Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/30/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/30/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Chloe and Daniel make love in bed. Chloe flops on her pillow exhausted, saying how great is was. She’s really at the Horton cabin with Lucas, and he says she was a real tiger. He wonders where she gets all of that passion from. Chloe sighs, saying he deserves to know.

Daniel comes to see Kate at the Kiriakis mansion, bringing her a bouquet of flowers. He asks how she is feeling, and she says she is better now that he is here. She asks why he isn’t at work, and Daniel says he had to get someone to cover him. He doesn’t know what’s going on with him, but he was overcome by a desire to see Kate and to be with her. She hugs Daniel.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ looks at an engagement ring. Stefano comes over, saying he is glad the diamonds from their friends in Argentina cam e to good use. He doesn’t doubt that EJ is serious, but if he asks Nicole to be his wife, is he ready for the next step?

At the clinic, Nicole lays into Dr. Baker. He played the noble doctor and made her jump through hoops to try and keep the man she loves. He treated her like something you scrape off your shoe, and blackmailed her, and the whole time he was a baby broker. Baker tries to interrupt, but Nicole barrels on, saying he has probably been raking n the dough this whole time, lying and pretending to be broke and struggling to maintain his clinic. She tells him that if he doesn’t get her a baby, then he’s going down.

At the pub, Marlena walks in and spies Tony sitting at a nearby table. They exchange pleasantries, and he apologizes about Christmas Eve at the DiMeras. She seemed uncomfortable. Marlena says it was because of John. She asked him to spend Christmas with her, and she thought that meant the two of them and Brady. Then John dragged her over to the DiMeras. Tony ask what they did after that and Marlena tells him about going to the Hortons. Tony asks if John acted belligerently, but Marlena says he didn’t. He just walked out on her.

At the hospital, Charlotte says goodbye to John, adding that she thinks their session went really well. John disagrees, saying that he called her Christmas Eve wanting to remember his past. Charlotte says they worked on that today, but John wants to see results now. Charlotte apologizes, saying reconnecting with his past is going to take a lot of hard work. There is no telling when he might start remembering things. John says he can’t wait, so he has no choice but to discontinue their sessions.

EJ is pretty sure he and Nicole are ready for marriage, as he is proposing and they have a baby on he way. Stefano says he isn’t talking about marriage. He has something else in mind that EJ needs to give Nicole first. He takes out a folder of legal documents and hands them over. EJ takes one look and asks Stefano if this is a joke.

Baker tells Nicole to keep her voice down. He isn’t a baby broker. Nicole says he’s lying. She waves his cell phone in his face and reminds him he left it behind. She called his friends and they told her the whole story. Baker claims innocence, saying she must have been misled. Nicole says she doesn’t want to hear his lies. He needs to get on his phone and call one of his friends, and get her a baby--now.

Daniel puts Kate’s flowers in a vase as she tells him she doesn’t believe that he took off work just to see her. He sits beside her and explain that he was actually allowed to make his own hours for New Year’s. He wants to order in and spend the whole day with her. He kisses her, but Kate backs off. He asks if something is wrong or if she is in pain, but she says she just isn’t in the mood.

Lucas brings Chloe a glass of water and asks what her big reveal is. She flashes back to kissing Daniel on the cheek. She explains that she was going to say the reason she feels so uninhibited in bed is because of Lucas. He really makes her feel safe and secure. Even after she broke her ornament at the Horton’s, he made her feel loved. Lucas says that is because she is a wonderful person. Even his mom has come to see that, as has everyone else in town. He confides that he loves her so much it hurt sometimes. He kisses her neck as Chloe stares off into space guiltily.

Kate grumps about having Daniel hold her and kiss her and feeling nothing. Daniel apologizes for sending the wrong signal. He came over here to spend time with her platonically. He just wants to hold her and watch old movies all day. Kate says he doesn’t strike her as the platonic type. Daniel hugs her and assures her that the chemotherapy and marrow transplant are affecting her libido, which is normal. She’ll get her sex drive back with time, and he has all the time in the world to wait. Kate says she hopes so and hugs him.

Lucas asks Chloe if she is sure she doesn’t want to visit Kate, and she suggests Lucas go without her. He agrees and tells Chloe how wonderful she is. She tries to stop him but he goes on, telling her how selfless and beautiful of a person she is. She insists that she isn’t that person, and never will be. She huffs off and out the door. Lucas looks after her worriedly.

Tony tells Marlena that they don’t know what was going on in John’s head. Perhaps all the traditional Christmas activities caused some kind of déjà vu and he had to get out of there. Marlena isn’t so sure. She thinks John was just probably bored. Tony thinks she should ask him, but she says he has shut her out since she is no longer his therapist. She tells Tony that he is seeing a psychiatrist she recommended. All she can do is pray that Dr. Taylor can get through to him.

Charlotte urges John not to quit the sessions. It may take a little time for him to recover his memories, but the process will work. John is frustrated that nothing has happened thus far, and suggests that Stefano really did erase all of his memories. Charlotte insists that isn’t possible. He would have had to destroy most of John’s brain to do so, which would have killed him. She explains that John’s brain is like a maze. His memories aren’t gone, they’re just hidden deep within the maze. Since he is so set on getting his memories back quickly, Charlotte says she has a way to make them come back faster. John asks what that is, and she says she wants to try hypnosis.

EJ asks how Stefano dare draw up a prenuptial agreement without consulting him. He is deeply in love with Nicole, and he won’t insult her by asking he to sign it, end of story. Stefano reminds EJ that while he loves all his children, he doesn’t love their mothers quite as much. Nicole is lovely, but she is also human. He hands EJ the documents, asking EJ to indulge him.

Baker tells Nicole that she may have misread things out of her own desperation. He is not in the business of selling babies. Nicole insists he is, and that she can prove it to anyone. He has pregnant women walking in and out of here all the time; it’s practically like a baby factory. Baker rolls his yes, saying he cant deal with her right now. He says he has patients to see and starts to head out. Nicole tells him to go ahead and walk out that door, but it will be the biggest mistake of his life.

Lucas comes into the Kiriakis mansion and finds Kate alone, working on the computer. She tells him she is checking out reception halls for the wedding, but Lucas reminds her they haven’t even set a date yet. Kate says she knows that, but she wants to see the wedding happen sooner rather than later. Lucas asks why, and if she knows something he doesn’t.

Chloe sits in an exam room at the hospital. A nurse comes in, telling Chloe she wasn’t scheduled for a checkup with Dr. Jonas until later, but Chloe says she will just see whoever is available now. Dr. Jonas hurt his hand so he won’t be seeing her, anyway. Daniel comes in just then, telling her that actually, he will be her doctor. His hand is fine.

EJ refuses to ask Nicole to sign a pre-nup. Stefano tries to talk sense, saying that the relationship could sour. They can’t ignore that Nicole has a reputation for marrying men solely for their money. EJ refuses to judge her based on her marriage to Kiriakis. EJ was her lawyer, and is intimately acquainted with the details surrounding all of her abusive relationships, including her marriage to Victor. That is why he refuses to ask her to sign a pre-nup, now or ever.

Baker shuts the door and comes back into the room, asking Nicole to consider the fact that she has been misled. Nicole tells him to stop lying. The worst part about all of this is that he has watched her come in here week after week, desperate to keep the man she loves from knowing that she has lost her baby. Meanwhile, Baker was selling babies to couples left and right, and paying the birth mothers. She gets in his face and screams, asking why he never offered to help her when he could have.

Tony asks Marlena if she has considered the fact that John might never get his memories back. Marlena says that when John returned to her, she vowed never to give up on him. Now she feels like she is doing just that. Tony doesn’t think she can. She just loves John too much to ever let him go. Marlena agrees, saying that she loves him so completely that it scares her sometimes. She tells Tony that she can’t give up on him no matter what. Tony tells her not to, then, but advises her to come to terms with the fact that John may never change from the man he is today.

John says he laid down ground rules with her already. No hypnosis, labs, drugs, or needles. He doesn’t want anyone messing with him ever again. Charlotte says she understands that he wants to be in total control. She suggests that she tape the sessions so he can watch them in private and see everything that went on. John says he will have to get back to her and walks off.

Nicole lays into Baker, telling him that he knew how devastated she was when she lost her baby. Baker says he knows how hard it was for her. She asks why he didn’t help her then, and he tells her he nearly did--until she started throwing the DiMera name around. He knows how that family operates, and he isn’t going to try to deceive them. People that do that have bleak futures in store. Nicole tells him that his future is now in her hands. She asks him how maximum security prison sounds, because that is exactly where he will be if he doesn’t help her.

EJ tells Stefano that he understands where he is coming from, but the pre-nup is out of the question. Stefano says he knows a thing or two about women and marriage. If he ever gets married again, he’ll be using a pre-nup. Just then Mary comes in with a business call for Stefano. He heads off to take it, asking EJ to think about what he said. EJ looks at the engagement ring and calls Nicole, asking her to come home soon and telling her that he loves her. Nicole hangs up and tells Baker that EJ loves her, so he must see what is at stake for her. He suggests she tell him the truth if that is the case, but she says she can’t. She would lose everything if she did that, and that isn’t an option. She again demands that Baker get her a baby.

Tony and Marlena leave the pub. He tells her that he wishes he could do something to help. Marlena thanks him, but says he can’t. He offers to invite her and John out for New Year’s, but she doesn’t want John driving another stake through her heart. She thinks she’ll just spend a quiet evening at home. John walks up just then, saying that that’s a good idea. He’d like to do the same thing for New Year’s.

Lucas asks Kate if the cancer has returned and that’s why she wants to move the wedding up, but she says no. According to Daniel, she and Chloe are doing just fine. She explains to Lucas that she is just a skeptic, and she wants Lucas and Chloe to have the wedding of the year, and soon, just in case.

Chloe admits to Daniel that she came to the appointment early, hoping for a different doctor. He says that he wasn’t supposed to be here, but he got called in at the last minute. He tells Chloe that she looks well, and she says that she feels fine. Daniel think she probably is, but wants to wait for the blood work to come back before he says more. He goes to check Chloe’s lymph nodes, but she stops him, telling him that she has made up her mind. He rejected her earlier when she asked for another doctor, but now she is sure, more than ever. She wants another doctor.

Lucas asks Kate if she really has her heart set on an early wedding, and she says she does. He promises to ask Chloe what she thinks, but Kate asks Lucas to let her make her case to Chloe herself. Lucas agrees, saying he’ll do whatever makes her happy.

Chloe explains to Daniel that since he is Kate’s doctor, and she’s engaged to Kate’s son, she thinks it might be best if she sees someone else. Daniel can see how that would be awkward, and says he is sure Kayla will take her on as a patient. Chloe thanks him and he heads outside. They both sigh.

John tells Tony that Marlena usually has good ideas, and he thinks this one is especially. He plans on going home later and curling up in front of the fire. He thanks Marlena for the idea and heads inside the pub. Tony says he is sorry. He was sure John would ask her out. Marlena says she doesn’t get him. Sometimes it seems as if John doesn’t have feelings for her at all. Tony is sure that isn’t true, and Marlena waves him off, saying she knows he has to leave. She tells him to give Anna her best and Tony leaves. Charlotte comes over just as Marlena gets ready to head off. They wish one another a happy New year, and Charlotte asks if she has big plans for the evening. Marlena says she doesn’t, and Charlotte says she hopes she might be able to fix that.

Stefano comes back into the living room and tells EJ that their pacific rim investors are getting cold feet. He needs EJ to call them and smooth their feathers. EJ agrees and starts to head off, but Stefano stops him, thanking him for being such a loyal son and such a boon to the family business. EJ tells him that Nicole was a big part of him accepting the position. With Sami, he always felt he had to prove something to her and her family, so he could never be a true DiMera. With Nicole, she doesn’t judge him or expect him to be someone he isn’t. So if Stefano wants him to stay with the business, he needs an anchor in Nicole, which is why he can’t ask her to sign a pre-nup.

Nicole asks Baker if he will help her of id he has decided to go to jail instead. Baker doesn’t want to be involved in this any more than he already is, but Nicole says he doesn’t have a choice. He has already lied to EJ by telling him the baby is fine, and a lie to EJ is as bad as a lie to Stefano. She reminds him that they are partners. He can help her, and continue his little baby business so he can make his alimony payments, or he can go to prison. Baker says she will lose EJ if the truth comes out, and Nicole says she has lost too much already. She refuses to lose EJ, so she is going to get a baby so the three of them can be a family. She says it is up to Baker to decide if he will help her, as she refuses to beg.

John sees Charlotte and Marlena talking outside the pub and opens the door to spy on them. Marlena says she would be up for doing something with Charlotte tonight, as invitations haven’t been forthcoming. Charlotte says she is new and town and in the same boat. She thought she and Marlena could get dressed up and go to Chez Rouge for a few drinks. Marlena says she would love to. John watches them and smiles.

Daniel hands Chloe’s charts to a nurse, telling her that Chloe will be seeing Kayla for all of her future check-ups. Kate walks over just then, asking him why in the word he is taking himself off Chloe’s case.

Chloe tells herself that she did the right thing by asking for another doctor.

Stefano tells EJ that while he doesn’t agree with his decision, he is free to do whatever he wants. He wonders if EJ will propose tonight but then stops himself, admitting that it is none of his business. He heads off, telling EJ not to forget to make those calls. EJ looks at the engagement ring, telling himself that this will be a New Year’s Nicole never forgets.

Baker tells Nicole that none of the girls he is dealing with are at the right stage of their pregnancy to pass their baby off as Nicole’s. Besides, none of them resemble Nicole or EJ in the slightest. Nicole says that is too bad. He had better find her a baby, or he’s going to jail. Losing her baby was a nightmare, but she intends on finding a happy ending. She puts out her hand, asking Baker if they have deal. He shakes her hand, saying they do.


Kate tells Daniel and Chloe, “There’s something I would like to talk to you about. It involves the two of you.”

Chelsea asks Max, “So what’s it going to be--sex or football?”

Melanie tells Phillip and Stephanie, “Hey you guys! I didn’t know you’d be here. Happy New Year.”

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