Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/25/08


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At the pub, Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla head inside. Stephanie compliments Joe on the great jacket he ‘picked out’ for her, and Kayla jokes that he has good taste. She heads off to change the baby and Steve gets serious with Stephanie, saying that he doesn’t buy her act of pretending to be happy. He asks what’s wrong as Max and Chelsea come over. Max thinks he knows what’s wrong with her--Phillip isn’t here.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip surveys the dining room table and asks Henderson about the turkey. He says they’ll be having duck, and they’ll be eating early. Brady walks in, wishing Phillip a Merry Christmas. Phillip huffs, saying that it isn’t ‘merry’ at all.

Daniel wheels Kate into the Kiriakis mansion, and she thanks him for getting her out of the hospital for Christmas. She adds that she hopes he will be alright today, as Chloe will be here, and it’s becoming clear the two of them have problems with each other. Daniel says that isn’t so and she asks if Chloe has offended him in some way. He swears she hasn’t and thinks Kate is making too much out of the situation. She backs off and asks him to help her out of her chair. He does so and she leans on him for support, giggling. Chloe and Lucas walk in just then and Chloe and Daniel stare at each other.

At the hospital, Maggie, Julie, and Doug all prepare for the annual reading of the Christmas story to the children. They talk about how quickly time flies, and Doug thinks it’s because they all have so much fun. Julie agrees, but adds that she knows that this Christmas is particularly hard because of Nick. Maggie agrees, saying there has been a lot of drama in her life this year as Stefano comes in behind them. Julie groans and refers to him as the ‘scourge of Western Civilization.’ She thinks the drama is definitely going to continue now.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ leans over a sleeping Nicole and tickles her nose with some holly. He whispers ‘Merry Christmas’ as she wakes up and gasps. She scoots away from him, telling him to get away from her. EJ looks at her in total bewilderment.

At the loft, Sami lies in bed sleeping. She hears a man singing ‘Deck the Halls’ loudly. Sami wakes up sleepily and smiles, “Santa?” It’s actually Rafe, who is wearing a Santa hat and has smeared his face with shaving cream to mimic a beard. Sami smiles and tell him his beard is dripping on his shirt. He laughs, telling her to get into the Christmas spirit, but she says she would rather just sleep all day and forget all about Christmas. He tries to urge her to get into the spirit, but she sighs, saying she misses her kids.

EJ asks Nicole what the matter is, and she complains that he scratched her with the holly and startled her. He apologizes, saying he thought that she might want to come down and open presents, but perhaps he was wrong. She thumps him on the arm, saying she does of course, and says she will be downstairs in a few minutes. EJ tells he that he is going to go open presents with Johnny, and that they have the house to themselves, as Stefano has already left. He heads off. Nicole gets out of bed and takes her fake belly out from a drawer. She holds it and sighs, saying she and EJ are going to be happy for Christmas, since they have a baby coming soon. She vows that she will somehow make it happen. She has to find a way.

Lucas asks Daniel if he is sure Kate is well enough to stand, and he says he thinks she is. Chloe wonders what he is doing here, and Kate says it’s because he is Victor’s godson. Lucas jumps in, saying that he thought it would be nice for them to all celebrate Kate’s release together, especially since Daniel and Chloe did so much to ensure her current good health. Chloe forces a smile, saying that she is looking forward to all of them spending the day together. Daniel takes Kate off to the dining room, and Lucas asks Chloe what her problem is. She says she doesn’t feel like going into a long explanation as to why she and Daniel don’t like each other--they just don’t. Lucas asks her to try to put that aside for today and stop giving Daniel the evil eye--for Kate’s sake.

Brady figured Phillip would be having a great Christmas since his mom is coming home. Phillip says that isn’t what he meant and Brady knows it. Phillip reminds Brady that he has only been home for two months, but is racing up the ladder at Titan. He had better be careful by who he steps over to get to the top. Brady asks what he means by that just as Kate comes in with Daniel, greeting Phillip. She thinks Victor must be thrilled to have Brady here, but he assures her that he is even more thrilled that Kate is out of the hospital. Kate picks up on the bad feelings between the two and asks what’s going on. Phillip says he is displeased with the seating arrangements. It appears Victor sat him at the foot of the table in an attempt to assuage his discontent. Kate doesn’t get it. Phillip explains that he isn’t running the company anymore, but Brady thinks he is acting a bit insecure. Phillip doest think so, saying Victor has Brady breathing down his neck because he didn’t follow his instructions to the letter. It’s a pattern with Victor. Brady huffs, saying he hasn’t been in town for years. Phillip ignores him, telling Kate that she can sit at the foot of the table since she is their Christmas miracle. She just wants the two of them to get along--at least for today. The two agree and shake hands. Just then, Victor comes in, asking if peace has come to earth at last.

Max sarcastically tells Stephanie that he figured she and her new friend would be spending Christmas together. Chelsea asks him to stop, but Stephanie says it’s ok. Clearly, Max wants to spread some good cheer, so she can do the same. She wags her finger in Max’s face, telling him that his being jealous of Phillip is insane, since they are in the position they are in right now solely because of him. Chelsea says she is also in an awkward position, because they are both her best friends, and she doesn’t want them fighting on Christmas. Max says he is fine, and apparently, Stephanie is too, since she moved on from him so quickly. Stephanie asks if he wants to know why she was able to move on and he says he does. Just then, Melanie comes in and Stephanie says the reason came in right on cue.

Lexie, Theo, and Abe have joined Bo, Hope, and Ciara at their house for Christmas. Lexie thanks Bo again for helping them find Theo, and he says it was no problem. He’s just glad to have them all here for Christmas. He asks Ciara to go get Theo’s present from under the tree, and she does so. Lexie helps him open it, and finds a toy water gun. Theo takes one look at the present and pushes it away. Abe and Lexie sigh.

Melanie wishes Max, Stephanie and Chelsea a Merry Christmas, but says she is going to leave. She isn’t thrilled about spending the day with people that can’t stand her. Stephanie tells her to stay. She needs to go spend time with her parents, anyway. She heads off. Chelsea tells Max that she is sorry.

Sami apologizes to Rafe for being such a grinch when he has worked so hard to get her in the Christmas spirit. Rafe wipes the shaving cream off of his face and tells her it’s ok, as he has decided to give her something that she’ll really be excited about-- a taste of a Mexican Christmas. He’s going to make more tamales than even she can eat. Sami can’t believe he knows how, and he says he does. It’s a tradition in his family that has been going back for decades. He hustles around the kitchen, repapering to start dinner, telling Sami that after it’s over, he has a gift for her. He guarantees that she will be so excited that she’ll light up like the tree at Rockefeller Plaza.

Stefano asks Julie if she has a problem with him, and she explains that his charity isn’t welcome here. He says that charity begins at home, and he feels at home here since he owns considerable stock in the hospital. He doesn’t wish to pull rank at this time of year, however, so he will leave. On his way out, he runs into Doug, who tells him he isn’t welcome here either. Just then, then children file in. Stefano grins.

Ciara and Theo finish opening their gifts, and Lexie and Hope both agree that Santa went a little overboard this year. Hope thinks he just knows what great children they have, and Lexie agrees, saying they have plenty of joy to go around this year.

Everyone at the Kiriakis mansion sits down for dinner. Victor makes a toast, and notices Daniel’s bandaged finger, asking what happened. He flashes back to Chloe slamming the door on it, and claims that he just shut it in his car door on accident. Victor asks if he can still operate, but Daniel says he can’t at the moment. Chloe looks guilty as Lucas gets a phone call. He says he has to take it and heads of. Phillip thought they evoked the ‘no phone’ rule years ago, but Brady thinks there’s been a revolt. Victor, for his part, is glad to see Brady and Phillip getting along. Phillip explains that seeing what his mom went through has made him want to be a better person. Victor commends that sentiment, and adds that he is also proud of Brady for dealing with the fact that his ex-wife is here so well. Brady says he and Chloe get along fine, but Victor barrels on, saying that this is the season to be hospitable, even to the most unwanted guests. He glares at Chloe. Kate asks what is wrong with him, seeing as how Chloe saved her life. Victor huffs, saying that honor should go to Daniel. Chloe just had some bone marrow, something every one of them has. Kate starts to lay into him, but Lucas comes back, saying he has something he has to take care of, and has to leave, but will be back soon. Chloe begs him not to leave her alone, but he insists she will be fine and heads off. Kate urges Daniel to move over into Lucas’ chair to bridge the gap at the table. He does so and he and Chloe sip their wine uncomfortably as Kate looks on gratefully, calling the two her life-savers.

Doug and Julie greet the children in their Santa outfits and start handing out gifts. Steve and Kayla come in with Joe, and Steve makes a beeline for Stefano when he sees him standing nearby, munching on some candy. Steve asks what he is doing here, and Stefano explains that seeing the children so happy does him good. Steve tells him to get out, or there will be a scene. Stefano tries to explain that this isn’t the time or place, but Steve threatens to throw him out if he doesn’t leave.

Nicole comes downstairs, and EJ wonders where she has been. She tells him that she wants to apologize for the way she has been acting lately, especially about the money. EJ doesn’t want to talk about it today, but Nicole insists. She says it has never been about money for her. She just wants him and her baby, and she hopes he can believe that. EJ promises to try. She asks him to forgive her, vowing to never push him away again. Her greatest wish is that she, EJ, Johnny, and their new baby can spend Christmas together next year. EJ kisses her, saying he wishes that, too.

Abe finds a gift to Lexie from Theo and she opens it. She finds a paper doll inside, and Theo says his own name. She asks if this is him, and he nods. Lexie asks if he made this for her, and he throws his arms around her neck. Lexie beams.

Max tells Melanie that all the food is packed up, and that they’re almost ready to leave. He thinks this Christmas must be hard on her, since it is the first without her father. She admits that it is, since Christmas time was the only time Trent acted like he was a good father. She thanks him for inviting her to spend Christmas with his family, even though most of them hate her. She wonders if Stephanie will ever stop blaming her for her break-up with Max, but he doubts it. He heads off to check on some pies. Melanie heads over to a nearby table, where Chelsea and Stephanie are wrapping gifts for the kids at the hospital. She mentions that giving gifts to these kids is really what Christmas is all about, and adds that she wants to apologize to Stephanie for making such a big deal about her and Phillip. She tells her that Max has moved on, too, with her best friend, Chelsea. Chelsea turns white. Melanie grins.

Lucas and Allie show up at the DiMera mansion, and EJ explains that Johnny is inside opening presents. He Didn’t expect company. Roman comes in behind Lucas, telling EJ that they have arranged for a little Christmas surprise.

Sami compliments Rafe on his tamales, wondering where he has been hiding his culinary genius. He explains that it’s the only dish his mom taught him to make. Sami asks about her and if he has any brothers or sisters, but Rafe doesn’t want to talk about them. He would rather open gifts. Sami agrees and they head over to the tree. Rafe finds his gift from Sami and opens it to find a penny. She explains that her grandpa Shawn gave it to her when she was a kid for good luck, and she has carried it ever since. He thanks her, saying it better bring him a lot of luck, and she tells him not to get his hopes up, as it’s clear from her that it doesn’t always work. Rafe is ready to give Sami her present and opens his laptop. She looks on curiously.

Chelsea tells Stephanie that she and Max haven’t hooked up. He is having a hard time since his break-up with Stephanie, considering he lost his dad and his girlfriend all at once. Max was there for her when she was going through a rough time, so she is just returning the favor. Besides, she would tell Stephanie if something were going on. Stephanie wipes away tears, saying she knows Chelsea would. She also adds that whether or not she has the right to feel that way, she would have a serious problem with Max and Chelsea dating.

Stefano tells Steve that he doesn’t take orders from him. He is here to make a substantial donation to the pediatric ward. If Steve forces him to leave, then the children won’t get that money. Lexie and Abe come over with Theo just then, and Lexie asks Steve to let her handle this. He heads off as Stefano greets the three. Lexie asks him to leave, for her and Theo’s sake. Stefano agrees and asks Theo if he got his Christmas present. Lexie explains that he did, and thanks Stefano, but begs him to go. He heads off, wishing them a Merry Christmas. Abe commends her on averting that crisis, and they join Steve, Kayla, and the kids, who are all listening to Doug tell them the Christmas story of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus’ birth.

Phillip, Kate, Victor and Brady head back into the living room, and Phillip says he has to go, but is grateful Kate is staying with them. They hug and he heads off. Kate tells Brady once again how happy she is that he is back at home, and he tells her he just wishes Philip felt the same way. He has to face the fact that neither Phillip or his ex-wife want him around. He huffs off. Kate looks at Victor and sighs.

In the dining room, Chloe worries that everyone will wonder where she and Daniel are. He says they all figure they just hate each other, and Chloe says she just wants a nice holiday. Daniel agrees, saying that is why he has to leave. He asks Chloe to tell everyone he had an emergency at the hospital, but she wants him to stay. She really thinks they should work through this strangeness between them, especially since she respects him so much and admires him for what he has done for Kate. She kisses him on the cheek, wishing him a Merry Christmas.

Nicole calls Dr. Baker and leaves him a message, telling him that he needs to reconsider how much money he is asking out of her. That vase she handed over is the last bit of profit he will see from her, and if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut about her pregnancy, she will kill him. She wishes him a Merry Christmas and hangs up.

Sami cries as she sees Rafe and Roman have set up a webcam so she can see Allie and Johnny. She cries and tells them how much she misses them. She and Roman speak briefly, and then EJ gets on, telling her that they are all having an nice Christmas and miss her very much. Nicole comes in the room in time to hear the last and sighs. Sami smiles through her tears.

Doug continues his Christmas story as Stephanie and Chelsea come in with gifts. Phillip is nearby, handing out roses to all the children. He gives Kayla a check for the hospital and heads over to Stephanie, kissing her and wishing her a Merry Christmas.


Rafe asks Sami, “Are you trying to get yourself killed? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you continue with this reckless behavior.”

Max asks Chelsea, “Are you ok?” She replies, “I just want to establish that we’re friends--friends and nothing more.”

Nicole pulls a gun on Baker, “There’s too much at stake and there’s only one way to keep my secret buried forever.” He gasps, “No!”

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