Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/31/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/31/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Stephanie comes into the Kiriakis mansion, dressed to the nines. Phillip tells her she looks great and offers her champagne, but Stephanie declines. He again tells her she looks beautiful, and she thanks him, but says she doesn’t think she can go through with this.

Chelsea comes into the pub and sits at the bar. She asks Max what it will be this year--sex or football? He stammers.

Marlena and Charlotte show up at Chez Rouge, and Maggie heads off to find them a quiet table. Marlena tells Charlotte she is glad to spend New Year’s this way, as she thinks the holiday has gotten too loud and frantic. John walks up behind them, agreeing with Marlena. He asks if he can join them this evening or if they think three is a crowd.

At the hospital, Daniel comes out of an exam room, thanking Kate for waiting. He says they can go now but Kate says they can’t--not until he tells her why he took himself off of Chloe case. Just then, Chloe walks over, saying she asked him to do it.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ gets fed up with being on hold and throws a fit, slamming the phone down. Tony walks in just then, asking if there is a problem. EJ says there is, fuming and wondering where Nicole is.

At the clinic, Nicole tells Baker that she’s going to have to tell him specifics about the baby. He says it isn’t a genetic buffet, and she agrees, saying she would take any baby she could get, but EJ has to believe the child is his. So the mother has to be white, and about as far along as Nicole would have been. Baker shakes his head, telling Nicole that he doesn’t think this is going to work. Nicole glares.

Melanie checks the reservation book at Chez Rouge and sees Phillip’s name. Maggie comes up behind her, saying she hopes Melanie has a good time. Melanie grins, saying she thinks she will.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she feels like she walked into a George Clooney movie, but she isn’t Julia Roberts. Hearing Phillip talk to a butler was weird for her, and she is just sure she is going to screw something up tonight. Phillip says he doesn’t want to go if she is going to feel uncomfortable, and suggests that stay at the mansion and make sandwiches. Stephanie tells him she’ll go, and says she knew she didn’t have to worry about anything after Phillip suggested they stay in. The two kiss as Lucas walks in. He asks if the festivities have started early. The two grin at one another.

Tony asks EJ if he upset with Nicole, and EJ admits he isn’t. He is stressed out at work and just taking it out on her. Tony asks what’s going on ,and EJ explains that he was planning on proposing to Nicole tonight, but then his business call morphed into a video conference call, so he has to go into the office. Tony thinks there’s a way EJ can still propose--he will take the conference call in EJ’s stead. EJ shakes his head, saying that he can’t let Tony do that.

Baker tells Nicole that plenty of people want a baby like the one she described, and most of the girls he deals with have four or five couples already lined up and waiting to pay her expenses throughout the pregnancy. Nicole says she can get money without a problem, but Baker reminds her she isn’t a DiMera yet. She can’t pay some girl with a vase. Nicole tells him to find the baby and that she will worry about the rest. Nothing is going to stop her from getting a child.

Tony asks EJ if he thinks he isn’t capable of taking a conference call. EJ says he does think Tony is capable, but this is his job. Tony asks EJ why he wasn’t suspicious the last time Stefano dragged him off on trip. He hasn’t been curious as to why the investors are suddenly more demanding and who might be stirring them up? EJ says he doesn’t have time to listen to Tony’s conspiracy theories, but Tony barrels on. He asks EJ if Stefano has been interfering with his personal life. EJ starts to walks out, but Tony stops him, asking if he thinks Stefano is purposely keeping him from spending time with Nicole by filling his hours with business concerns. EJ stops in his tracks and tells Tony that if their father were doing that, he wouldn’t allow it to happen. Tony suggests he really spit in the old man’s eye and let him do the conference call, but EJ refuses. Tony wishes EJ luck, but reminds him not to say he didn’t warn him. He heads off.

John, Charlotte and Marlena takes their seats at a table as John tells Marlena that she doesn’t look very happy to see him. She says she is just surprised. After he left the Christmas Eve party, and told her he wanted to spend New Year’s alone, she just assumed he wasn’t in a very festive mood. John says he changed his mind and wonders if that is a problem. Charlotte says it is for her, actually.

Melanie sits at the bar drinking a soda. Maggie comes by and tells the bartender to keep an eye on her very under-aged friend. Melanie smirks as Maggie heads off. The young man next to her notes that she is on a short leash and suggests they leave together. She says she is meeting someone later. The guy says he’s a lucky kid, but Melanie says he isn’t a kid. He’s a titan of industry.

Chelsea explains to Max that when guys want to talk it is usually about sex or football. Max says it isn’t sex. He has made a New Year’s resolution not to have it anymore. Chelsea says she is giving up canoeing. You’re supposed to give up something you don’t care about ,and that way you’ll always keep your resolution. Max says he likes sex, but not all of the things that go along with it. She tells him he can’t swear it off forever. What happened between him and Stephanie was hard, but he has to get over it one day. She asks him to come to Chez Rouge to celebrate with her and Kate, and Max agrees, saying spending the night sulking in a bar won’t do him any good. He starts to head off to the kitchen to let someone know he is leaving, but Chelsea stops him, suddenly remembering that he can’t come to Chez Rouge with her.

Kate asks Chloe why she wouldn’t want Daniel to be her doctor, but Daniel says she doesn’t have to justify her decision. Chloe says it’s ok and goes on to explain that she thought things would be less complicated and personal if she just got her own doctor. Kate says she is worried about her, and donating her marrow was extremely personal, which is why Kate wants her to have the best doctor. Chloe says she had a checkup with Kayla, and that she’s fine. She doesn’t want Kate to stress about this, because that is the last thing she needs. Kate agrees to drop it, and tells Chloe that she needs to discuss something with her and Daniel. It involves the both of them.

Nicole comes into the mansion and asks EJ why he isn’t getting ready for the party. He tells her about the videoconference and she pretends to be mad, asking how dare try to run his business when she wants to party. EJ chuckles and kisses her, promising to try to be back before midnight so they can ring in the New Year together. Nicole says she isn’t sure, as she is tired. EJ suggests she take a nap and they’ll see how she feels when she gets home. Nicole agrees and promises him he’s going to be so happy when the baby gets here. They’re going to have a great New Year. They kiss.

Stephanie tells Phillip and Lucas her friend has a question about shoes she has to answer and she heads off to take the call. Lucas jokes about how flattering Phillip’s shoes are, and asks him if things are going well between him and Stephanie. Phillip says things are going very well.

Kate tells Chloe that she is a realist, and that this transplant might not take. She wants to see both of her sons happy if something were to happen to her, so she wants to see Lucas get married to Chloe. Chloe says that she will, but Kate wants to ensure that happens by having them get married as soon as possible. Daniel starts to head off, but she wants him to stay to tell Chloe that what she is saying about her time left is true. Chloe isn’t sure what to say, but Kate urges her to speak to Lucas about it. Chloe says she will. She says she is late meeting him actually, and says she will see Kate later at the party. She leaves. Kate tells Daniel that now that they’re alone, she wants to know what is going on between him and Chloe.

Charlotte tells John that they shouldn’t be spending time together socially since he is her patient. He says he will leave, but she says she will instead. She only wanted to have a drink or two with Marlena, anyway. Charlotte tells her that they will do it again sometime and heads off. John tells Marlena that he really had no idea this was inappropriate, but Marlena doesn’t believe him. If he really wanted to spend the evening with her, all he had to do was ask.

Doug and Julie wish one another a happy New Year, and she tells Doug he’s still the most handsome man in town. He grins, saying he loves the way she lies. They toast one another.

Phillip, Stephanie, and Lucas walks into Chez Rouge and Maggie heads off to check on their table. Luca gets a call from Chloe and excuses himself to take it. Philip asks Stephanie if she’s sure she want to stay, and she says that she is excited now that she’s seen the balloons and decorations for New Year’s. Just then, Melanie walks up, saying she didn’t know the two of them would be here and wishing them a Happy New Year. Phillip sarcastically asks Stephanie to repeat what she said about being excited for tonight.

Daniel insists nothing is going on between him and Chloe. Kate says it must be nothing positive, or she wouldn’t have insisted on another doctor. Daniel tells her Kayla is a great physician, and she needs to stop worrying about Chloe and focus on her own recovery. Kate says she does worry about Chloe. Even if Daniel has nothing to do with it, something or someone is bothering that girl.

Nicole opens the front door of the mansion to find Chloe on the stoop. Chloe is glad to see her, saying that she needs to talk to her.

Max asks Chelsea if she is worried about him seeing Stephanie, but she says she is actually more worried about Stephanie seeing him. He exudes this slacker vibe that he has just given up on everything. She suggests Max put on that nice suit he never wears and turn some heads. Max says he can do that without the suit, but Chelsea doesn’t think he has the right attitude. Since resolutions don’t kick in officially until the second, she thinks he needs to go out and have a lot of fun tonight.

Phillip asks Melanie what she is doing here, and she says she is here for the same reason they are--to celebrate New Year’s with friends. Stephanie thinks hers must be imaginary. Melanie glares as Maggie comes over to take Phillip and Stephanie to their table. Julie comes over to Melanie, asking how her project is coming along. Melanie doesn’t really want to talk about it, and Julie thinks Melanie is afraid she is on to her, as she should be.

Lucas sits with Phillip and Stephanie, telling them Kate is on her way. Phillip asks where Chloe is, and Lucas says that’s a very good question, as he has no clue.

Nicole and Chloe stroll along the pier with coffees. Chloe is glad to see her, as she has needed to talk to her for a while, but Nicole hasn’t been around. Nicole apologizes, saying she has been busy planning for the baby. She asks what Chloe wanted to talk about, but she isn’t so sure she wants to say. Nicole says she has to spill. She looks like she lost her best friend. Chloe divulges that something bad has happened and she doesn’t know what to do.

Daniel flashes back to Chloe tenderly wrapping the bandage around his finger at the cabin.

John tells Marlena that he keeps doing things wrong that he doesn’t know are wrong. Marlena thinks he should have known he couldn’t have spent time socially with Charlotte. Apart from that, she is his ex-wife that still cares for him, and he took off on Christmas Eve so suddenly. Didn’t it occur to him that she would be worried and upset? John says he gets it now, but Marlena says it’s too late. She’s thrilled that he is out and about tonight, but she dislikes the feeling that he is working some angle with her. She huffs off, grabbing her coat and saying goodbye to Doug and Julie. John groans, telling himself that he really messed up this time.

Chloe tells Nicole that Kate wants her to move up her wedding to Lucas, but Chloe isn’t sure that she is ready to settle down. Nicole suspects something more is going on and asks Chloe if there is someone else. Chloe says there is kind of, but nothing has happened or will happen between the two of them. She just wonders if she should be honest with Lucas. Nicole tells Chloe that what she and Lucas have is great, and she shouldn’t screw that up by being honest about her feelings. Guys like to feel like their girlfriends only dance to their tunes, and it would be a real blow if Chloe told Lucas otherwise. Just then, Nicole gets a call from Baker, telling her that he might have found her a baby. She promises to be there directly and hangs up. She tells Chloe she has to go, but wishes her luck, saying she is sure the New Year is going to be great for both of them.

EJ runs into Tony coming back into the mansion. He tells him the conference call was quite short and wishes Tony a happy New Year. Tony wishes him the same and heads off. EJ heads into the living room, searching for Nicole, but can’t find her. He takes out the engagement ring and heads off, figuring the bedroom will work just as well.

John gets up and leaves Chez Rouge as Kate, Chelsea and Max join Lucas, Phillip and Stephanie. Kate orders champagne and tells Maggie to keep the bottles coming as tonight is on her. Phillip thinks she’s in a good mood and Stephanie agrees. He puts his arm around her and strokes her hair. Max glares. Kate asks Lucas where Chloe is, but he says he doesn’t know.

Chloe sits by the pier, thinking. She gets up to leave and runs into Daniel.

EJ comes down the stairs, confused that he can’t find Nicole.

She’s in her car, heading for the clinic. She makes a call and tells someone that she’s on her way, and not to let Baker leave before she gets there.

Kate toasts everyone at the table, wishing her sons a happy and healthy new year to come. Lucas asks if she just wishes it for her sons, and Kate says she wishes that for everyone, but maybe a little more happiness for her kids. They all chuckle and toast and Kate suggests Phillip ask Stephanie to dance since she looks so nice. They head off and Chelsea asks Max if bringing him here was a terrible idea. He says no, but that he needs some air. He heads off. Stephanie and Phillip dance and Melanie watches them angrily. She huffs over to the bar and speaks to the young man who talked to her earlier. He heads off as Max comes over. He asks how her night is going. Kate asks Lucas to call Chloe, but he says he has called her three times already. Kate is sure she will be here soon, and hopefully has a good excuse as to why she is so late.

Chloe asks Daniel why he is here, and he says he is on his way home to change. Chloe says she is, too. He wants to talk but she doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. She heads off and so does Daniel, but he hears Chloe shrieking and rushes after her.

Maggie tells everyone that there are only eight minutes until 2009. Melanie tells max that she isn’t up to anything, but he just wanted to know how she was doing. She says she is ok, and he hopes this New Year will be better for her than the last one. He heads off and she says she’s sure it will be. The young man that spoke to her earlier bumps into Stephanie and spills his drink all over her as Melanie watches approvingly. Stephanie heads off to the bathroom to clean up. Phillip glares at Melanie as she tries to suppress her laughter.

Marlena runs into John coming out of the pub and he admits that he followed her. He wanted to say that he was sorry for hurting her. She thanks him for saying so and wishes him a happy New Year. She kisses him on the cheek and sails off. John sighs.

EJ asks Mary if she has seen Nicole, but she says she didn’t even know she left. EJ wishes her a happy New Year and she wishes him the same. She heads off. EJ sighs.

Nicole’s car breaks down. She groans, looking worriedly out at the snow.

Daniel examines Chloe’s ankle and tells her it’s sprained. He wants to take her to the hospital ,but she refuses and tries to stand. She sits back down in pain immediately. Daniel says she can’t walk home like that, and that he will have to take her to the emergency room. He lifts her up and prepares to carry her off. The two nearly kiss.

Melanie heads over to Phillip at the bar as Maggie tells everyone there’s only one minute left until the New Year. She asks him about his dance partner, and Phillip sarcastically tells her how subtle she is. She says she had nothing to do with that drink being spilled on Stephanie, but if she did, he should be flattered as to what extremes he can drive her to. Phillip says that’s a short trip to drive her to extremes. She grins. Chelsea wonders if she and Max should got back to the table, as they’re near the door, but Max likes it where they are standing. Maggie counts down from ten and rings in the New Year. Max and Chelsea kiss. She breaks if off and stomps off. Max sighs. Phillip stares warily at Melanie. Lucas and Kate sit glumly at their table as Doug and Julie kiss nearby. Daniel carries Chloe along the pier. They stop and look at the fireworks. They nearly kiss again. Nicole slams her hand on the steering wheel in frustration. She screams. EJ has a drink at he mansion and sadly stares at the engagement ring.


Rafe asks Sami, “You’re still trying to find a way to get around me, aren’t you?”

EJ tells Brady, “It’s my fault. I’m the reason that she left.”

Phillip and Stephanie kiss.

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