Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/29/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pier, Nicole waits and shivers. The young girl she called, Jill, shows up, asking if Nicole is the one that contacted her. Nicole notices that she is pregnant and gapes. She asks if that pig, Dr. Baker, did this to her. Jill seems confused.

At Titan, Brady asks Melanie what she does here, and she tells him about the alternative fuel project. He says he looks forward to learning about it as Phillip comes out of his office. Melanie thinks they need to relax the dress code, but Brady says he isn’t the boss. Melanie grins, saying that he is her boss, though, and she feels lucky. She asks him to go to lunch with her to discuss the project. Brady wonders why she is even here over a holiday, and Melanie says that she is just a go-getter. She asks about lunch again, but Phillip comes over, telling her to forget it, as Brady has other plans that don’t include her.

At the pub, Chloe comes in and sees Stephanie doing work at a table. She asks if Caroline is around, and Stephanie tells her she’s upstairs with Allie, but will be down any moment. Chloe takes a seat near Stephanie and she makes small talk, congratulating Chloe on her engagement, and saying that what she did for Kate was awesome. Stephanie says Phillip was really upset about his mom, but he seems to be optimistic since the latest test results came in. Chloe asks if they are seeing other, and Stephanie says they are--sort of. Chloe is surprised, ands says that she and Stephanie need to talk.

At the loft, Rafe tells Sami that he can’t believe she wants his help giving up her baby. Sami says she just wants him to take her to the convent to see Sister Teresa, but Rafe reminds her that she is meeting with Teresa to ask her to take her baby. He wonders where she comes up with these crazy ideas, and she asks if he is kidding. She got the idea from him, of course.

The mayor’s killer lurks around some dumpsters. He tracks Rafe’s cell phone call through his GPS and grins. He says that it’s time for Sami to say goodbye. He cocks his gun and moves off.

Jill tells Nicole that Baker didn’t get her pregnant. Nicole wonders what is going on then, since she clearly isn’t a regular patient. Jill huffs, saying she thought Nicole knew what was going on, but she clearly doesn’t. She asks Nicole who she is, and what she really wants from her. Nicole says she just wants to help her and suggest they go get hot chocolate. Jill refuses, reminding Nicole that she called and threatened her. Where did she even get her number? Nicole apologizes, saying she got it from Baker’s phone. Jill groans, saying she never should have come. She huffs off. Nicole begs her to wait.

Brady apologizes to Melanie, saying he didn’t know he had lunch plans. Phillip reminds him that they are supposed to going over the ropes today, so he doesn’t have time. Brady promises to have lunch with Melanie in the future, and she simpers, saying she looks forward to it. She asks Phillip about her secretary, but he says she doesn’t get one. Melanie whines that she has an office and is getting a lot of money to head up the fuel project. Phillip says she doesn’t head anything up, and that she just owns the patents. She shouldn’t even be here today. Brady steps in, saying he thinks they can find something for Melanie to do all day, and then they will all be happy. Melanie thanks him and heads off, saying she’ll work from home. Phillip tells Brady that he is in way over his head. Brady disagrees, saying Phillip is, not him.

Chloe tells Stephanie that Phillip is a great guy. He was her first love. Stephanie asks why she needs to know this, and Chloe goes on to explain that she needs to tell her something. She thinks Stephanie might be Phillip’s rebound, and he might be hers. Stephanie asks if Chloe still has feelings for Phillip and is trying to ruin things for them.

Rafe asks Sami how she got the idea from him, and she reminds him that all he has really told her about himself has to do with Sister Agnes and the orphanage a the convent. Rafe says he never meant for her to get the idea to give her baby away, and Sami says he thinks it’s better than the baby being raised by the DiMeras. Rafe tells her that she can’t go to the convent because the killer has identified him. He has to make sure Sami doesn’t have contact with anyone. Sami sighs, saying her due date is getting closer and closer and this is getting harder and harder to deal with. Rafe agrees.

The killer approaches a man with his back turned and calls him Rafe Hernandez, telling him to turn around nice and slow. An old homeless man with a beard turns around. He clutches a phone. The killer gapes.

Nicole stops Jill from leaving and urges her that she isn’t her to hurt he. Her coat falls open and Jill notices that Nicole is pregnant, too. She wonders if Nicole is doing the same thing for Baker that she is.

Phillip tries to explain that Melanie is a troublemaker, and will never be satisfied with any promises made to her, but Brady thinks she is just looking for a little respect. Besides, she is heading up a project that could be very lucrative for the company. It’s in their best interests not to make her miserable. Phillip disagrees, and Brady accuses him of making this personal. Phillip say it’s personal, alright. Melanie almost got him booted out of the company. Brady says she is also part of the reason he is here with Phillip, and he thinks Phillip resents her for that.

Melanie waits on the elevator, saying it’s a shame, but she’s going to have to teach Phillip a lesson.

Chloe says Stephanie needs to understand something else, but Stephanie doesn’t want to hear it. She thinks Chloe sounds a little phony right now. She didn’t ask for her advice, and they barely know each other, but Chloe felt the need to come over here and tell her that her relationship is doomed. Chloe says she was just trying to help and starts to leave, but Stephanie asks her to finish. Chloe tells her that she broke Phillip’s heart, and she doesn’t think he’s ever really gotten over it. He’s just not the same guy he was when they first met in high school and he has been weary of getting into new relationships.. Stephanie rolls her eyes, saying she gets it. She and Phillip are going to be train wreck together, so she may as well not even try. Isn’t that what Chloe is saying? Chloe tells her she just wants her to be careful, for both her sake and Phillip’s.

Sami tells Rafe that not being able to meet with Teresa is what is unbearable for her. She has to figure out what he can do to protect her child. Rafe thought she was also afraid of the killer finding them, and she says he thought he got rid of his cell phone so the killer couldn’t use it to track him. Rafe says he did, and got a new phone, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still have to cautious. Sami drops the subject and suggests they play cards. Rafe apologizes for saying that she situation wasn’t very bearable earlier. He meant for her sake, not his own. He didn’t want this job at first, but now he sees the importance of protecting a child, and he has grown to care for Sami. She hugs him, thanking him for saying that.

Nicole agrees with Jill, saying she came to speak with her as a mother. Jill nods, saying she knows Nicole is worried, as she must be thinking of giving up her baby, too. Nicole says she is fears she doesn’t have a choice. Jill sympathizes. It’s a hard decision to make, but Baker assured her that the potential parents are screened, and have money and a home. Nicole is sure Jill could provide for her baby, but she says she is broke and unmarried. She has no choice but to let Baker take her baby.

Phillip tells Brady that actually, he thinks Victor was right when he said their completive natures would make them able to form a great team. Brady isn’t so sure Phillip is happy about him coming to work here, and Phillip admits that he thinks Victor favors Brady. Brady says that’s a ludicrous idea. Philip is his son and the heir apparent. He made Phillip the CEO, after all, and entrusted him with the company. Brady is just his grandson. If Victor is harder on Phillip than he is on Brady its because he’s his son. He says he has to go do something for a while, and Phillip stops him, saying he thought they were going to do some work. Brady says he knows Phillip would love to pull rank right now but he has to go. He says he’ll be back later. Philip sighs.

Stephanie tells Chloe that since she doesn’t seem that excited about her engagement to Lucas, maybe she still has feelings for Phillip. Chloe says she is excited about being married to Lucas, and Stephanie is way off base. She says she is going to check on Allie and Caroline and huffs off. Stephanie sighs just as Melanie comes in, saying sarcastically that this is her lucky day.

Rafe and Sami play poker, using cookies as chips. Sami deals out a hand as Rafe tries to get her to see that giving her baby up isn’t a good idea. If she leaves her kid with the nuns, they’ll be one among dozens of others up for adoption. They’ll have no mom or dad, or one-on-one attention. Surely she must see that that isn’t best for her child. Sami agrees that it isn’t, which is why she won’t be leaving her baby there forever. It’s just for a little while. Rafe asks what she is going to do after that.

Nicole tells Jill that Dr. Baker is helping her, and he wonders how many other girls he is helping find homes for their kids. Jill thinks there must be many more. Baker knows what he is doing so he must be raking in the dough. Jill asks Nicole how much Baker is paying her, and Nicole says they haven’t yet discussed money. Jill admits she is getting ten thousand dollars, so there is no telling what Baker is getting from the potential couple. Nicole can’t believe he is selling babies, and urges Jill to let her help her. Jill sys she can’t. She’s broke and she already signed the paperwork.

Melanie asks Stephanie if she has half-hour to help her with her project, but Stephanie says she is studying for a huge exam, so she can’t. Melanie says that’s ok, and she can handle it. Stephanie is sure she can. Melanie heads off to another table. Julie comes over and asks what has been going on with her lately. Melanie smiles.

Brady shows up at the DiMera mansion and rings the bell. Chloe answers, and he’s surprised to see her. She explains that she is dropping Allie off for a play date and he tells her he was glad to hear the transplant went well. She thanks him and tells him that if he is here to see Nicole, she isn’t home. Brady asks why she would think that and Chloe says she knows him. He isn’t good at being alone. But Nicole? That’s a bad idea.

Sami explains that she is just leaving the baby with the nuns until she can figure out what to do. Rafe wonders what she will do eventually--show up one day with a baby? She doesn’t want anyone to know that EJ is the father, so who is going to say fathered the child? Him? Sami looks at Rafe, startled. She doesn’t think that that is a bad idea, actually.

Nicole say she might be able to help Jill, and asks when she is due. Jill sys she is any day now, and Nicole says that won’t work. They can’t help each other. Jill guesses that is why they have Dr. Baker in their lives. She admits that the closer is gets to her due date, the harder it is. Nicole cries as Jill talks about how hard it will be not to get to hold her little girl or name her. Nicole says she knows what she means. Jill hopes she didn’t talk Nicole out of doing what she has to, but she says she didn’t. In fact, Jill may be the reason she ends up keeping her baby.

Melanie tells Julie that not much is going on, and that she is just working. She pulls out her laptop and Julie tells her she went to see Nick in prison. He feels awfully about what he did to Melanie. She says she has been meaning to visit him, but Julie tells her not to. It would be best if she just kept her distance. Julie says she has also heard that Melanie is now a secretary at Titan. Melanie says she that she is an executive, actually, and she knows Maggie is thrilled for her to move out. Julie says she can see why Melanie stays, and it isn’t the money. What with working between those two hunky guys, Phillip and Brady, she must be like a kid in a candy store. Phillip comes in just then and kisses Stephanie on the cheek, saying she was just the girl he was looking for. Melanie rolls her eyes.

Rafe tells Sami that he isn’t about to play deadbeat dad to some kid that isn’t his. Sami asks if it has happened to him before, and he jokes that he had to pretend to be a mobsters’ kid’s dad. He admits that he’s kidding and tells Sami that he doesn’t think she’s thought this through. What if she takes her kid to the orphanage and a family comes along that wants to adopt her baby? Has she considered the possibility that she could lose her child forever?

Nicole tells Jill that she has decided to keep her baby, especially after seeing what Jill is going through and what Baker is up to. Jill is glad to hear it, and Nicole just wishes she could help her more. She pulls a wad of cash out of her purse and tells Jill that she needs it more than she does. Jill thanks her, saying it’s the nicest thing anyone’s done for her in a while. She is also glad Nicole has decided to keep her baby. Nicole thinks Jill is brave, and she says she is just doing what she has to. She heads off, thanking Nicole again and wishing her luck. Nicole takes out hr phone and makes a call.

Stephanie shows her book to Phillip, asking him the last time he remembers this stuff. Melanie tells Julie that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. She is a professional. Julie says that is exactly what she means. Melanie says that she, Phillip, and Brady will make a great team, provided someone doesn’t get in the way. Julie cuts her eyes at Stephanie, wondering who that someone is. Melanie says she has work to do at home and gathers her things to leave. Julie wishes her luck, saying she thinks she’s going to need it. Phillip asks Stephanie what she is doing for the new year and she explains that she is babysitting her brother. She bets she cold find him a sitter if he wants to do something. Phillip says he wants to ring in the New Year together. Stephanie agrees, as long as they can wear funny hats. Phillip chuckles ad kisses her, saying they can do that. Melanie watches them, steaming with fury.

Sami tells Rafe that she has no intentions of losing her child. Besides, he can’t keep her locked in here forever. Eventually, she will go in to labor, and he’ll have to take her to a hospital. Rafe says a private ambulance and secure hospital are at the ready if it comes to that, but he is planning on being out of here long before she goes into labor. She has to trust him on that, and stop talking about Sister Teresa and the convent. Sami agrees and goes ‘all in.’ Rafe’s hand beats hers, and he takes all her cookies. He heads off to get more, telling her to work on her poker face. He can read her like a book. Sami smirks, saying that’s what he thinks.

Brady wonders why Chloe would think that about him and Nicole, and she says she knows he didn’t come here to socialize with the DiMeras. He admits that’s true, but says he and Nicole aren’t involved romantically .They’re just friends and he’s worried about her. Chloe says she is, too. Nicole didn’t even come see her after the surgery, and the last time she saw her was when they were together at the bar. Brady gets a call just then, but checks the caller ID and tells Chloe it isn’t important He can deal with it later.

Nicole cries and begs Brady to pick up the phone. She can’t do this alone.

Phillip tells Stephanie he was thinking of going to Maggie’s party at Chez Rouge, if she doesn’t mind dressing up. Stephanie thinks that’s half the fun and agrees to go. Melanie heads outside and calls Maggie, telling her than she plans on attending her New Year’s party after all. She grins, saying she wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Rafe brings back cookies, telling Sami that he appreciates her telling him the truth about her plan and trusting him. He hopes, however, that she has give up this crazy idea o giving up her baby. Sami says she has no choice but to do so. She sighs and rubs her belly.

The killer talks to someone over his phone, telling them that he thought he had them, but some bum had Hernandez’s phone. He must have ditched the phone, but the killer now knows that he and Sami are in the area, so he knows he’s getting closer. As soon as one of them shows their face, it’s all over.

Brady tells Chloe that he has to go, but wishes her a happy new Year and kisses her on the cheek. She hopes she didn’t upset him earlier, but she wanted to warn him not to get on he DiMeras’ bad side, let alone Nicole’s. Brady thought they were friends. Chloe says they are, but don’t the words ‘flesh-eating bacteria’ ring a bell? Brady says that they do and promises to watch his step. Chloe is glad, nobody knows better than her what Nicole is capable of, especially when she is the woman scorned.

Nicole meets Baker at the clinic. He is surprised to see her as he thought they were through, but Nicole grins, calling him a bastard and saying she is just starting. She holds up his cell phone.


Kate tells Lucas, “I would like to see the wedding happen sooner than later.” He asks, “Something you’re not telling me?”

Nicole tells Baker, “Unless you can find me a baby like now, you are going down.”

Chloe says, “Dr. Jonas hurt his hand, so I’ll be seeing someone else anyway.” Daniel interrupts, “Actually, that’s not true.”

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