells him she knows why Melanie wanted to take the morning off.

Maggie and Melanie head into the courtroom and greet Nick. Melanie tells Nick that they will do everything they can to help him as EJ comes over, telling Melanie that she and Nick can’t speak to one another. Max and Stephanie come in just then. Stephanie quietly tells Melanie that Phillip wouldn’t have minded if she had just told him the truth about where she was going. Melanie says it was supposed to be a secret, as Nick didn’t want anyone to know. Stephanie excuses herself as the hearing gets ready to start. Everyone stands as Judge Fitzpatrick takes a seat. Phillip walks in just then and takes a seat at the back.

Nicole tells Mia that she and her fiancé planned to come, but then he got a phone call in the middle of the night and had to go in to work. Mia asks how long it will be before he gets here. Nicole sighs, telling her that this is a delicate situation and there’s no other way to say it. She admits that her fiancé isn’t coming.

Kate tells Stefano that ever since her illness, she has realized that a life of daring is something she could be interested in. In fact, marrying Stefano has some benefits in and of itself. He grumbles, saying he does think that’s a very ringing endorsement. Kate admits that they have a special connection. She will never forget that he helped get her and Lucas off the streets. Stefano says he doesn’t want her to feel indebted to him, but she tells him it’s more than that. She does feel better when she is around him. However, she is no position to make any kind of commitment right now. Stefano cant believe she is going to leave him in limbo like this, but she thinks he can handle it. He thinks there must be someone else, and she assumes he knows about Daniel. Stefano shrugs, saying that a man without information has no power. Kate tells him that Daniel did save her life, but right now, they are just friends.

Chloe tells Daniel that she feared he would tell other people about what happened between them. He tells her he hasn’t, but that marrying Lucas is a mistake and she knows it. Chloe says that you can be attracted to someone while you’re in love with someone else. Her mistake was acting on that attraction. Daniel tells her there is more between them than just attraction and she knows it. He walks closer to her, telling her that she could have called, but she came to his house to tell him this. He thinks she wanted to be with him and to feel his touch. He clasps her hand and kisses her. Clothes fly. The two make love to musical accompaniment.

Brady apologizers for asking that question, but John says it’s ok. He does want his memories back, of course, but he wants them back now. He knows Marlena is in there somewhere, so he is doing this for her.

Marlena tells Charlotte that she did some research on her and found that she had won many prestigious awards. Calotte chuckles, saying she used to think the person with the biggest resume wins. Marlena smiles and Charlotte asks what puzzled her. Marlena says it concerned her last job and why she left that university so suddenly. Charlotte frowns, guessing that Marlena was checking up on her. She asks her if that is what this is about.

Maggie sits on the witness stand and makes a tearful speech, saying that Nick is a good boy, and he meant it when he apologized to the court earlier. She knows he has a good heart, and he just wasn’t himself when he did this terrible thing. She begs the judge for mercy. The judge thanks Maggie and says she will retire to her chambers if no one has anything further to add. Melanie pops up from her chair, saying that she has something to say. The judge asks who she is, and she explains that she’s Melanie Layton. Her father was the one murdered. The judge agrees to let her speak.

Daniel and Chloe kiss in front of the fire and cuddle. Suddenly, Kate knocks on the door, calling out and asking if Daniel is there. Chloe gasps.

Mia doesn’t understand, and asks Nicole if her fiancé even wants this baby. Nicole says he does, in the worst way. She wishes she could make Mia understand--she can never meet her fiancé--ever.

Daniel throws some pants on and yells to Kate that he was just sleeping and will be at the door in a moment. Chloe gathers her clothes and flies off to a back room to get dressed and hide. Daniel opens the door and Kate apologizes for waking him up, saying he left his pager at the mansion. He thanks her for returning it. She takes in his heavy breathing and flushed face and asks if she is interrupting something. Back in the other room, Chloe listens and sweats.

Melanie gets on the stand and cries, telling the judge that while her father was a victim of Nick, Nick was also a victim. He trusted people too much, and that led him to do the wrong thing. She explains hat she knows Nick is a good person, and begs the judge to be lenient. Fitzpatrick thanks her and heads back into her chamber to make her decision. Maggie hugs Melanie and the two cry. Nick stares at Melanie with both disbelief and gratefulness. Maggie thanks her for her kind words. Phillip watches them from across the room.

Nicole tells Mia about her pregnancy, and how she wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids. She goes on to explain that one night, Dr. Baker tried to save her baby, but she was too tiny, and she died. Nicole knows her fiancé wanted the baby as much as she did, so she is still pretending to be pregnant even though she lost the baby months ago. Mia can’t believe it. Nicole explains that she can give her fiancé the baby he so desperately wants with Mia’s help. He’ll have Mia’s baby--her baby. Mia asks Nicole with incredulity if she plans on passing her baby off as her own. Nicole thinks she is making it sound underhanded. Mia says it is. It scares her. Not only is it crazy, but it’s just wrong. It’s hard enough giving up her baby, but she refuses to be part of a scam that could land her in prison. Nicole vows that that won’t happen, but Mia says she doesn’t even know Nicole. She can’t trust in her promises. She flings the door open, telling Nicole to get out.

John tells Brady that something deep inside him can tell that Marlena is good, and she is the part of his life that made his past worth living. Brady thinks he should continue treatment, then, and John says he is--for Marlena. He eyes Brady, saying he might be doing this for some other people, too. Brady smiles, saying he has to go, but reminds John that in the past, when he wanted something, he didn’t stop until he got it. He heads off. John sighs.

Marlena begs Charlotte not to take her question the wrong way. Charlotte snaps that she left her last job to go home and care for her dying father, whom Marlena didn’t even bother to stay in touch with. Marlena admits they lost contact, but they worked together a long time ago. Charlotte says it wasn’t that long ago at all--at least it doesn’t seem that way to her.

The judge tells the courtroom that she intended on giving Nick the maximum sentence at first. But after having heard testimony from the victim’s daughter, she decided justice must be tempered with mercy. She has decided to give Nick a two to five year sentence in a correctional facility, but he will be eligible for parole in eighteen months. She adjourns the court as Nick and EJ hug. Maggie bursts into tears. Stephanie and Max come over to hug Nick and offer their congratulations. Phillip heads over to Melanie, telling her that he heard everything, and Nick really owes her one. She says he was just trying to do the right thing, but Phillip says she did more than that. She was incredibly generous. Melanie cries, saying she is glad she redeemed herself and that Phillip doesn’t think she’s a total loser. He says that he never thought that as Stephanie comes over, asking when Phillip got there. Melanie wonders who is running the meeting about the fuel project, and Phillip explains that he pushed it back to this afternoon so Melanie could attend. She thanks him and Phillip heads off to make a call. Stephanie tells her how impressed she was with her selfless testimony, and Melanie thanks her, excusing herself to say goodbye to Nick. Nick hugs EJ again, thanking him for his help. Melanie comes over and Nick thanks her, too, saying that because of her testimony, she saved his life. He doesn’t think that she only did it because he gave her the shares in his project, either. Melanie says that that wasn’t why. She cries, saying she just told the truth. Nick asks if she testified on his behalf because of Phillip.

Daniel tells Kate that she isn’t interrupting anything, but he has been busy lately, and can’t seem to get his head on straight. Kate just hopes he doesn’t think she came by to start things up again between them. He says he didn’t think that, as he knows she wants to focus on her family. She says she is glad he understands and says she has to go, but will talk to him soon. She leaves. Chloe comes out from the back and asks Daniel if he sees what he is doing to Kate. She loves her son and the rest of her children so much. Daniel says he is sorry he did this to Lucas, but it jest happened. He can’t help it. He never wanted it to happen, but now that it has, it’s completely out of his control.

Charlotte tells Marlena that her father thought of Marlena often. He even mentioned her the day he died. She apologizes, saying that she knows Marlena didn’t know these things, and she’s sorry if she seems angry. Marlena says she certainly would have visited her father, had she known he was ill. She gets up to leave, apologizing if she hurt Charlotte’s feelings. Charlotte says she didn’t. Marlena tells her she would like them to be friends, since they share the same goal--John’s recovery. Marlena heads off. Charlotte grins, saying at least one of them has that goal.

Chloe tells Daniel that what happened can never happen again. He tells her that a part of him thinks they should give this up and no one will get hurt. Chloe agrees and starts to leave, but Daniel stops her, telling her that they can’t deny what they feel. He doesn’t think they can just walk away from each other. In reply, Chloe walks out, slamming the door behind her.

Charlotte watches the video of John remembering being locked in a dungeon with Marlena. He says he has to help her. A knock sounds at the door and Charlotte slams her laptop shut, telling the person to come in. It’s John, and he wants to view the video of his hypnosis and schedule another session. Charlotte says it isn’t that simple. She has reviewed the videotape, and she doesn’t think hypnosis will work for John. He asks how she could now that after only one session, and she says that she’s a trained professional. In her opinion, John will never get his memories back.

Melanie admits that she did it for Phillip, but she meant what she said. Nick thinks it’s because she wants Phillip to like her, and she says it’d be great if he just started being nicer to her. She says again that she really does think Nick is a good person. She sobs and hugs him, telling him to take care of himself. She leaves. She sees Stephanie and Phillip kissing in the corridor and her lip quivers.

Stefano and EJ toast at the mansion. EJ says it was really one of Nick’s friend’s testimonies that did the trick, but Stefano says it is still EJ’s victory. Its very important to have a family like the Hortons in your corner. EJ asks if Stefano means to say that he is learning to play the game and Stefano chuckles. He thinks EJ’s future is not only bright, its brilliant.

Mia tells Nicole to get out. Nicole sinks to her knees and begs Mia to help her. She had a baby and lost it, but having Mia’s baby would make things right. If she throws her out now, her life will be over. She begs Mia to reconsider and give her her baby, so she can have the happiness she lost.


Nick says, “Just promise me you’ll make sure it stays out of the wrong hands.” Max says, “Yeah.” Chelsea replies, “Promise.”

Phillip tells Melanie, “It’s a side of you I haven’t seen before and I really--” She interrupts, “You really?” He finishes, “Like that person.”

Mia asks Nicole, “If losing your baby was so sad, then why are you telling me to give up mine?”

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