Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/7/09

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/7/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the pub, EJ tells a man to have the money wired before the market closes. The man says that he only takes orders from Stefano, not him. EJ glares and tells him to do what he says or there’s going to be trouble. Cowed, the man agrees and heads off. Brady walks up just then, asking EJ what that was all about. EJ says it’s none of his business, but Brady disagrees. He asks EJ if it’s business as usual these days at DiMera Enterprises.

At the pier, Nicole asks Mia if she is really going to give her her baby. Mia says she is, and Nicole cries, thanking her profusely. She vows to be the kind of mother Mia would want for her child. Mia says she needs one more thing before they make it final. She wants to meet the father of the baby--the man Nicole is going to marry. Nicole says she can’t.

At the hospital, Daniel explains to Lexie that Theo has swelling in his brain. Bo and Hope look on worriedly as Daniel goes on to say that they must perform surgery immediately. Stefano asks if there are any other options but Daniel says there aren’t. If they don’t perform this surgery right away, Theo will die.

Brady tells EJ that anything that might affect Nicole negatively is his business, since they are good friends. EJ reminds Brady that he is her fiancée. Despite Brady’s ego, he plays a very minor role in Nicole’s life. Brady scoffs, saying EJ has really worked hard to put up this public perception that he isn’t anything like his father, but it isn’t true. EJ doesn’t think an ex-junkie with one of the most venal fathers in town has any room to talk. Brady says he actually doesn’t care what EJ or his father do--all he cares about here is Nicole. Brady doesn’t think she has any idea what kind of man EJ really is.

Mia asks why she can’t meet Nicole’s fiancée, and she explains that she can, just not right now. Mia asks if he is out of town and Nicole nods, saying that’s it, but she isn’t sure when he will be back. Mia thinks Nicole is acting strangely. First she didn’t show up at the clinic, and now this. She tells Nicole that the deal is off. There’s something odd about Nicole, and she doesn’t like it. Nicole begs her to wait.

Lexie signs some papers and hands them to Daniel. Begging her to take care of her little boy. She sobs as he heads off. Abe comes over just then and Lexie throws herself into his arms, telling him she’s a bad mother, and it’s her fault Theo fell down the stairs. Abe soothes her, telling her she’s a wonderful mother and that it was an accident. Lexie sobs saying this is her punishment for taking her eyes off him--their little boy could die. Hope tries not to cry and leans her head on Bo’s shoulder. Stefano shakes his head and sighs.

Mia tells Nicole that she feels like she is lying to her, and asks if she even has a fiancée. Nicole says she does, of course, and promises that Mia can meet him. She says she is pretty sure he will be around this afternoon, so they can meet her later. Nicole is sure her fiancée will be able to convince Mia what a good father he will be. Mia softens and agrees to meet them in an hour at her place. Nicole thanks her again, promising that she will take care of her baby. Mia heads off. Nicole takes out her phone.

EJ tells Brady to go ahead and tell him what kind of man he is. He does have need of some post-rehab insight. He adds furiously that Nicole knows exactly what kind of man he is. EJ starts to lay into Brady for his overly friendly protectiveness of Nicole, but Brady’s phone rings. It’s Nicole, telling Brady that she has to see him right away. He tells her to hold on and grins at EJ, saying he has to take care of this. Brady heads off.

In the pub, Lucas tells Chloe that they ought to head over to the Kiriakis mansion to meet Kate. Chloe huffs, saying she hates being there, but Lucas assures her Victor won’t be anywhere around. EJ walks in and congratulates the two on their engagement. Chloe shows off her ring as EJ notes that Lucas has excellent taste in women. Lucas asks EJ how things are going with his ex, and EJ asks which one Lucas is talking about. Lucas grins, saying he meant the one that likes money. Chloe admonishes him and EJ says it’s ok, as he is used to Lucas being petty. He tells the two that he and Nicole also got engaged, and Chloe heads off to call Nicole and congratulate her. EJ sits down by Lucas, but Lucas tells him to go, saying he thinks there must be someone else he can go be pompous to. EJ says he has to tell Lucas something before he goes. A few weeks ago, Roman put him in touch with Sami so that he could tell her that he was moving on with Nicole. Lucas wonders why the hell he’d be interested in knowing that.

Abe tells Lexie that what happens to Theo is out of their hands now. Lexie is precious to him, and he needs her to be kind to herself. Can she do that for him? Lexie sobs and hugs him.

Lucas snorts, asking EJ if he is supposed to run back to Sami now that EJ is over her. He says he isn’t interested in EJ’s sloppy seconds. EJ thinks it’s pathetic Lucas would even think that is what he meant. Lucas wonders why else EJ would tell him that he told Sami he moved on. EJ reminds Lucas that he’s the father of two of Sami’s kids, so he thought he had a right to know. Lucas tells EJ that he isn’t interested in Sami or what happens in her life anymore. He has moved on with a beautiful woman that makes him happy. In fact, he has never been happier in his life, so he wishes EJ would just leave him alone. EJ gets up and heads off.

Brady meets Nicole in the alley near the pier, and Nicole explains that a girl she is meeting lives here. Brady notices that Nicole isn’t wearing her pregnancy padding and asks what is going on. She says she will explain but Brady thinks he gets it. He saw EJ earlier, and he was in a terrible mood. Nicole must have told him the truth about the miscarriage. Nicole looks at him questioningly.

Lucas and Chloe show up at the Kiriakis mansion and find Kate making plans with Gerard, the chef. Lucas asks if she is hosting a fundraiser, and Kate says she is having a party tonight. It’s a very special occasion. Lucas asks what is going on and she explains that her son is marrying the woman of his dreams. Chloe asks if that means the party is for them and Kate nods, saying it’s an engagement party.

EJ speaks with an associate on the phone about some investments, but hangs up when he sees Stefano is calling. Stefano tells him to get down to the hospital right away. Theo’s here, and EJ is needed. EJ agrees and rushes out of the pub.

Lexie looks at her watch, saying that surgery has only been going on for an hour. Abe assures her not to worry. He knows Lexie puts a lot of faith in Daniel’s abilities. Lexie agrees, and Abe offers to get her some coffee. She thanks him and he heads off. Stefano comes over, telling her he called a top neurosurgeon and had him flown in. He should be here any moment. Lexie sighs, telling Stefano that she doesn’t want another doctor. She thought she made that clear. Stefano sighs helplessly, asking what he is supposed to do. He just made a few calls because he is worried about the boy. If Lexie doesn’t want the doctor, Stefano will pay him off and he’ll leave. Lexie wants Stefano to leave, actually. She tells him that this isn’t about what he wants. She wants him to go immediately.

Nicole tells Brady that she hasn’t told EJ the truth, of course. Brady sighs, telling her he can’t believe it. She asks him to show a little compassion, but Brady thinks he has been compassionate enough. She huffs, telling him to leave then, and she will figure this all out on her own. Brady sighs, agreeing to listen to what she has to say, and she explains that she finally found her miracle. She needs Brady’s help to pull it off, and begs him not to abandon her now.

At the pub, Bo and Hope have coffee and talk about the visions he has been having,. Hope reminds him that they started after he hit his head. She thinks Kayla needs to check him out again, even though he is fine physically. Hope thinks it might even be a good idea if he saw a psychiatrist. Bo flips out, asking why she would say that. Hope says she is just worried about him, but he tells her it isn’t going to happen, so she should forget it. He huffs off. Hope sighs.

Lucas can’t believe Kate is having the party tonight and asks why she didn’t tell them before. Kate explains it’s very last-minute. She was lying on the couch, needing to do something to occupy herself, and remembered they hadn’t celebrated Lucas and Chloe’s engagement properly, so she decided to throw this party. She hopes it isn’t a bad time. Lucas says that it’s fine and that he’s always up for a party. Chloe shakes her head, saying it actually is bad timing for her, and she isn’t fine with it at all. Kate gapes.

Stefano promises to stay out of Lexie’s way, but she says that just seeing him reminds her of what happened. If she hadn’t been so focused on him, this would have never happened. Stefano tells her that they need to be praying for Theo right now, and Lexie shouldn’t be placing blame on herself or others. Just then, Daniel comes over and takes off his surgeon’s cap. Lexie gasps, “OMG!”

Abe comes back in time to hear Daniel tells Lexie and Stefano that Theo made it through surgery just fine. The next 24 hours will be critical, but Daniel is optimistic. Stefano claps excitedly and thanks God. Lexie and Abe hug and she thanks Daniel forsaking care of her little boy. She turns to Abe, hoping he can forgive her, but he tells her she has to stop blaming herself when things go wrong. Lexie agrees and says she can’t wait to hug her little boy. Abe says she will be able to, soon.

Bo tells Bo that he doesn’t want to talk to Kayla. She’ll think she’s going out of his mind. Hope doesn’t think so. She only suggested he talk to someone because he’s being tormented by his visions. Bo says the only thing that will make things better is if this stays between the two of them. He doesn’t want anyone else to know. Hope sighs.

Nicole tells Brady that Mia is a perfect match for her. She’s due around the same time Nicole would have been, and she’s moving to Japan after she gives birth to study dance. Brady wonders what she needs from him, and she says she’ll get to it. Brady wants her to get to it now. She admits that she wants him to pretend to be her fiancée. Brady refuses.

EJ comes to see Lexie and hugs her, saying he’s sorry for what she has been through and for not getting here sooner. She tells him that Theo made it through the surgery and asks Abe to call Bo and Hope. He heads off to do so and Lexie tells EJ that this situation has really taught her what is precious in life. She wants EJ to go home and hold his son and tell him how much he loves him. EJ agrees and hugs her. He heads off as Daniel comes over. Lexie tells him that she has learned that you have to tell people that you love them. There’s no sense in putting it off when you might not have much time left. Daniel stares sadly off into space.

Chloe flashes back to nearly kissing Daniel and tells Kate that she doesn’t want her taxing herself so son after the transplant. Kate assures her that she wouldn’t have made the arrangements if she wasn’t feeling up to it. Chloe finally agrees to the party, albeit reluctantly, and Kate tells her she only has one more guest to invite, Daniel. She is going to head over to the hospital and invite him in person since she has been in the house all day. She heads off. Lucas asks Chloe why she doesn’t want to have this party. He wonders if she has been having second thoughts about them as a couple.

Brady tells Nicole he doesn’t want to hear her excuses about how he will ruin her life and her chance for a baby. Nicole says he will, but Brady is sick and tired of hearing it. Since when did he become responsible for not ruining her life? Nicole told him he did the second he got involved in this lie. She has no choice but to ask him to continue. Brady suggests she tell EJ the truth, but Nicole refuses. He has come too far in helping her to back out now. He has to do this one last thing for her. She can’t and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Brady isn’t sure he can live with himself if he does this for her. It isn’t at all moral. Nicole asks him to hear her out before he decides, and she explain through her tears that being a mother made her feel whole. It made her a better person and earned her the love of a wonderful man who really loves her for who she is. She needs Mia’s baby to feel whole again, since she feel so empty inside. She begs Brady to help her, saying she will owe him her life.

Hope asks Bo what is wrong with him, insisting that she just wants to help. Ciara runs over just then and Bo takes her into his lap, telling Hope that he is sorry for overreacting. He just wants her to respect his wishes and keep this between them. Hope agrees to do so for now.

Lucas reminds Chloe that she was also upset when Kate suggested they move the wedding up. Chloe insists she just doesn’t want Kate stressing herself, but Lucas thinks it’s the other way around and Chloe doesn’t want to be stressed. He thinks she isn’t ready to get married.

Kate finds Daniel at the hospital and tells him he is just the man she was looking for.

EJ runs into Stefano and tells him he took care of the matter with their overseas friends. Stefano thanks him and says another entanglement has popped up in Central America, and he needs EJ to handle that, too. He agrees and Stefano pats him on the shoulder and heads off.

Hope gets a call from Abe telling her that Theo is going to be alright. She thanks him and tells him they’re on their way and hangs up. She gives Bo and Ciara the good news, and they all hug.

Lexie and Abe stand over Theo’s hospital bed, telling him about all the toys he’s going to get when he gets home. Lexie kisses him, grateful to have him here and healthy. Stefano listens and closes the door. He sighs happily and heads off.

Kate asks Daniel about Theo and he fills her in. She says it isn’t the right time for what she came by for, but Daniel insists she tell him. She says she hopes he is free tonight, because she’s having a party at the mansion. Daniel asks what the occasion is, and she tells him it’s Chloe and Lucas’ engagement party. She hopes he will be able to make it.

Lucas tells Chloe that if she is having second thoughts, now is the time for them to talk about them. Chloe flashes back to tenderly bandaging Daniel’s finger and tells Lucas she isn’t having second thoughts at all. Honestly, she just feels guilty about not helping Kate plan this party. She has never had second thoughts about being with Lucas. She loves him. Lucas hugs her, telling him how lucky he is to have her.

Nicole begs Brady to help her as Mia walks up, asking Nicole if this is her fiancée. Nicole looks at Brady pleadingly.


Chelsea says, “I don’t know, Max. Do friends go around kissing each other?”

Chloe asks Lucas about a gift, “What’s this?” He replies, “I didn’t do that, I don’t what that is.”

Mia asks Brady, “Are you going to be my baby’s father?”

Kate asks Daniel, “What’s the reluctance? Is it because of Chloe?”

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