Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/13/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/13/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

EJ and Nicole walk up outside the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole hopes it’s ok she fashionably late and gets ready to ring the bell. Victor brushes past them, telling them that if they’re here for a party, they’re at the wrong house. Nicole says Chloe is her best friend, and she’s here for her party. Victor says the two of them being friends is a terrifying thought. Nicole insists Kate invited her. Victor says that is too bad. He’s uninviting them. He thought he told EJ that Nicole would eventually bring him down. EJ warns Victor again not to speak to him that way. Nicole adds that he has no right to say that. Victor snaps back, asking how many lies Nicole has told EJ already. He wonders how gullible he could be.

At the pub, Marlena does some online research about Charlotte. All she can find so far are copious records of her awards and achievements. Marlena sighs.

In her office, Charlotte asks John what he sees. Still under hypnosis, he tells her he sees the love of his life, Marlena. Suddenly he gasps. He flashes back to being chained up in a dungeon while Marlena is bound, gagged, and unconscious nearby. John tells Charlotte that he has to help her.

Back at the mansion, Lucas finishes his toast to Chloe. He hugs and kisses her as Daniel walks in the living room and stares. He and Chloe both flash back to making out on the bed upstairs half-naked. Kate comes over to Daniel and says she thought he left. She assumed the hospital called and wondered what made him come back. He tells her Chloe did. Chloe overhears and gapes.

John freaks out, yelling that he has to save the love of his life and mother of his child. Charlotte decides it’s time to end the session and brings John back out of hypnosis. He awakens, asking how long he was out. She tells him it was for about an hour and asks what he remembers. John thinks about it, his face bathed with tears.

EJ asks Victor how he dare say something like that about the woman he loves and plans on marrying. Victor flatly calls him a masochist. EJ goes off on Victor, saying that he is just jealous of their happiness because he’s a miserable wretch. Victor doesn’t think EJ knows what misery is, but he will soon enough. EJ wonders how Victor could say such things about a woman about to become a mother. Is nothing sacred for him? Nicole stares at the ground guiltily.

Lucas and Chloe come over to Daniel, and Lucas asks if anything is wrong with Chloe. Daniel says there isn’t, but there is something that he needs to say, and it has to do with her. Chloe looks at him and turns white, telling him not to say anything at all. Victor walks in just then with EJ and Nicole, telling her to keep a low profile. He’s only allowing her inside so he doesn’t upset Kate. She grumbles that she is only coming in for Chloe’s sake. She and EJ enter the living room with Victor as Daniel tells everyone he wants to propose a toast to Chloe and Lucas. He holds his champagne glass aloft, and tells them both that he hopes they always make the right choices, and are happy with the choices they make. Kate agrees and they all toast. Chloe and Daniel stare at each other meaningfully.

Marlena calls one of Charlotte’s previous colleagues. Since Charlotte won a prestigious award with them, she was hoping they could give her more information about her.

John tells Charlotte that he doesn’t remember a damn thing and asks her what he said. She hems and haws, saying he told her a lot of interesting things. John wants specifics.

Phillip and Stephanie watch Chloe and Lucas kissing and Stephanie tells him she thinks the two will be very happy. They’ve obviously very much in love. They head off for the kitchen. Chelsea asks Chloe if she has picked out a dress. Victor butts in, saying they all know it won’t be white. Chloe looks guiltily at Daniel. Victor asks Lucas if they have set a date, but he says they haven’t. Victor suggests he put it off as long as possible so he can see the empty soul under Chloe’s physical attributes. Max and Chelsea excuse themselves as Lucas lays into him. Kate hustles Victor off for cake. Lucas gets a call from Maggie and thinks it might be about Allie, so he heads into the foyer to take it. Nicole heads over to Chloe, asking her what is making her so miserable. Chloe stares at Daniel, telling Nicole that she thinks she made a huge mistake.

EJ congratulates Lucas on the engagement and the party. Lucas confides that he thinks Victor is losing it, and EJ agrees, telling him that Victor had some choice words when he found out he was engaged to Nicole. Lucas thinks he might want to listen to Victor’s advice. Sure, she seems happy now, but Nicole is the kind of woman who is never satisfied. EJ grins, saying she might not have been satisfied with Lucas, but she’s well-taken care of now.

Nicole asks Chloe if she is having second thoughts about marrying Lucas. Chloe says that Lucas is a great guy that would do anything for her, but Nicole thinks it sounds like she is trying to convince herself. Chloe admits that she wants to do the right thing. Nicole hopes that the right thing will make her happy, because she looks miserable right now. Daniel comes over just then, asking if he can have a word alone with Chloe.

Charlotte tells John that she has to examine the videotape before she can tell him anything. He guesses that the session was a total bust and that she is just trying to let him down easy. She replies that he can’t expect immediate results, but John says he thought it would only take one session. Charlotte shakes her head, saying it doesn’t work like that. She urges him not to give up yet.

Chloe tells Daniel that she has to talk to Lucas, but will catch up with him later. She heads over to hug Lucas and Daniel stares. Nicole tries to get his attention, but can’t. She whistles and that finally brings him around. She asks suspiciously why he is so distracted. He changes the subject, asking her about her new doctor. She says she has no complaints and that everything with the baby is fine, but Daniel doesn’t believe her.

Chelsea comes out to the foyer and asks Kate if she is alright. She says she is, but Chelsea thinks she needs space from Daniel. The two of them had a serious relationship, and it’s going to be hard to be friends. Chelsea says she knows all about that kind of thing. Kate asks if she still has feelings for Daniel, but Chelsea says he is completely out of her system. Kate thinks that’s because she has moved on with Max.

Max tells Lucas that he can arrange for a bachelor party at the Cheatin’ Heart with some strippers, but Lucas declines. Max jokes, wondering where the real Lucas is, and Lucas chuckles. He thinks a day will come when all Max wants to do is spend a quiet evening at home with Chelsea. Max says they are just friends, and Lucas says that’s too bad. They make a cute couple.

Phillip congratulates Chloe for being able to put up with his brother and welcomes her to the family. He hugs her. She stares at Daniel over his shoulder.

Charlotte tells John that stopping hypnotherapy would be a mistake. She knows that he is going to make real progress; she could tell after all that happened tonight. John coldly holds out his parking pass, asking if she validates. She tells him that if he walks out right now he might never get his memories back. John walks out. Charlotte sighs.

Chelsea wonders why everyone thinks she and Max are together. She reminds Kate that she advised her not to get into a rebound relationship, and she is taking that advice. She and Max are just like Kate and Daniel--it’s strictly platonic. Chelsea walks off. Kate sighs.

Daniel asks Nicole who her doctor is. She suddenly drops her plate of cake and gasps. Daniel moves to pick it up as EJ comes over, suggesting they leave. Nicole agrees and Daniel tells her to take care of herself. He heads off. EJ goes to get their coats as Nicole’s phone rings. It’s Mia, and she tells Nicole that they need to talk about the baby.

Stephanie and Phillip head into Titan as Stephanie mocks Phillip for leaving the party to do work. He explains that he needs to find a disc on the alternative fuel project for a meeting. Stephanie hunts through a stack of papers and finds it, but tells Phillip he can only have it if he agrees not to work past seven the rest of the week. Phillip assures her that he can prove more things are important to him than work. He kisses her.

Chloe sees Max and Chelsea out and thanks them for coming. Kate comes over and Chloe thanks her for the party, saying she had a great time. She also thanks Kate for inviting Nicole and EJ, since she knows neither Kate or Victor care for them very much. Kate says it was no problem. This night was supposed to be about her and her happiness, anyway. Chloe looks guilty.

Victor wonders how Daniel could have a good time at this party. He complains about Kate inviting so many horrid people, and Daniel reminds Victor that she just wants Lucas to be happy. Victor gripes about him too, saying that Lucas is dumb and can never seem to look past women’s ‘big bazoons’ to see the bigger picture. He adds that Chloe has probably slept with half the men in town by this point. Daniel lays into him, telling him not to talk about Chloe or any other woman that way in his presence. Chloe actually saved Kate’s life, which seems to mean nothing to Victor. Victor wonders how much Daniel has had to drink. Daniel barrels on, telling Victor that the nasty comments about Chloe only cheapen him.

John comes into the pub and Marlena asks him to join her. He sits down in a huff and tells her he had his first hypnosis session, but nothing happened. Marlena interrupts, but John tells her he doesn’t want to hear that he is only there because he thinks Charlotte is attractive. He’s giving up the sessions because he hates seeing a shrink. Marlena tells him that she should have never assumed to know his motivations for going. She apologizes to him.

Chelsea and Max head into the pub and over to a table. Chelsea says she had a better time at the party than she thought and thanks Max for coming. He admits that Victor did liven things up, and Chelsea adds that she is still shocked her grandmother dumped Daniel. Max asks her if she plans on making a move now that he is back on the market, and Chelsea reminds him he already asked her that. She tells him again that she has zero interest in Daniel and wonders why Max cares anyway.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she saw him talking to Chloe, and thinks he was very gracious. She knows they had a past, so it was probably hard for him to be at her engagement party. Phillip disagrees, saying it was easy because he doesn’t have feelings for Chloe. Someone else has come into his life. Stephanie jokes about him sexually harassing an employee, but Phillip gets serious. He says she is right, and that they can’t do this anymore.

Nicole tells Mia it isn’t a good time, but she says it’s an emergency. Nicole agrees to be there within the hour and hangs up. EJ come over with her coat, asking who Mia is.

Victor asks how Daniel dare speak to him that way in his home, but Daniel tells him he needs to cut Chloe some slack. Victor doesn’t care if she donated her bone marrow to the entire mid-west, she is still poison. Daniel lays into him, telling him that Kate wouldn’t be here right now without Chloe. The least Victor owes her is a little respect.

Chloe thanks Kate again for the party and for putting aside her differences with Nicole. Kate says that she has learned that hanging onto anger is a losing proposition, and Chloe only wishes everyone were that forgiving. Kate hugs her and thanks her for making Lucas the happiest she has ever seen him. Daniel walks up behind Kate and he and Chloe stare at each other.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she was joking, but he thinks she made a good point about office relationships. People gossip around the water cooler, and it’s even worse here with ‘loose lips’ Melanie around. Stephanie asks him what that means and Phillip says he means he doesn’t think they should work together anymore.

Marlena tells John that she did some research on Dr. Taylor and learned that she has won many awards. Her colleagues also think highly of her, so Marlena thinks she is a keeper. John asks if that means she is giving him permission to date Charlotte.

Max tells Chelsea that he knows Daniel hurt her, and he just doesn’t want that to happen again. Chelsea says that it won’t, because they are through. Max jokes that she and Kate can now start picking up guys together, but Chelsea doesn’t think so. She just thinks its weird Kate and Daniel broke up since they seemed to like each other so much. Max thinks that is they way relationships go--you date, break up, get back together. He trails off. Chelsea stares at him suspiciously.

Nicole tells EJ that she and Mia met at the doctor’s office and exchanged numbers. It turns out Nicole lost a bracelet at the clinic and Mia picked it up. She thought she’d swing by her place and get it. EJ says he will come with her.

Lucas looks at all the presents they received and tells Chloe he’d like to open them, but he’d rather be at home with her in front of a cozy fire. Chloe agrees that she wants that too, and Lucas offers to pack the car up with gifts while she says her good-byes. Chloe says she has to tell him something first.

Max and Chelsea both agree that being in a relationship is hard work, and they’d both rather not deal with it. A new waitress comes over to take their order and Max introduces her to Chelsea. They both know what the other wants to eat and the new waitress smiles, saying they’re really in tune with one another. She thinks they make a great couple. The two stare at one another uncomfortably.

Marlena wonders why John thinks she would encourage him to date his own doctor. He wonders why else Marlena would go to the trouble of doing a background check on Charlotte. She says she just wanted to find out what kind of doctor she is. Since Charlotte is so talented and qualified, Marlena thinks he should continue the sessions.

Stephanie tells Phillip she will quit if Phillip wants her to, but he says no. She’s the only intern with her head on straight, and they need her. Plus, she’s racking up college credit. Stephanie sighs, telling him that he if he wants to break up he should just say so.

Nicole and EJ head into the DiMera mansion. EJ refuses to let Nicole drive over to Mia’s, since she is pregnant and the roads are so slick. Nicole tries to convince him she can handle it, but EJ refuses and takes the keys upstairs with him to bed. Nicole calls Mia and tells her she can’t make it. Mia offers to come to her, but Nicole says that would be a terrible idea.

Lucas hopes Chloe isn’t going to tell him again that she doesn’t deserve this, but she says it’s true. Lucas tells her she has get used to this kind of stuff since she is going to be a part of the family. He wonders if part of the reason she is upset is Brady. He assures her that eh knows they both came out of difficult relationships, but he insists he has never felt this way about anyone before. Allie lights up when she enters the room now, and he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. She hugs her and kisses her, hoping he made her feel better. She says he did, and Lucas heads off to start packing the car. Daniel comes over to Chloe, telling her that she put on a good act.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want them to break up--he just wants someone else to be her boss. Stephanie doesn’t think that was very nice of him, since he was trying to make her insecure. Phillip doesn’t think that was very hard to do, and Stephanie lays into him for making her squirm. Phillip thinks it’s sexy when she squirms. In fact, he thinks everything she does is sexy. They kiss.

Nicole tells Mia that it really isn’t a good time. Mia assumes that she isn’t good enough for Nicole, and thinks her baby must not be good enough either. Nicole says that Mia and her baby mean the world to her. She wants to see them, but things got a little crazy tonight. She’d like to come by tomorrow, if that’s ok. Mia tells her she can on one condition--she bring her fiancé-- and no excuses this time.

Max and Chelsea complain about everyone thinking they’re a couple just because of the way they act. Max reminds her they did kiss on New Year’s, but Max says it was just friendly. Chelsea agrees, saying they are just good friends. They smile at each other.

Marlena encourages John to continue the sessions. He agrees to one more on her behalf and she thanks him. He gets up and leaves as Marlena takes a phone call from another of Charlotte’s colleagues in Minneapolis. Marlena gasps and asks why she left. She listens and nods, agreeing that that is odd.

Charlotte watches the video of John remembering that Marlena is the love of his life.

Chloe ask Daniel to leave. He tells her that they have more than just a physical connection. He feels it when he looks into her eyes. He vows that this isn’t over, not by a long shot. He leaves. Chloe stares after him.


Daniel clasps Chloe’s hand, “That’s why you came here--to feel my touch.”

Nicole tells Mia, “There’s no other way to say it--you can never meet my fiancé.”

Max tells Stephanie, “Nick’s getting sentenced today.” She replies, “All of his friends should be with him.”

Melanie walks into Nick’s sentencing hearing, “My name is Melanie Layton. It was my father that was killed.”

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