Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/2/09

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/2/09


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven
proofread by Laura 8/21/09

At Chez Rouge, Melanie walks over to Phillip, asking where his dance partner went. He glares, telling her that what she did wasn’t very subtle. Melanie says she didn’t have the drink spilled on Stephanie, but if she did, he should be flattered that she would go to such extremes for him. Phillip snorts, saying that driving her to extremes is a short trip.

At a nearby table, Lucas tells Kate that he has tried to call Chloe a hundred times, but she isn’t answering. This isn’t like her, and he is worried. Kate sighs, saying Daniel should have been here by now, too, and he would have shown up unless he had emergency surgery. Kate decides to try to call him, hoping she has better luck than Lucas had.

At the pier, Daniel examines Chloe’s ankle, saying it’s sprained and that she has to go to the hospital. Chloe insists she is fine, and even tries to stand, but she sits back down again in pain. Daniel says she won’t get anywhere that way. He picks her up and starts walking away from the pier.

At the loft, Sami looks out at the fireworks. Rafe snaps at her to get away from the window, or it will be the last fireworks she ever sees. Sami huffs over to him as he offers her some apple cider in which to toast. She makes a face and says she doesn’t want any. He just wants her to hold the glass and toast him. Sami snatches it from him and throws it against the wall, smashing it. Rafe shakes his head.

At the DiMera mansion, Brady shows up, asking EJ about the party he was supposed to be having tonight. EJ says it was canceled and apologizes; he thought Nicole told him. Brady says she didn’t and asks if she is here. EJ says she isn’t. She obviously had other plans or didn’t want to spend the evening with him.

Stranded in her car by the side of the road, Nicole tries making calls, telling Dr. Baker to hold on. She can’t believe he found the perfect baby for her and then her car broke down. She tries making another call, but her phone is out of the area. Nicole pounds her fists on the steering wheel in frustration.

Daniel and Chloe nearly kiss as fireworks go off around them. Just as they both lean in, his phone rings.

Melanie leans in closer to Phillip, wishing him a Happy New Year. Stephanie walks over just then. She asks if they’re having a good time, and Melanie is glad to see she got the stain out of her dress. Stephanie says it was no big deal, and she’s sure it was just an accident. She gives Melanie a pointed look, and then she asks if she missed anything between Melanie and Phillip. Phillip replies that she did, actually.

Maggie walks over to Lucas and Kate, asking why the two look so glum. They admit they’re worried about Chloe and Daniel, who haven’t shown up. Maggie is sure Daniel probably just got called into surgery. Kate decides to call the hospital to see if he is there. Lucas sighs, wondering how he will find Chloe.

Daniel sets Chloe on her feet as she insists she can walk on her own. Daniel takes out his phone to call Dr. Whitaker about seeing Chloe; he sees that Kate has called. Chloe is sure Lucas is also worried, and Daniel agrees to call them on the way to the hospital to tell them everything. Chloe stares hard at him, saying he can’t tell them everything.

Brady walks into the mansion, asking EJ if he has tried calling Nicole. EJ says he has, of course, but she doesn’t answer. Brady wonders why she would take off on New Year’s Eve. EJ says it’s his fault. He’s the reason Nicole left.

Sami helps Rafe clean up the glass and apologizes. He says it’s ok as long as he isn’t on the receiving end. He understands that she’s frustrated that she’s stuck here on New Year’s. She thinks he must be frustrated too. He surely has better things to do than clean up broken glass after her. Rafe shrugs, saying, "It is what it is". Sami asks Rafe if he is saying he doesn’t mind being stuck in here with her.

Lucas and Kate go to the hospital and meet Daniel. He tells them that Chloe is fine and that she’s getting her ankle wrapped right now. Lucas admits that he and Kate feared the worst when the two didn’t show up, but Daniel assures him that he can rest easy. Kate can’t believe what a life-saver Daniel is. "What would Chloe have done without him?", Kate wonders as she hugs him. Lucas agrees, saying that his debt to Daniel just keeps expanding.

EJ explains to Brady that he had a last-minute work emergency and had to leave, so perhaps Nicole is mad at him for that. Brady is surprised EJ left her here alone on New Year’s. EJ glares, saying he had a nice surprise planned for her, actually. Just then, the phone rings. EJ answers, and it’s Dr. Baker, looking for Nicole. EJ says he doesn’t know where she is, and he asks Baker to relay his message for Nicole to him. EJ notes that it's obviously important if he is calling at this hour.

Melanie tells Stephanie that she just got wrapped up in the spirit of the New year, and Phillip was right there. Stephanie gapes, asking if Melanie is saying she missed the two of them kissing. Melanie grins. Phillip tells Stephanie that she only missed one thing. He takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Baker tells EJ not to worry and that he was just returning Nicole’s call. EJ wonders why it couldn’t wait until the morning. Baker says that he was in delivery all night, so he hadn’t had a chance to return any phone calls until now. Nicole was first because she called him thirty times. EJ asks Baker to repeat that, but he says he was exaggerating. EJ tries to get more information out of him, but he curtly tells EJ to tell Nicole he returned her call, then he hangs up. EJ groans. Brady says he needs to go, and he wishes EJ luck on finding Nicole. EJ thanks him; Brady heads outside. He wonders why Baker was calling Nicole.

Melanie glares at Phillip and Stephanie, saying they make a cute couple--like Brangelina, or maybe Brad and Jen--she isn’t sure yet. Stephanie tells her not to break a sweat figuring it out, a,d Melanie sweetly tells Stephanie that she’s glad a spill didn’t ruin the whole night. She tells Melanie that nothing could do that. Melanie bares her teeth, saying that she is looking forward to the three of them working together in the New Year. Stephanie sighs as Melanie huffs off.

Lucas asks Daniel when he can take Chloe home, and he tells him that she’s ready to go now. Lucas heads off to get her. Kate asks Daniel if she can get a ride home. She wants Lucas and Chloe to have some alone time, and she thought she and Daniel could do the same. He agrees and apologizes for missing New Year’s. She is just glad that he was there for Chloe. Daniel flashes back to nearly kissing her.

Chloe and Lucas hug.  She ruefully explains that he is marrying a klutz. Lucas thinks she’s an angel, and she asks if they can go home because she hates the hospital. Lucas agrees, saying he’s sorry she missed New Year’s. It’s their first together as a couple. Chloe agrees, saying she was looking forward to it. Lucas grins, saying New Year’s isn’t over quite yet.

Nicole looks at her phone and pleads with it to get one bar. That’s all she needs. Just then, a car pulls up, and a man approaches her window. Nicole rolls it down gratefully, saying that she has been stranded here for a while, and she needs to get somewhere. It’s urgent. Brady leans in and asks her if she has to get to Dr. Baker’s clinic. Later, he sits in the car as Nicole asks how he found her. He tells her that she forgot to uninvite him to the party at the mansion, so he showed up. EJ is worried sick about her, and he received a call from Dr. Baker. Nicole freaks, thinking Baker spilled the beans about her miscarriage to EJ, but Brady says he didn’t. He figured she was at the clinic or on the way, so he came down here to see what she is up to. Nicole is glad he did, and she tells Brady that she is about to get a miracle. Brady asks her to explain.  She tells him about Baker being a baby broker and about him getting a baby for her tonight. Brady gapes and starts to lecture her, but she begs him not to. She pleads with him to take her to the clinic.

Sami tells Rafe that she is sure he has better things to do than watch her, but Rafe explains that he always works on holidays. If he weren’t protecting her, he’d be doing the for someone else. Sami thinks that is sad and asks about his family. Rafe says he gets her little ruse. She is trying to pump him for personal information, and he won’t allow it. Sami insists that they’re just having a conversation. They’ve been living together for a while now, and he should be opening up. She accuses him of not doing so because he’s man, and she loftily informs him that she thinks that men die younger because they’re so guarded. Rafe tells her he’s fine, health-wise.  He also tells her that she does have something on him. She’s very goal-oriented and determined to get what she wants. Sami thought they weren’t going to talk about the convent or her baby. She can’t do anything without his help, so the discussion is over. Rafe is sure her scheming isn’t over, and he asks her if she is trying to put one over on him. Sami stomps off. Rafe nods.

Phillip and Stephanie stroll along the pier. He asks her if Melanie got to her; she says she didn’t. She is used to Melanie and her annoyances, so she just tries not to think about her. She wishes Phillip wouldn’t fall for her games, though. Phillip doesn’t understand, and she asks why he didn’t walk away when Melanie kissed him. He says that she didn’t. She just leaned in and whispered in his ear. Stephanie asks him about their kiss, wondering whether Phillip kissed her to prove a point to Melanie, or because he really wanted to.

Brady and Nicole arrive at the clinic, and she asks him to wait in the hallway. She heads into an exam room and finds Baker alone. She asks where the mother is, but Baker says the deal is off. When Nicole didn’t show up, she decided to keep her baby and left. Nicole explains frantically that her car broke down. She tried calling a million times, but she got no reception. Baker is sorry, stating that life is cruel sometimes. She demands he call the mother up and explain what happened, but he says that it’s too late. She’s not going to give her baby to Nicole. He heads off. Nicole cries, saying that was supposed to be her baby. She can’t believe things turned out this way. Brady comes in just then, asking if she is ok, but she says she isn’t. She explains what happened and starts sobbing. She tells Brady that this is almost like losing her baby all over again, and she can’t keep doing this. Brady asks what she is going to do, and she says it’s time to tell EJ everything. It will be the end of his love for her, and their relationship, but she has to do it. Brady hugs her as she sobs.

Daniel and Kate head into the Kiriakis mansion, and Kate explains that she had Henderson set out some of the best Champagne, since Daniel missed New Year’s. She wants to spend some quality time with him and says so as Daniel stares off into space. She asks what’s wrong.

Lucas helps Chloe into a deserted Chez Rouge. Chloe asks what’s going on, so he explains that Maggie left the restaurant open especially for him and Chloe. He is going to make this night memorable, no matter what.

Stephanie reminds Phillip that Melanie was flirting with him to annoy her. Therefore, he kissed her to show Melanie that that she didn’t get to him, and that was the point. Phillip tries to tell her it was just a New Year’s kiss and nothing more, but Stephanie doesn’t buy it. Phillip finally admits that he might have kissed her to prove a point at the start. However, once he kissed her, he forgot about all of that and everyone else, and only thought of her. Stephanie grins, asking if he means it. Phillip says he does, and if she doesn’t feel the same way, then they have a problem.

Sami storms out of the bathroom in her pajamas, telling Rafe that she is sick and tired of him always thinking he knows what she is thinking or planning. Rafe says that he can usually tell. Sami asks him what her Plan B is then, if he is such a mind reader, and he tells her she hasn’t come up with one yet. That doesn’t mean she won’t, just that she hasn’t yet. Sami glares as Rafe, then she suggests they go to bed. She agrees and crawls under the covers. Rafe settles in on the couch and shouts out to her that to answer her question from earlier, he isn’t sorry to be here with her.

Kate pours champagne and toasts Daniel, thanking him for saving her life. He tries to say that she had more to do with it than him, but she asks him to stop being so self-effacing for just one evening. She sighs, saying she wishes she could ask him to stay the night. Daniel says he understands, but Kate grumps about her lost libido, saying that she felt a lot of desire for him before she got ill. She hopes she gets those feelings back. Daniel says that he is sure she will and hugs her.

Chloe and Lucas sip Champagne. She apologizes for missing out on New Year’s and the big kiss, but Lucas says that he can recreate it. He counts down from five, tells Chloe to have a happy New Year, and kisses her. She grins.

Nicole walks into the mansion to find EJ pacing. She apologizes profusely for not letting him know where she was, and she hates that he worried. EJ starts to say that he understands she was angry, but she cuts him off. She tells him that this pregnancy has made her act crazy, especially around him, and she can’t do that anymore. She wants more than anything to have a family with him, but she now realizes that that will never happen. EJ asks what she means, and she says she can’t keep doing this anymore. EJ agrees, telling her that he knows the truth, anyway.

Melanie walks into Titan alone. She kicks some balloons angrily and tries to tell herself not to have a pity party. She pouts and wishes herself a happy New Year.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she is sorry, but the kiss wasn’t the same for her. Phillip guesses that it was because she thought it was contrived for Melanie’s benefit, and Stephanie agrees. She thinks she knows of a way Phillip can put that worry of hers to rest, but she isn’t sure he will go for it. Phillip asks her to try him, and she says he will have to kiss her again. Phillip says he thinks he can handle it, and he moves in. The two kiss passionately.

EJ tells Nicole that he has known the truth about her all along, and he has been insensitive. She never judged him or complained. Instead, she walked into his life and just loved him for who he was. Nicole says he did that for her, too. He accepted her into his family when that is all she has ever wanted. EJ says he knows that, and his worry over her and the baby tonight just reinforced a decision he had already made. He gets on one knee and proposes. Nicole sobs and says she would love to marry him. They kiss.

In bed, Sami tosses and turns; she flashes back to Rafe setting up the webcam so she could see her twins. She remembers Roman telling her how much they all love and miss her. She sighs. Rafe asks if she is having trouble sleeping. She says she is worried about her kids and EJ.

EJ slips the ring onto Nicole’s finger. She tells him she loves him, and they kiss.


Melanie says, “Stephanie, Phillip is going to chew you up and spit you out.”

Phillip asks Bo, “You have a problem with me dating Stephanie?”

EJ asks Nicole, “What’s going on? Where were you?”

Sami leans over Rafe and shakes him, “OMG! Rafe! Rafe! What’s happening?”

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