Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/12/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/12/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the loft, Rafe sleeps and dreams abut being stabbed by the mayor’s killer. He moans and mutters Sami’s name.

At the pier, the killer confronts Hilda. She asks him what he wants, and he tells her he wants Sami Brady. Hilda reaches for her weapon, but the killer grabs her and disarms her, telling her not to try anything.

Sister Teresa meets with Sami at the convent, telling ‘Colleen’ that she is glad to see her again. Sami takes off her hood and dark glasses and bursts into tears. Teresa asks her what’s wrong. Sami says everything is.

Phillip lets Stephanie into the Kiriakis mansion, and compliments her looks. She jokingly chides him about being superficial, and he throws in a compliment about her wit. She thanks him and they kiss. Max walks in just then and grimaces.

In the living room, Kate tells Chelsea that the guests for the party will start arriving soon. She thinks Chloe and Lucas need to get downstairs, and worries they may be up there fooling around. She explains to Chelsea that they are so much in love she practically caught them in a compromising position earlier.

Upstairs, Chloe rolls around in bed with Daniel. Lucas approaches the door and turns the knob as the two kiss. The door is locked, and Lucas calls through it to Chloe, asking if she is almost ready. She gasps and clutches Daniel, hissing that it’s Lucas.

At the hospital, EJ tells Stefano that he should leave, since Lexie asked him to do so. EJ promises to call if there is any change in Theo, but he should be fine. Besides, it’s been a horrible day for everyone and he needs his rest. Stefano tells EJ that he isn’t going anywhere. He is on the verge of losing his patience, and adds that EJ needs to learn to start taking orders instead of giving them.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole comes downstairs, calling EJ. Tony is sitting in the living room and says he isn’t here. He adds that he has bad, and then worse news for Nicole. She looks at him questioningly and he tells her that EJ is with Stefano doing business, and will be gone for a while. Nicole shrugs, saying it doesn’t sound like the end of the world. Tony says that’s only the beginning.

Chloe yells back at Lucas that she will be right out. She pushes Daniel off of her and hurries to get dressed. Lucas asks her why the door is locked and she yells back that she doesn’t want him to see her until she’s ready. Lucas gapes, asking why she isn’t ready yet. What has she been doing? Chloe puts on her dress and glares at Daniel.

The killer holds a knife to Hilda’s throat, telling her that he wants information on Sami Brady. Hilda claims not to know who he is talking about, but he takes out Hilda’s picture, telling her that he knows everything about her. He tells her to give up the blonde bitch or she dies. It’s that simple. Hilda gulps.

Sami tells Teresa that her baby is ok, so not everything is wrong. Teresa asks if she is safe and getting medical attention. Sam nods, saying that ‘Ryan’ is looking out for her. Everything is fine now, but she doesn’t know what she is going to do once her baby is born.

EJ asks Stefano if plans on doling out some orders of his own now, and Stefano reminds EJ that he works for him. However, he just wanted to compliment EJ on his work on New Year’s, and to offer him complete control of the pacific rim project. EJ isn’t so sure there is such a thing as ‘total control’ under Stefano, but he disagrees. He tells EJ that ever since the accident with Theo, he has felt that he needs to reevaluate his life and spend more time with family. EJ asks him how he will do that when some of them want nothing to do with him. Stefano admits that he knows Lexie is overwrought right now, but she will come back eventually. EJ chuckles, asking if they will be one big dysfunctional family. Stefano isn’t sure he would put it that way, but basically, yes. EJ asks about Tony’s role in the family.

Nicole tells Tony that she thinks he wants her to be upset about EJ being late for the party because of business. She says she isn’t built that way, so Tony needs to be talking to EJ if he is concerned. Tony says EJ is just now finding out. Nicole is confused, and Tony goes on to explains that what happened to Theo today was important. Nicole asks what happened, an Tony expresses surprise that EJ didn’t call her and tell her. He shakes his head, saying that this is worse that he thought.

Max tries to back out of the doorway, but Stephanie sees him and breaks off the kiss, saying she didn’t think he’d be here. He apologizes, saying Chelsea invited him, but he doesn’t want to interrupt. He hurries into the living room. Phillip asks Stephanie if she is ok. She thinks about it, then admits that she isn’t.

Max walks into the living room and greets Chelsea, who is clearly surprised to see him. He jokes that her telling him not to come couldn’t keep him away, and she chuckles, saying she’s glad he showed up. She didn’t tell him not to come, anyway. Max makes a remark about the party being fun, and tells Chelsea that he walked in on Stephanie and Phillip doing their own partying in the foyer. Chelsea apologizes, but Max says it doesn’t bother him as much as he thought he would. He adds that relationships are complex, and he needs to talk to Chelsea about theirs. She gulps worriedly, but he tells her that he wants to keep things simple. He likes spending time with her, but he isn’t interested in analyzing it like they did earlier at Chez Rouge. Chelsea agrees with him that they will keep it simple just as Kate walks in. She complains that she feels like she’s in a mystery novel. First Daniel disappeared, and now Chloe and Lucas. She wonders if it’s something she said.

Lucas asks Chloe what is going on. She hisses at Daniel to hide in the bathroom, but he quietly refuses, saying they have to tell the truth. It can’t go on like this. Chloe whispers that it has to and heads for the door.

Hilda drops her purse. The killer toes it and some photos fall out. He holds the knife against her throat, telling her that he sees that she’s a family woman. He notices the booties she has been knitting and asks if there is a grandchild on the way. Hilda nods. The killer says that if she wants to see her grandchild or the rest of her family again, then she will tell him where Sami Brady is. Hilda gulps and asks him if he will leave her family alone if she tells him everything. He smiles, saying she has his word.

Teresa asks Sami if the baby’s father is looking after her. She shakes her head, and Teresa asks if he even knows she’s pregnant. Sami shakes her head again, saying that he can never know. Teresa asks if she is afraid of her baby’s father, and Sami says it’s more than that. She’s terrified of him.

Stefano tells EJ that he will handle Tony. EJ laughs, saying that it seems he has it all worked out. Stefano tells him to watch his mouth. EJ sighs, saying that Tony told him Stefan would do this--would try to take complete control of his life. Stefano tells him to save the family therapy for later. He needs EJ to work on the numbers for Malaysia and get the reports to him in the morning. EJ refuses, saying he can have them in the afternoon instead. It’s just busy work, and besides, he has an appointment with his own family. He winks and heads off. Stefano shakes his head and chuckles.

Tony tells Nicole that Theo almost died today, and EJ didn’t even call her. Nicole says her phone was off, but Tony doesn’t buy it. EJ was too busy restructuring the company to even care about her. Nicole accuses Tony of being angry because EJ and Stefano are edging him out. He says that isn’t it, but he wants to warn her. EJ is going to get busier and busier, and the next thing she knows, she’ll be going into labor and EJ will have to suddenly go to Hong Kong or Singapore. Does she really want EJ ten thousand miles away from her while she is giving birth? Nicole clutches her stomach and smiles, saying maybe she does want that.

Phillip asks Stephanie if she is having regrets about them being together, and she says she isn’t. However, she still cares about Max. Him knowing they’re dating is one thing, but seeing them kiss is another. She thinks she needs to go talk to him. Phillip offers to do it instead, but Stephanie thinks that’s a bad idea. Phillip admits he was just going to talk to Max about football and pretend they talked about her. He adds that Max is a guy. He doesn’t want to talk about these kinds of things. Stephanie sighs and agrees with Phillip, promising not to talk to Max about what happened.

Chelsea and Max pop a bottle of champagne and toast. Chelsea tells him that she’s; glad he came and that she has a friend. She tells him about her grandma and Daniel breaking up. Max wonders if she wants him back, but Chelsea says no. She’ll share a lot of things with Kate, but boyfriends aren’t among them. She suddenly suggests they ditch the party. Max laughs and agrees, tossing back his champagne. Stephanie and Phillip come in and Phillip tells Stephanie he thinks Max has already moved on from her.

Chloe tells Lucas through the door that she was ready, but then her mom called. She started crying and ruined her makeup, so she had to start all over again. She promises Lucas that she is nearly finished and will be downstairs soon. He starts to head off as Kate approaches, asking what the problem is. Lucas says there isn’t one and leads Kate away. Daniel tells Chloe that he could walk out that door and out of her life right now but she will still have to deal with Lucas. She accuses him of only wanting to sleep with her and not caring about her. Daniel sighs, saying that he loves how real she is. He has become jaded, but she hasn’t and she still wants it all. He urges her not to settle for anyone that doesn’t totally fulfill her. Chloe says she is done listening to him and adds that she hates him. She huffs off into the bathroom. Daniel sighs, saying things would be easier if she actually did hate him.

Phillip apologizes for being a bad host and asks where everyone is. Max says Lucas and Kate went off to look for Chloe. Chelsea compliments Stephanie’s dress and reminds her that she still has her purse. Stephanie apologizes for having kept it so long, but Chelsea says it’s no big deal, as you should be able to steal from your friends. Stephanie nods, saying that’s why she hasn’t mentioned that Chelsea still has her earrings. Now it’s Chelsea’s turn to apologize and they head off for the hors d’oeuvres. Phillip tires to talk football with Max, but he says he doesn’t have to do that. Phillip says that Stephanie was just upset about what happened, so he was trying to smooth things over. Max says it isn’t necessary, as he isn’t upset. He warns Phillip that if he hurts Stephanie, he will have to beat the hell out of him, though. Phillip smiles and says he understands. The two start talking about the Bears. Chelsea notes that the two seem to be getting along. Stephanie agrees, and adds that Chelsea and Max are getting along well, too. She asks what is going on between the two of them.

Hilda tells the killer that she used to know where Sami was, but they moved her again and didn’t tell her where. The killer wonders why he should believe her, but she says he has no choice but to. She doesn’t know where Sami is. He sighs and screws a silencer onto his gun. He approaches Hilda menacingly, telling her has no further use for her.

Teresa suggests Sami talk to the police, but she says they can’t help her. Teresa asks if she is in trouble with the law herself, but Sami says no. It’s just a complicated situation, and she has to figure out what’s best for her baby. She says she has to get back before ‘Ryan’ starts to worry. Teresa asks with some alarm if Sam is allowed to leave the house. Sami again says that’s just complicated. Teresa sighs and asks her to wait for a moment, as she as something to give her. It may help her if no one else is around to do so.

EJ calls Nicole and fills her in about Theo. He apologizes for being late, and says he will be home to pick her up soon. She says she can go alone if he needs to do business, but he reminds her that Chloe is her best friend. Her party takes precedence over anything else he has to do. He hangs up and tells Stefano that he’s leaving. Stefano doesn’t think he is pushed around so easily, and EJ reminds him that he never would have hired him if he was. He heads off. Stefano chuckles, saying EJ’s devotion to Nicole is admirable, but it’s also a liability.

Sami tells Teresa that she has to leave as Teresa reenters the room. She tells Sami that she wants her to have something, and hands over a cell phone. She explains that her number is already preprogrammed into the phone. Sami thanks her, telling her she doesn’t know how much this means to her. Teresa just hopes it will make her feel less alone. Sami thanks her again and hugs her. She rushes out the door.

Stephanie and Chelsea talk about Max as the guys talk about football. Chelsea tells Stephanie that nothing is going on between the two of them. Stephanie isn’t so sure, saying that they disappeared on New Year’s, and then seemed close tonight as well. Chelsea asks her why she even cares, since she is dating Phillip, and Stephanie says she just wants Chelsea to be honest. Chelsea admits that she and Max don’t know what’s gong on. All she knows is that after everything that happened with Kate and Daniel, she isn’t ready to make any life-altering commitments. Stephanie admits that when you break up with someone, you always hope they’re shattered. She doesn’t think Max seems all that shattered at all. Chelsea gulps. Kate comes in and chides Max and Phillip for looking at fantasy football stats. Phillip asks where Chloe is, and Lucas explains that she is still upstairs. Something came up.

Chloe comes out of the bathroom and asks Daniel why he is still here. He puts his shoes on, grunting that he thought it best if he got dressed. He asks her if she is really going to go through this, and she nods, saying she is going to just resume the life she has with Lucas, her real life. She accuses Daniel of being arrogant and smug, and he says he isn’t. He just knows that they have a real connection. Chloe tells him to get his hands off of her. This is never going to happen again because she can’t stand it when he touches her. She storms off and slams the door. Daniel sighs. She gazes in the mirror in the hallway and calls herself a slut.

Kate and Max argue about a trade he is getting ready to make in fantasy football. Lucas explains to Stephanie and Phillip that family was overwhelming Chloe. Phillip asks if Lucas thinks they went a little overboard with the party, but Lucas says it was Chloe’s family, not them. Kate calls him over to bring her some champagne and back up her football argument and Lucas heads over to the computer they’re gathered around. Phillip watches Max talking to Chelsea and tells Stephanie that he thinks Max is ok. He asks if she is still worried about him, but she agrees that he seems to be fine. Phillip wonders if they can get back to what they started and Stephanie smiles and agrees.

EJ comes home and Nicole greets him, telling him that Tony tried to scare her into not trusting him. She says breathlessly that she does trust him though, and if he needs to go handle business, she doesn’t mind. In fact, she wouldn’t even mind if he weren’t there for the baby’s birth. EJ tells her to take a breath and assures her that he wants to be there for her, business or no. She says that she trusts him because there’re a team, and she hopes he trusts her too. EJ says he does and suggests they go to the parry. Nicole throws on her coat and they leave. Tony comes out from around the stairs and sighs.

Sami sneaks back into the loft. She heads over to Rafe and puts her hand on his forehead. He wakes up, startled, glad to see she is still here and in one piece. He guesses he can trust her, and Sami agrees that he can. He smiles, saying he thinks everything is going to be alright. Sami smiles and agrees.

The killer takes the silencer off of his gun, saying to himself that he is going to find Sami soon. The camera pans to Hilda, who is lying on ground in a pool of blood. The killer says Sami is going to be as dead as her little friend here.

Chloe comes downstairs and Lucas greets her. He takes her over to the fireplace while everyone gathers on the couches in front of them. Lucas proposes a toast to Chloe, telling everyone how beautiful and amazing she is. They all toast her as Daniel comes downstairs and stands in the foyer. He stares at Chloe. Lucas hugs her. She stares back at Daniel.


EJ tells Victor, “You are such a miserable wretch.” He replies, “You don’t know what misery is, EJ. But trust me, you will.”

Max tells Lucas, “We’re just hanging out--we’re just friends.” He replies, “You’re a cute couple.”

Daniel announces, “There’s something I need to say.” Chloe glares, “Please, Daniel, don’t.”

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