Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/9/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/9/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the loft, Rafe sleeps on the bed. Sami tries to take his phone out of his hand, but he wakes up, saying he had a horrible dream she was in trouble. She says she is fine, and asks if he is feeling better. He says he is, but she thinks he needs to go back to sleep. Rafe says she needs to be guarded and he can’t, but he immediately dozes off. Sami sighs and says she has to get out of here. The baby kicks and she smiles, asking if he or she wants to put in his or her opinion. She looks at the medal Teresa gave her and sighs, saying he could use some help right now. She looks over at Rafe, who lies motionless. Sami calls his name worriedly.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas thanks Chelsea for coming the party. He knows this isn’t a picnic for her because of Daniel and Kate. Chelsea insists that all of that is over and in the past, and Lucas agrees, telling her that the two broke up. Chelsea asks why, and Lucas tells her it seems Kate wanted to focus on her health and her family, so they both moved on. Chelsea thinks someone has moved on alright, and it wasn’t her grandma. Daniel probably met somebody else.

Upstairs, Daniel tells Chloe that she can’t go downstairs. She says she has to, and that she and Lucas are announcing their engagement. Daniel doesn’t think she should. Chloe stomps over to the door and flings it open, asking him to get out. He comes over to her and asks her quietly to look him in the face and ask him to leave. Chloe tries to, but can’t get farther than “I want.” Daniel says he does to and leans in. Chloe slams the door and the two kiss passionately.

Sami calls Rafe’s name again. He snorts and breathes deeply. Sami reaches for his phone. Just as she gets her hands on it, he wakes up and Sami jerks back. Rafe asks her what’s going on.

Melanie comes into the pub and asks Max what’s wrong as he glumly tends bar. He says nothing is, and she threatens to sit there and stare at him until he starts talking. Max caves and admits that he is upset because he was invited to and uninvited to a party in the span of about a minute.

At a table across the room, Maggie tells Marlena that she knows what she is going through can’t be easy. She knows John walking out on Christmas Eve had to hurt. Marlena explains that he apologized sincerely on New Year’s, and Maggie is glad, saying it seems like he is making progress. Marlena says that when it comes to John, she has realized that she doesn’t really know anything at all.

John comes into Charlotte’s office as she fiddles with a camcorder. She tells him she’ll be ready to begin the session in a few moments. John asks if she is keeping the videotape in file, but she says she just needs to evaluate the things he says later. John says it doesn’t matter, because he has decided not to go through with hypnosis.

Chelsea tells Lucas that she knows it’s Daniel’s life, but shouldn’t he see how her grandma is doing before he dumps her? Lucas says she has it all wrong. This is really about Kate wanting to focus on her family. Chelsea asks if he is serious as Kate walks in, saying Lucas is serious, alright. Chelsea asks her why and Kate says that if you love someone you should set them free.

Chloe backs away from Daniel and puts her hand over mouth, telling him to never do that again. He tells her that she can’t marry Lucas and she snaps at him never to say Lucas’ name. He would be devastated if she didn’t marry him. Daniel says it will be worse if she marries him when she has feelings for someone else. Chloe glares, telling him not to tell her how she feels. She is not about to have some nasty affair with him. Daniel agrees that he doesn’t want that either. Chloe says that she is with Lucas and that she loves Lucas. Daniel is with Kate and that is the end of the story. Daniel disagrees and Chloe starts to storm off. He stops her, telling her that he isn’t with Kate anymore. Chloe asks if he left her but he says she left him. Chloe asks if he said anything, but he says he didn’t have to. Kate knows when here is a connection and when there isn’t. He wonders why Chloe stopped short when she found out he was free. He think it means something to her, but she says it doesn’t. She loves Lucas. Daniel asks her if she thinks about him day and night like Daniel does with her. She yells ‘no’ and blushes, immediately saying ‘yes’ afterwards. Daniel says that he what he thought. Chloe again insists that she wants to be with Lucas, adding that he is everything she wants in a man. Daniel moves in, saying that is too bad, because he is what she needs.

Max tells Melanie that he doesn’t want to talk about what happened, but she insists, begging him to let her help him for once. She asks if it is about Chelsea and grins. Max tells her to wipe the smirk off of her face, as he and Chelsea are just good friends. He goes on to explain that he was going to go to an engagement party with her, then they were joking around about it, and then she immediately uninvited him. That’s why he’s here. Melanie accuses him of sulking, but he claims to be happy. Melanie says he’s lying.

Marlena tells Maggie that she is going through too much to deal with her problems, too, but Maggie reminds Marlena that she listened to her when Nick was arrested. Now it’s time for her to return the favor. Marlena admits that she senses a great change coming in John. She thinks a lot of his repressed anger will be let out soon, and he can make real progress. Maggie thinks Marlena ought to tell his psychiatrist, but Marlena thinks she’s figured it out by now if she’s any good. Maggie wonders why Marlena said ‘if.’ Marlena sighs and says she just wishes she knew more about Dr. Taylor.

Charlotte says she isn’t surprised by John’s reaction. Many patients back out of hypnotherapy. She explains that a man that likes control, like John, wouldn’t like the idea of it because his discipline and intellect don’t apply under hypnosis. It’s almost like she’s asking him to jump off a cliff when she isn’t sure that he trusts her. John wonders why he should. Charlotte says there is really no reason to. The only thing that can make him jump is the desire to get his memories back--at any cost. John considers this. Charlotte asks him if he feels lucky.

Sami tells Rafe that he was thrashing around in his sleep. She feels his foreheads and announces that he is still warm. She thinks he should go to a hospital. Rafe refuses, saying he isn’t leaving her and the baby. She worries that he might die, but Rafe says he’s ok. He just needs a cold shower. Sami reminds him that he can’t even stand. Rafe say that’s where she comes in.

Chelsea asks Kate if she is really ok, and she says she was. Chelsea wants to know why they broke up, but Kate doesn’t think it’s any of her business. Chelsea scoffs, saying she can walk around wondering if Kate will live or die, but she can’t know about something important like this? Kate says Daniel isn’t an important part of her life anymore. Chelsea asks if he said or did anything to hurt her, but Kate says no. She just decided she wants to focus on her kids and grandkids and that life would be simpler if Daniel were just her doctor. Chelsea can’t believe that this was really Kate’s decision, but accepts it. She asks how Daniel is taking it and Kate grins, saying he was devastated, of course, losing a woman like her.

Daniel tells Chloe that he doesn’t want to hurt her or pressure her, but she can’t deny something is happening between them. Chloe says she doesn’t want it to, but Daniel says they can’t blame themselves. They didn’t do this, it just happened. Chloe says it won’t happen, either. She is going to marry Lucas and be a faithful wife. Daniel says Lucas doesn’t want a faithful wife. He wants Chloe to want him. She whirls around, asking if he means like she wants Daniel. She cries, asking if he is happy now that she has admitted it. Daniel sighs.

Sami suggests another sponge bath, saying Rafe is way to weak for a shower. He begs and Sami finally agree, asking how much she has to participate in. Rafe says he just needs help getting there and back. She helps him out of bed and to his feet, and supports him as he limps for the shower. He gets inside as Sami instructs him to hold on to something the whole time. He agrees and shuts the door. Sami heads over for the phone Rafe left on the bed. She starts dialing as Hilda comes in. She tells Sami to put the phone down.

Chelsea tells Kate that she is sorry she and Daniel broke up, but Kate isn’t so sure, since she never approved of them being together. Chelsea says she just doesn’t want Kate to be alone. Kate promises she won’t be. She just wants to be a little more picky. Lucas comes back just then, saying she doesn’t have a reputation for being easy-going. Kate says he and Chloe are actually what resolved her to be more picky. Seeing what they have together makes her want the same. Lucas jokes that he will never get used to her approving of his fiancée. Kate says Nicole and Sami never set the bar very high, but she thinks Chloe is a one in a million girl. Lucas agrees, grinning and adding that she’s all his, too.

Daniel tells Chloe that he isn’t happy at all, seeing her upset like this. Chloe tells him this isn’t love. They don’t even have anything in common. Daniel disagrees, saying they have a raw emotional connection. When he looks into her eyes he feels like he can see her soul. He feels like he has been waiting for her his whole life. Chloe says what she and Lucas has is love--Lucas loves her, not Daniel. Daniel knows she wants to believe that, and says he should go. He touches her arm. She slaps him, calling him an SOB and wondering how he could do this to her, especially on a night like tonight.

Maggie asks Marlena if she is saying she doesn’t trust Charlotte, but Marlena says no. She just wishes she knew more about patients she had treated, or colleagues she had worked with. Maggie thinks they are talking about something more than this woman’s qualifications.

Charlotte begins to hypnotize John, counting down from ten. She asks him to go to a calm private place when she hits ‘five,’ then asks him to remember something that happened yesterday when she finally hits ‘one.’ John responds to her questions. When she finally asks him what he remembers about yesterday, he smiles.

Marlena asks Maggie if she is saying she is jealous. Maggie says no, but now that it’s out there, she wonders if Marlena is. Marlena says she is a little, but professionally so, not romantically. She wants to be the one to help John, and she can’t understand why Charlotte could get through to John when she couldn’t. Maggie says it’s something more. She knows Marlena, and she never gets suspicious for no reason. Something bothers her about that woman, and she has to find out what it is.

Charlotte praises John and asks him to go back further. She wants him to remember something that happened a year ago. All John sees is darkness. Charlotte finds that interesting.

Hilda asks Sami where Rafe is what she’s doing with his phone. Sami hands it over begrudgingly, saying he’s in the shower. Hilda lays into her for trying to use it, saying the man that is trying to kill her could use it to track her. Sami says she doesn’t know how much longer she can take this but Hilda assures her it won’t be for much longer. They are closing in on the culprit. Sami says she is scared and Hilda soothes her, saying that she and Rafe care about Sami. They’re not going to let anything happen to her.

The killer’s informant meets him in an alley, saying he has an expensive bit of information. He shows the killer a picture of Hilda, saying she is off Sami’s case, but she knows where she is. The killer grins, saying that one way or another, she is going to tell him, too.

Kate heads off to get more hors d’oeuvres, saying it feels wonderful to be hungry again. Chelsea can’t believe Kate is in such a good mood after the breakup, and she jokes that everyone has to run their relationship woes by her because she’s always right. Lucas asks if he and Chloe measure up to her standards, and she says they do, of course. Lucas says it’s weird, as he has known Chloe for a long time, but he didn’t feel anything for her until recently. But when that feeling hits, you just have to go with it.

Chloe tells Daniel that she hates him. He says he should go, but she tells him to wait. She really meant that she hates herself. She wanted to be happy with Lucas, but now she isn’t so sure she can be. She bursts into tears. Daniel moves in tenderly, telling her that he never meant to hurt her like this. He hates seeing her so upset. Chloe pulls him in for a kiss.

Marlena says checking up on Charlotte would give her peace of mind, which she hasn’t had in a long time. Maggie agrees, saying that if Charlotte was treating someone she loved, she would want to know everything about her. Maggie adds that Charlotte is treating someone Marlena loves, more than anything in this world. Marlena just hopes Charlotte can help John remember a time that he loved her.

Charlotte tells John to peer into the darkness. He will see someone standing in a bright light. That light is his past, but he can’t see it unless he really tries. John concentrates. Charlotte asks him who he sees from his past. John flashes back to him and Marlena reuniting on the docks. He grins, telling Charlotte that he sees Doc.

Hilda tells Sami that she has to go, as she has someone less to watch. This girl is nice, nothing like Sami. Sami chuckles and Hilda hands her a bag of needles and yarn so she can knit when she gets bored. Sami thanks her and notices a tiny bootee sticking out of her purse. Hilda admits that they are for her baby and Sami thanks her. Hilda promises to get them to her as soon as they’re done. She starts to head off, giving Sami back Rafe’s phone and making her promise not to use it. Sami swears and Hilda leaves. Rafe comes out of the bathroom. Sami asks if everything is alright, but he says it isn’t. He falls against the door jamb. Sami rushes over to support him, asking him what’s wrong.

Maggie tells Marlena she has to go, and Marlena thanks her for listening. Maggie jokes that she’ll send a bill in the mail and heads off. Marlena opens her laptop, wondering hat she can found out about Charlotte.

Charlotte asks John what he remembers from the past and John flashes back to reuniting with Marlena on the docks. He tenderly touches her face as tears roll down her cheeks. He hugs her and she beams. Charlotte interrupts, again asking what he remembers. John grins, saying he remembers the love of his life. It’s Marlena.

Hilda walks alone the pier. The killer comes up behind her, saying her picture doesn’t do her justice. She reaches for her weapon, asking who he is and why he is following her. He tells her she has something he wants-- Sami Brady.

Sami helps Rafe to the bed, telling him his fever is down. He complains about how tired he is, and falls asleep the moment his head hits the pillow. Sami picks up the phone, but shakes her head, saying a promise is a promise. She grabs her coat and purse and heads out the door.

Lucas and Chelsea toast, and she tells him how great she thinks him and Chloe are together. Kate comes in and agrees, adding that Cook has really outdone himself. She looks forward to the party. She asks where Chloe is, and Lucas says she is taking her time getting ready. He decides to hurry her along and heads upstairs. Henderson comes in with some champagne and Kate asks if he has seen Daniel. He says he hasn’t and Kate wonders where he is.

Chloe and Daniel strip off each other’s clothes and fall onto the bed, kissing passionately. Lucas approaches the bedroom door and puts his hand on the doorknob.


Nicole asks Tony, “Why are you telling me this and not EJ?” He replies, “Because EJ’s just now finding out.”

Stefano tells EJ, “It is time for you to stop giving orders and start taking them.”

Sister Teresa asks Sami, “You’re afraid of him?” She replies, “I’m terrified.”

Chelsea tells Max, “My grandmother and Daniel broke up.” He asks, “You want him back?”

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