Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/8/09

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/8/09


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In the alley near Mia’s place, Nicole begs Brady to pretend to be her fiancée. He thinks she needs to tell EJ the truth. Mia walks over just then, asking Brady if he is going to be the father of her baby. Nicole looks at him pleadingly.

At the pub, John bumps into Charlotte and she spills her coffee. He tries to help her wipe it off, but she says she can handle it. John explains that he has been looking for her to tell her that he has decided to go through with the hypnosis. Marlena walks in just in time to hear him say so.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe puts on some makeup and struggles with her lipstick. She tells Lucas she is worried about the guest list, but he is sure his mom wouldn’t invite anyone they hated. He tells Chloe how beautiful she looks and hugs her. Chloe notices a gift sitting on a chair and tells Lucas he has done enough for her already. He insists that he doesn’t know what the gift is. He has never seen it before and it isn’t from him.

At the hospital, Kate explains to Daniel that the party is a small affair, but she hopes he will be able to come. He isn’t sure why she is inviting him, and Kate says she values his friendship even though they aren’t romantically involved. She wonders if Daniel just doesn’t want to be around her, but he says that isn’t it. She asks if his reluctance has anything to do with Chloe. Daniel flashes back to surprising Chloe at the cabin in her lingerie. He tells Kate that this has nothing to do with Chloe.

Mia asks Brady if he is the guy Nicole is marrying. Is he going to be raising her baby? Brady gives Nicole a pointed look and tells Mia that no, he isn’t. Nicole glares. Mia asks her what is going on, and Nicole explains that Brady is a good friend. Mia can trust him. She says she can’t trust anyone, least of all Nicole. Mia tells Nicole that she is never getting her hands on her baby and storms off. Nicole asks Brady how he could do this to her. He reminds her that he told her he wouldn’t lie for her. She screams at him, calling him a selfish SOB and claiming that he ruined her life.

At Chez Rouge, Chelsea comes in to pick up a cake for Lucas and Chloe’s engagement party. The hostess says it will be ready shortly. Max comes in behind her, saying he left his cell phone here on New Year’s. The hostess hands it to him, and he and Chelsea greet each other. He says he has called her a million times and chides her for not calling him back. She reminds him he lost his cell phone and is never at home. She couldn’t get in touch with him. He thought she was upset because of what happened on New Year’s and the fact they were just supposed to be friends. Chelsea shrugs, saying sarcastically that friends kiss each other all the time.

Chloe reads the note with the gift and sees it is from Kate. In the note, Kate tells Chloe that she is happy to welcome he into the family. Lucas is pleased and tells Chloe that she has done well. His mother doesn’t usually approve of his choices in women. Chloe suggests that Kate lowered her standards, but Lucas reminds her of all she has done for Kate. He is sure she thinks the world of Chloe, and even if she didn’t, he would fight for her. He explains that Chloe is the best thing that has ever happened to him, apart from his children. They kiss and Chloe pushes him onto to the bed.

Kate tells Daniel that she can sense his evasiveness, and tell him she knows what is going on. The tension between Chloe and Daniel is palpable, and now Chloe doesn’t even want him as her doctor. Kate explains that she considers Chloe and Daniel to both be a part of her family, so she wishes they would get along. Daniel thinks she is making too much out of it. He really needs to stick around here and keep an eye on Theo. Kate asks him to come by the party for her if he has time, and Daniel agrees to do it--for her.

Nicole pushes Brady, screaming at him for ruining her life. He claims he was trying to help her, but she freak out, saying it’s the last thing he did, She never should have trusted him. Brady tells her that she needs to be thinking of that girl. She can’t take her baby under false pretenses. Nicole doesn’t give a damn about pretences, She could have given that child a good home and he knows it. Now he has ruined everything. If she loses EJ, her life may as well be over. She cries and tells Brady he could have stopped it, but he didn’t. Instead, he hung her out to dry.

Max tells Chelsea that it was just a New Year’s kiss and that he doesn’t think it was a big deal. Chelsea agrees, saying that it didn’t mean anything. Max doesn’t think they should freak out about it, and Chelsea say she isn’t. She just thought they had discussed it and knew where they stood with each other, relationship-wise. Max asks her where she wants them to stand.

Charlotte asks John what changed his mind, and he tells her that her explaining to him that he couldn’t move forward without additional treatment helped. He isn’t ready to end their sessions just yet. Charlotte is pleased and turns to find Marlena sitting at a table. She thinks its convenient that Marlena showed up as they were privately discussing John’s case, but Marlena insists she wasn’t eavesdropping. Charlotte tells John to make an appointment and heads off. He asks Marlena what she thinks about him doing hypnosis, and Marlena thinks it’s a wonderful idea. Hypnosis helped them before when they were dealing with memory loss, so she is proud of him for taking this step. John is glad to hear it worked before and she asks him what made him change his mind. He tells her that he wants to know about his past--whatever the cost. Marlena beams.

Nicole continues to lay into Brady as he insists he was just trying to help. She tells him that helping would be him thinking of what’s best for her, EJ, and this baby. He reminds her that selling and buying babies on the black market is a crime. Besides, why can’t she just tell EJ she wants to adopt? Does she really think he will kick her out on the street? Nicole tells him to stop making her feel badly about herself, but Brady says he just wants to help her see that what is happening here is wrong. He has always been there for her when she needed him. He has always showed up when she called. Nicole says he just shows up because he has nothing better to do. He has never actually come through for her. She folds her arms sullenly. Brady doesn’t think she means that. She is just lashing out at him because the she can’t lash out at the person she is really angry with--EJ.

Marlena tells John that she is pleased because she thinks hypnosis may be the only way he can regain his memories. John hopes so, and adds that he wants to apologize again for ruining New Year’s. Marlena wishes he would stop apologizing for something that isn’t his fault, but he says Charlotte thinks differently.

Chelsea doesn’t understand why they need to go over this again and says she is confused. Does Max want something differently for them? Just then, the hostess comes over with the cake and Max asks what the occasion is. Chelsea tells him about the engagement party for Chloe and Lucas, and Max picks up on the fact that Chelsea doesn’t seem excited about the party. Chelsea says she isn’t. It sounds selfish, but she isn’t in the mood to be around a bunch of happy couples, like Daniel and her grandma and Stephanie and Phillip. She apologizes for bringing her up, but Max says it is alright. He suggests that Chelsea might feel better if she went to the party with a handsome guy on her arm. Chelsea agrees, but wonders where she can find one. Max has an idea.

Kate interrupts Lucas and Chloe and they let her in. Chloe thanks Kate for the gift, but says she hasn’t opened it yet. Kate encourages her to do so, and she finds a dress inside for the parry. Chloe thinks it’s beautiful and thanks Kate profusely. Kate says she just wants her to feel like a princess tonight. Chloe says Lucas makes her feel like one everyday. She’s very lucky. Kate thinks they all are. She heads off to the kitchen to make some final arrangements and says she will see the two shortly. Chloe sighs, telling Lucas that she doesn’t feel like she deserves this. Lucas wishes she would stop saying that and explains that Kate is just fond of her. Chloe says she still feels guilty, and Lucas says he can tell. Does she have a reason to feel that way? What is going on with her?

Nicole wonders why Brady would think she was angry at EJ, and Brady says it’s obvious that she doesn’t trust EJ enough to tell him the truth. Nicole says she knows EJ loves her and that he is a good man. Brady advises her to tell him the truth, then. They can adopt a baby and live happily ever after. Brady thinks the time has come for her to trust EJ not to abandon her. If he does, then he wasn’t worth it in the first place. He advises Nicole to go for it and tell EJ everything.

John tells Marlena that Charlotte thinks there’s more to his memory loss than just what Stefano did to him. Marlena asks him if he really want to remember his past, and he says he does, of course. He wonders why she would even ask that, and she admits she was wondering if his primary goal is to continue seeing Charlotte--kind, compassionate, wonderful Charlotte. John sighs.

Chloe tells Lucas that his mom needs to stop giving her such over-the-top gifts. Lucas reminds Chloe again that she gave Kate her bone marrow, so a dress doesn’t seem so extravagant. Chloe insists that she doesn’t need to be rewarded, but Lucas is sure it isn’t like that for Kate. He just wants to do something nice for her. He tells Chloe that he can’t wait to see how beautiful she looks, and she asks him to give her a little more time to get ready. Lucas agrees, asking for some alone time with her later. Chloe promises and he heads off. She flashes back to Daniel seeing her in her lingerie and sighs.

Daniel comes into the mansion and greet Lucas in the living room. He asks where Chloe is, and Lucas says she’s getting ready, making a crack about how she should be down soon. Kate comes in just then, telling Daniel that she’s glad he accepted her invitation. Lucas asks why he wouldn’t have, and Kate tells Daniel that there’s no reason Lucas shouldn’t know the truth. She tells Lucas that she and Daniel broke up. Out of nowhere, Lucas calls him an SOB and punches him in the face. Daniel falls to the ground, holding his head.

Nicole tells Brady that he makes the truth sound so easy. He thinks it will be hard, but she needs to do it. He wants to take her someplace quiet so she can get her head straight, but Nicole isn’t interested. She isn’t like him, and she isn’t going to give up on her dream if being with a man that truly loves her. She accuses Brady of being a great big buzz kill and he says he is through helping her. She nastily declares that he never even began to help her. Bray tells her not to call him or contact him ever again. This little game is over. He storms off. Nicole cries.

Chelsea asks who she could possibly take to the party, joking that the dating websites are no good. Max meant he would go with her, but Chelsea says it’s ok. She doesn’t want a pity date. Max says that isn’t what it is, but Chelsea says she will go and be independent. That’s what she wants, anyway. She apologizes for not returning his calls and says she is glad they got everything straight. She leaves. Max stares after her in confusion.

Kate screams at Lucas, telling him that Daniel didn’t dump her. Lucas asks what happened then, and why he is here and Daniel explains that they came to an understanding that she would focus on her family for right now. Kate adds that they decided they’d be friends, and that is why he came tonight. Lucas apologizes and Kate does too, but Daniel tells Lucas angrily to forget it. He asks where a first aid kit is and Kate directs him to a bathroom upstairs. He heads off. Kate storms angrily over to Lucas, asking him if he is proud of himself.

Chloe struggles with the zipper on her dress. She hears a knock on the door and tells Lucas that he has perfect timing. She answers the door and turns around quickly, not noticing Daniel in the doorway. She tells who she thinks is Lucas that she needs help with her zipper. She turns around and sees Daniel. She gasps and stammers, asking if he is looking for Kate. Daniel says that he is looking for her, actually.

Nicole cries and begins to pray. Mia comes up quietly behind her, but Nicole doesn’t hear, and asks God why it is so wrong of her to want to adopt. She had an awful childhood, and she just wants to give a child a good home. She only wishes she had had a father like EJ growing up. She adds that she can’t let go of the love she had for her own baby, and wishes she could have another child to give that love to. Mia is in tears and comes over to Nicole, putting her arm around her shoulder.

John says he doesn’t understand Marlena sometimes, and she says she doesn’t understand why she couldn’t be the one to help him. John reminds her that she told him she’d divorce him if he didn’t get help, so that is what he is doing. It hasn’t worked at all, but he is still going. Marlena just wishes there were more she could do. John says there isn’t and says he has to go. He runs into Brady on the way out, telling him he has to run and can’t talk. He leaves. Brady sighs and heads over to Marlena’s table. He asks if something happened between them, and she tells Brady about John’s hypnotherapy. Brady think it’s great news, but senses Marlena isn’t as thrilled. She says she is afraid that she pushed John into something with Dr. Taylor that he may not want to end.

Chelsea comes into the Kirakis mansion with the cake and asks where everyone is. Lucas says Chloe is upstairs and Kate is running around doing a million things. Chelsea asks about Daniel, and Lucas says he is around, too. He asks Chelsea to do him a favor and not say anything to Daniel about his face. Chelsea stares at him in confusion.

Daniel wants to help Chloe with her zipper, but she says she can do it herself. She struggles with it and finally relents, Daniel tells her to relax so the situation isn’t so tense. He zips her dress for her, and she says she has to get downstairs so the party can start. Daniel wants to talk to her first. He explains that something happened to him today that made him think about what they were doing. Chloe insists they aren’t doing anything, but Daniel barrels on. He says they are running scared and lying to themselves. Chloe says she has to go, but Daniel stops her, asking her if she really plans on marrying someone she doesn’t love with her whole heart.

Mia tells Nicole that she can tell she really wants her baby. After overhearing the things she said she now knows she doesn’t want to give anyone but Nicole her baby. Nicole thanks her profusely, but Mia says she still wants to meet Nicole’s fiancé. Nicole explains that he ahs been called away on another business trip. Mia says she can meet him when he gets back. She really wants to give Nicole this baby, but she has to meet the potential father. If there weren’t one in the picture, that would be a deal-breaker.

Chelsea tries Kate’s hors d’oeuvres and compliments them. Kate says she has to head to the kitchen to do something else. Lucas encourages her to sit down, but she says she has to be a good hostess and heads off. Lucas sighs and wonders what is keeping Chloe. He wants to go check on her, but Chelsea thinks she just needs time to get ready.

Daniel tells Chloe that she can’t keep doing this. It isn’t fair to Lucas. She doesn’t think it’s fair to break his heart or Kate’s. Daniel think it’s worse to pretend to have feelings they don’t. Chloe snorts that she actually loves Lucas; she isn’t pretending. Daniel asks if she has feelings for him. Chloe doesn’t answer. He begs Chloe not to go through with charade of an engagement.

Nicole tells Mia she can meet her fiancé as soon as he gets back into town. Mia agrees and Nicole programs her number in her phone, telling Mia to call her if she needs anything. She vows that she won’t regret this. Mia says she should be getting home and heads off, promising to call Nicole soon. Nicole says goodbye and smiles, vowing to herself to make it work this time.


Rafe asks Sami, “So how do you get this fever down? Take a cold shower?” She exclaims, “Rafe, you can’t even stand up!” He replies, “That’s where you come in.”

Kate tells Lucas, “One of them has moved on and Daniel has probably met somebody else.”

Chloe yells, “I love Lucas, OK?!” Daniel replies, “Do you think about him day and night like I do you?”

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