Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/6/09

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/6/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Phillip’s room at the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie and Phillip kiss.

In his office at the station, Bo flashes to Theo climbing the stairs at the DiMera mansion. He falls down them as Lexie reaches the foyer, searching for him. She gasps. So does Bo.

At the clinic, Nicole tells Dr. Baker that the young girl he picked out seems perfect. He tells her it is too late, but Nicole disagrees. She wants the girl’s address so she can talk to her as a mother, and maybe change her mind. Baker explodes, telling her she isn’t a mother, and never will be one. She has to face facts.

Lexie and Stefano hover over Theo, who is lying motionless on the floor. Lexie begs him to wake up.

Bo calls an ambulance and tells them to get over to the DiMera mansion. Hope comes in, ready to leave for the lodge, but Bo says they can’t, and that there’s been an accident. Hope asks if he has had another premonition, but Bo hopes he is wrong. He tells her they have to go, and the two head off.

Lexie tells Stefano to call the ambulance as she examines Theo’s eyes with her light. She fears he may have a skull fracture or spinal cord injury. Stefano makes the call, but is surprised to learn an ambulance has already been dispatched. He hangs up and tells Lexie that they are on their way, and that everything will be alright. Lexie cries.

Daniel comes to see Kate at the Kiriakis mansion. He has brought a move for them to watch, and Kate thanks him, but says they need to talk. She thinks he is a great and unique guy, but since her illness, she has decided to take her life in a new direction. She tells him that she has to end their relationship.

The paramedics get ready to wheel Theo out on a stretcher as Bo and Hope rush in, asking if Theo is ok. Lexie asks how they knew and they stare at her blankly. Lexie leaves with the paramedics as Hope asks Stefano what happened. He explains that Lexie brought Theo here to collect a Christmas gift, and he must have wandered off while they were talking. Stefano puts his head in his hands, saying they never should have let him out of their sight. Hope tells him it was an accident. Bo stares around wildly.

Nicole calls Baker a cruel bastard. He tells her that she needs to face reality. She isn’t a mother; she just had a miscarriage. She tells him to shut up. He thinks she’s a psycho for lying about her miscarriage so long, and she lays into him for being a sleazy baby broker. She doesn’t think he has the right to judge her. Baker says he calls the shots around here, but Nicole snatches the mother’s file out of his hands, saying she does now. She rushes off as Baker yells at her to give the file back. She ignores him and leaves. Baker sighs.

Stephanie and Phillip kiss passionately. She takes her top off and tells him that she loves being with him. He says he loves being with her too and they kiss again. Phillip sits up suddenly, saying that they can’t do this.

Daniel tells Kate that he can’t believe it’s over. She apologizes, saying it’s a cliché, but it’s her, not him. The transplant should have made her feel optimistic, but instead, she feels like she is living on borrowed time. So she wants to make sure she focuses on herself and her family right now. Daniel is shocked, but says he understands. Kate assures him that he was very important to her, and that he will always be in her heart.

The paramedics wheel Theo into the hospital. A nurse notes that eh isn’t breathing as Bo looks on in horror. Lexie shrieks, just like in the premonitions he has been having. Bo tells Hope that this is almost like the time they were here praying for Zach. A doctor asks Lexie to leave the examination room so he can work on Theo. She begs him to update her, and he promises to do so. Tony shows up just then and pulls Lexie away, asking where Abe is and if they know anything about Theo’s condition. She says they don’t, and that Abe is at a retreat for work. Tony thinks she needs to call him, but she fears Abe will be angry with her for going over to Stefano’s place. Stefano comes over just then, asking for news, but no one has any. Tony asks him for some time alone with Lexie and promises to call Abe for her. Lexie beats herself up for not keeping an eye on Theo. Tony tries to assure her that she is a wonderful mother, but Lexie disagrees, saying she was negligent and isn’t cut out for motherhood.

Nicole paces around near the docks, wondering where Mia is, since she lives nearby. Just then, a young pregnant girl walks by. Nicole stops her and introduces herself, saying she was the woman who nearly adopted her baby. Mia apologizes if Baker didn’t tell her, but she changed her mind. Nicole says she can understand Mia doesn’t want to give her baby up after carrying it so long and bonding with it, but she also knows Mia is single, and there’s no father in the picture to assist her. Mia tell Nicole that if she is trying to get her to change her mind about keeping her baby, it’s not working.

Stephanie puts her shirt back on and tells Phillip that he has humiliated her and she’s leaving. Phillip insists that he does want to be with her, but he’s afraid to hurt her because he cares so much. Stephanie rolls her eyes, telling Phillip that she realizes that he has made mistakes in the past and has baggage like everyone else. She gathers her things and tells Phillip that he needs to try living in the moment for once, like she does with him. She starts to leave, but Phillip stops her, telling her that that’s a good idea. He kisses her.

Daniel feels like he has disappointed Katei n some way, but she says this has nothing to do with him. She thinks it actually has more to do with her illness. Even though he was her savior, being with him reminds her of having cancer, an she just wants to start a new chapter in her life. Daniel says he understands and thanks her, saying she always brought out the best in him He gets a page just then and says he has to go to the hospital. He glances at her longingly, says goodbye, and leaves. Kate whispers goodbye.

On of the paramedics comes over to Bo, asking him how he knew about Theo. They heard Stefano called for an ambulance shortly after Bo did. Stefano walks over just then, asking Bo how he knew Theo was injured.

Lexie tells Tony that she should have been watching Theo, but he reminds her no mother can keep her eye on her child constantly. She says she has to because of his condition ,but Tony thinks she has to eventually stop hovering, or Theo will never gain any independence. Lexie still blames herself, saying that Theo wandered off because of the tension between he and Stefano. Tony reminds her that’s a child that just likes to explore, but Lexie isn’t so sure. She thinks she has to choose between being a good mother and a good daughter. If Theo comes out of this ok, she knows what she has to do.

Mia tells Nicole that insulting her isn’t going to get her anywhere, and Nicole apologizes, saying she didn’t mean it the way it sounds. She just knows that it’s hard to raise a baby without any support. Mia tells her that she’s wasting her time if she means to change her mind about the baby, and Nicole says she doesn’t want to do that. She has lost a baby, and she would never try to take one from anyone else, but she also knows Mia came to Baker doubting that she could raise the child on her own. Nicole has resources that would make her a capable mother. She cries as she tells Mia that she would love her baby and do anything for him or her.

Stephanie and Phillip lie on the bed, and she thinks they made the right decision by slowing things down. Phillip agrees, saying again that he is doing this because he cares about her. He hopes she believes that, and she says she does. She respects that he wants their relationship to be different from the others he has had. Phillip says he doesn’t need it to be different, it just is. Stephanie agrees that it is for her, too.

Hope asks Stefano why he is questioning Bo when he should be grateful. Stefan says he is, and she asks him to excuse them. He does and Bo thanks her. Hope understands that eh couldn’t explain how he knew Theo was injured. Bo sighs and say he cant even explain it to himself.

A doctor wheels Theo out of the exam room as Daniel rushes in. He assures Lexie that they will do everything the can to help Theo, and he and the other doctor take him off to do a CT scan. Lexie thanks them and tells Tony that she thought she had already gone through the worst day of her life as a mother, when Theo was diagnosed with autism. Tony tries to reassure her. She tells him that she feels so close to Theo. They can communicate without words, and she has worked too hard to let him slip away now. Tony hugs her.

Mia tells Nicole all about her awful apartment and how she used t be a dancer before she got pregnant. She knows she could give her child a better life if she gave it up, but she still isn’t sure. What if her own mom had given her up? She isn’t sure she would have forgiven her. Nicole tries to explains that adoption is a wonderful gift to the person she gives her baby too, and she shouldn’t be worried or ashamed about doing it. Mia seems to agree, and is glad Nicole came to see her. She wants to get to know her better, sine she is so interested in her baby. She spots Nicole’s ring and asks about it. Nicole tells her it’s her engagement ring and Mia flips out, saying she can’t believe Nicole wants to adopt when she isn’t even married. She tells Nicole that her mom had a rash of boyfriends that beat on her and her mom, and she would never put her baby into that kind of situation. Nicole says she was abused as a child, and would never let that happen to a baby, but Mia tells her to forget they ever met and storms off.

Phillip puts his shirt back on as Stephanie suggests they get out of his bedroom if they want to stay in control. Phillip agrees and suggests he take her out on a real date. She reminds him they had one on New Year’s, but he thinks Melanie made that one a little too special. He wants to take Stephanie somewhere where she isn’t likely to show up. Stephanie agrees and they kiss.

Tony comes over to Lexie, telling her that he can’t reach Abe. It seems his cell phone is out of range because it goes straight to voicemail. Lexie sighs as Hope comes over to hug her. Lexie thanks her for her support since she knows Hope knows what she is going through. Hope assures her that they are all there for her and Theo. Bo stares into the exam room worriedly.

Stephanie and Phillip come downstairs and greet Kate. She asks if she can speak to Phillip, but he says they were on their way out. Stephanie says it’s fine and heads off to the kitchen to get a drink. Phillip sits down beside Kate and sighs, saying he knows what she is going to say and he doesn’t want to hear it. Kate doesn’t think he should be so sure.

Nicole stops Mia and begs her to let her explain. She isn’t married yet, but she and her fiancée are very committed to one another. Mia doesn’t understand why she wants a baby if she isn’t even married yet. Nicole cries and promises tot tell her exactly why she needs a baby so badly.

Kate brings Phillip a scotch and tells him that she thinks Stephanie is the perfect girl for him. A while ago, she probably would have tried to manipulate the situation to get the two together. Phillip is glad she approves, and she adds that she would like him to be at the house tonight, as she is throwing a surprise engagement party for Chloe and Lucas. She hopes he can bring Stephanie, and she promises not to let her know how perfect she thinks the two are for one another. She is just glad to see Phillip happy, and she thinks he is well on his way.

Nicole explains to Mia that she found out she couldn’t have children. She didn’t think she cared at the time, but now that she is getting married, she does. Mia wonders why Nicole is so intent on having her baby when Baker told her that she had changed her mind. Nicole explains through her tears that she and her fiancée had a baby and lost it. When Baker told her about Mia and showed her the pictures of her and the father, Nicole knew it was meant to be because of the resemblance the two had to her and her fiancée. Mia asks suspiciously if that is why she wants the baby, but Nicole says she would love him or her no matter what they looked like. She assures Mia that if she gave her baby, she would take care of it and love it for the rest of her life.

Hope comes over to Bo and asks if he still thinking about his premonitions. He says he is and says he doesn’t get the point. He wasn’t able to prevent this accident. Hope thinks he may have saved Theo’s life, as he did on Christmas Eve. There must be a point to all of this. Daniel comes out of the exam room just then, telling Lexie that he has the test results.

Mia admits that Nicole seems genuine. Nicole says she is, and adds that she doesn’t want to pressure Mia into giving up her baby. If she does decide on her own to do so, Nicole hopes she will give the baby to her. Mia agrees. Nicole sobs gratefully.

Stephanie comes back from the kitchen and Kate tells her that she was just telling Phillip that she hopes to see a lot more of Stephanie around here. Stephanie grins and so does Phillip.

Daniel tells Lexie that Theo has swelling in his brain, and they need to do surgery to release the pressure. Stefano is sure Daniel is talented, but he wants to call in his own specialist. Daniel says there is no time. They’re lucky Theo got here as soon as he did as is. Tony get an address for the retreat and heads off to get Abe. Lexie asks Daniel what his protocol will be, and he tells her they have to get the pressure off of Theo’s motor cortex. They have to do surgery now. Lexie nods through her tears.

Mia tells Nicole that she wants her to have her baby. Nicole thanks her through her tears, saying she knows how hard this must be for her. Mia reminds of herself and she feels a real connection to her. She knows she will be a great mother when the time is right, and Nicole vows to raise her baby and love it. Mia thanks her, but there’s one more thing she needs before they make this final. She wants to meet the father--the man Nicole is going to marry.


Stefano says, “Alexandra--” She interrupts, “It’s not about what you want! Leave!”

Hope tells Bo, “You should talk to someone--like a psychiatrist.”

Lucas asks Chloe, “Is it about us? You’re having second thoughts?”

Brady asks Nicole, “What do you need me for?” She says, “I’ll get to that.” He replies, “You need to get to that now.”

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