Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/26/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/26/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the loft, Sami looks at a paper from the convent as Rafe comes out of the shower. She sits on the couch hurriedly and stuffs the paper under the cushion. Rafe tells her she can go ahead and use the bathroom, but Sami hesitates, trying to stuff the paper further under the cushion. Rafe threatens to undress in front of her and Sami hustles off, shutting the bathroom door behind her. Rafe heads over to the sofa and pulls out the paper Sami was trying to hide.

At his own hideout, the mayor’s killer looks at a picture of Rafe as he speaks with someone over the phone. He receives Rate’s cell phone number and says he will use his GPS to track him down. Then Sami Brady will be a dead woman.

Melanie strolls into the pub and greets Chelsea, who is sitting at the bar. She grins and asks if Chelsea got everything she wanted for Christmas. Chelsea gets up and starts to head off, but stops, telling Melanie that she can’t take this anymore.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady heads in to talk to Victor, who thinks he should be at work. Brady says he wanted to talk to Victor about the job offer, saying that Victor should have spoken with Phillip before he offered him the job. Victor sighs, saying he thought they took care of this, but Brady says they just put it on hold for Christmas, which is now over. Victor needs to know that what he did in relation to the job offer was uncool. Just then, Phillip walks in, telling Victor that Brady is right.

Dr. Baker paces around the docks. Nicole comes up to him and pulls a gun. She tells him that he had his chance, but he blew it. Baker holds his hands up, begging Nicole to let him explain. She tells him to make it quick and he swears not to tell anyone about her losing the baby. She says she’s sorry, but there’s only one way to make sure her secret stays buried. She pulls the trigger and fires. Nicole comes back from her fantasy at the DiMera mansion. She tells herself that she can’t do it. It’s too risky and anti-social. She frets, saying there must be some way to muzzle Baker and get herself a baby without having to resort to murder. Later, she has her coat on and is ready to leave when EJ comes in. She says she has a doctor’s appointment, and he makes a joke about having Baker move into the guest house. She reminds him that it’s a high-risk pregnancy, so she will have many doctor’s appointments. He offers to go with her, but she says she knows he has a lot of work to do, so she’ll just call if she needs anything. She gives him a kiss and heads off. EJ makes a phone call, telling someone that he needs to see them right away.

Sami comes out of the shower, complaining that Rafe used all the hot water. He brandishes the flier at her from the church and says he now sees why she insisted he take a shower first. He lays into her, telling her that she just doesn’t get it. If she calls Sister Teresa, that would be all the killer would need to track her down and kill her. In fact, he could be on his way here right now. Sami admits that she wanted to call Sister Teresa, but Rafe took too short of a shower. He groans, and Sami promises not to try to call her again. She took the flier from the church because she felt a real connection to Teresa and wanted to speak to her again, but she now sees that it was a dangerous idea, and vows not to try again.

Phillip reminds Victor that he always lectured him about being forthright and honest, and then he goes and hires Brady behind his back. Victor says he didn’t know he had to run every little decision he makes by Phillip to make him feel important. Phillip snorts, saying he knows Victor is the only one that is allowed to feel important. They all must bow down to Lord Kiriakis. Victor thinks Phillip is making a fool of himself, and Phillip accuses him once again of enjoying it and enjoying being able to humiliate him. Victor wonders why he just doesn’t quit again if he feels that way about his own father. Phillip isn’t sure why he doesn’t either, and Victor insists that he just wants Phillip to be happy. However, if he does resign, he is sure Brady can handle taking over his duties. Brady interrupts, saying that that isn’t going to happen.

Melanie urges Chelsea not to have a meltdown, but Chelsea lays into her for telling Stephanie that she and Max are a couple when it isn’t true. Melanie says she was just making an observation, and besides, she is sure Stephanie wouldn’t give a damn if they hooked up, since she has moved on to Phillip. Chelsea rolls her eyes and starts to leave, but Melanie stops her, saying that she has been a sad sack walking around all weepy, and she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself. She and Max both need someone, so Chelsea needs to go get her man. Chelsea glares.

EJ runs into Marlena outside the pub, and they exchange pleasantries about Christmas. He tells her about the twins getting to see Sami, and she says Roman told her. She is actually supposed to be meeting him here, but he is running late. EJ says he is meeting Roman as well. She starts to head inside, but EJ stops her, saying he needs to ask her a question. It has to do with Nicole.

Nicole heads to the clinic and finds Baker in an exam room. She says she’s sorry about the message she left him and has brought cupcakes to apologize. Baker gapes, saying she threatened to kill him. Nicole opens the box, saying that is what the extra sprinkles are for. She was in a horrible mood yesterday because EJ bought her a lot of nice gifts for the baby. She shouldn’t have taken it out on him, and she hopes he can find it in his heart to forgive her and keep pretending to be her doctor. Baker reminds her that they had a deal. She gives him money, or it’s all over. Nicole says she gave him the vase already, but he says that only bought her a couple of days. Nicole huffs, threatening to bring him down with her. Baker shrugs, saying that if she exposes him, her life is over. She says it’s over already unless he agrees to help her. Baker says she needs psychological help and heads off. Nicole throws the cupcakes against the wall in a fit of rage. She spies Baker’s phone sitting on a nearby table and thinks.

EJ tells Marlena that Nicole has been all over the place, emotionally-speaking. One minute she is affectionate and warm, the next she is sobbing and pushing him away. Marlena thinks it’s just her hormones, and EJ says she said the same thing, but he can’t help feeling that it is something more. Furthermore, she is spending an inordinate amount of time with her new doctor. She’s with him now, she saw him two days ago, and he has been making calls to the house. He thinks something is wrong and wonders if Marlena thinks he is overreacting.

Chelsea tells Melanie that she wouldn’t discuss her love life or anything else with Melanie if she were the last person on earth. Melanie urges her to go after Max, telling Chelsea that she can be her wing man and give her inside information. Chelsea again explains that she isn’t interested in Max except as a friend. Melanie grabs her coat, telling Chelsea to keep lying to herself, if that makes her happy. She heads off.

Brady tells Victor that he shouldn’t have gone behind Phillip’s back with this, since Phillip is the CEO. The fact of the matter is that Victor went behind both their backs and misled both of them. Victor sighs, saying he didn’t know the two girls were going to be so sensitive. Phillip says he has had enough and is leaving. Victor tells him to stay put, as he has something to say to both of them. He is disappointed that the two of them would put their fragile egos above the company, and frankly both of them can shove it. To put it more clearly, he means that the both of them are fired.

Rafe apologizes for yelling at Sami, and says that he hates to argue with her. She just wishes they could start trusting one another. Rafe says he wants that, too, but Sami has to be honest with him. He needs to know the real reason Sami is so interested in staying in contact with Sister Teresa. Sami agrees to tell him the truth.

Max greets Chelsea, who is sitting at the bar in the pub. He made her a CD and tells her about some tracks he put on it, but she seems distracted. Max asks what’s going on with her, but she just says it’s work stuff. Max doesn’t buy it. He can tells when she’s lying because looks off to the side. He jokes that they are like some old married couple and Chelsea explodes, asking why he would say that. Max stammers, saying that he just means that he knows her so well he can read her like a book. Chelsea wonders how many romantic clichés he is going to throw her way today, and he demands to know what is going on. Chelsea says she just wants to establish that the two of them are friends and nothing more.

Marlena tells EJ that Nicole is just emotional because of the pregnancy. The frequent doctor’s visits can be explained by her being overly cautious about the pregnancy, and the doctor is probably just indulging her. EJ asks if she thinks he has anything to worry about. Marlena smiles, saying that Nicole is just being Nicole, that’s all.

Phillip applauds Victor for his stroke of genius, sarcastically noting that he is sure Victor can find some ‘yes’ men with a business degree to deal with the Tokyo markets and make their multi-national company completely green. Brady nods, saying that opening that office in Vienna was a piece of cake. Victor chuckles, saying the two have made a quite a case for themselves. He thinks they make a great team.

Nicole looks through Baker’s contact list, huffing at the fact that only women are to be found there. She ticks off their name and gasps, realizing that they are all call girls. She decides to call them all in turn, hoping for more information about the ‘sex-crazed’ doctor. She calls the first girl, but she hangs up on her. Nicole quickly goes to the next name on the contact list.

EJ and Marlena sit down with Roman at the pub, hoping for information on the mayor’s killer. Roman says they are doing their best, but they haven’t found anything. Marlena complains that it has been nearly two months, and Roman says he wants Sami back home as much as the rest of them. Marlena pouts, saying it wasn’t like Christmas at all without Sami. EJ says that is partly why he asked Roman to meet him here today.

Max wonders why Chelsea keeps making the point that they are just friends and worries that he may have done something to make her think otherwise. Chelsea says someone motioned that they saw a spark between the two of them, and she just wants to be clear that she isn’t ready for a relationship right now, although she is sure Max isn’t either. He demands to know who said something to her, an she finally admits it was Melanie. Max says she doesn’t need to be listening to what anyone says about them, especially his sister. They have a great friendship, and he doesn’t want anyone to come between them. Chelsea agrees.

Victor says that he knew the whole time that he could get the two of them to bond over their utter distaste for him, and he is pleased that it worked. He knows that with the two of them at the helm, the sky is the limit a Titan. Phillip grumps, saying he can’t just jerk them around and expect them to come crawling back to work for him. Victor says he doesn’t expect that at all. What with the economy and the job offers the two must be receiving, he expects to have to wait for an answer. He says he can be patient and walks off, chuckling. Phillip glares.

Sami tells Rafe that she needed Teresa for emotional support. She’s all alone and pregnant, and she wanted a woman to talk to about things. Rafe is suspicious, thinking that Sami is up to something. Just then, his boss calls, and he answers.

The killer tracks Rafe’s phone call and loads his gun. He smiles, telling Rafe to keep talking.

Phillip tells Brady that he’ll be damned if he is going to quit and let some MBA take over. Brady agrees, adding that Victor has a point about the job market right now. Phillip pours a drink, saying he thinks he and Brady could make a great team. They shake hands and agree to head up Titan together.

Melanie comes into the pub and asks Max to make her a latte. He wants to know why she said all of those things to Chelsea, and she sighs, saying word travels fast. He asks her to stay out of his personal life, and she apologizes, saying that Chelsea likes him and it’s obvious. She was just making an observation. She heads over to he bar and sees the CD Max made. She assumes it’s a mix of songs, and also assumes it’s for Chelsea, saying guys don’t do that for girls they are just friends with. Max thought she hated Chelsea. Why is she trying to put her bother together with a girl she can’t stand? Melanie says she just wants to see Max happy. If Chelsea is the girl that can do that, then she thinks Max should go for it. He sighs.

Nicole complains that she has gotten voicemail for all of the girls and says that Jill is her last hope. She calls and the girl answers. Nicole says she is a good friend of Dr. Baker’s so the two of them need to have a little chat. The girl wonders what is going on and Nicole tells her to meet her at the pier in twenty minutes. Jill isn’t so sure, but Nicole threatens to expose her and the doctor if she doesn’t comply. Jill finally agrees and Nicole warns her to come alone or she will be sorry.

Brady and Phillip head into Titan, and Phillip goes into his office to get some paperwork for Brady. Melanie walks in and introduces herself, saying she meant to do so at the Christmas party, but he was otherwise engaged. She sips her latte coyly, saying she is looking forward to working with him.

Roman and Marlena are now alone at the pub, and she tells him not to feel so guilty about not catching the killer. He says he does, and that EJ was right about Sami and the look on her face when she got to see the twins. Marlena should have seen how he looked when he told Sami he missed her. He thinks EJ might still love Sami. Marlena shrugs, saying he will probably always care for her. Roman is starting to think that no matter what happens between EJ and Nicole, he will always have feelings for Sami.

EJ sits with Johnny at the mansion, telling Mary that he hopes he wasn’t too much trouble. She warns EJ that he is cranky since he only has a ten-minute nap, but he isn’t any trouble at all. She really loves him. EJ smiles wistfully, saying that Johnny just misses his mother.

Rafe hangs up with his boss, and Sami asks if they have any more information about the person ratting information out to the killer. Rafe says no, and Sami hopes it isn’t his boss. Rafe says she would be dead by now if it were. She heads off to the kitchen for food, but Rafe wants to finish their conversation from earlier. He needs to know why she is so interested in the convent, and suddenly, it clicks that there is an orphanage attached. He hopes she isn’t thinking of giving up her baby. Sami doesn’t answer. Rafe reminds her that he is putting his life on the line for her. The least she could do is be honest. Sami sobs, asking him if he thinks the convent would be a good place for her baby.

Max picks up his phone and calls Chelsea, telling her that she left her mix-tape behind. He wants to run something by her, and asks her to call him back when she gets the chance.

Chelsea heads into the Kiriakis mansion and asks Victor to fire Melanie. He says he can’t do that, and Chelsea explains that she is a terrible person. Victor is sure she is a trouble-maker, but she also has drive, ambition, and most importantly, full rights to the alternative fuel project. Chelsea wonders how he can be so mercenary, but Victor says he is running a business. Anyone that is an asset to the company stays, so Melanie is going to continue working for him.

Melanie tells Brady that she has an alternative fuel project that is going to make them all rich. Brady looks forward to learning all about it, and she says she looks forward to teaching him. She offers to take him to her office to show him some numbers and the two head off together. Phillip comes out of his office and sees them together. He groans.

Rafe doesn’t think Sami can be serious. She cries, saying she can’t let the DiMeras sink their hooks into another one of her children. He has to help her talk to Sister Teresa. Rafe refuses, saying he won’t allow her to go back to the convent.

The killer lurks around some dumpsters, saying he was able to track Rafe’s call. He smiles, telling Sami to say goodbye.

EJ tells Johnny that he knows it can be lonely around here, but pretty soon he will have his own brother or sister around to play with. They’ll have their own mommy, who is very loving and caring. He also knows Nicole cares for Johnny a lot, and she is now a part of their family. EJ calls Stefano, telling him they need to talk about something important.

Nicole waits for Jill at the pier. A young pregnant girl walks up, asking Nicole if she was the one that called her. Nicole gapes.


Stephanie tells Chloe, “I get it. It’s going to be one big train wreck, so Phillip and I should stay away from each other.”

Brady tells Phillip, “All this animosity towards Melanie--it’s obviously personal.” Phillip replies, “You’re damn right it’s personal!”

Rafe asks Sami, “Where in the world do you even come up with crazy stuff like this?” She yells, “From you!”

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