Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/5/09

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/5/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven
Proofread by Anoma

Phillip greets Bo at the pub, wishing him a happy New Year and saying he’s sorry he didn’t see him at Chez Rouge. Bo explains that his work hours are killing him, so he and Hope rolled her birthday, New Year’s, and their anniversary into one day and spent it at home with Ciara. Bo adds that he heard Phillip spent the evening with Stephanie. He asks if he had a good time. Phillip smiles.

Stephanie comes into Titan looking for Phillip. She mumbles to herself that he isn’t here or answering his phone. Melanie comes up behind her just then and teases her about not being able to find Phillip. One minute they’re making out and the next Stephanie is being thrown in the dumpster. Stephanie turns around and smiles, then tries to work up some tears while Melanie continues to chide her about not being able to find Phillip. Finally Stephanie turns and tells Melanie that she’s right, and it’s been really hard. She can’t believe she is confiding in Melanie, but she is really hurt, especially after what happened with Max. Melanie gapes, and ask if it’s true. Did Stephanie and Phillip really break up? Stephanie bursts out laughing. She tells Melanie that she knows what she is up to and why, so she can go ahead and give it up.

EJ comes to Nicole’s room at the mansion. She greets him enthusiastically, saying she was just thinking about him. He asks Nicole why she didn’t call him to tell him her car broke down the night before. She looks at him questioningly, and he explains that the mechanic just called. EJ asks what is going on with Nicole.

At the loft, Sami lies in bed, telling herself that every time she closes her eyes, she sees EJ. She sees him walking away from her. Just then, Rafe groans from over on the couch. Sami rushes over and finds him sweating and moaning. Sami freaks out and begs him to tell her what is wrong with him.

Phillip tells Bo that he and Stephanie had a great time. Bo gives him a look and Phillip asks what that is supposed to mean. He guesses that Bo doesn’t think they should be together, and suggests that Bo doesn’t think he’s the right guy for Stephanie. Bo thinks Phillip would be a better judge of that.

Melanie doesn’t know what Stephanie is talking about, but she reminds Melanie how much trouble she has with subtleties. It’s obvious that Melanie hates her, and hates her and Phillip together, but that’s because Melanie wants Phillip for herself.

Sami rushes back over to Rafe with a thermometer. She tries to take his temperature, but Rafe is delirious and gnaws on the thermometer. Sami decides that it’s obvious he has an really bad fever and picks up the phone to call the ambulance. Rafe comes to and grabs the phone, telling her she can’t.

EJ tells Nicole that he wants to know where she was. Nicole apologizes for not telling him about the car. He interrupted with his proposal, and after that, she forgot all about the car. EJ says she still isn’t telling him what’s going on and Nicole agrees that they should talk. EJ suggests they take a walk before he heads into work. Nicole sighs and gives EJ her hand.

At the hospital, Lexie drops Theo off with Mark and answers her phone. It’s Stefano, telling Lexie that he has a Christmas present for Theo at his house. Lexie reminds him he already sent one, but Stefano says he has another. It’s a little too big to send through the mail, so he was hoping Lexie would bring Theo by. She refuses outright.

Bo tells Phillip that he loves him like a brother, but Stephanie is family, too. She’s one of the sweetest people he knows, so he doesn’t want Phillip messing with her head or breaking her heart. Phillip grumps, thinking that this has to do with Belle. Bo nods, saying it has to do with her among others.

Melanie tells Stephanie that she is way off the mark, but Stephanie doesn’t think so. When Phillip turned down Nick’s fuel project, Melanie could have taken it to any number of other companies, but she went to Phillip’s dad to make sure she could stay here. Melanie stammers that she wants to work where she lives, but Stephanie tells her to save her lies for someone who is listening. She and Phillip are in a good place right now. If Melanie wants to take a shot at him, she can, but she’ll have to get through Stephanie first. She adds that she thinks Melanie should just settle in for a long and lonely winter. Melanie glares.

Rafe tells Sami that it’s too dangerous to call an ambulance. He insists that he is actually starting to feel better. He tries to sit up but doubles over in pain. Sami insists that they need a doctor. He called one for her once, so he needs to let her do the same for him. Rafe insists that he will be fine as soon as this fever breaks. Sami says she can only think of one other thing to do, but Rafe has to agree to cooperate. She rushes off to get something. Rafe sweats.

EJ and Nicole walk along the pier. EJ angrily tells her that he can’t imagine why she didn’t tell him about the car breaking down. Nicole apologizes, but EJ doesn’t want to hear it. He wants an explanation. Nicole agrees to tell him everything. She slips off her engagement ring, saying she should give that back to him while she is at it.

Lexie tells Stefano that she isn’t bringing Theo over to see him. He says he knows that they have their problems, but he and Theo love one another, and he just wants to see his grandson. Mark comes over with Theo and Lexie says she has to go. She hangs up as Mark explains that Theo is especially agitated today. Lexie tells him that she has Theo on a special gluten-free diet and wonders if that is the problem. Mark isn’t sure, but he thinks Theo needs some kind of special reward today. Lexie taps her cell phone and stars off into space.

Melanie tells Stephanie that Phillip’s soul is like something on fire that consumes everything in its range. He isn’t nice and sweet like her brother was. She thinks Phillip is going to chew Stephanie up and spit her out. Stephanie glares.

Phillip grumps that anytime Bo wants to rag on him, it comes back to Belle. Bo thinks Phillip has to admit he didn’t handle that situation well. Anyway, he doesn’t want to judge him; he just thinks Stephanie is special, and wants Phillip be careful--for both of their sake’s. He heads off. Phillip calls Stephanie, telling her that he wants to get together. She agrees to meet him at his place and heads out of Titan, telling Melanie that she has to go meet Phillip. She grins and walks off. Melanie glares.

Nicole tells EJ that the car just broke down, and she doesn’t know why. She isn’t some fragile flower that needs a man to help her every time she gets into a jam. EJ accepts this explanation, and tells her to put her ring back on. He apologizes for being so demanding, but he wants to her to know that while he admires her independence, he also wants to be there for her when things go wrong and make everything better. They hug and Nicole flashes back to Brady telling her she lost her baby. She sighs and tells EJ that she only wishes he could make things right.

Bo heads into his office at the station, telling Hope that he won’t be returning any phone calls until he can figure out what’s going on with the clocks in town and why they’re running twice as fast. Hope chuckles and tells him to take a break, but he reminds her the holidays are over. Hope thinks it was a great year. Ciara is happier than she’s ever been, and Bo got the gift of a lifetime.

Melanie comes into Chez Rouge and meets Maggie, who thanks her for coming by. She explains that Nick’s sentencing is coming up, and he wants Melanie to be there so he can make a public apology. Melanie agrees, saying that she would do anything for Maggie since she has been so nice to her. Maggie says she can do her one other favor, and that is to be good to herself. Melanie doesn’t know what she is talking about. Maggie says she’s talking about Phillip.

Stephanie heads into the Kiriakis mansion to meet Phillip. She tells him she had a great time on New Year’s, and he says he did, too. He says he needs to talk to her about something, but Stephanie already knows what he wants to say. She tells him she isn’t having any second thought about them seeing each other. They kiss.

Sami brings Rafe a glass of water and explains that he needs bath. Rafe doesn’t understand, ad Sami says they will have to bring his temperature down the old-fashioned way. Rafe declines, but Sami reminds him he is the one that doesn’t want a doctor. He also can’t leave her here all alone, so she needs him to try this so they can bring his fever down. She explains that she’ll have to give him a sponge bath and starts taking his shirt off.

Nicole tells EJ that everyone wishes they had someone that could fix all of their problems, but life doesn’t work that way. EJ thinks it can, but Nicole disagrees, saying life is just hard. It always has been and it always will be. EJ hugs her, telling her that things would be easier if they started working together. He apologizes for being controlling and they kiss. He leads her over to the bench, but Nicole accidentally kicks over his briefcase. They both gather the papers and Nicole gasps. EJ asks what’s wrong and she holds up the prenuptial agreement.

Stefano leads Theo into the living room at the mansion and offers him a cookie that Cook made just for him. Lexie swoops in and grabs the cookies, saying she has special ones for Theo to eat. She takes some cookies out of her purse and Stefano asks her what is going on. Lexie sighs, asking him when he is going to realize that she knows what is best for her son and everyone else.

Bo thanks Hope for the suit she bought him, but she was actually talking about the visions he was having. Bo says they are gone, thank God. That’s the one good thing in his life. Hope thumps him on the arm, asking him if he is sure that’s the only good thing in his life. They kiss, but Hope breaks it off to go close the blinds. Bo groans, saying it’s a running joke in the office that the two have no self-control. Hope insists she does and moves back in for a kiss.

Melanie claims not to know what Maggie is talking about, but she says she saw the games Melanie was playing last night with Phillip and Stephanie. She explains that Phillip is very different from Nick, and Melanie won’t be able to wrap him around her finger.

Stephanie and Phillip make out on the couch. He breaks it off, saying that their kiss over New Year’s was great, but there’s also a lot more to talk about than that. Stephanie is just glad to be here with him, and she moves back in for more. Phillip fends her off, saying he doesn’t want to hurt her. Stephanie says she isn’t hurting at all right now and again moves in. Phillip backs away, saying he needs space. Stephanie calls him a bastard.

EJ asks Nicole to let him explain, but she understands what is going on. EJ asks her to let him explain. Stefano drew up that agreement, but he told him that he loved Nicole and would never make her sign it. He hugs her, telling her that he wants to share everything in his life with her. She tells him that she loves him so much that she would have signed it had he asked her to. They kiss.

Hope tells Bo that he needs a real break and suggests they go to a lodge in the mountains to spend some time alone. Bo laughs, saying he cant get the time off work, and she couldn’t get a reservation this late anyway. Hope says she is sure she can, and Bo agrees to leave with her this afternoon if she can really get them a room.

Stephanie thinks that Phillip has proved right every bad thing anyone has ever said about him. She isn’t some trophy that he can get close to, and then want to be friends with later. Phillip says that isn’t what is going on at all. He really does like her, but he has made a lot of mistakes and doesn’t want to hurt her. She’s important to him.

Sami sponges Rafe’s chest and feels his forehead. She tells him she thinks the fever has broken. She strokes his face and tells him they won. He gazes up into her eyes and thanks her.

Nicole tells EJ that having this baby and being with him has changed her. She doesn’t care about money; she just wants to be a family with him and the baby. EJ promises that they will be soon, and that she will make a wonderful mother. Nicole nods, saying this is going to work out after all. She thinks she will make a good mother. Later, alone, Nicole calls Dr. Baker, saying she wants a baby. Baker says she lost her chance yesterday, and besides, it’s next to impossible to get a baby that’s seven moths along. Nicole says she doesn’t care and demands results. She warns Baker that she is on her way, so he had better come up with something.

Maggie asks Melanie if she is thinking about what she said, and Melanie says she is. It’s hard to do that without Nick around to help her. Her brother sees her as nothing more than a nuisance, too, so she just feels alone. She admits to Maggie that she has to stop playing games with guys. She learned that from her father, when he would get into trouble, and she would have to go make nice with some guy to get him out of it. Maggie chokes back tears, saying that that’s sad. Melanie tells her that she’s right about Phillip. He’s trouble, and she’s going to stay away from him. Maggie thinks that’s a good idea. Melanie cries a little, saying she’ll let Phillip be Stephanie’s problem from now on.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he has a bad track record with girls. Stephanie asks if he is saying he doesn’t deserve her, but Phillip says he wasn’t thinking that exactly. Stephanie says she knows, as Phillip has too much self-esteem for that. She tells him that she is confident too, even though she has had some bad relationships in the past. She assures Phillip that she is a big girl, and he doesn’t have to worry about hurting her. They kiss. Phillip says anyone could walk in the house, so maybe they need to cool off. Stephanie suggests they go to his room.

Stefano says Lexie must have gotten her feisty spirit from him. She tells him that he has to accept that she is the boss when it comes to Theo, and Stefano agrees to ask her before he gives him anything else to eat. He asks Lexie if he can start seeing Theo more often if he agrees to her ground rules. Theo gets up off the couch behind them and wanders into the foyer. He stands at the foot of the stairs and looks up.

Maggie gets a phone call and tells Melanie that she has to take it in private, but she wants Melanie to know she is there to talk to if she ever needs it. Melanie says she has to go, anyway, and thanks Maggie. She heads off, telling Melanie to keep up the good work and that she knows she’s going to be alright. Melanie says she knows she will, too. She gets an idea, saying she knows how she is going to keep doing good work and she’ll have to do it at Nick’s sentencing. Melanie heads off.

Phillip and Stephanie head into Phillips’ room kissing. He asks her if she is sure she wants to do this, and she says she is. He lays her down on the bed and kisses her.

Sami checks Rafe’s temperature as he sleeps. She smiles as she notes that he has cooled off and sees that he is still holding on to his cell phone. She tries to take it from him, but he mumbles and grips it tighter. Sami sighs.

Nicole meets Dr. Baker at the clinic, asking for a baby. He reminds her that he found one for her, but she didn’t show up last night. The mother was in a fragile emotional state and she bolted. Nicole asks to see a picture, and Baker gets one from a drawer. Nicole thinks the girl is perfect, but Baker tells her the girl is gone. She probably won’t even have her baby here. It’s over. Nicole says the hell it is over. She wants to know where the girl lives.

Bo gets off the phone with someone and starts getting flashes of Theo climbing the stairs at the mansion as Lexie and Stefano argue about Stefano seeing him on a regular basis. Bo gasps as Theo reaches for a picture. Lexie starts looking for him, noticing that he is gone, and gasps when she sees him at the top of the stairs. Theo falls backward. Lexie shrieks. Bo gasps.


Lexie shakes Theo as he lies motionless on the floor, “Theo, honey, it’s Mommy. Can you hear me? Sweetheart, answer me.”

Nicole tells a young pregnant girl, “I’m Nicole. Dr. Baker said I could find you here.” The girl asks, “Dr. Baker?” Nicole replies, “I’m the woman that was going to adopt your baby.”

Stephanie tells Phillip, “I love being with you.” He replies, “I love being with you, too.”

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